Cockapoo Puppies for sale in Minnesota

Cockapoo Puppies for sale in Minnesota

People all throughout the world adore the quirky and fluffy hybrid dogs known as Cockapoos. Developed by crossing a purebred Poodle and a purebred Cocker Spaniel, the Cockapoo puppy is easily one of the favorite mixed dog breeds.

Find Cockapoo puppies for sale Near Minneapolis, MN
Find Cockapoo puppies for sale Near Minneapolis, MN

There are many places where you can find a Cockapoo puppy, but one of the most reliable locations to find these puppies is at the Cockapoo breeders in Minnesota.

Find Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Find Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Since you are here, I guess that you are a Cockapoo lover who is located in or around Minnesota. To your convenience, we’re here to introduce you to some of the top Cockapoo breeders in Minnesota.

List Of Top Ethical Cockapoo Breeders In Minnesota
List Of Top Ethical Cockapoo Breeders In Minnesota

It could be challenging for you to settle on just one ethical Cockapoo breeder given everything that the North Star State has to offer. So, make sure to read thoroughly and choose your favorite Cockapoo breeder in Minnesota!

Cockapoo Puppies For Sale In Minnesota

Did you know that your search for a Cockapoo puppy should start by searching for the best Cockapoo breeders? Well, if you want to get a high quality puppy with a great genetic background, then you should search for reputable breeders. Additionally, by buying Cockapoo and any other Doodle puppies from reputable breeders, you are helping put the stop to awful puppy mills.

So, while the majority of ethical Cockapoo breeders in Minnesota give their all to develop healthy puppies, we must warn you about irresponsible breeders.

Find your Cockapoo puppy for sale in Minnesota
Find your Cockapoo puppy for sale in Minnesota

Minnesota is not as huge as other states like Texas, Montana, and California, but it has a big amount of dog breeders. Just like in any state, there are unreputable and reputable breeders who produce Cockapoo puppies.

Spotting a bad Cockapoo breeder might be easy, but it may also be quite difficult because a lot of them hide behind fake marketing and large online dog markets.

Puppies Up North

The breeder of Cockapoos that will blow your mind with their superb breeding program is Puppies Up North.

Check out Puppies Up North if you want a Cockapoo dog that is as fluffy as a little teddy bear!

Puppies Up North details

  • Website: Puppies Up North
  • Email:
  • Phone: 320-250-2464
  • Location: Staples, MN 56479, United States
  • Facebook: Puppies Up North
  • Instagram: @puppiesupnorthmn

PuppySpot’s Cockapoo For Minnesota

We highly recommend PuppySpot if you search for the best Cavapoo breeders in Minnesota. PuppySpot connects responsible breeders with responsible buyers across the country, including Minnesota, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington, D.C., and Houston.

Additionally, it is a community of dog lovers dedicated to finding loving homes for healthy puppies. PuppySpot believes dogs and their owners deserve to feel confident and trusted when choosing a new companion.

With PuppySpot, you can browse Cavapoo puppies for sale in Minnesota from the comfort of your own home. Before continuing your search for Cavapoo puppies for sale in Minnesota, be sure to check out the link below.

PuppySpot Details

  • Website: PuppySpot’s Cockapoos

Country Cockapoos

Country Cockapoos is a family of seven based in central Minnesota with love for dogs (and animals in general). They have three Cockapoos and one Lab on their family farm in the country.

Dogs are an integral part of their family, and they share everyday life with them. They decided to specialize in Cockapoos and provide a family-friendly breeder in Minnesota when they could not find many breeders in the state and had to deal with many unfortunate cases of dog breeding.

Country Cockapoos was born. Since then, Rosie, Hazel, and Stella have joined their family known as “the girls.” Sully, their stud muffin, joined the extended family and lives with Grandma and Grandpa. They socialize, potty train, and temperament test their puppies before putting them in new homes.

Their parents have been health tested and provide a one-year written genetic health guarantee. Keep in mind that while you may be on the hunt for the perfect new family member, they are also searching for the perfect new home for their fur babies.

Country Cockapoos Details

  • Telephone: (320) 905-8071
  • Location: Maynard, MN 56260
  • Website: Country Cockapoos

Puppies By Possehl

Puppies By Possehl was founded in 1993 and is located 20 minutes north of Albert Lea, Minnesota. The puppies are given the best possible care and health. In addition to lots of love and attention, they believe a clean, relaxed environment is crucial to the health of their puppies and dogs.

They carefully breed their dogs to be friendly, healthy, and free of genetic defects. Breeding only the best puppies is essential to them. Before going to their new homes, puppies by Possehl are vaccinated and dewormed.

They are vaccinated against kennel cough at six weeks of age, given a five-way puppy vaccine at six, nine, and twelve weeks of age, and dewormed at two, four, six, nine, and twelve weeks. In addition, each puppy comes with a written health guarantee for one year, as well as a puppy wellness check-up.

