Cockapoo Grooming Guide

Cockapoo Grooming Guide

Cockapoos are great dogs because they don’t shed since they contain a substantial amount of Poodle genetics.  The drawback of having a nonshedding dog would be that you need to groom your Cockapoo’s hair regularly. Cockapoo grooming is relatively simple if you do it on a consistent basis and your dog gets used to all the grooming tools including the hair cutters, scissors, and nail clippers.

If you do not groom your Cockapoo, they will create a significant number of tangles and mattes in which you’ll need to fully shave your Cockapoo.  Some tangling and mattes are completely normal, but we will show you the perfect way to groom your Cockapoo so as to stop them from matting and constantly looking their best.  We hope you enjoy our Cockapoo Grooming Guide!  At first, it might be rather difficult to groom your Cockapoo, but as soon as you get a system in place it’ll go much quicker

How to Groom a Cockapoo
How to Groom a Cockapoo

Cockapoo Grooming Tools

Cockapoo Grooming is very difficult if you don’t have all the right tools.  We break our list down into Must-Have Grooming Tools and Optional Grooming Tools.

Must-Have Cockapoo Grooming Tools

  • Shampoo and Conditioner: You want to get a shampoo with a conditioner that detangles so it will help remove all knots, mats, and tangles in your Cockapoos coat.
  • Slicker Brush: This really is a must-have for every Cockapoo owner.  A great everyday brush that also will be used after bathing.
  • Grooming Scissors: Just make sure that they aren’t sharp for your pet’s security.
  • Grooming Table or Pet Leash: Invest in a grooming table or puppy leash to keep your Cockapoo from moving as you groom.  If you don’t have one of these, it’s almost impossible to groom.
  • Dog Hair Clippers:  The most popular Cockapoo hair clippers would be the Andis Proclip 2.  These are a terrific investment, used by professionals, and will help you save money and time in the long term.
  • Cutting Shears: Shaping areas of the dog the razor can’t get.
  • Steel Grooming Comb: This is utilized for clearing out mattes. Steel combs are cheap and each Cockapoo owner needs to have one.
  • Dog Nail Grinder or Dog Nail Clipper:  Low sound nail grinders function the greatest and make certain you don’t cut too much nail off your pet and cause them to bleed.

Optional Cockapoo Grooming Tools

  • Thinning Shears: Most people have scissors, but thinning shears even out the short and long hair together.
  • Bully sticks: Bully sticks are excellent since they get you a great deal of time and they provide a fantastic distraction for your dog.
  • Blade Coolant and Lubricant: Many puppy hair clippers will include a little bottle.  You will need more after your initial Cockapoo grooming session.
  • Detangler: Just brush and spray.  Helps remove mattes.
  • Quick Dry Dog Towel: Quick-drying towels would be the best so you don’t need to wait forever after washing your Cockapoo.
  • Pet Grooming Gloves: These are fantastic for bathing and grooming.

How to Groom a Cockapoo?

Let us get started grooming your Cockapoo.  If this is the first time, I would allocate at least three full hours to groom your Cockapoo from bathing to hair cutting to nail trimming.  You are going to get faster the more times you do it.

Tips to Groom your Cockapoo

  1. Let your Cockapoo observe and smell the equipment.  They need to get used to the equipment or they will squirm, squeal, and snack you.
  2. Have a great deal of patience. The very first time grooming your Cockapoo is going to be hard.   Don’t worry, it gets easier!
  3. Always have tons of dog treats ready.  I always give my puppy a bully stick because it distracts them and allows me to groom them for 30 to 45 minutes.

Cockapoo Bathing

Cockapoo grooming is always going to start by bathing your dog. Bathing with a shampoo and conditioner makes it much easier to brush and comb through your Cockapoos tangles and mattes.  You likely have given your dog a bath before, but if you haven’t then spray some water on your dog’s hair and get the shampoo and conditioner prepared!  Simply wash your dog and lather shampoo into your dog’s hair.  Try to avoid your dog’s eyes since they’re usually sensitive to shampoo. Then rinse off the shampoo from your Cockapoo and apply the conditioner.  Once you rinse your dog, be sure to dry them off with a towel.

Setup Cockapoo Grooming Equipment

  1. Attach your Cockapoo to the pet grooming table or puppy leash. Using an elevated surface helps a lot because it is going to stop your dog from jumping off the table. Additionally, you won’t need to bend over for a substantial amount of time.
  2. Place your gear on the table so your Cockapoo can view it.   As soon as they begin recognizing the gear they will slowly become more cooperative over time.
  3. Give your dog some long-lasting treats such as a bully horn or stick whenever they aren’t cooperating.  This usually lasts 30 to 40 minutes if you can have a partner hold the treat.

Occasionally Cockapoos do not cooperate too well and you’ll have to use a muzzle to stop them from nibbling at you. I’m a lover of positive reinforcement though, so I like to give my dog plenty of treats so that they can collaborate with me.

Cockapoo Brushing

You are going to want to brush your Cockapoo prior to using the dog hair clippers. If you don’t get the mattes and tangles out, then you definitely won’t be able to shave through them.  In addition, the hair length won’t be even if you don’t remove all of the mattes. Once you eliminate the majority of the mattes then you can get prepared to groom your Cockapoo.

Grooming your Cockapoo

  1. Attach the blade to the hair clipper.  In general, always begin with a longer blade because you can cut the hair short if needed.  I personally like to begin with a blade size #5 (¼ of an inch).  In case your Cockapoo’s hair is super tangled and matted, you are going to need to use a smaller size because the blade won’t be able to go through mattes.
  2. Put your Cockapoo in the sitting posture. This is the easiest position to groom their backside.

