Top 10 Best Dog Foods at Tractor Supply

Top 10 Best Dog Foods at Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply is a fantastic resource for pet care supplies, including food. They offer a wide variety of dog foods, making it difficult to pick the perfect food for your dog. We’ve reviewed the foods that Tractor Supply sells and picked out the best of the best foods to help you make an informed decision when it comes to feeding your dog. No matter your budget, Tractor Supply has a food to meet your needs.

The 10 Best Dog Foods at Tractor Supply


Retriever Choice Chops Adult Complete Nutrition – Best Value

Main ingredients: Ground corn, beef and bone meal, soybean meal, wheat middlings, animal fat preserved with mixed tocopherols
Protein content: 18%
Fat content: 8,5%
Calories: 343 per cup

If you’re interested in saving money on dog food, Retriever Choice Chops Adult Complete Nutrition is an option. We think it lacks some serious quality content, but it seems to be the best dog food at Tractor Supply for the money.

There are a lot of controversial ingredients in this recipe. While corn is not considered a filler, its number one ingredient raises a few concerns. Beef and bone meal is a sound protein source, but it comes in slot two. This recipe option is also not advisable for dogs with any allergies relating to grains or protein.

This recipe might work if you have an adult dog that is healthy without any known issues, but we definitely recommend a quality wet canned food or fresh food topper. This food contains a lot of no-no ingredients that we see in commercial dog food.

However, it is balanced per AAFCO requirements and readily available for purchase.

  • Best served as a topper instead of a full meal
  • Nutritional information is lacking
  • Contains questionable ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Savory flavor
  • For healthy adults

4Health Salmon & Sweet Potato Dry Food – Best Overall

Main ingredients: Salmon, ocean fish meal, potatoes, peas, cracked pearled barley, pea flour, egg product
Protein content: 25%
Fat content: 14%
Calories: 397 per cup

We think the best overall dog food at Tractor Supply is 4Health Original Salmon & Sweet Potato. It has an easily digestible formula that caters to many aspects of canine health, and it’s easily accessible at any Tractor Supply location since this is a house brand. We think it can definitely suit the widest variety of needs.

This recipe contains a probiotic-friendly blend that is supposed to soothe the skin and coat. It has added glucosamine and chondroitin to provide joint, tendon, and ligament support. The Tractor Supply Company actually designed 4Health, so it’s exclusive to the brand.

This recipe contains a moderate number of calories that will work for a wide range of activity levels. In the guaranteed analysis, this recipe contains 25% protein content, making it suitable for everyday health.

We also don’t see any grain source until the 5th ingredient, meaning that your pet is getting most of its carbohydrate sources from potatoes and peas, making it easier to digest.

  • Not for all dietary restrictions
  • Packed with omega-fatty acids
  • Excellent, balanced ingredients list
  • Whole protein with easy-to-digest carbs

Diamond Puppy Dry Food – Best for Puppies

Main ingredients: Chicken byproduct meal, whole grain ground corn, wheat flour, chicken fat, dried beet pulp
Protein content: 31%
Fat content: 20%
Calories: 441 per cup

If you want a solid recipe for your young dog, we think you’ll love Diamond Puppy Dry Food. Now, we want to point out first that this recipe can trigger allergies in some dogs—so, monitor your puppy since it will be newly introduced to their system.

This recipe for puppies contains DHA, which is a necessary component for brain development. It also aids in vision, creating keen eyesight. All the necessary components are here for an enhanced puppy, but it contains byproducts, which can be irritating to some pups.

These kibble pieces are the perfect size for chewing, regardless of breed. But it also creates a nice bed for a fresh or wet food topper—giving your pup the best of both worlds.

This recipe contains a favorable number of calories and fat for growing pups but still might be a little high for some. Make sure to feed this meal to moderate/high-energy level puppies. Luckily, we think it covers most of it!

  • Contains by products
  • Good foundational nutrition
  • Excellent paired with a topper
  • Added DHA for brain development

Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie Dry Food – Premium Choice

Main ingredients: water buffalo, pork, chicken meal, grain sorghum, Millet, chicken fat
Protein content: 32%
Fat content: 18%
Calories: 445 per cup

We love Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie. It contains excellent ingredients that cater to your dog’s wild side. It is definitely one of the more expensive options offered by tractor supply, but also one of the healthiest. We recommend the grain-inclusive option unless your dog suffers from a grain-specific allergy.

This recipe is high calorie and high protein, best fitting for moderate to high activity levels. This recipe is grain inclusive, adding easy-to-digest grains like grain sorghum and millet. It also contains live canine-specific probiotics for optimal gut health.

Water Buffalo is the first ingredient listed, providing a good protein source, followed by pork and chicken meal. These protein sources are rich and amino acids and are agreeable with most diets.

This recipe contains added DHA, beta-carotene, and antioxidants to give an extra kick of nutrition, too. This is one of the most expensive selections on our list, but we think you might well be interested.

