Miniature Black Goldendoodle for sale

Miniature Black Goldendoodle for sale

The black Goldendoodle is a specific kind of Goldendoodle. Being the most popular Doodle mix in the US, the demand for specific colors of these dogs has grown.

Black Goldendoodle: What You Need to Know
Black Goldendoodle: What You Need to Know

While they nearly always appear to be brown or cream-colored, the more rare black Goldendoodle has been become increasingly sought-after. (Not to be confused with the similar-looking black Labradoodle!) Due to color genetics it is still difficult to find these dogs. Today we want to look at the black Goldendoodle in detail and evaluate him as a pet and companion animal.

Black Goldendoodle - Breed Profile & Information
Black Goldendoodle – Breed Profile & Information

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Can Goldendoodles Be Black?
Can Goldendoodles Be Black?


A traditional cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle is nearly always some shade of brown, red or cream. If both parents carry a gene that creates a black coat color however, black Goldendoodle puppies can be born. These are very rare and if you have your heart set on a black Goldendoodle, you will need to do some research to find the right puppy.

Black Goldendoodles are usually all-black with little or no white markings. They do not occur in spotted black-and-white patterns such as in the Parti Poodle.

When looking for your puppy, see if the parents have produced black Goldendoodles before. If so, they will carry the genes necessary for having such pups and your chances of getting a black puppy are higher.

Note that there is never a guarantee – genetics can be surprising and two parents could even have a first litter consisting only of black Goldendoodles, and another with only brown puppies!

Are black Goldendoodles rare?

As mentioned above – yes, they are very rare!

There is an increase chance to get a black Goldendoodle if they are bred in the second or third generation. If a black Goldendoodle parent is crossed with a black Poodle, the offspring will nearly always be all black. Crossing a Doodle with a Poodle is called producing an “f1b generation”. This type of breeding will increase certain desired traits.

This is because the first generation of off-spring will have 50% of genes from both parents.

A popular cross like this are also f1b Mini Goldendoodles.

Below you can see a diagram of how color prevalence chan change in the generations:

Do black Goldendoodles shed?

Most Doodle mixes shed either not at all or considerably less than a double-coated dog. However, especially with a mixed breed it is impossible to guarantee a certain coat type.

If you are looking for a dog that sheds very little because you do not like to have dog hair on your clothes, furniture and around your house – a black Goldendoodle fits the bill. If however you need a truly hypoallergenic dog that will not shed at all or set off allergies, a these dogs may or may not work.

If there is any health concern it is always advisable to spend some time around other Doodles at first and see if they cause any allergic response.


The fact that your black Goldendoodle will not shed does not mean that he won’t require grooming.

Any Poodle mix coat will grow very long and has the tendency to form mats and dreadlocks quickly. You have two basic options for dealing with your pup’s coat:

  • Clip it: Especially if you live in a hot climate, spend a lot of time outdoors or don’t have the time to brush your dog daily, keeping your black Goldendoodle in a short haircut will benefit you all. You can either buy some clippers and groom your dog at home or take him to a local groomer.
  • Brush & wash it: If you like the shaggy, adorable look of your dog’s locks, you can keep them longer as well. It goes without saying that this will be tied to daily brushing and monthly baths. The longer your pup’s hair is, the more time you have to allot for maintaining it. Do not let it mat or your dog will suffer from painful skin sores!

Do Black Goldendoodles have Health Issues?

Goldendoodles are an overall healthy breed and the color of a Goldendoodle does not affect their health.  But like all crossbreeds the Goldendoodle can develop health conditions that are associated with both the Golden Retriever and Poodle.

Goldendoodle health concerns include:

  • Ear Infections: Goldendoodles are prone to ear infections, thanks to their long hairy ears that can reduce air flow and increase moisture.
  • A skin disease called Sebaceous adenitisae
  • A heart condition called Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis,
  • Hip dysplasia: This is a condition in which the thigh bone becomes displaced from the hip joint. It has a strong genetic component and can be avoided through genetic testing
  • Addison’s disease
  • Progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts and glaucoma – These are all types of eye disorders
  • Von Willebrand’s disease which is a blood condition that affects clotting

To minimize the risk of buying a dog with health issues ask your breeder for proof of health testing on parent dogs. Do not buy a puppy from a breeder that cannot provide you with written, verifiable documentation that the parents were cleared of health problems that affect the breed.

