Cockapoo Puppies for sale New Jersey

Cockapoo Puppies for sale New Jersey

Are you in search of a furry member-addition to your family in New Jersey? Well, if yes, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Cockapoo puppies in New Jersey are an absolute delight to take as your new family member. They are cute, humorous, adorable, and intelligent.

Cockapoo puppies for sale in New Jersey from trusted breeders
Cockapoo puppies for sale in New Jersey from trusted breeders

Cockapoos are crossbreeds obtained by breeding Cocker Spaniels with the teddy-like Poodle. When these two get together, the result is twice adorable and pleasurable. Cockapoos are happy dogs that, once brought home, never leave you alone.

Best Cockapoo Breeders In New Jersey (NJ)
Best Cockapoo Breeders In New Jersey (NJ)

Since these are designer breeds, you get to adopt one only from special breeders, shelters, or rescue homes. In this blog, we have collated the 5 best Cockapoo breeders in New Jersey to help you in your search for your new family member. So, what are we waiting for? Hop in!

Best Cockapoo Breeders in New Jersey
Best Cockapoo Breeders in New Jersey

Cockapoo Breeders In New Jersey

New Jersey is famous for many things, be it their pork rolls, their farming delicacies, or fruit orchards. However, besides being the Garden State and the other popular tags, New Jersey is also the home of the cute Cockapoo puppies in New Jersey.

These designer hybrids are obtained through specific breeding methods by experienced breeders. So, below is a list of the 5 best Cockapoo breeders in New Jersey to your acquaintance.

You have to ensure your breeder crosses all the health and safety boxes. To help you do your research for a new puppy, we’ve curated a list of the best Cockapoo breeders in New Jersey.

Silver Nickel Puppies

Located in West Englewood, Silver Nickel Puppies are experienced and reputed breeders of Cockapoo puppies in New Jersey. They also breed several other crossbreeds of Poodle and have earned a great reputation throughout the years for their remarkable quality and services.

Their bred Cockapoo puppies are friendly and social as they take proper care during early socialization periods. Silver Nickel ensures that parent breeds of the Cockapoos, the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, are healthy for clear genetic breeding.

Silver Nickel Puppies extend every kind of support to their extended Cockapoo families right from the beginning, where they take home the new furry member. They make sure that the families they send their puppies to, can handle the maintenance of these cuties.

Silver Nickel Puppies Details

  • Location: Troy’s Trims and Treats, 85 West Englewood Ave. Englewood, NJ 07631
  • Contact: 201-871-2040
  • Email:
  • Website: Silver Nickel Puppies

Jans Cockapoos New Jersey

Jans Cockapoos is a small breeder in New Jersey that raises puppies in their home with the family. They mainly breed first-generation F1 Cockapoos and provide a vet health certification. They also offer a Veterinarian Health Guarantee (6 months for genetics and 2 weeks for health).

To reserve a Cockapoo puppy from an upcoming litter, you’ll have to provide a $100 non-refundable deposit. Then, once you visit and select your puppy, you’ll have to pay a $500 cash deposit. The outstanding balance will be due on pickup.

Your Cockapoo puppy will be ready to go home at eight weeks or older if necessary. The breeder allows a 1-week allowance after the puppy is ready to go home, so you can shop for supplies, prepare your home, and schedule the vet appointment. Your puppy will go home with updated vaccinations, deworming, and health certification.

If you live close by in West Orange, New Jersey, and need puppy-sitting services, Jans Cockapoos also offer dog boarding at $55 per night or for 24 hours. After which, you’ll be charged $35 per day. Additionally, they can arrange pickup and drop-off of your Cockapoo between 8 am and 7 pm. You’re expected to bring your food, blanket, and toy. If you don’t, they’re available at an extra charge. They also have group playtimes and outside and inside exercises during the day, and all dogs are crated during the night.

Cockapoo Breeder Details

  • Website:
  • Address: 27 Colonial Woods Dr, West Orange, NJ 07052
  • Contact: 973-632-1338
  • Email:

Stasia’s CutiePoos NJ

Don’t let the waiting list hold you back from getting a Cockapoo puppy from Stasia’s. You can be assured you’ll find the best puppy to be an addition to your family as their breeding practices are pretty transparent.

