Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Corgis

Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Corgis

  • From their cute little wiggle butts to their alert ears, Corgis are sure to keep you smiling. But, to make sure they are as healthy as possible, you need to find the very best food that is designed with Corgis in mind! We analyzed the market to find the best dog foods for Corgis, no matter whether they are puppies, adults or seniors. We’ve even got those slightly chunky Corgis covered with our top weight management dog food pick.
  • Looking for the best dog food for Corgis because you recently adopted one? You are not alone if you recently added a Corgi to your home or are changing your older Corgi’s food! Corgis are one of the nation’s favorite pups, with their thick butts and cute fluffy bat ears, from head to toe, inside and out, they are adorable in every single way. But in order to be so fantastic, they need a whole lotta love and good quality nutrition. It doesn’t matter if you have a Pembroke Corgi or a Cardigan Corgi, because both variations have the same nutritional needs.
  • We’ll walk you through what specific nutrients Corgis need at every stage of their life, from puppyhood to their golden oldie years, and how much protein, fats, fiber they need. We have then scoured the market for the very best kibbles around, making sure that not only are they all compliant with the high standards set by the Association of American Food Control Officials (AAFCO).
  • Corgi’s also love snacks, be that healthy or unhealthy, and so you need to be sure to keep tabs on his food intake otherwise he’ll quickly become a porky pup, so we’ve got a section for that too. So you can trust us when we say, your Corgi is in good paws here! Let’s jump in!
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Senior Corgi Nutrient Needs

  • When your Corgi reaches the age of 8 years you need to think about slowly switching him to a senior kibble. Senior kibbles will provide higher levels of glucosamine and chondroitin from ingredients such as meat and fish meals, or from extra added supplements, and they help to support his aging bones and joints.
  • A wide variety of vitamins and minerals, either with fruits and vegetables or added supplements will also help to strengthen his immune system.
  • A senior Corgi will need less energy and calories compared to his younger self, otherwise you risk that he will become too overweight for his already tiny and long frame. His food should contain less fat as his digestive system and metabolism begin to slow down and can’t break it down as efficiently, and instead focus more on fiber to keep him feeling fuller without the added calories.

Adult Corgi Nutrient Needs

  • At around the age of 12 months your Corgi pup can now be gradually switched to adult formula. If your Corgi works on the ranch, then it is important to feed him a kibble that has a higher protein content and calorie count so to keep his canine battery running throughout the day.
  • The MSD Manual recommends that a small breed adult needs a minimum protein content of 18% and a minimum fat content of 5%. High-quality meats and meat meals will contribute towards this, as will omega fatty acids and egg products.
  • It is also important that his diet consists of vitamins and minerals to ensure that he is fighting fit against diseases, as well as ensuring that your adult Corgi feels fuller for longer with plenty of fiber to avoid him becoming too porky.

Corgi Puppy Nutrient Needs

The MSD Veterinary Manual states that small breed puppies should be fed a kibble that provides a minimum protein content of 22%, as well as a minimum fat content of 8%, as this will give small puppies sufficient energy and puppy growing power. It is important to feed your puppy formulas that are specially designed for smaller breed pups as they contain all the nutrients that small breed puppies need, otherwise you risk that he’ll miss out on crucial nutrients that could affect his development.

Whilst protein and fats are crucial, they are not the only things to look out for. For him to develop a strong immune system it is important to feed him a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which can be found in fruits and vegetables. And it is important that you feed your Corgi pup according to the package instructions, because a 10-week old pup will need a different feeding schedule, and amount, compared to a 10-month-old pup.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and arachidonic acid (ARA) are important amino acids as they contribute towards healthy cognitive and eye function, as well as overall health. They are naturally found in mothers’ milk, and they can be found in ingredients such as eggs and fish oils. In addition to fish oils, fish meat, other oils and flaxseed provide omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are great in keeping his fluffy coat nourished and healthy.

