Top 10 Best Bernedoodle Dog Names

Top 10 Best Bernedoodle Dog Names

  • The Bernedoodle, a crossbreed between the doodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog, is one of the most beloved poodle hybrid dog breeds. There’s only one problem: you have all the toys, you’re ready to rear your pup, but what should you name it?
  • In fact, naming a dog shouldn’t be a flight of fancy—it’ll be something you think of every day and will define your relationship with that dog for your entire life. But fear not. In this list, we’ll break down 150 of the best Bernedoodle names based on various categories, from their personality to their ancestry.

What should you name your Bernedoodle puppy?

  • You can name your new furry friend whatever you want. For example, some people name their dog after their favorite color, favorite food, and favorite pop culture character. Alternatively, they’ll name the dog after the pup’s coat color, size, or personality.
  • You don’t need to name your doggo right away. You can let your dog choose its own name while trying on different names for size. Have fun with it and choose a few different collar styles with a name each. Then, lay them out for your pup and see which one they gravitate toward first.
  • Just be sure the name is something easy to pronounce and easy to spell. It will also be simpler for your pooch to remember and listen to. Avoid names that sound too close to a common command, your pup’s favorite toy, or someone else’s name. Then, your doggo will be least likely to get confused.

The best Bernedoodle Names

The 10 Best Bernedoodle Names
The 10 Best Bernedoodle Names

Appearance-Based Bernedoodle Names

And why not take inspiration from that special feature of your dog.

  • Bear – After the shaggy, soft coats that are the Bernedoodle’s trademark.
  • Curly – Take one look at a Bernedoodle’s hair, and this name will be obvious.
  • Colossus – If you have an especially large (or small) Bernedoodle, this imperious name is a great choice.
  • Spot – For a Bernedoodle whose coat is spotted with brown, black, or white.
  • Tiny – The reverse: great for a very small, or very big, dog.
  • Coffee – A cute, simple name for a dog with a coat of brown fur!
  • Oreo – Perfectly captures the multicolored Bernedoodle coat.
  • Corky – A fun, enigmatic name if you want to honor the corkscrew curls on your dog.
  • Snow – For a dog with a touch or more of white on its coat.
  • Speckle – Great for a dog with lots of different colors.
  • Chocolate – If your Bernedoodle has an especially compelling shade of deep brown in their fur, this is the one for them
  • Runt – Another name for a small dog.
  • Smiley – For a dog with a beautiful (or especially ghastly) set of teeth.
  • Stripes – A name that’s easy for kids to remember, especially if your dog has strips of brown or black fur.
  • Muddy – This is the ideal Bernedoodle name for a dog with a mishmash of fur colors.
  • Sparkle – Ever gaze into your dog’s eyes and notice how beautiful they are? We have the right name for you.
  • Marshmallow – Great for a big, puffy-furred dog with streaming white hair.
  • Chewbacca – Great for both sci-fi fans and dogs with untameable dark hair!
  • Flopsy – A great Bernedoodle name for children to remember, inspired by the breed’s floppy ears.
  • Cocoa – Or maybe it’s this one, that’ll remind your family of how cozy your dog is to look at!
  • Sugar – For a Bernedoodle with the trademark off-white of raw sugar.
  • Pepper – Better for a dog with flecks of black and brown in its coat.
  • Hulk – For a dog that looks enormous but really has a heart of gold.
  • Boots – This one’s only fitting if your dog has different colored fur on their paws, but if they do, there’s nothing better!
  • Shaggy – Like Chewbacca, this is the name for a dog that can’t help but get mud, dirt, and detritus in its hair.

Personality-based Bernedoodle Names

As with any dog breed, you can find a great Bernedoodle name just by thinking about the dog’s personality. While Bernedoodles tend to be intelligent, social, and headstrong, behavior can vary tremendously between different dogs, from the shy to the outspoken.

Top Bernedoodle Names
Top Bernedoodle Names

These names for Bernadoodles run the gamut of Bernedoodle personalities and can be a great starting point.

  • Sparky – great when your dog is a ball of uncontainable energy.
  • Trooper – for the quiet, resolute, loyal dog.
  • Champ – a classic name that works for a confident and powerful Bernedoodle.
  • Puck – Naming a dog after the Shakespeare character is a great way to emphasize a Bernedoodle’s playfulness.
  • Rocket – for a dog that’s energetic.
  • Princess – if your dog is proud or even a little demanding.
  • Precious – perfect for a Bernedoodle that knows exactly how cute it is.
  • Duke – for a Bernedoodle that’s headstrong and confident.
  • Bandit – an ideal name for a dog that’s silly and rambunctious.
  • Fido – Latin for “fidelity,” this name is perfect for a Bernedoodle who will never leave your side.
  • Cricket – Is your dog a loudmouth? Are they barking constantly? Put a playful spin on it with this name.
  • Jet – another great name for a speedy, energetic dog.
  • Rex – a name that’s Latin for “king,” Rex can be a great name for a dog that conveys its authority.
  • Wolf – For a dog with a wild side.
  • Queenie – for a dog that’s bold, but also a little playful.
  • Cleopatra – Inspired by the Egyptian queen, this name is for a dog that knows it’s the head of the household.
  • Rover – For a dog that loves to run all around the house!
  • Lover – A great name for a sweet, affectionate dog.
  • Buzz – Perfectly captures a dog with unlimited energy.
  • Einstein – for a Bernedoodle whose intelligence is a cut above the rest.
  • Bozo – the opposite—a great name for a Bernedoodle with a lot of pep and personality, but not a lot of common sense.
  • Teddy – Bernedoodles already look like teddy bears, but this is the name to give them if they love cuddling up with you at night.
  • Lucky – If your Bernedoodle has an uncanny ability to get out of scrapes—or has clearly been in a few—this is the name for them.
  • Racer – Another name for a wicked fast dog who loves to chase anything it can.
  • Rebel – A playful name for a dog that can’t be controlled.

