Top 10 Best Dehydrated Dog Foods

Top 10 Best Dehydrated Dog Foods

Dehydrated dog food continues to grow in popularity as more dog owners are becoming aware of its benefits. This type of food is prepared by slowly removing moisture from whole foods at low heat. This process helps food retain more nutrients and keep its natural flavors.

More and more dog food companies are jumping on board the dehydrated dog food trend, and it can be difficult finding a trustworthy and reliable brand. So, we’re here to help you decide on making the switch to dehydrated dog food.

We have reviews of some of the most popular dehydrated dog food recipes and also break down the differences between different types of dog food. By the end of reading this article, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision on feeding your dog dehydrated dog food.

The 10 Best Dehydrated Dog Foods


Canisource Grand Cru Red Meat Dehydrated Dog Food – Best Value

Canisource Grand Cru Red Meat

Canisource Grand Cru Red Meat Dehydrated Dog Food is our pick for the best dehydrated dog food for the money. It contains pork, beef, and eggs as its protein sources, putting it at 27%. That exceeds nutritional recommendations and will help keep your pup staying full longer. It also has both rice and oats to support digestive health.

You can feed this food to your pet, either as-is or rehydrated. Going the latter route helps it go even further, making it an even better value for the money. The calorie count per cup is high because of the amount of fat in it. Some pets may find it too rich as a result. It comes in 4.41, 11.02, or 22.05-pound bags.

  • High calorie count per cup
  • A diverse collection of proteins
  • Easily digested
  • Good omega-3 fatty acid content

Spot & Tango UnKibble Dog Food – Best Overall

spot and tango kibble options

Spot & Tango is a subscription dog food delivery service that offers a choice of fresh food or dried food. Spot & Tango UnKibble is a dehydrated dog food that uses a short list of ingredients that are minimally processed before being dehydrated. Whereas some dehydrated foods need to be rehydrated before serving, this isn’t the case with UnKibble, which can be served as is.

When you sign up with Spot & Tango, you will be asked questions about your dog, including its age, and they will tell you how much to feed to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements. The food is suitable for puppies as well as adult dogs and represents a good compromise between dried kibble and fresh food because it is more convenient and has a longer shelf-life than fresh food, while also being less expensive. However, it contains higher quality ingredients that are prepared in such a way that they retain their nutritional value, and it is the best overall dehydrated dog food.

Although UnKibble is less expensive than true fresh meals, it is still pricier than commercial kibble, and there are currently only three recipe options available, which means the choice is somewhat limited. The recipes are beef and barley, chicken and brown rice, and duck and salmon.

  • Limited choice of recipes
  • More expensive than standard kibble
  • Made using minimal ingredients
  • No need to rehydrate before serving
  • Easier to store and serve than fresh food
  • Cheaper than fresh food

Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food

Dr. Harvey's Canine Health-The Miracle

Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food will surprise many dog owners because it doesn’t contain any meat. Instead, several whole grains like brown rice and oats will provide protein and fiber, albeit lower than you may expect. It also has several spices, including peppermint, which may improve digestion.

It comes in a 20-ounce, which is convenient if you want to try it out and see if your pooch likes it. There are also 5- and 10-pound bags. Calling this product “dog food” is somewhat misleading. You have to add a protein source and other additives. That makes the prep more involved, which defeats the purpose of using these foods.

  • Low protein content
  • Inconvenient prep
  • Convenient small-sized bag available
  • Excellent lineup of whole grains

The Honest Kitchen Chicken Recipe Puppy Blend – Best for Puppies

The Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters

The Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters Chicken Recipe Puppy Blend has a chicken and egg-based protein mixture that provides an excellent start for growing pups. It also has flaxseed and salmon oil for its omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids sources. The product contains several fermentation products to ease digestion.

The protein and fat content are in line with expert nutritional recommendations. The fiber percentage is also good for keeping your pooch sated. Preparation is a snap. Just add water. It comes in either a 4 or 20-pound bag but, unfortunately, nothing in the middle of the two.

