Best Types of Bernedoodle Haircuts

Best Types of Bernedoodle Haircuts

A Bernedoodle is a dog that is going to need to be groomed regularly due to their nonshedding and hypoallergenic coat. Due to the Poodle genetics, the risk of not giving your Bernedoodle a haircut will result in matted, tangled, and pelted fur which ends up irritating your dog. These conditions are uncomfortable and harmful for your Bernedoodle long-term.

It can be overwhelming to understand the types of Bernedoodle haircuts or what to tell the groomer to do. There are a few common haircuts that you will see on a Bernedoodle, but when talking to a groomer you will have to be specific on how you want your dog’s hair cut. That means you need to know what a groomer is talking about and the features of the grooming style.

We are going to help you outline the main cuts and what they should look like on your Bernedoodle. In general, the main haircut styles on a Bernedoodle will be the Winter Cut, Summer Cut, Kennel Cut, and Poodle Cut. You’ll also sometimes hear groomers talk about the Teddy Bear Cut or Puppy Cut, the Lamb cut, and the Mohawk cut.

Bernedoodle Summer Cut

Bernedoodles are pretty basic when it comes to their grooming and this style proves it. The Bernedoodle Summer Cut is a common and very typical haircut to see of Bernedoodle, especially during the Summer. It isn’t a special or complicated haircut. In fact, it is quite simply the Winter Cut but a lot shorter. Instead of the body hair being 1.5 to 2 inches in length, the hair of a Bernedoodle Summer Cut is going to less than 1 inch.

Best Types of Bernedoodle Haircuts
Best Types of Bernedoodle Haircuts

When you are asking for this cut, make sure the groomer knows what you are asking. An inexperienced groomer that has not seen many Bernedoodles might simply shave your dog.

You don’t want that, even though it would be cooler for the dog. The Summer Cut will do just fine keeping your Bernedoodle from overheating and having them still look cute. We highly recommend this haircut as it’s a mix between keeping your Bernedoodle looking good and not having to bring them to the groomers too often.

Summer Cut Features

  1. Body will be trimmed with a ⅞ inch clipper comb
  2. Legs are cut down to a half an inch or so
  3. Tail is long and fluffy but trimmed up with dog shears
  4. Face is cut closer than the winter cut but how short is up to you

Bernedoodle Winter Cut

One of the most common Bernedoodle haircuts is the Winter Cut. This is really a generic term when it comes to grooming and can mean many things for professional groomers.

Bernedoodle Haircuts & Grooming Styles
Bernedoodle Haircuts & Grooming Styles

It’s actually unlikely that a groomer has heard of this term before if they have never groomed a Bernedoodle. Typically, the Winter Haitcut means longer hair all over their body. This is a cut that owners will get if they live in a cold climate or like their dog’s coat longer. We don’t recommend the Winter Cut for people who live in warmer climates and their Bernedoodle likes to run outside.

The Bernedoodle Winter Cut is a generic name for long hair and you will need to be very clear with the groomer about what you want. In general, the longer that you keep your doodle’s hair, the quicker it is going to matt or tangle. Getting the Bernedoodle Winter Haircut might look extremely cut, but you will end up back at the groomers quicker due to matts and tangles. Below are the features of a traditional Winter Cut for a Bernedoodle.

Bernedoodle Winter Cut Features

  • The pads of this cut are trimmed with a 40 blade to keep the hair from matting in the snow.
  • The sides of the toes are left long
  • Face, legs, and chest are trimmed down to one inch
  • Body is scissored between 1.5 – 2 inches in length
  • Hair of feet is even with the pad

Bernedoodle Poodle Cut

This type of Bernedoodle haircut is a nod to one side of the family – we’re looking at the Poodle. However, you have to be really specific because there are many different types of Bernedoodle Poodle Cuts. Typically when someone says they want a Poodle cut on their Bernedoodle this is more of a dog show haircut style.

Short Bernedoodle Haircut Ideas
Short Bernedoodle Haircut Ideas

If your dog is active outdoors or you are too busy to brush the long parts of the haircut daily then this may not be a good cut for your dog. A Poodle Cut makes your dog look extremely cute, but it’s also somewhat difficult to maintain.

We are going to give you the features of the standard Poodle cut that most groomers will think of when you ask for this. Make sure you take a picture of what you want as it will work better than trying to describe a Poodle haircut.

Poodle Cut Features

  • Short on the back and lower belly
  • Short cut on back legs
  • Long chest and upper back hair
  • The head hair is long with some trimming around the eyes
  • Short around toes and feet
  • Longer ankles
  • Short tail

Bernedoodle Kennel Cut

The Bernedoodle Kennel Cut is a type of haircut that you will have to be careful with when you request it. This will mean something different to almost every groomer that hears it. However, overall this is a common name for a very short haircut. In general, Bernedoodles only have to get a Kennel Cut if their hair is extremely matted and tangled. Otherwise, pet owners who don’t want to spend money at the groomers every couple of months will request a Bernedoodle Kennel Cut.

Best Types of Bernedoodle Haircuts Winter, Summer
Best Types of Bernedoodle Haircuts Winter, Summer

The idea behind the Bernedoodle Kennel Cut is to keep your dog clean and safe while they are kenneled. This is typically done when dogs will be boarding, hence the name Kennel Cut. This haircut prevents hair from getting matted or tangled.