Puppies By Possehl Details

  • Telephone: (507) 461-3327
  • Location: Albert Lea, MN
  • Website: Puppies By Possehl
  • Email:

WoodHaven Pups

Last on the list of Cockapoo breeders in Minnesota is “WoodHaven Pups.” A small family breeder, WoodHaven Pups, is located in Central Minnesota, outside of Monticello. They raise Cavapoos (Cavoodles) and mini-Cockapoos (Sproodles).

Since they are not puppy mills, they only have a few litters each year. They devote a lot of time, energy, and care to raise their puppies – a task that keeps them very busy. The WoodHaven breeders believe God pairs the right puppy with the right family – a “match made in heaven.”

They enjoy getting to know their future family members. So, be prepared to answer lots of questions. And after everyone goes home, they like to stay in touch. Side note: puppies cannot be shipped.

Your family will need to travel to Minnesota to pick up your puppy if your family is chosen to adopt one of their puppies. WoodHaven Pups guarantees your puppy is free of any life-threatening congenital disabilities for one year from the puppy’s birth date.

A replacement puppy will be offered if a licensed vet discovers that your puppy has a life-threatening congenital disability. The process may take up to 24 months. The sale is considered final if you do not wish to have a replacement puppy.

WoodHaven Pups Details

  • Website: WoodHaven Pups
  • Location: Central Minnesota
  • Email:

Happy Farm Puppies

Happy Farm Puppies believes in ethical dog breeding. Moms are loved and raised free; they do not live in cages or kennels. They operate a 20-acre hobby farm and enjoy it very much. Their puppies are raised to be successful house pets, service dogs, or therapy dogs.

Their standards are high. They stay up to date on the latest research on puppy neurological stimulation. As well as its benefits. In addition to neurostimulation, they take their puppies for car rides before eight weeks and handle and play with them individually to ensure confident, loving, and intelligent development.

In addition to their children, they have other pets who spend a lot of time with each litter, thus making sure their puppies are comfortable around children and other animals.

Additionally, all puppies are potty trained before you take them home. This helps make the transition easier. Finally, the puppies are vet checked, microchipped, and guaranteed for one year against genetic defects.

Every day, Happy Farm strives to achieve its vision of dog breeding. Their goal is to ensure that every pet finds a forever home, and at Happy Farm Puppies, they do all they can to help make that happen.

Happy Farm Puppies Details

  • Telephone: (763) 334-9789
  • Location: North Branch, Minnesota
  • Website: Happy Farm Puppies

Over The Hill Kennels

Over The Hill Kennels promise a devoted and healthy Cockapoo family member that will make everyone smile! Meet some of Minnesota’s prettiest Cockapoos can be found here!

Over The Hill Kennels details

  • Website: Over the Hill Cockapoo Kennels
  • Email:
  • Phone: 507 450 0945
  • Location: Caledonia, MN 55921, United States

Cockapoo Puppies in Minnesota

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like – Cockapoos enjoy beach walks and play in the snow. In extreme heat or cold, it’s important not to leave them outside for too long. In extreme heat, the paws can be damaged and dehydrated, while hypothermia can set in in extreme cold.

How to Choose a Cockapoo Breeder in Minnesota

It will take some research, as well as some old-fashioned gut instinct, to succeed. While searching, keep these things in mind. People with similar values and goals are attracted to each other by nature. Breeders of Cockapoos often belong to a parent club.

A membership application usually includes health tests and a disclaimer about “trends.” Additionally, look at the breeder’s level of involvement beyond the basics. Does she serve on any boards or committees? Does she participate in any activities?

Where Do You Find a Cockapoo Breeder?

Cockapoo breeders can be hard to find. It takes time, research, and communication to find one. Older websites and old photos shouldn’t be discounted – not all Cockapoo breeders are website designers.

These three traits are signs of a reputable breeder. Be careful not to discount a Cockapoo breeder who doesn’t check all the boxes; however, make sure you have more check marks than blanks.

On-site Parents

Parents should be present. It isn’t uncommon for the male dog to not be around, but be sure to ask. Ideally, you should be able to meet the parents. In the absence of older siblings, a puppy’s parents are often the best indicators of how they will become an adult.

Litter by litter

Bringing up a litter of puppies requires a lot of work. The puppies may not receive the attention they require during this critical phase if multiple litters are at home.

When female dogs sync, breeders may have to manage two litters at once, which is perfectly normal. When breeders have three or more litters at once, it is advisable to walk away.

Cockapoo Puppy-raising is Done Indoors

Cockapoo puppies raised in kennels or an outdoor environment are not good choices. Puppies raised inside are more likely to be exposed to children, animals, and regular household activities. If your puppy spends most of its time outside, it will be missing out on those crucial early months.

Ask questions if you have any. For example, is the puppy being raised in a confined room, indoors? That’s quite different from being raised within sight of the living room. Bonus points go to Cockapoo breeders who have kids and animals nearby.

Final Thoughts

It is a joy to own a Cockapoo. You should, however, do your due diligence before purchasing a puppy from a breeder. Make sure you don’t rush into buying a puppy. Research the breeder thoroughly. Best wishes on your exciting journey to becoming a Cockapoo owner.

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