  • Contains both lentils and peas
  • No middle-sized bag
  • USA-based company
  • Excellent protein content

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain

The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated Dog Food has a full line of products with various primary protein sources, including chicken and turkey. The manufacturer steams the proteins to 165º F before dehydrating them, which is high enough to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens. However, safe handling is still imperative.

Barley and oats make up the whole grains in the food. It also has flaxseed for a source of omega-3 fatty acids to improve the condition of your pooch’s coat. You can feed it as a complete diet or mix it with your pooch’s dry food. It is available in 2, 4, 10-pound sizes, along with a case of (12) 1.75-cup portions.

  • Contains peas
  • Excellent protein content
  • Quick preparation
  • Safe processing

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb Dog Food

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb Dog Food has a kibble-like consistency that makes it convenient to use in this manner. The nutrient list is impressive with the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health support. With lamb as its protein base, it makes an excellent choice for dogs with allergies to beef or chicken.

The protein content is high, at 35%. That’s because there aren’t a lot of filler ingredients like different human foods, which we liked to see. The fat percentage is also elevated at 33%. Some pets might find the food too rich because of it. However, it doesn’t contain some of the problematic ingredients we’ll discuss later. The product is expensive. It comes in 1, 2.2, 5.5, and 8.8-pound bags.

  • High fat content
  • Expensive
  • Joint support
  • No legumes or peas
  • High protein content

Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Dehydrated Dog Food

Only Natural Pet EasyRaw

Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food is a turkey-based product that contains many ingredients that have little value for your dog, such as thyme, rosemary, or basil. The list is more for the owner than the pet. The turkey and egg balance the fat content to keep it low to aid digestion. However, the food also contains peas.

The product includes both salmon and mackerel oils, along with flax seeds for its omega-3 fatty acid content. Overall, it’s not the best choice for picky eaters. The spices are overwhelming and may turn off some pets. It also takes a relatively long time to rehydrate, which increases the risk of foodborne illnesses. It comes in a 2-pound bag.

  • Contains peas
  • Lots of filler ingredients
  • Not appropriate for picky eaters
  • Whole eggs

Spot Farms Dehydrated Human-Grade Dog Food

Spot Farms Dehydrated Human-Grade

Spot Farms Dehydrated Human-Grade Grain-Free Dog Food does one thing that many foods in this category don’t. It’s affordably priced, comparably speaking. The product uses chicken as its protein source. The content is decent and exceeds the nutritional recommendations. It has both fish oil and flaxseed for its omega-3 fatty acids. It also has a lot of filler ingredients that may not offer a lot of value.

The fat content is a bit high, which explains the elevated calorie count per cup. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have other ingredients to help digest the fats, such as rice or oats. On the other hand, it rehydrates quickly in less than three minutes. It comes in either a 3.5 or 8-pound bag.

  • Contains lentils
  • Filler ingredients
  • Affordably priced
  • Made in the USA

Sojos Complete Adult Dehydrated Dog Food

Sojos Complete Adult

Sojos Complete Adult Grain-Free Dehydrated Dog Food is about as barebones as it gets, with one of the shortest ingredient lists we’ve seen in these types of products. Turkey and eggs are its base proteins. We liked the fact that it contains whole eggs instead of just the whites. The former is an excellent source of vitamin D, which your pup needs.

The food also has flaxseeds for omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy coat and fat source. The calorie count is appropriate. The feeding instructions include recommendations for active dogs, which we found useful. The food does take a while to dehydrate completely at 15 minutes. Because of the turkey, you should pick up your pup’s bowl promptly after he eats because of the salmonella risk.