Cockapoo Belly Grooming

  1. Move your puppy to a standing posture. This normally involves pushing up their buttocks or giving them a saddle to sit on.
  2. Most people like the belly hair extremely short size since people do not see it and it prevents debris, mud, and mattes from developing in the stomach region.   In addition, during the summertime, your Cockapoo will probably get hot so it’s a good idea to cut their tummy hair shorter.  I typically change out to a blade dimension #10 (1/16 of an inch) or if you would like it longer you can switch to a blade size #7.
  3. Reduce as much belly hair as you can starting from the torso region and working your way down.   Be sure to not harm your dog’s private parts.  You can switch shaving directions if needed since the stomach hair is generally not as dense as the back hair.

Grooming a Cockapoos Back

  1. When your Cockapoo is in the sitting posture, begin at the top of their back and work your way down to their behind. Always go in this direction as it is easiest for your blades to cut.  Your Cockapoo back and sides will be all one size so that you don’t have to think about altering the blade dimensions.
  2. If your Cockapoo has been cooperative while you’re grooming, try cutting their leg hair in a downward direction.

Cockapoo Paw Grooming

  1. Underneath your Cockapoo’s paw could be among the most matted areas since this area is tough to brush on a daily basis.   I usually try to shave as much hair beneath the paw as possible.  With a #10 blade size or utilizing no blade would be the smartest choice.
  2. In case your Cockapoo does not like its paws groomed and they’re continuously moving, you may have to use your shears or scissors
  3. Use the shears to cut around the sides of a Cockapoo’s paw.   This also gives the hair a nice uniform round look.  You can also touch up various places that you missed with the razor.

Cockapoo Leg Grooming

  1. Groom your Cockapoo’s legs shorter because of all of the debris, dirt, sticks, grass, and foxtails always stick to their legs when they are running outside or you go for a stroll.   I prefer using blade dimensions #7 (⅛ of an inch) or #5 if you want it longer and combine this shorter hair in with the longer body hair.
  2. Set your puppy in the standing position.  Use a dog saddle or puppy stand to help your puppy stand up if they constantly want to sit down.
  3. When trimming your dog’s hair, always start from the top of the leg and work your way down to the paw. This helps to make certain you aren’t “pulling” at the hair as much and cutting it even.  Pulling the hair will create a great deal of distress and your Cockapoo won’t wish to be groomed.

Cockapoo Tail Grooming

  1. If your puppy is cooperative then you can use the largest razor blade size you have to trim the tail. Start from close to the buttocks area and work your way near the end of the tail.
  2. If your puppy isn’t cooperative, you will probably need to use scissors or shears to cut your Cockapoos tail hair.
  3. A Cockapoo’s tail hair should be left a little bit longer. If you think it’s too long you can use the thinning shears to make it look shorter.

Cockapoo Face Grooming

  1. Make sure to shave underneath the ear as well.  A blade size #3 (½ of an inch) will work well when shaving a Cockapoo’s face.  Generally, the facial hair is left a little longer.
  2. Start from the top of your Cockapoos face and operate the razor in a downward motion toward your mouth.   Be sure to hold your dog’s ear out of the way.   Utilize the ballpoint or dull finish scissors to cut the hair around your Cockapoo’s eyes.

Cockapoo Ear Grooming

  1. The ears are one of the most sensitive areas in a Cockapoo.   In addition, the ears will also be among the easiest places to cut your dog’s skin so be extra careful when grooming your Cockapoos ears.   Start with a smaller blade around size #5 (¼ of an inch) or less.  Ear hair is usually shorter than the rest of the body.
  2. Start on the top of the ear (near the surface of the head) and work your way downward.
  3. Use scissors and shears near the ends of their ear to provide a uniform and round appearance the razor can not give.

Cockapoo Nail Trimming

  1. Since you cut the hair around your Cockapoo’s paws, there should be little to no hair to get in the way of nail trimming.   It is highly recommended you do the nail trimming after grooming your Cockapoo so that you don’t cut too much nail and make your dog’s nails bleed.
  2. Utilize the nail grinder or nail clipper to cut your own Cockapoos nails.  I prefer having a silent nail grinder.

Cockapoo Grooming: Finishing Touches

  1. Brush all the parts of your dog using a slicker brush.
  2. Comb your Cockapoo.
  3. Make sure all the hair length is relatively even.
  4. Use a razor or shears to round out any areas that you think are not complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cockapoos have to be groomed?

If your Cockapoo has a wavy or curly coat that doesn’t shed, they will need to be groomed.   If your Cockapoo is an F1 and sheds alot of hair, then they may not have to be groomed as much.   You have to groom your Cockapoo so as to prevent tangles and mattes.

When should you groom a Cockapoo puppy?

Cockapoo puppy fur tends to not matte as much as an adult Cockapoo hair. We advise that you don’t groom your Cockapoo until 5 to 6 months old.   This also allows your Cockapoo to receive all the necessary vaccinations prior grooming them.

How often do you groom a Cockapoo?

It is suggested that you brush your Cockapoo everyday to prevent matting. You should cut your Cockapoos hair approximately every 6 to 12 weeks depending on if it begins to tangle or matte.

Final Thoughts

If this is your first time, Cockapoo grooming is an extremely difficult procedure that will take you a few hours.   Don’t worry, grooming your Cockapoo does get faster once you’ve got the proper tools and your pet gets used to grooming.  You can generally finish an entire grooming session in roughly an hour and a half once you know what you’re doing.   In my view, grooming your Cockapoo isn’t only enjoyable, but it also saves you a lot of money.  I used to go to the groomers and pay $120+ per grooming session.  You can groom your Cockapoo anytime and save money following the one-time initial investment.

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