Top 10 Best Dog Carrier Purses: Toting Your Dog Around Town

Top 10 Best Dog Carrier Purses: Toting Your Dog Around Town

As a pet parent, you may feel like your furry friend is your actual baby and absolutely detest going anywhere without them. Enter, the dog carrier. Whether you’re planning an international vacay or just a trip to the farmers’ market, finding the right carrier for your pet can make all the difference when you start toting them around (and suddenly realize that 15 pounds of fluffy dog is actually heavier than you thought).

From a backpack to a front carrier, there are tons of styles to fit both your lifestyle and your dog’s breed. For avid travelers, finding something that’s TSA-approved and meets all FAA requirements may be your top priority (but always check with your airline specifically as regulations can vary). Other pet parents may just be looking for the right carrier to get to and from the vet. It may take a minute (and many peanut butter dog biscuits) to get your pet used to their new travel accommodations, but as long as you assure they fit comfortably, the bag can safely hold their weight and you won’t cause them (or you) any discomfort, a dog carrier can be just as cute as it is functional.

Before you start buying a matching carrier for your favorite luggage, picking out the best carry-ons to strap your pet on top of or swapping out your favorite beach-ready tote for one that fits a pup, check out our recommendations for the best dog carriers of 2022.

The 10 Best Dog Purses on the Market

We searched the options for dog carrier bags for small dogs and came up with our top 6 picks. Each of these purses is really a great choice whether you’re looking for something cute or discreet. Our hope is that one of these will suit your needs for a dog purse in some way.

Each of these reviews will share a detailed overview of the bag while also sharing with you the pros and cons of each bag as well.

PetsHome Dog Carrier, Pet Carrier Purse

PetsHome Dog Carrier, Pet Carrier Purse

This first dog purse bye PetsHome is one of our favorites. It’s definitely a choice for the cute dog carrier bags out there and could easily resemble a designer bag for dogs. You could probably use it for your cat too if you like. If you’re looking for something reliable, functional, and cute all in one, this is your pick! It’s a cute dog carrier purse that is totally stylish. Additionally, it is available in a lot of different color and pattern options to fit your style.

This small dog carrier handbag is made with high-quality materials, using premium PU leather for the primary material. The material is enhanced with gold hardware that really looks awesome. The interior is covered with a waterproof material so that bag stays clean and dry but also so you can clean it easily when you need to.

This bag also has 3 breathable mesh additions so your pup will have plenty of ventilation and air when they are in the bag. They can be comfortable and cozy carried on your arm. Additionally, the inside also has a leash so you can attach your pet and ensure they don’t make a getaway. There is also a pocket for storage on the back that can be quite helpful.

Django Dog Carrier Bag

Django Dog Carrier Bag

This next option is a large shoulder bag design option that is our top pick. It looks like a nice shoulder bag or perhaps a designer purse. Additionally, it’s definitely oversized and can serve as a medium dog carrier purse. This option is a premium option and it costs just a little bit more than some of the others but you will find that it is made considerably well and it is very highly-rated across the board as well. You can get this dog carrier bag in black, navy, or olive colors as well.

This bag is both stylish and functional. It’s made to be incredibly durable with high-quality materials. It has 20-ounce cotton canvas on the outside, making it very sleek and stylish by design. It’s also soft and comfortable and durable. That material is then waxed for extra protection of the material.

The purse is equipped with leather handles that are soft and comfortable. They will hold the bag on your shoulders without you feeling like the bag is too heavy or uncomfortable to handle. Additionally, they are also very soft and can even secure together into a single strap.

The interior of the bah has a silky lining so it is incredibly soft for your pet as well. You also get some nice storage pockets so you can take along anything you need as well. You really can’t go wrong here.


Hayner Fashion Pet Carrier Dog Carrier Purse

Hayner Fashion Pet Carrier Dog Carrier Purse

This next cute dog carrier bag truly just looks like an oversized purse but then it has your cat or dog inside of it. You can choose from a light grey or a black colored purse and it’s a discreet dog purse since it closely resembles a natural purse design as well. This is a great option for cats as well as small dogs.

This pet tote for small dogs is made to be quite sturdy. It’s comfortable and durable with a padded interior that is pretty soft so your pet will be quite comfortable and cozy inside. There is a leash attachment inside so your dog can be safe and secure when you’re on the go. No escaping for them.

The nice thing about this purse is that it has mesh sides so it’s perfectly breathable and has some airflow as well. The materials of the purse are PU leather. It’s made with waterproof materials inside as well so the bag stays dry and clean as well.

With this bag, you get some awesome style and a nice design that also be discreet. It’s perfect for any small pet to comfortably ride. We love the natural purse look making this one of the cutest dog carrier bags out there and it’s really a great price too.

