Do Poodles Howl?

Do Poodles Howl?

Did you know dogs are derived from wolves? It’s true; in fact, the Latin name for dogs is Canis Familiaris! Whereas the Latin name for wolves is Canis Lupus which is directly related! Not just that, they have very similar mannerisms such as hunting, staying in packs, and howling.

Do Poodles Howl? What Does It Mean?
Do Poodles Howl? What Does It Mean?

You might have noticed many dogs howling on different occasions, which is the same for the Poodle.

Can Toy Poodles Howl?

In comparison to the Standard Poodle, Toy Poodles are quite a vocal breed. It’s more likely you will hear them barking or howling more than the Standard Poodle. This is because this breed is alert and acts more like a watchdog than a Standard. Sometimes their howling can be mistaken for barking, but it’s ok.

Can Poodles Howl? Interesting Facts Explained
Can Poodles Howl? Interesting Facts Explained

Standard Poodles Howling

If you’re looking for a Poodle that howls, then you might find a Standard Poodle doing it but very rarely. Most of the time, if you see a Standard Poodle howling, it will result from separation anxiety.

In this context, when they’re howling, it results from being upset and demanding attention from someone. Of course, they can also howl if they’ve been trained or taught to do so in the process. But most of the time, many Standard Poodle’s don’t know how to howl unless trained!

Can Poodles Howl? Everything You Need to Know About Poodle!
Can Poodles Howl? Everything You Need to Know About Poodle!

Why Is My Poodle Howling?

Many researchers feel that Poodles howl as a result of their wolf-like genetics. However, there can be some confusion about whether howling is a pack activity or a simple command for attention? To explore more, let’s look at the common reasons why a Poodle might howl.

They Want Attention, Or They’re Anxious

Sometimes when a Poodle is howling, they might be simply craving attention. Poodles can be very clever and try to manipulate your emotions and play on them. They will be trying to make a noise to attract you so you can play with them. On the contrary, if your Poodle has been left for a long time, they could be howling due to separation anxiety.

Warning Sign

Your Poodle might be howling to signal to other dogs nearby that the territory they are in is occupied and claimed. In addition, the howling can serve as a threat to tell others not to encroach on their area, and it can be a form of alerting their community. In this situation, howling is meant to warn away potential predators. This also occurs when strangers come to the house and pull up on the driveway.

Tribe Organization

In the wilderness, wild dogs and wolves howl to bring new pups back to their back following a hunt. Typically, they howl to show other dogs where they’re located so they can easily find them. The howl is kind of like a beacon to guide others back safely. When Poodles how it can often be a similar experience, especially if you’ve been outside your home day, they could be howling to let you know to come back home.

To Signify Injury Or Discovery

If your Poodle has been out and about and is hurt, they could be howling to notify you of an injury. There are many incidents where dogs howl a lot as a form of notification to alert you they’re in pain. In addition to this, many Poodles have been specifically trained as service dogs to howl if they discover something new. Plus, as they were once hunters, they can often howl when they see prey or have caught something.

Howl As A Result Of External Stimulus

If there are external fire engines, ambulances, loud noises, or anything else, dogs might respond as an external stimulus. The unusual sounds might cause a dog to sit up and start wailing, causing a lot of pain. On the other hand, sometimes a Poodle might only howl if these sounds have similar pitches to other dogs also howling.

Is There A Dog Breed That Can’t Howl?

There is no known dog breed that doesn’t have the ability to howl. While there are dogs who have malformed vocal cords and physically cannot howl, this isn’t unique to any specific breed. It seems to happen evenly among dog breeds.

Of course, some breeds are more likely than others to howl or not howl. Everyone knows how famous any breed of hound or wolf-like dogs, such as huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are for howling.

What Poodle Mixes Are Most Likely to Howl?

Is Howling A Good Or Bad Behavior?

Overall, Poodles howling can be both good and bad behavior. Ultimately, it depends on the reason they’re howling for. Most of the time, Poodle’s are howling as a method of communication and are using it to get your attention. You must rule out any issues first to know if they’re howling for attention or have an underlying problem.

First of all, you should see if they are howling due to a common issue like separation anxiety. If so, you can do something about this problem, i.e., being around them more. Similarly, you might want to take them to a vet to see if they have any underlying health issues.

On the contrary, if they’re howling excessively, it could be due to instinctual behavior to notify people about any threats they may suspect coming from a vehicle, animal, or another human being. In this context, howling can be bad, and you will need to desensitize and counter condition a Poodle.

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