Top 10 Best Dog Food For Italian Greyhound

Top 10 Best Dog Food For Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are highly athletic, active dogs.  The high energy and constant need for activity of a Italian Greyhound makes food and proper nutrition essential. A nutrient, vitamin and protein dense dog food is a perfect diet for an Italian Greyhound and will help them to thrive mentally and physically.

The 10 Best Dog Food For Italian Greyhound

Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food

Instinct By Nature's Variety Raw Boost Healthy Weight Grain Free Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food

The Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food is a quality dried chicken based food for adult Italian Greyhounds. This dog food is available contains fat burning L-Carnitine which promotes fat burning. It is made with the finest natural ingredients perfect for a thriving Italian Greyhound.

Solid Gold Wolf King Dry Dog Food

Solid Gold Wolf King Dry Dog Food | Chewy

  • The Solid Gold Wolf King Dry Dog food is ideal for all ages of medium and large dog breeds. It is from a trusted brand that has been in the dog food industry for over 40 years.
  • It contains fresh, lean bison and superfood and whole grains such as broccoli, almond oil, pumpkin, and blueberries. This can significantly help boost your IGs immune system and protect them against potential diseases.
  • In addition, this dog food also contains brown rice and sweet potato. Although Italian Greyhounds may have a sensitivity to grain ingredients, Brown rice is an excellent carbohydrate source. It is hypoallergenic compared to other grains, and it is easy to digest.
  • This particular recipe is also made to be appetizing to dogs. It can be an excellent alternative for the poultry recipes.
  • If you’re having problems with your Italian Greyhound’s coat and skin, this dog food might be helpful for you. Many vets and IG owners recommend this because it does not contain allergens and irritants such as meat by-products, artificial colors, wheat, and corn.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Puppy Food, Chicken, Salmon & Oatmeal

The Wellness Complete Health Natural Dog Food is a nutrient-dense food ideal for Italian Greyhounds.  This dog food is made with premium and all natural ingredients to aid in recovery, which is important for an athletic dog like a Italian Greyhound.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dog Food

VICTOR Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dry Dog Food | Chewy

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Food For Italian Greyhound

Choosing the best food for Italian Greyhounds can be challenging because there are plenty of great options out there. However, to help you narrow the search, here are the factors to consider when making the decision:

Meat Protein

  • Unlike humans, dogs do not have the same level of ability to digest plants. This means that excessive amounts of vegetable proteins can be harmful to them, hence why you should opt for meat protein.
  • However, this meat protein must be well balanced with other sources of minerals, vitamins, and carbs to provide your dogs with a holistic diet.

Life Stage

The dog food that you give your Italian Greyhound must fit their life stages. Puppies often require dog food packed with nutrients that will help them grow at a steady pace. Meanwhile, adult dogs need dog food formula that contains energy boosters.


  • As mentioned above, Italian Greyhounds are susceptible to allergies. So the food that they are known to have allergic reactions to are soybeans, rye, barley, oats, rice, wheat, and corn.
  • As you notice, most of these allergens are grains, so it is important to check the full content of the dog food you are planning to buy. It is best to opt for grain-free labels just to be safe.


  • Imagine eating the same thing over and over again in every meal of the day. Would you still be excited to eat or have some appetite?
  • It is the same case with your dogs. This is why when choosing dog food for your Italian Greyhound, make sure to opt for a brand that has a variety of flavors that you can switch to from time to time. Picking one that is your dog’s personal favorite flavor is also an excellent factor to consider.

Final Thoughts

The food you are feeding your Italian Greyhound will have a huge impact on their health and overall wellbeing. Which type of food is best for your dog is very individual. Just try out different kinds and choose the type works best for your Italian Greyhound.

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