Cockapoo Lifespan: How Long Do Cockapoos Live?

Cockapoo Lifespan: How Long Do Cockapoos Live?

If you are planning on getting a dog to be your new best friend, it can take some time, energy, and research to see what breed will mesh well with your family. Do you want a high-energy dog who loves going on two walks per day, or would you rather have a lap animal who enjoys snuggling and watching TV shows with you late at night?

How Long Do Cockapoos Live Cockapoo Lifespan
How Long Do Cockapoos Live Cockapoo Lifespan

If you want a small dog with a combination of high energy and cuddles, the Cockapoo can be the top choice for you. Although a Cockapoo is known as a designer dog, this hybrid puppy can also be found in shelters for those who want to adopt and not shop.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Cockapoo
What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Cockapoo

However, before you go ahead and purchase a new dog to spend the rest of your life with, it can be helpful to know how long Cockapoos live. After All, the last thing you want is to adopt a puppy and find out they only have a lifespan of just a few years. To avoid heartbreak, it can be good to know the predicted lifespan of your dog before buying.

What is The Life Expectancy of A Cockapoo Dog?
What is The Life Expectancy of A Cockapoo Dog?

Let’s check out some facts about the Cockapoo breed and its lifespan. By knowing more information about this dog breed, owners can make the best decisions in terms of exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

Cockapoo Life Expectancy

Now that you know a little more about this breed, you might be wondering — how long do Cockapoos live? The average Cockapoo lifespan is between 12 and 15 years.

Fortunately for owners, Cockapoos have a higher than average lifespan, with the average life expectancy of dogs between 10 and 13 years. There are even some studies that show Cockapoos living longer than 20 years old!

When asking a veterinarian, “How long can Cockapoo live up to?” It all depends on various factors that can influence a Cockapoo’s life expectancy.

If your Cockapoo has any pre-existing conditions, health issues, or heavier weight for its body size, this can reduce its lifespan. However, consistent medical care, a healthy diet, and ample exercise levels can increase your Cockapoo life expectancy.

Cockapoo Lifespan

To understand how your Cockapoo village gets when they get older, knowing the Cockapoo life stages is key to understanding what your dog needs at every phase in their life.

In general, the Cockapoo stages are as follows:

  • Up to 18 months old – Puppyhood
  • From 6 to 18 months old – Adolescence
  • From 1 to 3 years old – Adulthood
  • From 6 to 10 years old – Seniority

During the puppyhood phase, the Cockapoo will begin to form bonds with their owners, learn how to play and socialize with other dogs, and start training basic commands, such as learning how to sit, stay, and go for a walk. During the adolescence stage, Cockapoos may begin to have sudden personality changes, such as aggression and fighting with other dogs.

The next phase of Cockapoo lifespan, adulthood, comes with the dog maturing and relaxing more than in adolescence. During this time, the Cockapoo will have its natural personality and be calmer with humans and dogs.

The final phase, seniority, is where the Cockapoo is officially in old age. Owners need to keep their dog as comfortable as possible during this stage to ensure they are happy and not confused.

Cockapoo Health Issues

The Cockapoo lifespan can be affected by health issues. If the Cockapoo is not taken care of properly or receives medical care, it may develop serious health issues that can shorten its lifespan.

If you want to lengthen your Cockapoo life expectancy, make sure you are vigilant about the common health concerns and take your dog to a veterinarian if you notice any signs of ear infection, eye disorders, or hip and knee defects.

The ear, eye, hip, and knee issues are typically found across various dog breeds. If these health concerns are not addressed, it can drastically shorten the life expectancy of your Cockapoo. Owners need to focus on keeping their dog healthy through medicine, healthy diet, exercise, and physical checkups as the dog gets older.

If owners notice any signs of their dog getting worse or developing a serious condition, such as vomiting, fatigue, or limping, they must immediately take their Cockapoo to the doctor. Keeping an eye out for physical and behavioral changes is necessary to avoid any health problems that can shorten your Cockapoo’s lifespan.

Cockapoo Care

To ensure your Cockapoo has a full and happy life, you need to ensure you provide the right level of healthcare and grooming needs for your dog.

The basic Cockapoo care needs are the same as any other dog — you need to focus on grooming, feeding, and physical and psychological needs of your pet to ensure they are healthy and happy.

Although Cockapoos are typically hypoallergenic, making them the perfect choice for owners who have allergies to lots of hair, they should be brushed at regular intervals to avoid clumping and matting.

Brushing your Cockapoo on a regular basis can avoid any uncomfortable fur and hair that can make your pet unhappy.

Furthermore, meeting your Cockapoo’s needs in terms of diet is key to avoiding any unnecessary weight gain or eating too little.

Feeding your pet high-quality food that matches their current size and lifestyle, like their exercise level and age, can ensure the nutritional needs are met. For example, puppies typically need a higher-fat diet than Cockapoos in their senior life phase.