Noble Duck Small Dog Carrier Purse with Pockets

Noble Duck Small Dog Carrier Purse with Pockets

This next option is great if you want a discreet dog purse that obviously isn’t a dog purse. Sometimes you just need a little something but you also need it to be discreet. This is a good choice and it’s an affordable option as well. It’s a simple black bag that just looks like your everyday handbag. Additionally, it’s one of the most highly-rated options on the market as well at an affordable price.

You will find that this purse is pretty versatile. It’s great for small dogs or cats and can be used for shopping, traveling, hiking, and more. They do have a brown or a black so you can choose what works for you. The bag has an opening where pets can stick their heads out the top.

The bag is also really secure. It has a dog leash hook so you can keep your small pet secured. They also have a front zipper pocket so you can take supplies if you need to. The bag is made with quality materials. It’s built to be durable with polyester cotton fabric so it’s comfortable for your dog.

The dog purse is made specifically for small dogs and is very easy to carry. It’s easy to clean when you need to as well. We really enjoy the bag for its simplicity, but also because it is functional and steady at the same time.


PetAmi Airline Approved Dog Purse Carrier

PetAmi Airline Approved Dog Purse Carrier

This next small dog purse by PetAmi is an awesome option. It’s is obviously a cute dog carrier bag but it’s really fun and it is well-made. In addition, this particular is highly rated across the board and available at a budget-friendly price as well. This bag comes in a few different colors, including a neutral color or some fun colors to choose from as well.

This tote bag is travel-friendly and is a size that is compatible with air travel requirements. If you’re looking for a good pet travel bag, this is a great option to consider. This bag is made to be comfortable for small pets. It has comfortable carry handles and it has breathable mesh as well.

The interior of the tote is ventilated thanks to the mesh areas and you can open them up to let your dog stick their head out as well. The inside is washable and can be cleaned. It has a Sherpa bed that can be removed and washed as needed as well.

This lightweight bag with the luxury additions will allow your pet to be comfortable in every way. It is also designed with safety and has a hook for added security with a leash as well. Additionally, this is a durable bag that is made quite well.

PetAmi Airline Dog Purse Carrier


This bag is a basic, no-nonsense dog carrier that provides comfort and stability. It’s made out of high-quality polyester and is available in five different colors. It also has a Sherpa-lined cushion for maximum comfort and warmth. As the only window is at the front, it allows for privacy for your pet, though it does lack a certain amount of ventilation and visibility.

This is a good option for airline travel because it resembles a laptop bag. It is only available in one size in order to fit with TSA regulations. It also has a bonus collapsible water bowl for easy hydration on the go.

  • Sherpa-lined bedding
  • Good for airline travel
  • High-grade polyester material
  • Available in five colors
  • Bonus collapsible water bowl
  • Not a great deal of visibility or ventilation

MG Collection Dog Carrier Purse

MG Collection

This bag has a stylish two-tone design that comes in three different colors. It has a mesh top for ventilation and visibility, with an added layer of fabric for privacy and safety. It also has studs on the bottom for support and to keep it from getting dirty on the ground/floor.

The major drawback for the design of this bag is the way it uses Velcro to close instead of metal clasps or zippers. It also only comes in one size: small. It doesn’t come with an adjustable shoulder strap, and you can only carry it using the top handles, which could be a pro or a con depending on what you prefer.

If you have a tiny pet, this bag would be a good option, but it’s not for medium sized pets and doesn’t have features that add value like others on this list.

  • Studs on bottom for support
  • Available in three colors
  • Looks like a purse
  • Mesh on top with added fabric cover for privacy
  • Encloses with Velcro
  • Only available in one size
  • No adjustable strap

Sherpa Park Tote Pet Carrier – Best Value


This is the best dog carrier purse for the money because it works as a two-in-one carrier and a blanket at an affordable price. It is great for going to the park because you can simply unzip the bag, and it becomes a full-sized blanket. It is available in two colors (black and brown) and two sizes (small and medium).

There are two points of visibility for your pet: through the zippered mesh top and through the mesh side window. The latter has a covering that can be rolled up or rolled down to allow for visibility. With both mesh windows and four ventilation holes, this bag allows your pet to breathe easily.

Unlike the Hubulk, this bag only comes with one zippered pocket to store small items. It also does not have a sturdy base, since it can be unzipped from all sides and acts as a blanket. Therefore, it does not keep much structure, but it is entirely machine washable. Because it is more flexible than most carrier bags, it is great for a trip to the park, though it may not be the best option for airline travel.

  • Available in two sizes: small and medium
  • Zippered mesh top and mesh side window for visibility
  • Four ventilation holes
  • Affordable two-in-one carrier and blanket
  • Available in two colors: black and brown
  • Machine washable
  • Only one zippered pocket
  • Soft, somewhat unstable material


Kenox Fashion Dog Carrier Purse


This bag is more about fashion than function. It looks more like a handbag than other dog

carriers, but it lacks many of the features that make the top three on our list so great. This bag is available in one size and one color, so there are fewer options to choose from, and it is only designed for small dogs. It is, however, made of a sturdy, stiff material that will not collapse with your pet inside. The quality may be wanting, however, as we found that several customers have reported malfunctioning zippers, loose threads upon delivery, and not a great deal of ventilation for your pet.