Their Cockapoo puppies for sale in New Jersey are bred on a beautiful 90-acre farm and are treated as a part of the family, and thus, never restricted to a kennel. Additionally, they state they follow the puppy culture program for all their puppies. All of their puppies are adequately pellet, potty, and crate trained in the town of Blairstown, New Jersey.

These Cockapoo breeders pay as much attention to knowing you because they want their puppies to go to loving homes and carry out a thorough screening process to answer any questions the buyers may have. In addition, they consider it as an “open adoption” and like to keep in touch with their buyers and ensure that the buyers know that they will be available as a resource for any puppy-related questions.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is to be made within three weeks of the puppy’s birth. The remaining balance of $3500 and any tax need to be paid when your Cockapoo puppy is 6 weeks old. After that, they’re completely fine with accepting cash payments once you drive to the farm to pick your dog up.

Stasia’s CutiePoos aims to facilitate a good match for their puppy with their new family. So if you encounter any trouble within the first week of bringing your puppy home, you may return it. You will, of course, have to forfeit 50% of the total purchase price. After the first seven days, no refund of any kind will be issued. If, at any time, you cannot keep the puppy, they ask that you return it to them and not give it away to any shelter. Their Cockapoo puppies will always have a home with the breeder in New Jersey if you cannot care for them.

Cockapoo Breeder Details

  • Website:
  • Location: Blairstown, NJ

PuppySpot Cockapoos New Jersey

PuppySpot is dedicated to connecting individuals who want to adopt a puppy with responsible breeders. They adopt a personalized approach and keep the needs of those looking for a Cockapoo puppy as well as the breeders in the forefront. One of the main reasons that we recommend PuppySpot as the #1 breeder is because we bought one of our doodles from them and had a really good experience.

One of the main reasons we choose PuppySpot is because they save you a ton of time screening various breeders. Their all-inclusive and thorough screening process goes beyond state regulations and USDA, enabling them to ensure that you get the best option available. They also take the utmost care to ensure that the screening process is stellar and that all those who breach or don’t comply with the set standards are terminated. You won’t find any puppy mills or backyard breeders on this website.

This breeder screening process is quite in-depth, with over 100 points of emphasis. Additionally, their 50+ employees are committed to breeder compliance, with a zero-tolerance policy for substandard breeding or puppy mills in place. They steer clear of all breeders that prioritize profit over their animals’ welfare. To date, they have sold over 220,000+ puppies.

They also follow a 30-point checklist that is implemented only after a puppy undergoes an extensive nose-to-tail health assessment, which a licensed vet completes. In addition, all their Cockapoos breeders are expected to implement a vet care program, forge a formal relationship with an attending USDA-accredited vet, and adopt daily exercise plans.

We also like PuppySpot because they actually have Cockapoos puppies for sale in New Jersey today. Since they are a large network of ethical breeders around the United States, you aren’t limited to just one breeder with a long waitlist. This is also one of the main benefits because you can actually get a Cockapoo puppy today. If the exact puppy that you want isn’t located in New Jersey, PuppySpot will safely fly it out to you. We highly recommend that you check them out.

Cockapoo Breeder Details

  • Website: PuppySpot Cockapoos

Happy Doodles Place New Jersey

Happy Doodles Place raises puppies in a small town in Northern New Jersey. Provided with constant love, care, and attention, they raise quality low to non-shedding Cockapoos. They’re bred to be the perfect family dogs and are provided with ample training and given plenty of opportunities for socialization. This helps in ensuring that they’re able to comfortably transition to a new home.

To reserve one of their Cockapoo puppies in New Jersey, you’ll have to put down a $500 deposit. Their puppies come with a Breeder and Buyer contract, a vet health certificate, and complete health records. They’ll also send you away with a blanket, chew toy, and high-quality puppy food to make the transition easy for the both of you once you claim physical custody of the puppy.

Additionally, they provide boarding service for the Cockapoo puppies they’ve sold if you ever have to go on a vacation or take time off. You’ll have to incur a charge of $25/night for the same. You can pick up the puppy yourself or pay a $100 delivery fee if you’re stationed within a 60-mile radius.

Every Cockapoo puppy is certified by a vet of the breeder’s choosing. Additionally, they certify that the parent dogs all have a sound temperament and are AKC certified. They offer a health guarantee of 2 weeks for health and 1 year for life-threatening congenital effects. The breeders will ensure they keep up to date with vaccinations and deworming as well as provide a veterinarian health certification for proof. We truly think they are one of the best Cockapoo breeders in New Jersey if you want someone local.

