Top 10 Best Dog Food For Presa Canario

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Top 10 Best Dog Food For Presa Canario

If we could describe the Presa Canario breed in three words, they will be calm, strong-willed, and confident!

The Perro de Presa Canario breed has been a popular choice for dog parents and for all the amazing reasons. Not only these dogs are impressively good-looking, but you also can’t ignore their incredible size and strength.

Since the breed is closely related to mastiff and other bulldog-type breeds, they are strong and have a muscular build. To some people, they may appear large and intimidating but with proper care and training, these can be the most obedient and calm breeds to own.

The otherwise willful and dominant breed is an excellent choice for experienced dog owners. However, the experience is not only required for handling this big, beautiful breed but also for feeding them the right food to ensure their health is taken care of. Boost their life expectancy and help them live a fuller and happier life by feeding them a delicious, balanced, and highly nutritious diet.

Catering to their large size and the strength they possess, their nutrition requirement can be quite distinct. If that’s what you’re here for, keep reading and find out everything you need to know about feeding and taking care of a Presa Canario!

The Best Dog Food For Presa Canario

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Large Breed Puppy Dog Food

  • One of the main reasons I usually pick this brand for my fur babies is because of the exclusive LifeSource Bits it contains. Not only the formula is complete and balanced, but the special Life Protection Formula by Blue Buffalo is also created to maintain the health and wellbeing of dogs. The flavorful recipe does not only contain enhanced flavors that make every meal palatable but the unique combination of real meat, whole grains, high-quality fruits, and vegetables gives the brand an edge over others as you pick the best dog foods for Presa Canario.
  • The food is further enhanced with the precise blend of nutrients and a variety of antioxidant-rich ingredients. This blend is particularly designed for the puppy life stage, which makes it all the more important for your large-breed pup’s amazing development and growth. Loaded with L-Carnitine and super-quality protein, the blend offers amazing health benefits and supports lean muscle growth of your little pup.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dog Food

  • I want to start this list by mentioning my most favorite and trusted brand as the best dog food for a Presa Canario. The crunchy kibbles by the Taste of the Wild include everything your big fella needs for nourishment. Prepared with high-quality novel protein ingredients including buffalo, lamb meal, and chicken meal, the blend features 32% of protein which works wonderfully for a breed that’s both large and strong. A high-protein meal will also ensure the maintenance of lean muscles and strong development.
  • The grain-free and gluten-free diet is suitable for adult dogs and also includes a variety of other healthy ingredients to help and support your dog’s health maintenance. Also rich in optimal levels of other essential nutrients, the diet is great for healthy digestion and for maintaining a thick, shiny coat. Feed your big boy nothing but the best by opting for this complete and balanced nutrition that also perfectly serves their taste buds. Highly recommended!

Purina ONE SmartBlend Vibrant Maturity 7+ Dog Food

  • Fulfill all of your senior dog’s nutritional needs with the holistic Purina One SmartBlend Maturity Dog Food. The recipe is made from premium-quality ingredients like chicken meat, whole grains, and various supplements. It’s rich in protein and perfect for muscular Presa Canarios, plus it contains adequate carbs and good fats to keep them fueled for the day.
  • A major reason why we recommend this dog food for senior Presa Canarios is that it contains glucosamine and chondroitin. These micros are responsible for producing cartilage and preventing joint/hip issues in this breed. You will also find vitamin E and A in the food that promote vision health, as well as omega fatty acids for a shiny and healthy coat. Lastly, the food is free from fillers, making it easier on the stomach of your aged dog.

The Farmer’s Dog

  • Fresh food diets are the epitome of nutrition and convenience for all canines. And for Presa Canario, we have picked The Farmer’s Dog to get ready-to-serve fresh food meals delivered to your doorstep. Unlike regular dry food, the company allows you to create a unique diet plan for your dog according to their age, breed, weight, and activity levels with the help of board-certified nutritionists.
  • The food is prepared from the finest-quality fresh ingredients such as deboned chicken, brussel sprouts, brocolli, bok choy, kale, and many more. As the food is delivered fresh, it is extremely dense in nutrients and full of taste and aroma. Their meals are also free from preservatives, fillers, or unnamed ingredients, so your dog doesn’t suffer from gastrointestinal upsets or allergic reactions. If you can afford the premium price, there’s no better diet for your Presa Canario than this.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Chicken Dinner Canned Dog Food