Additionally, you need to make sure you keep your Cockapoo happy in terms of mental and psychological health. If you leave them alone for long periods at a time, they may be antisocial, unhappy, and anxious. Make sure you take your Cockapoo’s mental health needs into account regarding physical activity and mental engagement.

Cockapoo Facts

Before adopting your new Cockapoo, it can be helpful to know more about the breed characteristics, such as their adaptability, friendliness, health needs, trainability, and exercise level. Understanding all of these traits regarding your Cockapoo can help you make good decisions about the care of your dog.

Friendliness and Sociability

Cockapoos are very friendly with the family, kid-friendliness, dog-friendliness, and friendliness towards strangers. Cockapoo owners should have no trouble bringing their puppy around the dog park!


A Cockapoo ranks highly in terms of adaptability, with this dog breed adapting well to apartment living, a good choice for beginner owners, and tolerating hot/cold weather fairly well. The only thing that owners should be considerate of is avoiding leaving their Cockapoo alone for long hours at a time.

Physical Needs

The physical needs of a Cockapoo are doable, with this type of dog being a very playful and fun-loving breed. Although they have moderate intensity and exercise needs which may be hard for some owners, Cockapoos can usually get a fair share of their exercise through indoor playing with their owner.


Cockapoos are relatively easy to train. They have a high level of intelligence and can be taught basic tricks and commands. However, Cockapoos have the potential for mouthiness and can bark excessively, which can be exacerbated by being left alone for long periods of time.

Health Needs

The only negatives of owning a Cockapoo are the high elves of maintenance for the puppy and the health and grooming needs. Cockapoos have a large amount of shedding, drooling, and potential for weight gain. For Cockapoo owners, they should be aware of the grooming needs before buying to ensure they can give the attention this dog needs.

Cockapoo Size

Another aspect that can influence the Cockapoo lifespan is the size of your dog. In general, the smaller your Cockapoo is, the longer it will live. Smaller dogs tend to have a longer lifespan than larger dogs.

Some Cockapoos are bigger than others, requiring a different diet and physical activity level than smaller Cockapoos. In general, owners can choose between four main types of Cockapoo sizes: maxi Cockapoo, miniature Cockapoo, toy Cockapoo, and teacup toy Cockapoo.

One of the main factors in the Cockapoo lifespan and longevity is its size. Even though all Cockapoos get bigger in size from puppyhood to senior level, they can age and grow at varying speeds. Like other dogs, the size can influence the Cockapoo life, with bigger dogs typically having a shorter lifespan than smaller dogs.

Furthermore, the lifespan and size of the Cockapoo depend on heritage and genetics. Since a Cockapoo comes from a combination of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, which have varying lifespans, Cockapoos can have a mixture of both dogs’ characteristics.

The Cocker Spaniel, on average, lives between 13-15 years, whereas the average Poodle lifespan is 12-15 years. Because both of these dogs have lengthier lifespans than other dogs, which can be between 5-8 years, some Cockapoos can live upwards of 20 years.

The size and genetics strongly influence the Cockapoo lifespan and their health.

The maxi Cockapoo is the standard Cockapoo, which typically weighs between 20-65 pounds and is the biggest type of Cockapoo. Although this is the most common type of Cockapoo for pets, there are other smaller choices for those who want a tinier dog.

The next type of Cockapoo is the miniature Cockapoo, which is just slightly smaller than the maxi Cockapoo. This dog weighs between 13-19 pounds and stands between 11-15” tall. Instead of combining a typical Poodle with a Cocker Spaniel, the miniature Cockapoo is bred with miniature poodles.

The third type of Cockapoo that owners can choose to adopt or buy is the toy Cockapoo, which is a combination of the coker panel and a toy Poodle (even smaller than a miniature Poodle). When fully formed, the toy Cockapoo is smaller than 10” tall and weighs less than 11-12 pounds.

The last type of Cockapoo is the smallest Cockapoo, the teacup toy Cockapoo. Since this dog is extremely small, they have a high cuteness factor and can be good choices for those who live in a small apartment or studio with minimal space. This dog is less than 10” tall and generally weighs around 5 pounds.

The smaller the dog, the longer the lifespan. In this case, the teacup toy Cockapoo will have a longer Cockapoo lifespan than the standard maxi Cockapoo. However, it is essential that owners are aware of the precise needs of their puppy before purchasing or adopting a specific type of Cockapoo.

The predicted lifespan is only a generalized guess and can be influenced by their lifestyle, exercise, diet, and mental health. Dogs of any kind can be susceptible to varying health conditions, whether they are a bigger Cockapoo or smaller Cockapoo.

Therefore, being aware of your dog’s symptoms and mental state is essential to keeping your dog happy and healthy.

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