The 10 Best Dog Food for Corgis

ORIJEN Original Dog Food

Type: Dry
Ingredients: Chicken, turkey, and fish
Sizes: 5, 13, or 25 lbs.
Calories: 473 kcal/cup

ORIJEN Original Dog Food is our premium pick because it contains 85% pure animal ingredients, making it high in protein (38%) and calories for your energy-driven Corgis. The first five ingredients of all ORIJEN products are always made with raw or fresh animal protein, all of which are sustainably kept and free-run, wild-caught, and cage-free. The kibble has a freeze-dried coating for an extra burst of flavor. It doesn’t contain artificial ingredients, animal by-products, grains, wheat, corn, or soy.

However, this food is quite expensive, and pickier Corgis might not want to eat it.

  • Expensive
  • Picky dogs might not enjoy it
  • Contains 85% pure animal ingredients
  • High in protein (38%) and calories
  • First five ingredients are raw or fresh animal protein
  • Cage-free, free-run, wild-caught, and sustainably farmed animal protein
  • Freeze-dried coating for flavor
  • No by-products, artificial ingredients, or fillers

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food – Best Value

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Type: Dry
Ingredients: Water Buffalo, Lamb Meal, Chicken Meal
Sizes: 5, 14, or 28 lbs.
Calories: 422 kcal/cup

The best value dog food for Corgis is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food. You can get in 5-, 14-, or 28-pound bags, and it has been made with real meat as the main ingredient, making it high in protein (32%). This food is also high in calories, making it ideal for high-energy dogs like Corgis. It’s made with real fruits and vegetables, as well as chicory root, all of which provide antioxidants and prebiotics for a healthy digestive system. Omega fatty acids for healthy coat and skin combined with the other ingredients give dogs overall health and immune support. Taste of the Wild doesn’t contain artificial flavors or colors, wheat, corn, or grains.

The flaws with this food are that it is pricey, and pickier Corgis might turn up their noses at it.

  • Expensive
  • Some dogs might not like it
  • Available in three sizes
  • Real meat is the main ingredient
  • High in protein and calories for high-energy Corgis
  • Chicory root, fruits, and veggies for antioxidants and prebiotics
  • Doesn’t contain wheat, grain, corn, artificial colors, or flavors

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food— Best Overall

The farmers dog lifestyle shot on counter

Type: Fresh
Ingredients: USDA Chicken, Brussel Sprouts, USDA Chicken Liver
Sizes: Customizable
Calories: 259.6/kcup

If you have a corgi, you know how adorable and intelligent these dogs are, and you realize they make great companions that liven up your life. Because you love your corgi, you want to give them the best dog food possible. While each dog is an individual, and not all dog foods work for all dogs, we think the 1st best overall dog food for corgis is from The Farmer’s Dog.

If you want to give your corgi high-quality meals and trust it’s getting adequate nutrition, The Farmer’s Dog provides dog food you’ll love. The Farmer’s Dog meals are cooked slowly, and’ they’re made with fresh ingredients such as human-grade meat and vegetables. The Farmer’s Dog is a meal kit service, and the meals can be customized to your dog’s life stage and are sent directly to your door. Another advantage of using the Farmer’s Dog is that the recipes were developed by vets.

However, not everyone will want to have a subscription service for their dog food. It can be a bit on the expensive side, and you’ll still want to consult your vet before making changes to your corgi’s diet.

  • Not affordable for everyone
  • Fresh, gently-cooked food
  • Meat that’s human-quality
  • Convenient delivery options

Nutro Ultra Small Breed Weight Management

Nutro Ultra Weight Loss Formula Small Breed

This formula provides a protein content of 25%, a fat content of 10%, a fiber content of 8% and 345 calories per cup. Grains give him much needed energy, and the kibble is designed for smaller mouths. Nutro is a popular brand in many rights, and is often compared to other larger brand name competitors. While they are slightly pricier than other brands, they excel in the weight control category.

We love most of Nutro’s foods.  They don’t use by-products in any of their formulas that we’ve found, and they are well tested with many dog owners.


Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Senior Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Senior Dog Food
Type: Canned pâté
Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver
Sizes: 5-oz. cans x 12
Calories: 396 kcal/cup

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Senior Dog Food is a great canned food for older Corgis. It contains real chicken and a bunch of whole veggies and fruits. The addition of vitamins and minerals, including chondroitin and glucosamine, helps support joints and encourages mobility. This food does not contain any animal by-products, wheat, corn, soy, or artificial preservatives or flavors.