  • If you have to opt for one wet food option for your Presa Canario, I’d highly recommend this pate blend by Blue Buffalo. Give your dog a bowl full of flavors and nutrition in a wet food form if that’s what he prefers. The homestyle recipe offers the perfect blend of high-quality protein and carbs to take care of your dog’s health and well-being. The addition of complex carbs in the recipe gives your pup the energy to keep going throughout the day while the high protein content helps with maintaining the immune system, muscles, and overall organ functioning.
  • The recipe is also a great choice for a Presa Canario who has food allergies and sensitivities. With chicken as the primary ingredient in the blend, the formulation includes essential amino acids that offer great health benefits to your big fella. Serve the delicious recipe on its own or mix it with your pooch’s favorite dry food formula – whatever he prefers!

Nutro Natural Choice Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food

  • This one’s a rather simple recipe by Nutro but offers nothing less than absolute wholesomeness when it comes to the dietary benefits. This is one reason why it is one of my favorite picks for my large and giant breed dogs like a Presa Canario. Prepared with supreme-quality, farm-raised chicken as the main ingredient, the recipe includes plenty of protein and other essential nutrients that serve up as a complete and balanced meal for your pooch.
  • The recipe is absolutely free from artificial ingredients and flavors and does not include wheat, soy protein, corn, or any filler that your dog could be allergic to. The excellent nutrient profile also features rich flavors that your big boy will surely fall in love with. If healthy digestion and other health benefits are your biggest concern when choosing the best foods for Presa Canario, this recipe won’t disappoint you. The recipe also includes a variety of essential antioxidants and natural fiber.

Instinct by Nature’s Variety Original Grain-Free Dog Food

  • Featuring 70% real animal ingredients, this delicious blend by Nature’s Variety is another wholesome option you can feed your Presa Canario. The holistic meal has great flavors extracted from natural ingredients that are free of grain, corn, potato, wheat, by-product meal, soy, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.
  • The nutritious meal also contains guaranteed levels of probiotics to ensure great digestive health. In addition to promoting maximum digestibility, the recipe also contains natural omegas for great skin and a healthy coat.

Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Chicken Dry Dog Food

  • Provide wholesome meals to your beloved pooch with chicken as the primary ingredient and flavor. Prepared using high-quality, farm-raised chicken, oatmeal rice, and a variety of GMO-free vegetables and fruits, the holistic recipe boasts all the essential nutrients your big fella requires.
  • The palatable meal includes blueberries, cranberries, carrots, apples, and tomatoes in the ingredient list and therefore is also loaded with important minerals and vitamins. While the chondroitin and glucosamine in the blend guarantee great bone and joint health, the probiotics, and prebiotics in the recipe calls for a nutritious meal that aids with digestion.

Eukanuba Fit Body Weight Control Large Breed Dog Food

  • Increase your dog’s muscle mass and energy levels as they shed extra fat with Eukanuba Fit Body Weight Control Dog Food. The formula is designed to re-shape your canine’s body by building muscle mass with chicken meat and converting excess fat into energy with L-carnitine. It’s also loaded with carbs that give your dog an extra energy boost and keep their digestive system in good shape.
  • Bulky breeds like Presa Canario also suffer from joint problems, which is why the food is enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin to repair and build new cartilage. It’s also fortified with DHA and vitamin E to support their cognitive health and keep them sharp. Overall, it’s the perfect dog food choice for obese dogs that want to lose weight and become more energetic.

True Acre Foods Chicken & Vegetable Recipe Dog Food

Rich in fiber, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants, the complete and balanced diet by True Acre Foods is a great option for dogs with sensitive digestion. The recipe includes high-quality, USA-raised chicken as the primary ingredient along with a variety of farm-grown vegetables and fruits to give your dog the best nutrients for great health benefits. This formulation is not only free of grains but also eliminates artificial flavors, colors, and corn to support gentle digestion of your four-legged furry companion.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Food For Presa Canario

In this section, we will discuss this amazing breed in further detail and give you tips on how to handle and feed your tail-wagger to the best of his interest. Keep reading!

Everything You Need to Know About Your Presa Canario

You can’t ignore your dog’s lifestyle and therefore, it is crucial that you pay attention to canine nutritional guidelines. That’s the first thing you need to ponder over if you wish that your precious pooch lives a long and healthy life. But there’s much more to your Presa Canario that every owner should be aware of.