  • Pricey
  • Total body health
  • Grain-inclusive
  • Premium ingredients

Diamond Naturals Skin and Coat Dry Food

Diamond Naturals Skin
Main ingredients: Salmon, fish meal, lentils, peas, pes flour, canola oil, dried yeast
Protein content: 25%
Fat content: 14%
Calories: 408 per cup

If your dog has issues with hotspots or skin allergies related to diet, we recommend trying out Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat. We love that this recipe is all life stages, so it will work with various dogs that suffer from sensitive skin.

It soothes the skin and coat to avoid any kind of dietary irritation, using the whole salmon that’s stuffed with omega fatty acids. You can expect improvement in the texture of your dog’s coat, becoming softer and shinier.

We think the guaranteed analysis shows promise for a solid everyday diet. It contains all the right ingredients to keep up with puppy and seniors’ health. It has added probiotics for gut health, L-carnitine, and taurine.

High protein ingredients nourish the digestive system and provide a solid foundation during all the crucial points of life.

  • Specialized diet
  • Soothes skin
  • Live probiotics for gut
  • Added digestive support

Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food

Victor Hi-Pro
Main ingredients: Beef meal, grain sorghum, chicken fat, pork meal, chicken meal, menhaden fish meal
Protein content: 30%
Fat content: 20%
Calories: 406 per cup

Victor HiPro Plus Dry Dog Food has the right ingredients to help your active dog keep up with their lifestyle. This dog food is explicitly formulated to replenish the calories lost by active dogs. It contains lots of ingredients such as glucosamine, and in total, this dog food contains 88% animal ingredients in the recipe.

Rather than containing whole protein as the first ingredient, this recipe contains a much more concentrated beef meal. The carbohydrate source in this recipe is light grain sorghum and provides a high amount of energy.

The fat content is pretty high in the recipe, so it is not recommended for dogs prone to weight gain. However, very active breeds benefit tremendously from this recipe since it gives them such a solid foundation. It’s full of nutrient-rich resources that we think make the dry kibble great.

  • Could cause weight gain
  • Excellent for high-energy adults
  • Contains 88% meat ingredients
  • Added glucosamine for joint health

Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Dry Food – Vet’s Choice

Purina ProPlan Chicken
Main ingredients: Chicken, rice, whole grain wheat, poultry byproduct, soybean meal, beef fat
Protein content: 32%
Fat content: 16%
Calories: 387 per cup

If you ask our vet, they would recommend Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Dry Food. This unique blend manages gut health while providing a flavorful eating experience.

This recipe contains shreds of chicken that provide a savory and textured eating experience on top of dry kibble. It also helps gut health by offering 600 million live probiotics per bag.

This recipe is designed to be easily digestible, catering to dogs of a wider range of dietary restrictions. It has added glucosamine for joint health, too, so it works for larger and older breeds, too.

Overall, it works well for any healthy adult. It has a favorable protein and fat content, working for various activity levels. As far as tractor supply brands go, this is a delicious Purina dog food that provides sound nutrition for daily health.

  • Not for specialized diets
  • Shredded chicken pieces
  • Added probiotics and glucosamine
  • Vet recommended

Purina ONE Natural SmartBlend True Instinct Tender Cuts

Purina ONE Natural SmartBlend True Instinct Tender Cuts
Main ingredients: Poultry broth, chicken, wheat gluten, chicken broth, chicken, liver, wheat gluten
Protein content: 11%
Fat content: 3,5%
Calories: 387-391 per serving

Purina ONE Natural SmartBlend True Instinct Tender Cuts is a really great option if you’re searching for wet canned food for your dogs. This delicious pate in gravy works fantastic as both a standalone diet and wet food topper—up to you!

The protein content in this recipe is significantly higher than some other canned foods. The broth is the first ingredient in each recipe to promote hydration and offer animal content. Next, you see whole protein with real chunks you can see.

The savory flavors of this meal show, so it works well for any dog who doesn’t much care for dry kibble. Also, it works fantastic if you’re trying to bulk up your dog or spark an appetite.

These ingredients are well-balanced for an excellent meal. It is a common enough Purina recipe line that almost any Tractor Supply carries.

  • Can cause weight gain
  • Savory flavors
  • Boost of hydration
  • High protein

Wholesomes Beef Meal and Rice Dog Food

Main ingredients: Beef meal, white rice, peas, pea protein, chicken fat
Protein content: 25%
Fat content: 15%
Calories: 365 per cup

We think Wholesomes Beef Meal and Rice provides an excellent recipe for everyday nutrition. It contains natural ingredients that likely won’t bother your dog’s system—though beef can be a major trigger. We think that this recipe is otherwise a smart choice for everyday health.

This recipe contains a favorable number of calories to maintain moderate activity levels. Using an ingredients list containing concentrated beef meal, the protein content is very average, coming in at 25% on the guaranteed analysis.

We like seeing no corn, wheat, or soy ingredients in this recipe just because it has fewer triggers. Instead, there are easy-to-digest carbohydrates like brown rice and peas. It has a medley of animal and grain protein, healthy carb sources, and yummy fruits and veggies.