This is also common with mother Bernedoodle dogs that are due to whelp. Puppies tend to mat the mother’s hair when they nurse so it is easier to have shorter hair.

If you don’t want a very short hair cut on your Bernedoodle then do not request a kennel cut unless you are going to be very clear and possibly have pictures.

Kennel Cut Features

  • Short all over
  • Typically the hair is less than 1/2 inch all over their body.

Lion Cut

The Lion Cut is a popular cut for Pomeranians but can look cute on most breeds. This cut involves closely shaving the hair down on the body and legs but leaving tufts of hair on the tip of the tail and feet. The crowning glory of the lion’s mane involves leaving the hair long on the head and around the neck and chest.

Other Fun Bernedoodle Cuts

The best thing about Bernedoodles is that they can pull off almost any type of haircut style. They have amazing hair thanks to both sides of the genetic family and you can get creative when it comes to their grooming styles.

Best Types Of Bernedoodle Haircuts
Best Types Of Bernedoodle Haircuts

Because they are part Poodle you could have almost any Poodle style done on this dog. Here is a list of cuts you could try out for fun.

  • The Lamb Cut: This is an adorable cut on a Bernedoodle. The face, feet, and tail are shaved. The hair everywhere else is the length you want it to be, but it’s typically long and fluffy.
  • Bernedoodle Teddy Bear Cut: This is a very popular cut with other doodle breeds like the Goldendoodle. It is easy to find pictures and most groomers know what it is. The Teddy Bear Cut is also known as the Bernedoodle Puppy Cut.
  • Bernedoodle Mohawk Cut: If you have ever wanted to give your dog a mohawk the Bernedoodle could pull it off. Groomers love doing fun and creative haircuts like this. The Bernedoodle Mohawk cut would be fun for the summer or for Holloween.

How to Avoid Confusion at The Groomer

The worst thing that can happen with a grooming session is a miscommunication between the dog owner and the groomer. If you, as the owner, feel like you have communicated clearly what you want and leave confident that you will pick up a perfectly groomed Bernedoodle, but come back to a complete shave job then you will not be happy.

Unfortunately, things like this happen all when groomers give your Bernedoodle a haircut. What one person thinks is a Summer Cut will be something else to another groomer. Here are a few ways to prevent these mix-ups:

  • Ask the groomer how they are going to cut your Bernedoodles hair. This is a good way to find out if you are on the same page. If the groomer describes what you want then you are good to go. If not then you should explain how you want their haircut again.
  • Bring a picture of what Bernedoodle haircut you want. There is nothing clearer than a picture. If you want to make sure that there is no possible way of having a misunderstanding then you need to come armed with photos on your phone. The groomer will appreciate the clarity as they want the client to be happy with the results.

Why Groom a Bernedoodle

If you are new to Bernedoodles or are simply researching the breed and what they will need as far as hair care then you may wonder why someone would need to worry so much about grooming a Bernedoodle. Those are valid questions.

A Bernese Mountain dog is a very furry dog. They are bred to live in the cold mountains and have a long dual coat to prove it. While this purebred dog may not need a hair cut often, they do need to be brushed, bathed, and trimmed up to prevent issues.

The other part of the Bernese Mountain dog is a Poodle. They are water dogs and have tight curls all over their bodies. They don’t shed because they don’t have fur, but instead they have hair. This hair is very prone to matting and needs brushed daily and cut every six to eight weeks.

When you combine these two breeds together you get a dog that is high maintenance on the grooming front. Bernedoodles will need haircuts, and it’s up to you to decide how you want them to look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Groom a Bernedoodle?

Professional groomers can charge anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on your location and the groomer you choose. If you decide to groom at home, you will have to factor in the cost of all the grooming tools. We recommend that you don’t buy the cheapest option available and do look for high-quality equipment that other Doodle owners recommend. High-quality Bernedoodle grooming tools usually last longer. They’re generally also more comfortable for both you and your pup, and easier to use.

When Should a Bernedoodle Get Their First Haircut?

You can take your Doodle puppy to a professional groomer as soon as they’ve received all their puppy vaccinations (around the age of 16 weeks). The sooner you introduce your Bernedoodle puppy to grooming, the easier it is for your pup to get used to it.

Are Bernedoodles High Maintenance?

Bernedoodles and other Doodles might seem high maintenance to some. Doodles need regular brushing and haircuts to keep that coat looking gorgeous. The best tip is to brush your Bernedoodle daily to maintain a beautiful coat without too much effort.

Do Bernedoodles Need Haircuts?

Yes, like all other Doodles, Bernedoodles’ need regular haircuts. Luckily, you have the option to choose from a variety of cute Bernedoodle grooming styles.

Final Thoughts

Really the sky’s the limit when you’re choosing the best types of Bernedoodles haircuts. You can be as creative or as conservative as you want and most Bernedoodles look good with any type of haircut. Also, since their hair grows quickly, it won’t be a big deal if one of your ideas doesn’t look great. Just try again in a month or two.

There are some staple Bernedoodle grooming styles but you don’t have to stick to those.  They are great go-to styles when you need something fast or you just don’t like stepping outside of the box. As long as your Bernedoodle is healthy, happy, and not matted you can’t go wrong. We hope you found some haircut styles that inspire your next grooming session!

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