The mastiff breed from the Canary Islands is a powerful, complex dog with unique qualities and a great personality that requires special considerations when it comes to ownership. Here I highlight everything

You need to know about the Presa Canario breed before you make the buying decision.

Life Expectancy

The strong and powerful breed has an average life expectancy of 9 to 12 years. With proper care and a good diet, you can extend their life expectancy and also ensure that your beloved four-legged buddy lives a happy and fulfilling life.

Physical Traits

The beautiful Perro de Presa Canario is a powerful, large built dog with a flat, harsh coat. One of the most distinctive physical traits of a Presa Canario is its head. The cuboid-shaped head is massive with the ears right on top of the eyes. They have a muscular built with a slightly longer body, deep chest, and an overall broad structure.

The pooch’s skin is both elastic and thin with very basic fur, which keeps the coat maintenance minimum. And even though they may shed a little, their coat is easy to groom with simple brushing. However, it is important to brush your tail-wagger regularly to keep the skin healthy, coat untangled, and to remove dead hair.

Drooling isn’t very common with this breed, especially if you compare it to other mastiff-breed dogs, but wiping his mouth after mealtime can prevent him from drooling on your furniture and clothes.

Personality Traits, Temperament, and Intelligence

This amazing breed is a joy to own. The Presa Canario breed is naturally very protective by nature. Once your pooch develops a strong bond with your family, it will protect you from any threat whatsoever. However, this sometimes makes them appear aggressive and wild to strangers.

The dog also has an athletic and active personality. They make a great companion for exercise and jogging, which is great for their own health as well. And despite how overwhelming they may appear because of their built and size, they have a very friendly and calm temperament and loves to relax with you on the couch after an active day.

Keeping their personality in mind, it is important to be cautious when introducing them to children and other new animals. Caution is warranted if you have an adult dog and you are trying to introduce them to new family members or a new pet. It is best to start this training at an early age while they’re still pups. Let them play with other animals and also allow your kids to feed him, play with him, and groom him so he knows they’re all a part of the same family.

Presa Canario dogs require proper supervision and training, which makes them very docile and gentle towards their families. In addition to offering them rich and flavorful meals, this dog breed is happier in environments where they get a lot of chances to indulge in activities and daily exercise.

This special dog breed has unique personality traits and is both curious and observant. These qualities together with his sharp bark make him an excellent guard dog and watchdog as well.

Dietary Requirements

Since Presa Canario is a large breed dog, it is important to pick a diet that’s suitable for their breed type. That’s the best way to ensure that the diet you offer your pooch includes all the essential nutrients that a large breed dog requires to keep healthy and active.

In addition to choosing a relevant formulation, you should always pick a diet that includes only the best, high-quality ingredients to avoid health problems associated with diet. This is particularly important when it comes to digestible carbohydrates and animal-based protein.

Care and Grooming Requirements

Your Perro de Presa Canario may shed but you can take care of that with just regular brushing. Also, to keep your precious pooch clean, occasional bathing is enough. However, it is important to inspect your beloved buddy for ticks and fleas when the weather becomes warm.

Comb or cut out mats on the coat before giving a bath to your Canario. Clean the coat and make sure you rinse all the soap out to avoid soap residue.

Exercise Needs

Like most large breeds, your Presa Canario is a moderately active breed and is only likely to stay active when you want. Taking your dog for regular walk and exercise and offering him different activities to keep moving will be your responsibility. For daily exercise, a long walk is usually sufficient for a Presa Canario, but your dog will always appreciate some additional space in your backyard to play and roam around.

Oral Health
  • Bad breath is very common with this breed. However, it is also an indication of oral screening requirements. Bad breath is a consequence of ignored oral health. A Presa Canario requires regular brushing as well as professional oral inspection and cleaning to keep the gums and teeth healthy.
  • Moreover, you can take care of your hound’s oral health by eliminating table scraps and focusing on a diet that supports great dental health, not to mention regular brushing.
  • You can seek assistance from a vet to give you detailed advice on eradicating halitosis and other dental diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What food should I never feed my Presa Canario?

The following food items should never be fed to a Perro de Presa Canario dog:

  • Poultry bones
  • Onions, chives, and garlic
  • Coffee, chocolate, or tea
  • Alcohol, liquor, beer
  • Yeast dough
  • Salt or salty foods
  • Grapes or raisins
  • Spoiled food of any kind
  • Unripe fruit, stems, and vegetable leaves

Does my Presa Canario require a lot of grooming?