Unfortunately, while the extra water content is good for a dog’s health, this food tends to be watery and mushy. This might also turn off some dogs. Plus, with all the wholesome food in it, this is a pâté rather than a stew-like food.

  • Mushy
  • Pâté instead of stew
  • Great canned food for senior dogs
  • Real chicken and veggies and fruits
  • Includes glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health
  • Doesn’t contain by-products, fillers, or artificial flavors or preservatives

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Food — Best for Puppies

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Food
Type: Dry
Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice
Sizes: 5, 6, 15, 30 or 34 lbs.
Calories: 400 kcal/cup

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Food is great for puppies because the main ingredient is deboned chicken, and it’s high in protein and calories. The kibble is mixed with LifeSource Bits, small pieces of food that are full of antioxidants and nutrients. The kibble contains vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, and calcium for healthy bones and teeth, in addition to ARA and DHA for brain and eye development. It doesn’t include soy, wheat, corn, grains, or animal by-products.

The flaws with this food are that some puppies might not want to eat it, and it can occasionally cause stomach upset.

  • Not all puppies want to eat it
  • Might cause stomach upset
  • Deboned chicken is the main ingredient
  • Contains LifeSource Bits with nutrients and antioxidants
  • Includes phosphorus, calcium, ARA, and DHA
  • Doesn’t have by-products, wheat, soy, or corn

Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dog Food

Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dog Food
Type: Dry
Ingredients: Beef Meal, Grain Sorghum, Chicken Fat
Sizes: 5, 15, 40, or 50 lbs.
Calories: 406 kcal/cup

Victor’s Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dog Food works for dogs of all life stages — puppies to seniors — and is designed for dogs small to medium in size. It supports high-energy dogs like Corgis with 88% meat protein from beef, pork, chicken, and fish sources. It is fortified with minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and amino acids for immune system support.

However, the first ingredient is beef meal rather than whole meat, and the rest of the animal products are primarily some kind of meal. It also contains grains, and pickier Corgis might not want to eat this food.

  • Contains meal rather than whole meats
  • Includes grains
  • Pickier dogs don’t like this food
  • Good for all life stages
  • For small to medium dogs with plenty of energy
  • 88% meat protein
  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids

Merrick Senior Recipe

Merrick Senior Dog Food Formula

This recipe is the only grain free recipe on this senior list, which makes it the only option for those who have stomach sensitivities or intolerances to grains, and instead it uses sweet potatoes, peas and protein as its energy source.

This recipe also has the highest protein content by far with deboned Chicken, Chicken meal and Salmon meal, which is great for those energetic or working Corgi’s who still need much energy and muscle maintenance.

We love that this recipe has the highest glucosamine and chondroitin levels in this list, which his aging joints will greatly appreciate.

American Journey Grain-Free Dog Food

American Journey
Type: Dry
Ingredients: Deboned Salmon, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal,
Sizes: 4, 12, or 24 lbs.
Calories: 390 kcal/cup

Another great choice goes to American Journey Grain-Free Dog Food. It has deboned salmon as the primary ingredient and includes a variety of veggies and fruit, like blueberries, kelp, and carrots. This means it’s high in protein, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber for overall health and support for the immune system. American Journey doesn’t contain corn, soy, grains, or wheat.

The main problem with this food is that it is fairly expensive, and while it is an overall high-quality dog food, it has chicken meal, which shouldn’t be given to any dogs with a chicken sensitivity.

  • Second ingredient is chicken meal
  • Expensive
  • Main ingredient is deboned salmon
  • Fresh veggies and fruits, such as blueberries, carrots, and kelp
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber for overall health
  • Doesn’t contain soy, grains, wheat, or soy

Wellness Complete Health Small Breed

Wellness Small Breed Senior Complete Health

This recipe looks after his complete health, providing support for his immunity, coat, skin, eyes, teeth, bones, joints and digestive health. Flaxseed is rich in oils for his skin and coat health, and carrots provide beta-carotene, which supports cardiac and eye function.

