Top 10 Best Dog Food for High Energy Dogs

Top 10 Best Dog Food for High Energy Dogs

Having a high energy dog can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you have a lively creature keeping you active. Your companion will provide you with tons of happy memories and love you unconditionally. But then, on the flip side, your incredibly energetic dog will also be quite a lot of responsibility. They’ll need a lot of exercise on a daily basis, and you’ll need to ensure you will be able to make the time to take them out for their walks. Plus, at times, you’ll likely have to provide them with a special diet. In most cases, a certain kind of dog food will suffice. But what is the best dog food for high energy dogs?

In today’s article, we delve deeply into finding the right kind of dog food for your needs. We’ll be exploring what you need to look for, and how you can be sure if the kibble you buy is good quality. After that, we’ve also made sure to include some of our recommendations. We’ve also reviewed them so that you can more easily begin your search.

Feeding your dog properly and ensuring they have the necessary nutrients is paramount to keeping them in good health. It is exactly for this reason that it’s so important to find the right kibble as soon as possible. And so, without further ado, let’s start talking about everything you need to know to find the best dog food for high energy dogs!

The 10 Best Dog Food for High Energy Dogs

Elite Series Herding Dog Buffalo Formula

An unique proprietary blend of micro nutrients is specifically designed to promote healthier more active animals, naturally. Each ingredient has been specifically selected to work together in enhancing performance, helping your K9 companion meet their peak genetic potential.

Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete

Diamond Naturals dry dog formulas are formulated with K9 Strain Probiotics, beneficial bacteria that support digestive and immune systems and help your dog maintain an active lifestyle.

Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food

Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food is a nutrient-dense, multi-meat formula packed with high levels of quality protein to support the nutritional needs of growing puppies, pregnant and lactating females, and high-performing dogs. With scientifically advanced and nutritionally complete ingredients, this dry dog food promotes sustained energy and healthy immune and digestive systems. VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, except for growth of large size dogs (70 pounds or more as an adult).

Solid Gold — Leaping Waters Sensitive Stomach Cold Water Salmon & Vegetable Recipe Grain-Free

It’s not just couch potatoes that can have sensitive stomachs; active dogs can have them too. And this can make choosing their diet a little difficult. One of the safest options is Solid Gold’s ‘Leaping Waters’ recipe. Its sole source of protein is salmon. Other key ingredients include chickpeas and tapioca.

That’s not all! Solid Gold Leaping Waters has a powerful blend of 20 superfoods that strengthen the immune system of your furry friend, making them less susceptible to sickness. The added strain of probiotics aids the digestion process to prevent tummy troubles

Purina Pro Plan Senior 7+ Brain Support, High Protein Senior Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Senior formulas are tailored to meet senior dogs’ changing nutritional needs. Every dry formula is made with a great taste dogs love as well as glucosamine and EPA for joint health and mobility. Each Bright Mind Formula also contains a proprietary blend of brain-supporting nutrients for cognitive health. And with small breed and large breed formulas to choose from, the right Pro Plan formula for your senior dog is waiting to be discovered.

Purina One True Instinct with Real Turkey & Venison

With 0 percent fillers, every ingredient in this wholesome dog food has a purpose. Along with a highly digestible formula that lets more nutrition go to work inside your pal, this nutrient-dense recipe also features natural sources of glucosamine to support joint health for dogs. Plus, a crunchy kibble texture and added calcium helps support his strong teeth and healthy gums.

AvoDerm — Natural Triple Protein Meal Formula All Life Stages

AvoDerm contains animal protein from three sources: chicken, lamb, and turkey meal. While it may not have as much protein and fat as other options so far, I choose it because the formula ensures better absorption of nutrients than most commercial dog foods.

Moreover, fats come from quality ingredients such as avocado oil, a good fat that will provide your active one energy throughout the day. What’s more: This balanced formula is suitable for all life stages.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Adult Wet Dog Food

Made with real beef as the first ingredient, plus garden fruits and veggies, this recipe is packed with natural ingredients and enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Plus, it’s formulated to support the nutritional needs of adult dogs. This recipe contains high-quality protein from real meat to help your dog maintain lean muscle mass, plus healthy carbohydrates to provide energy for an active life.