Cockapoo Breeder Details

  • Website:
  • Location: Northern New Jersey
  • Contact: 908-777-0968
  • Email:

Eden Orchards

Eden Orchards is a small-scale breeder of American Cockapoos, with a larger focus on providing therapy working dogs, service dogs, and all-around family companions. The breeder adopts quality breeding practices, raising patient and child-friendly dogs with a sound temperament. Additionally, DNA tests are conducted to eliminate health issues. They also issue DNA tests upon request to determine the coat type. In general, Cockapoos have three different types of coats: straight, wavy, and curly.

Committed to the breed’s improvement, their Cockapoo puppies for sale in New Jersey are the outcome of selective breeding. They aim to provide new owners with the necessary knowledge to forge a loving and permanent bond with their puppies.

Eden Orchards ensures that their Cockapoo puppies are kept on a preventative program to decrease exposure to parasites. The agreement further certifies that your dog will go home having received the necessary treatments and medications at the breeder’s discretion. Additionally, they further guarantee that your puppy is free of any life-threatening illness at the time of pick up, as well as a guarantee that your puppy is free of any life-threatening genetic and congenital defects for one year from the puppy’s birth date.

The health agreement stipulates that you should have your puppy examined by a licensed vet within two days from the date you assume the puppy’s physical custody. If the examination is not conducted within this time frame, the contract will be considered void. However, this is standard with most Cockapoo breeders in New Jersey.

Cockapoo Breeder Details

  • Website:
  • Email:

Why Get Cockapoo Puppies In New Jersey?

Not that you need a specific reason to bring home these cute, adorable Cockapoo puppies in New Jersey. However, sometimes you may forget how friendly and intelligent your little furry friend can be.
So, here are some of the great qualities of Cockapoos that will only encourage you to get yourself this life-like teddy at home.

  • Hypoallergenic Dogs: These cute teddy-like puppies have wavy and curly coats of hair in different colors, such as tan, dark red, or brown. They barely shed their hair, which makes them hypoallergenic dogs. They can, therefore, easily be around people with allergies.
  • Great Temperament: Cockapoos make great family and companion dogs. Their easy-going personality makes them absolutely fun to be around with and play with. Cockapoos are loyal to their owner and love being with their family. They can be adorably funny and sometimes mischievous as well.
  • Diet: Cockapoos follow a regular diet and have minimal dietary requirements. This means you need not go out of your abilities to maintain the food requirements of your little furry friend. Their food quantities depend on their size and age. Dry, healthy food, divided into a number of meals, would be fine for a Cockapoo.
  • Adaptability: Cockapoos are the ideal pets for your apartment. They are just the perfect size to suit a smaller living space. They are good with all temperatures and adapt well to almost every weather condition. However, they also adjust well in townhomes and buildings.
  • Easy-to-Train: Cockapoos are intelligent dogs and can grasp tricks and lessons pretty soon. This makes it easy to train them. With early socialization, these dogs even mix up with their human and others and other dogs and pets of the family, quite easily.
  • Easy Grooming: The wavy and curly coats of hair of these cuties can be well-maintained by simply brushing their hair regularly. Since they are known to have low shedding, you need not worry about their grooming a lot. However, it would always be best to have your Cockapoo professionally groomed once in a while.
  • Mood-lifters: Cockapoo puppies are tiny, adorable creatures who are happy almost all the time, unless really bored. They like playing around or running about within your home. If having a long, bad day, your Cockapoo will certainly be your mood-lifter every single time. They never leave you alone!
  • Daily Exercises: These intelligent little loyal pooches can get lazy at times when not exposed to outside environments or open areas. They need about 15-20 minutes of daily exercise to keep them fit and healthy. A walk or some play in the garden would work just fine.

Cockapoo puppies may go through a few issues like hip dysplasia or ear infection at times. However, with proper care and maintenance, you reduce the chances of such occurrences greatly. Overall, they’d make the perfect fit for your family with the character traits you just came across.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to find a reputable Cockapoo breeder, especially since there’s a growing number of breeders out there. Use this list as a guide but make sure you do a lot of research when deciding on a breeder. You should feel confident about the breeder you choose and who can provide you with a healthy puppy to take home. Our intention was to help you with your research and find a new puppy in New Jersey! We hope you find your next healthy and happy Cockapoo puppy!

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