How Do I Help a Fat Poodle Lose Weight?

How Do I Help a Fat Poodle Lose Weight?

If your poodle is overweight, it is important to make needed changes in order to regain their health. Over half of all canine pets are overweight, and your poodle may be one of them.

Can Poodles Be Overweight? Causes & Weight Losing Exercises
Can Poodles Be Overweight? Causes & Weight Losing Exercises

Is My Poodle Overweight?

  • Take note of your dog’s shape while standing over them.
  • Examine the base of their tail for fat rings preventing you from feeling the bone.
  • Make sure you can feel their ribs. If not, your poodle may be overweight.
  • Check that your poodle’s abdominal tuck is smaller than their chest.
  • Decide if your poodle is having difficulty breathing when walking.

Your pet’s weight can be affected by a considerable amount of factors. If your pet is unhealthy, the risk to their life should be considered. Consider the dangers listed below as you make the changes your pet needs.

Why Do Poodles Become Over or Under a Healthy Weight?

The most common reason for a pet with an unhealthy weight is overfeeding or underfeeding your them. Pet parents may not realize the disservice they are doing their pets when they set large bowls of food out to be eaten out of boredom. However, there are other reasons outside of their diet that may cause a pet to be an unhealthy weight.

  • Elderly dogs are often less interested in being active and eating. This means they are more likely to be underweight. However, in many cases, their weight loss isn’t of significant level and is not very dangerous. As your pet begins to reach the years of old age, they may be readying themselves for their last leg of life.
  • Older age can cause a slower metabolism. So, as your dog gains in years, they may also gain in weight. Several food brands offer special foods for older pets who are in need of particular diets.
  • Lack of activity will cause weight gain. A regular schedule of activity for your animal is as important as it is for you. Keeping active is an essential part of staying in good health.
  • Certain breeds are naturally smaller or larger than most. This means that from day one, you will need to combat this occurrence the best you can with food, exercise, or whatever else your vet may recommend.
  • Hormones can cause weight gain. This means a thyroid disorder or Cushing’s disease may be a possibility. This is also another reason why seeking a vet’s guidance can help your pet the most. Untrained owners may miss a more serious issue.
  • Animals who are recently spayed or neutered may gain or lose weight. It is more common for a weight gain to happen, but, in some cases, your animal may lose weight in response to the change. Primarily it can lower your animal’s metabolism.

The reason behind your Poodle’s weight can be a mystery, but the most common reasons are listed above. Keep an eye on them and try to make the best, healthiest choices for your pets.

The Dangers of Your Poodle Being Over or Under a Healthy Weight

The dangers of your canine companion being over or under a healthy weight are similar to those of the dangers a human may face.

The dangers of poodle’s being overweight or underweight include:

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