This recipe is one of Tractor Supply’s natural selections with middle-of-the-road pricing and suitable ingredients. We ultimately give it a thumbs up.

  • Potential allergy triggers
  • Solid everyday nutrition
  • Natural ingredients
  • Great for moderate activity levels

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dry Food

Main ingredients: Deboned chicken, brown rice, barley, oatmeal
Protein content: 24%
Fat content: 14%
Calories: 342 per cup

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula recipe is sufficient for an average everyday diet. It contains just the right ingredients for a complete nutrition profile. This is Blue’s everyday nutrition recipe, and we think it will work for most healthy adults—but it does lack the protein we like to see.

Each serving contains blue Buffalo signature life source bits, which are antioxidant-packed soft morsels to really spruce up the flavor. In addition, all ingredients are perfectly balanced to create solid nutrition for your dog. Rather than using potentially irritating carb sources, they use brown rice to aid in digestion.

This recipe has added glucosamine for joint support. In the guaranteed analysis, there is only 18.0% crude protein. We like to see a little more in the dog food we recommend. However, Blue has been an innovator in the field, and we trust the brand.

We love that this recipe, along with other Blue Buffalo formulas, are now available in convenient locations like Tractor Supply. They also have others that are much higher in protein and cater to specialized diets.

  • Pricey
  • Lower in protein
  • Well-rounded recipe
  • LifeSource Bits
  • Premium food

Buyer’s Guide: Best Dog Food at Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply offers quite a few different dog food brands and recipe options. You can order from tractor supply online or go to a physical store location. Most food you find at Tractor Supply will also be available in stores, making shopping a little easier. However, you will want to make sure that you’re getting quality dog food without skipping out on any kind of nutritional value.

Easy to Find

Since Tractor Supply is a chain, most of its stores carry the same items. So, if you found a dog food that Tractor Supply offers, the likelihood is that others will also. This makes knowing where to shop in a physical location super easy.

Affordable Selections

Most dog foods offered by Tractor Supply are affordable on most budgets. They do range in price from utterly affordable to moderately affordable. That is one attractive thing about it. It’s beneficial that Tractor Supply carries your dog food if you often go there for other household or barnyard needs.


Wet vs. Canned: Which One or Both?

Wet versus canned dog food — the great debate. Each one of them has their positives and negatives and only you can decide what works best for your dog. Our recommendation is often that you provide your dog with a combination of dry kibble and wet or fresh food as a topper.

That way, your dog is getting the benefits of both. The dog food maintains the crunch while adding a kick of hydration. And wet food tends to be more flavorful, increasing appetite. Since dry kibble might be a little hard to chew, wet food can also help to soften it up, catering to more dental sensitivities.

Beware of Certain Recipes

Just because Tractor Supply carries it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. We did bump into quite a few Tractor Supply dog food inventory that were not the best dietary choices for your dog. Consider it like being on a junk food diet. It might work for a few days, but long term it can really impact health.

It’s best to steer clear of ingredients considered fillers, byproducts, artificial flavors, and preservatives. These ingredients can trigger dietary sensitivities and contribute to health issues.


Limited Ingredient Diet

Limited ingredient diets aim to use as few ingredients as possible to meet all health requirements for complete nutrition. These diets aim to reduce potential allergy triggers in recipes.

Everyday Recipe

Everyday recipes are grain-inclusive diet selections designed to maintain the health of healthy adult dogs. They typically contain common proteins like chicken, beef, or fish. Some of them use easily digestible grains like brown rice and barley. Others use corn, wheat, and soy products.


Sensitive Stomach

Sensitive stomach recipes use easily digestible ingredients like fish, sweet potato, and oatmeal. The aim here is to provide optimal digestion so many come with added prebiotics and probiotics.


Grain-free recipes are specially formulated for gluten-sensitive dogs, providing other carbohydrate sources that typically come from starches like sweet potato, white potato, and NPS. While there are many limited ingredient diets in the market, veterinarians recommend that only grain-sensitive dogs eat this standalone diet.

Final Thoughts

We think the best all-around nutrition you can find at your local Tractor Supply is 4Health Original Salmon & Sweet Potato. It is the company’s very own brand, mimicking the health list of many other competing commercial foods, and we think your dog will love it.

If saving is your main priority, you can always check out Retriever Choice Chops Adult Complete Nutrition. It might work out if you have a healthy adult dog with no known allergies. But just make sure you understand this dog food is mediocre at best.

This selection might be a little bit more expensive, but we think it’s well worth your attention. Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains gives live probiotics, DHA, glucosamine, and a ton of other top-notch ingredients with this grain-inclusive medley.

If you have a puppy that requires specific nutrients, Tractor Supply carries Diamond Puppy. It comes in a huge bag and has all the right nutrients to give your pup a go in life.

If that approval is something that you seek to have, our vet recommends Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice with Probiotics. It soothes the stomach and provides differences in texture to promote appetite. Lucky you, it’s available at Tractor Supply from a trusted brand.

No matter what dog food selection you choose, you’re sure to find one of these selections at your local Tractor Supply.

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