Top 10 Best Brush For Poodles

Top 10 Best Brush For Poodles

Poodles come in all kinds of colors and sizes, and so do their brushes. Given how complex the Poodle coat is, it isn’t a surprise that finding the right brush for grooming them will take time and consideration. But since finding the time to do that kind of thinking and shopping doesn’t come easy, we checked out the best brushes for Poodles for you!

Best Brushes For Poodles Mixes
Best Brushes For Poodles Mixes

These reviews of 10 of the best Poodle brushes enable you to quickly read through and decide if one sounds like it is the right brush for you and your Poodle.

The 10 Best Brushes for Poodles Hair

Our Top Choice for the BEST Brush for Poodles

  • Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
  • Slicker brushes are popular among professional dog groomers who value them for their ability to penetrate deep into a dog’s coat, removing knots, breaking-up tangles, and improving blood circulation as they go.
  • Hertzko’s is one of the best, especially when it comes to the self-cleaning feature that is more robust and effective on this slicker brush than on many of its rivals.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it more comfortable for the groomer as well, taking the hand strain out of a long grooming session and making you more willing to commit to a daily pampering ritual.
  • Not only will the Hertzko slicker brush remove dead hair and tangles, but it will also help prevent mats from developing, but boosting circulation, and improving the overall quality of your dog’s coat.
  • This slicker brush is affordable and effective, and Hertzko also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with the product, making it a risk-free purchase.
best brush for poodle terrier mix
best brush for poodle terrier mix

Top 5 Poodle Brushes

Best Detangling Comb for Poodles

  • Detangling Pet Comb
  • Another product from Poodle Pet, this detangling comb is particularly effective at removing tangles from damp fur. After bathing your Poodle, you’ve probably noticed that the tight curls in her coat expand when wet and then retract again as they dry, causing widespread matting. 
  • Poodle Pet’s detangling comb can stop this. Just run the comb through the damp curls and, voila, the individual strands of hair stay separated so the tangles can get a foothold.
  • Two sets of teeth – one long, one short – give this comb its dual-action power that will get rid of the toughest tangles and impossible mats.
  • Even skittish dogs with prior bad experiences at the groomer’s seem to find it comfortable. Cheaper than either the rake comb or the slicker brush, this comb is comfortable to use, effective, and offers excellent value for money.
best brush for toy poodle puppy
best brush for toy poodle puppy

Best Finishing Comb for Show Poodles

  • Andis Pet Comb
  • Finishing combs like the Andis Pet comb are most commonly used to remove the last remnants of mats and tangles from a dog’s coat. When used in conjunction with the Hertzko slicker brush, this comb can help you create the fluffy Poodle style you’ve always wanted.
  • It’s lightweight and comes in two different sizes – a 7.5-inch version for toy Poodles and a 10-inch one for larger dogs. It works well on both the Poodle’s curly coat and the softer, wavier hair of the various Doodle breeds.
  • It comes with coarse and fine teeth, both of which will stimulate the hair follicles while removing tangles and debris from the coat.
  • The Andis pet steel comb glides through the coat thanks to its well-spaced teeth, making it comfortable for your Poodle. It is also small enough for you to concentrate on sections of the coat, rather than brushing the entire dog in one go, making it easier to use on dogs that squirm or fidget during the grooming process
best brush for poodle cross
best brush for poodle cross

Best Poodle Brush for Untangling Mats

  • Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb Brush Tool
  • This dematting rake reaches deep into your Poodle’s coat with its long stainless steel blades, quickly breaking up tangles, knots, and mats. It works particularly well on long-haired Poodles but is equally suited to the dense, curly texture of a Poodle puppy’s coat.
  • With its two-and-a-half inch blades, this durable brush looks like an instrument of torture – according to Daisy, anyway – but it proved quite pleasurable for her in the end. The rounded ends of the blades meant it didn’t so much scratch, as gently massage her, while cutting through tangles like a knife through butter.
  • Top-grade rubber forms the body of the brush, making it perfect for high-maintenance hounds like the Poodle. You can even use it on long-haired rabbits and horses if necessary! 
  • This dematting rake is slightly cheaper than Hertzko’s slicker brush and also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

Best Budget Choice for Poodle Brushes

  • Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Detangling Dog Brush
  • Although this brush hasn’t got the detangling capacity of a detangling comb or the long stainless steel blades of the fur rake, it does incorporate two brushes and two grooming actions in one.
  • The stainless steel tips detangle the coat and remove loose hair, while the other side sports nylon bristles that will disburse natural oils, to give your Poodle a shiny coat that’s tangle-free.
  • At eight inches long and 2.5 inches wide, Hartz’s detangling brush is great for standard Poodles but a little too unwieldy for those wanting to get the tricky spots, like under the chin, on a toy Poodle.
  • The ergonomically-designed handle will give you excellent control, so there’s less chance of you hurting your Poodle during grooming.
best brush for poodle grooming
best brush for poodle grooming

How to Pick the Best Brush for a Poodle

  • With so many different brushes and grooming products for Poodles, it can be tricky to figure out which is the best for you. 
  • Professional groomers tend to prefer slicker brushes, like the one from Hertzko, because they are easy to clean, versatile, and hard-wearing. They often manage to remove tangles that initially look like they’ll have to be cut out.
  • Other tools, like de-matting rakes and detangling combs, are also useful for getting tough tangles and stubborn mats out of a Poodle’s dense and curly coat. They can also make the grooming process more comfortable for a skittish or fidgety dog.
  • Pin brushes, like the one side of the Hartz brush, are made up of “fine wire bristles that effortlessly work their way through a Poodle coat without causing the dog discomfort.” Similarly, finishing combs are great for the final fluffing up of the coat and for cleaning sensitive areas like the face and paws.
  • The only type of popular dog brush we have not mentioned is the shedding brush, and you will find out why in a minute.