Eukanuba — Premium Performance 30/20 Adult Dry Dog Food

With a perfect 30/20 balance, this dog food is on the top of my list for good reasons. It is perfectly suitable for athletic breeds and active dogs. The proteins in this dog food come from chicken meat and chicken meal. Chicken by-product meal isn’t always a recommended ingredient, but when it comes to the high energy needs of highly active dogs, it isn’t a bad bargain.

Besides proteins, chicken by-product meal adds enough fat to keep your baby going,  and it also contains the level of calcium needed to support healthy bones. Additionally, this dog food features the 3D DentaDefense System to keep your baby’s teeth strong, healthy, and tartar-free.

Purina ONE SmartBlend Canned Wet Dog Food

Satisfy your dog’s cravings and give him the nutrition he needs with Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Classic Ground Chicken & Brown Rice Entree adult wet dog food. Made with real chicken, brown rice and oatmeal, this recipe delivers the wholesome goodness you expect. It features a highly digestible formula, so more nutrition goes to work inside your dog, and the SmartBlend of ingredients helps to provide complete and balanced nutrition for your adult dog. Because it’s made with 0 percent fillers and no poultry by-products, this formula lets you rest easy knowing that every high-quality ingredient has a purpose.

Do active dogs need more food?

Not necessarily. How much your dog eats depends largely on its breed and size. A dog’s activity level can affect their appetite to an extent, but it has more to do with their desire to eat than nutritional needs. The nutritional needs of an active dog have more to do with the nutrients and calories of their food.

What should I look for in dog food for my active dog?

The first thing you need to look for in food for active dogs is protein and fats. Their metabolism processes fats differently. Protein is what keeps their muscle strong enough to support an active lifestyle, and fat is what converts into energy.

Should a dog eat right before or after exercise?

No. You should never feed a dog right before or after exercise or strenuous activity. It can put too much pressure on the intestines, which sometimes causes bloating. Give them at least an hour before and after intense activity.

How many calories do active dogs need?

According to experts, this can vary from dog to dog. On average, a medium-sized adult dog that needs around 30 calories per pound of its body weight per day. However, for an active breed, it shouldn’t be less than 40 calories per pound of its weight every day.

Why do active dogs need more proteins?

For dogs, proteins and fats go hand in hand. Protein builds muscles strong enough to support their activity. When muscles aren’t strong enough, all the strain of their activity falls on bones and joints. Muscles that aren’t strong enough can lead to mobility issues and joint-related problems.

Should active dogs be on a raw diet?

A raw diet is a good option for active dogs; it mimics their ancestral diet. The diet they used to enjoy in the wild. More importantly, it’s a diet tailored to meet their lifestyle demands. Since the demands of active and athletic dogs are quite similar, a raw diet makes complete sense for them.

Are grains good for active dogs?

Grains aren’t particularly bad for dogs but are sometimes avoided because some dogs may be allergic or sensitive to them. However, grains aren’t just rich in carbs; they are great sources of proteins and fiber as well. So, for a dog that doesn’t have a sensitive tummy or any other allergy, grains are good for them.

Do active dogs needs more carbohydrates?

As far as your dog’s nutritional requirements are concerned, they do not need dietary carbohydrates. Carbs do not convert into energy for them. It’s fat that gives them energy. Breakdown of protein and fat oxidation is what converts into energy.

Do active dogs need more food?

Not necessarily. How much your dog eats depends largely on its breed and size. A dog’s activity level can affect their appetite to an extent, but it has more to do with their desire to eat than nutritional needs. The nutritional needs of an active dog have more to do with the nutrients and calories of their food.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best dog food for high energy dogs can be a bit difficult, but it’s really not impossible. After all, we’ve given you the information that you need in order to be able to deciper on your own whether dog food is high quality or not. With the information in the above article, you should be able to distinguish whether the kibble you are interested in contains the right ratio of proteins and fats in order to give your dog the nutrition they need.

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