Deboned Turkey and Chicken meal provide lean protein, and with wholesome fibers and grains he will be able to manage his weight well despite the high energy levels.

We love that this recipe is very energy dense, which is great if your elderly Corgi is still full of energy.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Foods for Corgis

Before you decide on what kind of food you want for your Corgi, check out this buyer’s guide. There are a few important points that could impact your decision.

Omega Fatty Acids

Corgis can suffer from skin issues and consequently, coat issues, so you’ll want food that has a good source of omega fatty acids. These fish oils do an amazing job at keeping the skin moisturized and lead to a shinier and healthier coat.

Size of the Kibble

All the food on this list is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, but they’re meant for dogs of all sizes. This means the kibble pieces will range from moderately sized to large. Before you start with a new food for your dog, you should look into samples or get the smallest (and cheapest) sizes, so you can test-run it first. You don’t want the size of the kibble to be too small or too large.

High Energy

Corgis are herding dogs and are high-energy. You want a food that is high in protein, which can help support your Corgi’s energy and metabolism. Aim for high-quality food that lists real meat as the first and main ingredient. Even better is real meat for the first several ingredients. Sometimes this means spending more on the food, but your Corgi’s health is worth it.

Strong Bones

Corgis are adorable partly because they have a unique body structure: short legs and long bodies. It’s definitely cute, but their backs need more support than the average dog. You’ll need to ensure that your Corgi stays at a healthy weight to avoid putting stress on their joints. Added glucosamine and chondroitin work to support joint health, so look for dog food designed to help create strong bones and joints.

Best Food for Corgis

Overall, Corgis need high-quality food with high levels of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and added nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin. Avoid feeding them sugary human treats, as this is where bad habits can develop, as well as overweight issues.

Don’t forget to switch your Corgi over to a new food slowly, or stomach upset might result. Just add a little of the new food to the old, and gradually increase the amount until your pup is only eating the new food. Speak to your vet about what the best kind of food for your Corgi might be.

Do Corgis Do Better With Wet or Dry Food?

Most Corgis do best with a mixture of wet and dry foods. A diet that includes wet and dry food provides the benefits of increased DHA levels from the moist formula and the better dental health that comes with kibble. Getting your dog accustomed to both varieties helps prevent problems with finicky behavior.

Should Corgis Have Grain-Free or Raw Diets?

Grain-free or raw diets work well for Corgis’ nutritional needs. High-quality foods without grains contain enough nutrients to compensate. Balanced raw diets using quality organic ingredients are also helpful.

How Do You Keep Corgis From Getting Overweight?

Corgis are somewhat more likely to become overweight because of their small size. Added fiber in the form of green beans and canned pumpkin may help your dog lose weight. A common vet-recommended tip is to give your dog green beans as a treat instead of bone treats.

When do you switch a Corgi to senior dog food?

Your dog should start eating a senior diet at seven or eight years old.

How much food does a Corgi dog need?

Most adult Corgis require 1 1/2 to 2 cups of food daily, in two meals, although you should always consult your food’s feeding chart.

Final Thoughts

Our favorite overall dog food for Corgis is The Farmer’s Dog. It has USDA chicken as the primary ingredient adding quality to this high protein product (49%).  For the best value product look no further than Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food. It’s made with real meat as the main ingredient and is high in protein (32%). Finally, ORIJEN Original Dog Food is our pick for premium dog food because it contains 85% pure animal ingredients, which makes it higher in protein (38%) and calories.

We hope that these reviews have helped you find the best food for your Corgi. Those little bundles of energy need the right food that’s tasty but also keeps up with their needs.

Edward Hollon is an avid dog lover and writer, knowing all there is to know about our furry friends. Edward has been writing for petdii for three years now, wanting to use her knowledge for good and share everything she can with new dog owners. Edward has two dogs herself - a German shepherd called Banjo and a chocolate labrador called Buttons. Edward knows more than anyone how adjusting to new life with a puppy can turn your life upside down, and she wants to ease some of the burdens through her articles.