What Size Do Black Goldendoodles Come In?

The Black Goldendoodle can be found in the same size ranges as a light colored Golden doodle. All of which is stated in the Goldendoodle Breed Standard.

Black Goldendoodle Sizes

  • Medium: Height: between 17 inches and 21 inches (43cm to 52cm) at wither, Weight: typically between 36-50 pounds.
  • Miniature: Height: between 14 inches and 17 inches (35cm to 42cm) at wither, Weight: typically between 26-35 pounds.
  • Petite: Height: up to 14 inches. Weight: Typically 25 pounds or less
  • Standard: Height: over 21 inches (53cm to 63cm) at wither, Weight:  51 pounds or more.

How much is a black Goldendoodle?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 for a genetic health tested black Golden doodle. Prices are determined by size, location, fur type and popularity.

Do black Goldendoodles change color?

It is possible for a Black Goldendoodle to inherit the dilute gene (also known as melanophilin gene (MLPH)). This gene causes the dilution of the black genes, turning black fur to a “blue” or a gray color. The dilute gene is common in poodles and can be passed on to its offspring. When this happens a puppy that is black may grow to have gray fur when they are adults.

Does a Black Goldendoodle have a good temperament?

A Goldendoodle that has black fur will have the same great temperament as their lighter colored kin.  The intelligence of the Poodle and super friendly nature of the Golden will shine through too.  Since both parent breeds love the water you can be sure your pup will also love to splash around in it.

Black Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Black Goldendoodles are rare in color but not impossible to find. The breeders below are known to have bred black Goldendoodle puppies in recent years. However, the color of the puppies cannot be guaranteed until after they are born.

My Little Doodle

Last on the list of breeders with Black Goldendoodle puppies for sale is “My Little Doodle.” At My Little Doodle, they specialize in breeding Goldendoodle puppies with the great temperament of Golden Retrievers and the intelligence and non-shedding coat of Poodles. Located in Winter Springs, Florida, My Little Doodle is a small home-based breeder. The small size of this breeder means they typically only have about two litters a year. This small amount of litter guarantees your future puppy is given direct attention and care.

My Little Doodle focuses on breeding medium-sized Goldendoodles. These dogs can be in a variety of colors, including black. All parent dogs are health tested thoroughly to prevent the transfer of genetic diseases to offspring. When adopting from My Little Doodle, you will be given a two-year health guarantee. This ensures your puppy is in good health at the time of adoption. You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot on the waiting list. This deposit will then be deducted from the final price of your puppy. However, puppy prices vary depending on the color, size, and availability of the litters.

All puppies at My Little Doodle are exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) from an early age. This training aids in the growth and development of robust immune systems, healthy cardiovascular functioning, and stress management. Puppies are also started on crate and litter box training before adoption. If you are interested in adopting a Goldendoodle puppy from My Little Doodle, check out their website. Here you can find a copy of the health guarantee and contract that will be required at the time of adoption. Once you are familiar with these documents, contact My Little Doodle to learn about the next steps of bringing home a puppy of your own.

My Little Doodle Details

  • Telephone: (407) 801-9442
  • Email:
  • Website: My Little Doodle
  • Address: 5703 Red Bug Lake Road #113, Winter Springs, Florida, 32708
  • Social: Facebook

Lakeview Doodles 

Lakeview Doodles, located in Rochester, New York, has provided customers with high-quality English Goldendoodles for over 15 years. Now, if you are wondering what the difference between an English Goldendoodle and a standard Goldendoodle is, we got you covered. English Goldendoodles have English Cream Golden Retriever parents as opposed to American Retriever parents. English Cream Goldens are lighter in color. That being said, these dogs can still have the recessive black gene, meaning they can create black puppies.

At Lakeview Doodles, you can choose from a variety of Goldendoodle sizes. They have miniature, petite, and tiny puppies for adoption. All puppies, regardless of size, are born and raised in the family home, ensuring they are socialized from the very first moments of their lives. All parent dogs can be found on their website. You will find a photograph of each parent, along with all health certifications. These certifications ensure these dogs are free of common genetic ailments found among the breed; this reduces the likelihood that puppies will suffer from these ailments.