It’s not without its benefits, though. It has spacious pockets, looks cute, and has two windows to provide visibility for your pet. Overall, a good option, but not the best unless fashion is your top priority.

  • Sturdy material
  • Two windows for pet visibility
  • Cute design
  • Spacious pockets
  • Available in one size and one color
  • Low quality
  • Not much ventilation

Tooca Foldable Dog Fence

Tooca Foldable Dog Fence 

This final purse is a bag of luxury that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It has that designer style that some pet parents love and it’s really a great price for the quality. It’s another highly-rated bag that you can depend on and it looks and feels awesome when you put it to use. This bag is a size that is airline approved so that is a plus as well.

This dog carrier bag for small dogs is designed with fashion and luxury in mind. The exterior is made with quality PU leather. It shouldn’t fade or distort in any way. On the same note, it’s also made to be lightweight and washable as well. It’s fashionable and yet totally functional.

The material is breathable and comfortable for your pet. The bag is made with a side zipping pocket so you have storage to help you out. The bag can be collapsed when you don’t need it and it is reliably sturdy when you do need it. It’s a great cheap dog purse without a hefty price.

Hillwest Fashion Dog Carrier Purse


Unlike the other bags, this one is much tinier and typically only works for very small animals like cats and dogs under four pounds. It is also made of patent leather, which is more prone to damage and more uncomfortable for pets, even though it may be more aesthetically pleasing. Although it has a top and side mesh zipper for ventilation, patent leather is known to trap heat.

This bag, although fine, is not the most ideal option due to its low-quality material, lack of unique features, and lack of space. It does include an adjustable strap and an interior safety leash, but it doesn’t have the space and comfort of others listed here.

  • Fashionable design
  • Top and side mesh zipper
  • Low-quality material
  • No unique features
  • Much smaller, more cramped for your pet
  • Less ventilation
  • Less comfortable for pets


How to Choose the Best Dog Purse

Now that you know our top options, it’s time to consider just what you should look for before you pick out a dog purse. What you will find is that most of these are stylish and made to look like a purse but you can also find discreet dog purses as well as simple small carrier bags for small dogs that are less purse-like.

The choice will ultimately rely on your own preferences in order to determine what works best for you but we have put together a quick buyer’s guide to give you some points to consider.


  • As you look at the options, you will notice that there are a variety of styles to choose from. You can find a simple, discreet dog purse that isn’t frilly or fancy or you can find something that is larger and more likely to obviously be a dog carrier.
  • You may want something that looks like a designer handbag on your shoulder or you might want something that is just simple and functional. The good news is that you have the ability to choose and we’ve done everything we can to share a variety of styles and options to choose from here.


  • Remember that this type of bag is typically meant for small cats or dogs. You may be able to place a puppy in it that will someday be larger but you should only plan to use them for small pets overall. You should pay attention to the measurements of the bags to understand whether the size will work for your pet.
  • Most bags are labeled with measurements so you know just how large they are before you buy them. Some of them will also have the size and weight recommendations for your pets so this is something to look out for before you buy as well.
  • You are paying attention to the size of the bag as well as the size of your pet but you also want to know whether or not it will be large, awkward, or bulky on your shoulders as well. This may make a difference.

Overall Design

There are a few things in the overall design that you should consider as well.

  • Material
  • Washable
  • Security
  • Ventilation

First of all, if your dog is going to really be comfortable inside the bag, they will need ventilation to do so. Most bags will have mesh ventilation on them, which is typically sufficient for most dogs but you will want to look out for this.

You will want your bag to be washable as well. It’s inevitable that your bag will eventually need to be washed or cleaned out. Be sure you choose a bag that gives you the ability to wash the insides of the bag.

Security measures are an added plus. This is a simple addition to most bags and it primarily will be a bag that doesn’t just collapse around your dog but also a bag that offers you a place to secure your dog so they don’t escape the bag. This can be done with an internal leash or a hook that a leash can be attached to instead.

Finally, you will want to check the materials of the dog purse overall. If you’re going to spend your money on something, you need to know you’re not just wasting it right? Be sure to look for materials that are durable but also sturdy. Materials that can be cleaned up or won’t fall apart easily are a must.

Conclusion for Best Dog Purse

We hope you find this guide to the best dog purse to be a helpful resource. There are many small things to consider but the most important part of choosing a dog purse is simply to know what style and size work best for you and your pet.

Edward Hollon is an avid dog lover and writer, knowing all there is to know about our furry friends. Edward has been writing for petdii for three years now, wanting to use her knowledge for good and share everything she can with new dog owners. Edward has two dogs herself - a German shepherd called Banjo and a chocolate labrador called Buttons. Edward knows more than anyone how adjusting to new life with a puppy can turn your life upside down, and she wants to ease some of the burdens through her articles.