Since this large breed pooch does not have a heavy coat, you can keep them clean easily. Also, frequent brushing can minimize shedding. Check for fleas and ticks during warmer weather and schedule only a few bathing sessions during the year.

Can I feed fruits and vegetables to my Presa Canario?

Fruits and vegetables serve as a nutritious snack for dogs. However, it is important to pick the ones with low calorie and sugar so it helps with vital vitamins for your dog’s body without causing weight gain. The best options include:

  • Broccoli
  • Blueberries
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Cantaloupe
  • Cranberries
  • Orange
  • Green beans
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Peas
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Pineapples
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries

How do I train my Presa Canario puppy?

Presa Canario is one of the best breeds to own if you train your pooch right. If you fail, dealing with your big-sized tail-wagger can become a pain. In addition to the fundamentals like stay, sit, down, come, heel, and leave it, teaching your dog good behavior, in general, helps strengthen your bond with your big fella. Start the training as quickly as possible, starting with basic manners. Also, keep your Presa Canario in leash even while it’s just a pup.

Why does my Presa Canario fart so much?

Excessive flatulence is associated to diet. Your dog may fat a lot if he is introduced to a new diet. It is, therefore, essential that you review the ingredients carefully. Sometimes, even a single allergen can be the culprit.

What are the common food sensitivity symptoms I need to watch out for?

For dogs with food-related sensitivities, you can notice signs of adverse reactions. The most common symptoms are diarrhea, abdominal gas, vomiting, poor weight loss, lack of appetite, excessive scratching, discomfort, and abdominal pain. These symptoms can also be related to other health problems therefore, it is crucial to watch out for these symptoms and seek assistance from a vet if needed.

Is a sensitive stomach common in the Presa Canario breed?

Your Presa Canario may – just like other living animals – develop certain food sensitivities and allergies but stomach sensitivities are not common for this breed. Moreover, these issues can be taken care of if you opt for the best dog food for Presa Canario. The key is to figure out about these allergies and provide food that’s free of common allergens like corn, wheat, soy, grains, artificial ingredients, and other ingredients like chicken and beef. Consistency is another key factor when it comes to feeding your big hound. You must offer balanced nutrition and be particular about their feeding patterns to avoid stomach issues and other health problems.

Does my Presa Canario prefer dry food or canned food?

Both wet and dry food can be fed to a Presa Canario. Dry food, however, is a more preferable option for dog owners because it is more economical and easy to store. This is especially true for a Presa Canario owner keeping in mind how much and how frequently they eat. In case your big fella is a picky eater and likes his food moist and flavorful, you can combine the two food forms and serve canned food as a topper.

Should I exclusively feed a grain-free diet to my Presa Canario?

When it comes to this breed, a grain-free diet is a good option. Grains are not a natural ingredient in a dog’s diet and processing grains can be a little difficult for their sensitive tummies. This is when they develop tummy troubles and food-related allergies. If you are not sure about your dog’s preference and just about to introduce a new dietary option, it is important to monitor your pup and keep an eye for a change in behavior. As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to pay attention and listen to your precious pooch and make dietary changes to keep him comfortable and healthy.

Can I feed a grain-inclusive diet to my Presa Canario?

If your Presa Canario is not sensitive to grains, you can definitely opt for a grain-inclusive diet. But as mentioned above, it is important to monitor your dog and watch out for symptoms of allergies and sensitivities.

What are the common health problems that my Presa Canario is susceptible to?

The Perro de Presa Canario, like other canines, can be prone to some common orthopedic health problems due to their large size. This means that your hound might be at a risk for elbow and hip dysplasia and may also develop osteochondritis dissecans. Other health issues that were reported in this breed include epilepsy, eye problems, boat, and hypothyroidism. DNA testing, responsible breeding practices, the right diet, and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of such congenital conditions.

Is my Presa Canario regarded as an extra-large breed?

Yes, the Presa Canario breed falls under the extra-large breed category as they can grow up to a max 110 lbs. This is almost equal to an adult female human. Their sturdy built makes them stand tall and confident. However, despite their overwhelmingly big size and strong features, the breed has calm and trainable personality traits. But to fuel their big size, these dogs require an appropriate balance of nutrients. Therefore, it is crucial that you give them food designed for large-breed dogs.