  • No added taurine
  • Lower prep
  • Whole eggs for vitamin D
  • Decent protein content

I and Love and You Stir Mix-A-Little Dehydrated Dog Food

I and Love and You Stir Mix-A-Little

I and Love and You Stir Mix-A-Little Beef & Bone Broth Dehydrated Dog Food starts well with beef, chicken, and eggs as its base proteins. The garbanzo beans are also a good choice. It gets troublesome the further you read the ingredient list. It includes peas, which are somewhat controversial. It also has garlic, which left us scratching our heads since it’s toxic to dogs.

The food contains both flax seeds and fish oil for skin health with its omega-3 fatty acids. While the ingredient list is straightforward, it does contain fillers like ginger and turmeric, which may offer little nutritional value for dogs. It comes in a case of six 3-ounce cups.

  • Contains peas
  • Garlic additive
  • High protein percentage
  • Whole eggs

Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Air-Dried Dog Food

Only Natural Pet MaxMeat

Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Air-Dried Grain-Free Dog Food is a beef-based protein. Each scoop of the food is equivalent to 3 ounces of meat. There is also added pumpkin for digestive support. The protein content is high at 35%, along with its fat, too, at 20%. While it’s undoubtedly palatable, it’s also very rich. Some pups may have trouble eating it, especially considering its low fiber.

You can use the food as a meal topper (albeit an expensive one) or as a complete diet. You needn’t rehydrate it, either. The kibble is on the larger size, making it not the best choice for smaller dogs. It comes in either a 2 or 7.5-pound bag.

  • High fat content
  • Low fiber percentage
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t contain peas
  • High protein content

Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best Dehydrated Dog Food?

Dog food has become more complex over the years. Consumers don’t just have to choose between dry food and wet food. You can now find dehydrated dog food, freeze-dried dog food, and air-dried dog food.

Sometimes, these terms get used interchangeably, but they do have differences. Here’s what you need to know about each one.

Dehydrated Dog Food

Dehydrated dog food gets prepared similarly to air-dried food. However, it uses more heat to get rid of moisture. Therefore, dehydrated dog food can’t be considered fully raw because it gets slightly cooked in the process. At the same time, it’s not fully cooked and still preserves a lot of natural flavor and nutrients.

Air-Dried Dog Food

Air-dried dog food is a slow process where raw ingredients are placed in drying areas or chambers that evaporate moisture. Fresh air constantly gets pumped and circulated in these chambers until the moisture of the dog food reaches a certain low percentage.

This process eliminates the need for artificial preservatives because it kills dangerous bacteria. It also leaves a good amount of nutrients and flavor in the food. It tends to have a longer shelf-life than dehydrated dog food.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

This type of dog food removes moisture while the food is kept frozen. The raw food first gets frozen. Then, a combination of low temperatures and pressure extracts the moisture from the food.

This process enables freeze-dried food to have the same nutritional components as its frozen forms. The only difference is the absence of moisture.

Final Thoughts

The Spot & Tango UnKibble took top honors in our reviews for the best overall dehydrated dog food. The manufacturer takes the extra steps to ensure its safety. The prep is a snap that minimizes the time it sits out to prevent bacteria from forming. It comes in a range of flavors and formulations that add to its versatility.

Canisource Grand Cru Red Meat Dehydrated Dog Food is our pick for the best value among these products because of its nutrition content. It has a decent amount of protein, fat, and omega-3 fatty acids to make this one an excellent value. It’s also easy for your pooch to digest.

Dehydrated dog foods are an alternative for those who want the convenience of a diet that you can prepare as needed. They also allow you to mix it in different ways to coax picky dogs to eat more. While many are expensive, they often have higher protein percentages, which means that you can feed them less. As with any diet change, we suggest that you discuss your options with your veterinarian.

Edward Hollon is an avid dog lover and writer, knowing all there is to know about our furry friends. Edward has been writing for petdii for three years now, wanting to use her knowledge for good and share everything she can with new dog owners. Edward has two dogs herself - a German shepherd called Banjo and a chocolate labrador called Buttons. Edward knows more than anyone how adjusting to new life with a puppy can turn your life upside down, and she wants to ease some of the burdens through her articles.