Lakeview Doodles currently has parent dogs who carry the recessive black gene. Prices can vary depending on the size of Goldendoodle you desire. Tiny petite puppies are $4,000, and the other sizes are $3,500. You will also have to pay a small $250 non-refundable deposit for reserving your spot on the waiting list.  This deposit is taken off the final price of your puppy. If you are interested in adopting a Lakeview Doodle, you can fill out an application form on their website. Once your application has been approved, Lakeview will contact you with further details regarding your new puppy.

Lakeview Doodles Details

  • Address: PO Box 26414 Rochester, New York 14626
  • Email:
  • Website: Lakeview Doodles
  • Telephone: (585) 732-5892
  • Social: Instagram

Keepsake Goldendoodles

First on the list of breeders with Black Goldendoodle puppies for sale is “Keepsake Goldendoodles.” At Keepsake Goldendoodles, located in Norton, Ohio, their goal is to provide all customers with healthy, social, and active Goldendoodles. Starting as a Havanese breeder, Keepsake Goldendoodles has been continually approved and honored by the American Kennel Club (AKC). They even received a Breeder of Merit award for their quality Havanese puppies. The AKC only recognizes purebred dogs in their program. So, because Goldendoodles are a hybrid mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle, the Goldendoodle puppies cannot be AKC certified.

However, knowing the excellent success Keepsake has had with their purebred dogs, you are guaranteed to get top-quality care when it comes to the Goldendoodles. The founders of Keepsake Goldendoodles have over 30 years of experience in breeding and obedience training, with many of their dogs going on to win awards in the show ring. Two of the founders are trained and experienced veterinary technicians guaranteeing they put the health and safety of their dogs first and foremost.

You can find a list of all parent dogs on their website. For each parent dog, you can find the results of the health tests that these dogs have undergone to ensure they will not pass down any genetic problems to their offspring. Along with each parent dog, you can also find upcoming pairings for litters. With each pairing, you can see the two-parent dogs being used, the expected size of the puppies, and the expected colors of the litter. Remember, color is never guaranteed as many factors are affecting this.

However, they do currently have dogs who carry the black gene. The cost of Goldendoodle puppies ranges from $3,000 to $3,500 at Keepsake Goldendoodles. This can vary slightly based on the size and color of the puppy. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, fill out the Puppy Adoption Questionnaire on their website. Based on this questionnaire, if you are judged a good fit for a Goldendoodle puppy, Keepsake Goldendoodles will contact you with further steps such as deposits and waiting lists.

Keepsake Goldendoodles Details

  • Email:
  • Website: Keepsake Goldendoodles
  • Address: Norton, Ohio

Almond Blossom Doodles 

Almond Blossom Doodles, located in beautiful central California, is California’s first English Goldendoodle breeding program. With over 15 years of experience, Almond Blossom Doodles provides its customers with beautiful and health-tested miniature and medium-sized Goldendoodle puppies.  All puppies at Almond Blossom Doodles are treated as part of the family from the very day they are born. Almond Blossom takes a hands-on approach to breed Goldendoodles, providing each puppy with personalized care and socialization early in life.

They want their puppies to be happy and healthy when given to their forever homes, where they will continue to enrich and be enriched by their new family. All puppies at Almond Blossom Doodles are ready for pickup at eight weeks of age. Each puppy comes with a two-year health guarantee, collar, leash, and snuggle puppy to make their transition home more manageable. Each puppy has also undergone dewclaw removal, deworming, vaccinations, and microchipping before adoption.

Currently, Almond Blossom Doodles have dams and sires that carry the recessive black gene. Hence, puppies have the potential to be born black. These parent dogs are also fully health-tested and registered with the appropriate agencies to ensure they are in perfect health before giving birth. If you are interested in adopting a well-socialized and healthy Goldendoodle puppy from Almond Blossom Doodles, contact them today. They are happy to help you with all the following steps to welcoming home a beautiful Goldendoodle puppy.

Almond Blossom Doodles Details

  • Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Email:
  • Website: Almond Blossom Doodles
  • Address: Central California (Located near San Francisco and Sacramento)
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