How much should I feed my Presa Canario puppy and adult dogs?

The best way to calculate the calories you should feed your puppies and adult dogs is to multiply their current weight with the number of calories you should feed them per pound of their weight. While this varies between 20 to 35 calories per pound, for larger dogs, it is best to stick to 20 calories per pound. Adjust the calories according to the life stage of your Presa Canario.

How often should I feed my Presa Canario?

For puppies, pick a food that’s labeled for puppy life-stage as the nutritional value is more suitable for growing dogs. Smaller pups feed more often as compared to adult dogs and therefore, giving your little one 4 to 5 small meals per day is ideal. For adult Presa Canario – especially keeping their large structure in mind, feeding at least three cups of kibbles per day is important. Make sure you refer to the specific brand of food and the calorie content per cup to decide accordingly.

How often should I feed my Presa Canario?

For puppies, pick a food that’s labeled for puppy life-stage as the nutritional value is more suitable for growing dogs. Smaller pups feed more often as compared to adult dogs and therefore, giving your little one 4 to 5 small meals per day is ideal. For adult Presa Canario – especially keeping their large structure in mind, feeding at least three cups of kibbles per day is important. Make sure you refer to the specific brand of food and the calorie content per cup to decide accordingly.

What’s the best food for my Presa Canario?

A high-quality, reliable brand that offers an excellent nutritional profile that matches your dog’s feeding requirements will definitely serve as a great food option for your Presa Canario. Since it’s a giant breed, their requirement for protein and fat is slightly higher than regular dog food. Therefore, you must pick an option that includes an optimal level of essential nutrients and supplements, and must exclude fillers, uncategorized by-products, and artificial ingredients.

How big can I expect my Presa Canario to grow?

Your little Presa Canario can reach an impressive weight of 110lbs and 26inches in height.

What are the most common allergens that could trigger sensitivity in my Presa Canario?

Dogs can be allergic to a lot of things. Your Presa Canario can be triggered if fed anything he’s allergic to. Therefore, it is important to steer clear of the common allergens. The key is to figure out the ingredients your dog could be allergic to and pick a food option that does not include those ingredients. You can even try out a limited-ingredient diet that excludes all the possible allergens such as beef, chicken, dairy, wheat, soy, lamb, fish, rabbit, and eggs. Also, avoid food with artificial ingredients.

How much exercise does my Presa Canario need?

Your Presa Canario needs daily exercise to stay fit, re-energize, and maintain optimal health. Exercise is also a great way to keep your giant fella in the best shape. Take your dog for at least one hour of exercise and engage them in activities and playtime like chase, dig, and retrieve to keep them active and avoid boredom.

Is it difficult to handle a Presa Canario?

When younger, Presa Canario dogs are really easy to handle and lift. That’s the age where they’re easy to train as well. However, you must be a pro at training dogs if you are ready to take up an adult Presa Canario.

What are the best treats for my Presa Canario?

Also known as the canary dog, a Presa Canario loves his snacks. That’s one thing you can use to train your pooch. While you can feed a variety of vegetables and fruits as a snack, you can also pick an off-the-shelf option that’s both delicious and nutritious. I personally love Eukanuba’s Healthy Extras Large Breed Adult Dog Treats for my big fellas. The palatable blend offers an excellent balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, and fat to promote healthy weight and optimal body condition.

Final Thoughts

Use the information shared in this guide in your dog’s best interest and make a wise choice when it comes to picking the best dog food for your Presa Canario. Follow the guidelines and pay special attention to the nutritional requirement of your paw-some buddy to make sure he gets the best diet during different life stages.

Also, always keep your dog’s special requirements in mind when choosing the right food for them. Refer back to the products that I have listed in this article and pick the best one that your Presa Canario is going to fall for. Take care of your big fella’s diet and ensure a healthy, happy lifetime!

Edward Hollon is an avid dog lover and writer, knowing all there is to know about our furry friends. Edward has been writing for petdii for three years now, wanting to use her knowledge for good and share everything she can with new dog owners. Edward has two dogs herself - a German shepherd called Banjo and a chocolate labrador called Buttons. Edward knows more than anyone how adjusting to new life with a puppy can turn your life upside down, and she wants to ease some of the burdens through her articles.