7 Poodle Mixes with Straight Hair

7 Poodle Mixes with Straight Hair

When a Poodle mix has a straight coat, it means it shares its coat characteristics with the non-Poodle used in the breeding process. Unfortunately, due to being crossbreeds, it can be very difficult to predict what coat the puppies will have.

It’s not an exact science and even the most careful breeding can harbor some surprises. To have a curly coat the dog must have the Cu locus gene, if this is absent then the curls won’t be present.

Straight-haired Poodle mixes will look less like Poodles and more like the other parent. There may also be a low amount of shedding on straight haired dogs. Today we take a look at 7 Poodle mixes with straight hair and what this means in terms of maintenance.

Poodle Mixes with Straight Hair

It’s important to recognize the difference between straight and flat coats to avoid any confusion as we delve further into dog coats. A dog that presents a flat coat has no curls and no furnishings. Furnishings refer to the longer facial hairs featured on some dogs such as the eyebrows and mustaches. Dogs with straight coats can still have furnishings on their face and actually, many Doodles will feature these.


why does my poodle have straight hair?
why does my poodle have straight hair?
  • Coat Resembles: Border Terrier
  • Coat Maintenance: Low, weekly brushing
  • Coat Colors: Black, white, red, blue, gray, and brown
  • Height: 12” to 22”
  • Description: Borderpoos with straight coats will still be fairly low shedders and they will have a much softer coat than that of the Border Terrier. Baths can be very seldom because they don’t tend to omit many doggy odors and their natural oils keep them clean. Their coat will usually be medium to long, and straight-haired Borderpoos are low maintenance when it comes to grooming requirements. Weekly brushing will suffice for Borderpoos with no waves.  They are an active breed who love exploring outdoors so be sure to regularly check their ears for dirt and other potential irritants.


toy poodle with straight hair
toy poodle with straight hair
  • Coat Resembles: Labrador Retriever
  • Coat Maintenance: Low to medium, infrequent bathing is fine
  • Coat Colors: Caramel, chocolate, cream, apricot, red, white, black, silver, blue, and lavender.
  • Height: 21” to 24”
  • Description: Labradoodles don’t only come with wavy and curly coats; they can also have straight coats. This is the case when more of their genetics come from the Labrador Retriever parent. They won’t need regular baths because they don’t really get smelly odors, but it will be dependent on their walking environment. You can expect to see a little more shedding among Labradoodles with straight coats so it’s best to do your research if you have allergies. You can get away with less brushing but it’s important not to neglect it.


poodle with long straight hair
poodle with long straight hair
  • Coat Resembles: Golden Retriever
  • Coat Maintenance: Low to medium, less matting potential
  • Coat Colors: Cream, apricot, red, black, chocolate, silver, and gray.
  • Height: 24” to 26”
  • Description: Goldendoodles with straight hair will bear a close resemblance to their Golden Retriever parent. They may still acquire many of the hypoallergenic qualities of the Poodle, but there is the potential for increased shedding. Their coats come in an abundance of colors and will usually have facial furnishings too. Their coat won’t require quite so much brushing and grooming but they should still be brushed a few times a week. A trip to the groomers is recommended to keep their coat in tip-top condition. Straight-coated Goldendoodles will still feature lovely, soft fur.


straight poodle
straight poodle
  • Coat Resembles: West Highland White Terrier
  • Coat Maintenance: Low to moderate
  • Coat Colors: White, cream, black, and tan
  • Height: 10” to 15”
  • Description: These delightful dogs with their adorable eyes and button nose are a small breed. The straight coated Westiepoos will have a silky-smooth coat and floppy ears.  White is the most common color for Westiepoos but other colors are possible too. The straight-haired variety may shed more than curly-haired ones, but they are still considered fairly hypoallergenic. They might need regular grooming, particularly around their facial features. Brushing should be undertaken at least twice a week.


straight hair doodle
straight hair doodle
  • Coat Resembles: Maltese
  • Coat Maintenance: Moderate, may need more regular bathing
  • Coat Colors: Cream, white, gray, apricot, black, and silver
  • Height: 8” to 14”
  • Description: Maltipoos are a cross between a Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle so they are a relatively small breed. They may need fairly regular bathing due to their color and height and probably brushed at least twice a week. Their straight coats are silky and smooth and can be quite thick. Tear stains are common for Maltipoos so they might need regular washing around the eyes. Nails should also be trimmed often to prevent problems and longer fur will benefit from regular clips too.


short hair poodle mix
short hair poodle mix
  • Coat Resembles: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Coat Maintenance: Medium, hair continuously grows, and furnishings will need trimming
  • Coat Colors: Cream, black, white, red, sable, apricot, tan, chocolate, gray, and silver
  • Height: 7” to 15”
  • Description: Small dogs with a big personality! Yorkiepoos are a Yorkshire Terrier crossed with a Poodle. When they have straight hair it gives them a wonderfully long, silky sheen that sets them apart from other breeds. Their straight coats will need grooming fairly regularly due to the hair around their eyes growing longer between trims. Baths don’t need to be done too routinely but they will benefit from one every so often as their long hair can get dirt stuck in it. Brushing every few days will be best and always brush the hair away from the Yorkiepoo’s eyes when doing so.


standard poodle with long hair
standard poodle with long hair
  • Coat Resembles: Great Pyrenees
  • Coat Maintenance: Low to moderate
  • Coat Colors: Gray, white, apricot, cream, and black
  • Height: 15” to 32”
  • Description: Pyredoodles are large crossbreeds that see Poodles mixed with Great Pyrenees to create this big bundle of fur. They are popular dogs for families with allergies due to their typically low shedding nature. However, with straight coats, there will be more shedding, so this needs careful thought. Their grooming requirements are fairly low, and they shouldn’t need washing too often. Their ears will need regular checks and their nails will need trimming. The shorter their coat, the less work is involved in its upkeep.

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that Poodle mixes are not easy to predict in terms of their coat type and other characteristics. Another important point to make is that puppy coats and adult coats can differ hugely. This means the puppy you get might take on a different coat as they grow.

When two entirely different breeds reproduce, the gene pool of the puppies will be very diverse. To have more chance of reproducing straight-haired Doodles you will do best looking at a generation with at least 50% of each parent. Lots of Doodles still have their furnishings, as well as having a straight coat. The straighter the coat, the higher the possibility of some shedding so this is an important factor to consider.

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