Should I Brush My Poodle Every Day?

To keep your Poodle’s coat tangle-free, you need to brush them several times a week at least. My sister used to brush Daisy daily but, once she started using the Hertzko slicker brush, found she could drop it down to every other day.

Daily grooming is essential if your Poodle spends a lot of time exploring outside but, if she’s more of an indoor pooch a couple of times a week should suffice, depending on her coat.

Should I Get My Poodle Shaved?

  • Although shaving your Poodle isn’t necessary, it can make it easier to keep her looking good. If you don’t want it shaved, you can always opt for a close trim instead. Although clipping most dog breeds can be detrimental to their health, because the Poodle only has a single coat, you can shave it down, making your dog cooler in summer, without causing “any long-term problems for your dog’s coat and skin.”
  • A shaved Poodle needs to visit a professional groomer every four to eight weeks to maintain her style and keep her coat in tip-top condition.

Can I Use a Furminator on My Poodle?

Poodles are known as hypoallergenic dogs as they do not shed like most breeds. Another thing about Poodles that sets them apart from other dog breeds is that they only have one coat, rather than two. This means that there is no undercoat to be removed, which is what shedding brushes like the Furminator are designed to do. Using a brush of this kind on your Poodle could result in you pulling her hair out by the roots, causing her discomfort, hair loss, and potential skin disorders.

How Often Should I Bathe My Poodle?

  • A good bath once a month gives you the chance to help your dog reset. Bathing stimulates the skin and improves the quality of the coat. 
  • Using a detangling shampoo and conditioner can make it easier to brush or comb the coat afterward to ensure your dog is free from the irritation of matted hair. 
  • A hypoallergenic shampoo is also highly recommended for Poodles who are prone to skin sensitivities and allergies.

What Kind of Brushes Are Best For Poodles?

Just like with beauty and hygiene products in humans, there is a myriad of different hairbrush options available for dogs. You’ll want a brush that is going to effectively work its way through the thick curls of your Poodle’s coat, without snagging the hair or irritating the skin.

Let’s look at a few different combs and brush types, and identify what kind of coat they might be best for. 

The best types of hair brushes for poodles include:

  • Combs: A sturdy toothed comb is another valuable grooming tool for you and your poodle. A comb can be particularly beneficial when it comes to grooming more sensitive areas, like the face, so you avoid any poking with the wire bristles of the slicker brush.
  • Shedding Brushes: Poodles don’t actually shed very much, but if you really want to minimize the shedding, consider a shedding brush. These are designed with fine metal teeth to collect any loose hair that would be shed. If you really want to eliminate pet hair altogether, then regular use of the shedding brush definitely helps. 
  • Pin Brushes: The tipped metal pins of the aptly named “pin brush” make this tool the most similar to a typical human brush. They work similarly to the slicker brush but can be more effective for cleaning out any dirt that may have been trapped in the coat. 
  • Slicker Brushes: The Slicker Brush is the most commonly recommended brush type for grooming a Poodle. It is composed of thin wire bristles that more easily stroke through the coat, without catching tangles or scratching your dog’s skin. These are the best choice for regular grooming and working out tough mats in the hair. 

Keeping your Poodle tangle-free and looking good requires a regular grooming regime and one of the best brushes for Poodles. The Hertzko slicker brush can tame the most unmanageable coats, whether they’re full of unruly curls or a mass of fluff.

Affordable yet durable, the Hertzko slicker brush removes mats without hurting your dog and cleans itself with the clip of a button. 

Poodles that spend a lot of time running through the undergrowth and splashing in the mud will inevitably develop a muddle of mats through their coats. The Poodle Pet dematting fur rake can take on the toughest of tangles with its two-and-a-half-inch blades. 

On a larger dog, like a standard Poodle, it’s small enough to get into the troublesome areas between the front and back legs but is a little large to use effectively on toy Poodles.

While the Hartz brush isn’t quite as effective at tackling tangles, it does offer two different grooming actions – a pin brush on the one side and the softer, nylon teeth on the other. Affordable and effective it can be teamed with a finishing comb, like the one from Andis, to leave your Poodle looking ready to enter its first show.

Whether you opt for a slicker brush or finishing comb, it doesn’t matter as long as you groom carefully, making sure you’re aware of your dog’s reaction to the process at all times. 

These top brushes are all designed with your furry friend’s curly coat and sensitive skin in mind. 

Let’s get the best brush for your Poodle, knowing it will improve your dog’s health, comfort, and appearance with regular use.

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