Female Bernedoodle names

If your Bernedoodle is female, but you still want that Germanic touch, you’re in luck! Here are some of the best Bernedoodle names for female dogs. There are plenty of people in Germany, and there’s a bevy of great names available for you to choose from!

  • Cutie
  • Dixie
  • Ella
  • Honey
  • Lily
  • Nora
  • Athena
  • Boots
  • Cherry
  • Chunky
  • Pixie
  • Ruby
  • Sasha
  • Sugar
  • Twinkle

Pop Culture-Based Bernedoodle Names

If you’re a fan of pop culture, stop here and see below some cute Bernerdoodle dog names inspired by pop culture.

  • Bolt – A great name if you have a family of Disney fans and/or a white Bernedoodle.
  • Buck – For the literary fans out there, this name is inspired by Jack London’s Call of the Wild.
  • Scooby – After the famed Scooby-Doo.
  • Krypto – Also known as the Superdog, best friend to Superman.
  • Marmaduke – While Marmaduke wasn’t a Bernedoodle, who says you can’t honor your favorite big fictional dog with this name?
  • Spike – The name of the imposing dog on Tom and Jerry.
  • Ghost – For a Bernedoodle that’s an outlier or that has a coat of white fur, like the dire wolf from Game of Thrones.
  • Bruiser – A way of honoring the chihuahua from the hit film and musical Legally Blonde.
  • Pongo – In the world of male Bernedoodle names, you can’t go wrong with this reference to 101 Dalmatians.
  • Perdy – If you want to keep up the 101 Dalmations love with a female Bernedoodle name, consider this one.
  • Lou – Are you a millennial? Then hopefully you remember the classic Tobey Maguire film masterpiece Cats and Dogs and are prepared to honor your Bernedoodle with the name of its main character.
  • Buddy – While your Bernedoodle might not be able to shoot hoops, who says you can’t name them after the best dog to hit the court?
  • Beethoven – Are you honoring the composer or the dog from the eponymous film series? Why not both?
  • Winn-Dixie – Because Winn-Dixie is a classic film, and the name is fitting for a dog with an unstoppably shaggy coat.
  • Clifford – With the new Clifford the Big Red Dog film set to hit theaters soon, there’s no better time than to bring this name back into fashion.
  • Copper – While The Fox and the Hound aren’t in the Disney Renaissance, it’s still a classic—and it gives you a unique name for a Bernedoodle puppy.
  • Balto – For a loyal and resolute dog who you can’t help but compare to the famous real-life dog and the Kevin Bacon-voiced main character of Balto.
  • Gromit – For all fans of the universally beloved Wallace and Gromit series.
  • Olive – Did you get your dog during Christmas? Consider naming them after the book and film Olive the Other Reindeer.
  • Snoopy – If you have a Bernedoodle with black and white fur, then you can’t go wrong with this classic name.
  • Blue – For fans of Blue’s Clues, young and old.
  • Pluto – Mickey Mouse’s dog Pluto belongs in the dog hall of fame—and while he’s not a Bernedoodle, he’s got a great name!
  • Odie – The dopey dog from the Garfield franchise might just have a great name to donate to a happy-go-lucky pooch.
  • Dino – If your dog is an old soul, you can always name them after Dino, the domesticated dinosaur of Flintstones fame.
  • Astro – On the other hand, if you love The Jetsons (or the Houston baseball team), try Astro as a Bernedoodle name!

Male Bernedoodle names

Maybe ordinary dog names just don’t fit your Bernedoodle. In that case, why not consider a name with some heritage—namely, a name from Germany or Switzerland, the nations who created both the poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog? Below is a list of excellent  Bernedoodle names for males if you want a Teutonic flare.

  • Buck
  • Buddy
  • Champ
  • Coffee
  • Falcon
  • Ajax
  • Bear
  • Boomer
  • Joker
  • Miles
  • Rascal
  • Gizmo
  • Jackson
  • Jet
  • Sterling

Standard Bernedoodle Names

  • Hulk
  • Jumbo
  • Kong
  • Magnum
  • Bigman
  • Brutus
  • Fang
  • Mammoth
  • Monster
  • Tiger

Mini Bernedoodle names

  • Micro
  • Nano
  • Nugget
  • Pint
  • Bit
  • Blink
  • Flick
  • Little
  • Pixel
  • Shorty

Final Thoughts

If you just got a Bernedoodle puppy one of the hardest things that you will have to do is name your dog. We highly suggest that you pick a name that is easy to pronounce since you will be saying your Bernedoodles name often. Additionally, shorter dog names tend to work well since they are fewer syllables and are easier for your dog to remember. Lastly, don’t name your new Bernedoodle puppy after a human that is close to you. The names will get confusing and you won’t know who you are referring to! We hope that you found a Bernedoodle dog name for your puppy!


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