About The Golden Aussiedoodle

About The Golden Aussiedoodle

Are you wondering what an Aussiedoodle Golden mix is? You may wonder why Aussiedoodle Golden is among the most adorable family dogs. The dog is known to have a high level of intelligence, is gentle, and is tolerable to children.

Aussiedoodle Golden Mix Information, Facts, and Images
Aussiedoodle Golden Mix Information, Facts, and Images

Nevertheless, the distinctive golden-brown dog often has tremendous hair loss, which can be annoying and tiresome for some people. Therefore, you need to be willing to handle whatever inconveniences the dog may have. This article will give you the care guide, the cost of owning an Aussiedoodle, and the routines you need to follow to ensure the dog is healthy.

Find Golden Aussiedoodle puppies for sale
Find Golden Aussiedoodle puppies for sale

The Ultimate Care Guide for Aussiedoodle Golden and Goldendoodle Mix

Aussiepoo, also known as Aussiedoodle, is a breed of dog that is a mix of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. The Poodle parents come from different breeds and sizes. The Aussiedoodle dog breed is predominantly across Europe, the United States, and the Australian continent. Aussiedoodle Golden and Goldendoodle mix breed dogs are not suited for city life.

This breed of dog is highly energetic and would need a backyard or a well-fenced space where they can extensively walk and run daily. Therefore, if you are planning to own an Aussiedoodle, ensure there is enough space they can use to exercise from time to time.

You should not be discouraged by the fact the Aussiedoodle dog breed has a lot of hair loss issues. There are products and medical procedures you can use to reduce the amount of hair loss. Far from it, Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle mix breed dogs are worth every penny if you have thought of having one.

What is the Difference Between an Aussiedoodle vs. Goldendoodle?

  • Of course, there are differences between these two breeds of dogs. They share a parent breed, the Doodle. There are several Doodle breeds, and you may be wondering which one suits you best. Aussiedoodle, also known as Aussiepoo, is often mistaken for an Australian Goldendoodle.
  • However, some differences can help you distinguish them. Aussiedoodle is a hybrid cross between an Australian Aussiedoodle and a purebred standard or miniature Poodle. A standard Poodle parent-bred Aussiedoodle is much larger and bigger than an Aussiedoodle from a miniature Poodle.
  • In some instances, breeders perform backcrossing to create golden Aussiedoodle puppies. On the other hand, Goldendoodle is a mixed breed with one of its parents as a purebred Poodle. Although, the other parent is a purebred Golden retriever. Poodles are generally used on different multigenerational Goldendoodles to create unique offspring.
  • These breeds of dogs are friendly, playful, and intelligent, making them one of the popular breeds among families. However, there is a difference in personality and color coat of Goldendoodles even from the same litter, which is entirely normal.
  • Most breeders breed Goldendoodles to create puppies with curly furs and light shedding coats. The coats are hypoallergenic, making them highly desirable and beneficial for people with pet allergies or who are lazy to vacuum up the dog. As a result, doodles are more expensive than fairly normal dog breeds.
  • The Goldendoodle size can relatively be predictable in size, from teacup, toy, mini, medium, and standard. This type of breed is more established than the Aussiedoodle. However, Aussiedoodle size entirely depends on the Poodle’s parents’ size. The standard size of Aussiedoodle ranges between 10 to 15 inches tall and weighs about 25 to 70 bounds.

What is an Aussiedoodle Golden Retriever Mix Dog Breed?

It may not be very clear, but the fact is, the only way for you to point to the Aussiedoodle Golden Retriever Mix is Golden Aussiedoodle. Others use this word interchangeably to describe an Aussiedoodle bred with a Golden Retriever and a Doodle cross of a Goldendoodle and Aussiedoodle.

Exercising the Aussiedoodle Golden Mix

  • Aussiedoodle Golden mix requires a minimum of 90 minutes of proper exercise. You can make it break this into three segments of walks throughout the day. The dog is highly intelligent and can be destructive when bored. It’s important to preoccupy them with activities or exercise to ensure they are physically and mentally stimulated.
  • Because the Aussiedoodle parent breed is the Australian Shepherd, they develop a better recall memory when trained. Again, the dogs enjoy swimming, and it will be a good opportunity for you to develop a strong bond during those times or have a refresher on those hot summer days.

The Amount of Food Required For an Aussiedoodle Golden Mix

  • The eating habits of the Aussiedoodle can be dynamic, but the advised way of feeding is on dry food, which can be between two and three cups daily. The National Research Council recommends that the number of calories you need to feed your Aussiedoodle must be around 1350.
  • This is the number of calories fed to an Australian Shepherd, and it’s the recommended amount even for Aussiedoodle. The dry food should be grain-free feed, with a mix of protein and vegetables. The dog is allergic to wheat-based food. Therefore, ensure that you don’t let them feed on wheat.
  • It would be best if you were keen on oily feeds that have a lot of fat; they tend to make the dogs overweight, which is unhealthy. Also, it would help if you considered raw feeding since you can feed the dog a balanced diet with plenty of nutrients between meals.
  • Canned food is also good since the highly moisturized food makes the dog feel full faster. This is recommended for those dogs that are fighting off being overweight. Moreover, canned food tends to have a higher percentage of protein than dry food. Therefore, it can help you meet the daily goal of feeding your dog between 18% and 24% of the recommended protein.

Problematic Health Conditions For an Aussiedoodle Golden Mix

  • It’s a no-brainer that at some point in dogs’ daily lives, their health may be compromised by an infection or nutrient deficiency. One notorious health condition, especially for Aussiedoodle, is Hip dysplasia. This condition causes the dog to suffer from arthritis and joint pains, which cause discomfort.
  • The only way to beat this condition is to ensure you exercise your dog more often, at least 90 minutes of daily runs and walks. Moreover, the type of diet fed to the dog can also cause the dog to develop hip dysplasia. As a result of genetic transfer, Aussiedoodle develops the same health conditions as parent-bred Poodles, prone to developing cataracts.
  • This condition makes the eyes cloudy and, when not treated in time, may make the dog blind. This is also true for the mini golden Aussiedoodle. The condition develops in two stages which are mild and severe. If the condition is noticed early, the treatment may need eye drops.
  • Unfortunately, severe conditions are hard to treat and can render the dog blind. The only way to prevent cataracts is by conducting a proper genetic selection at the breeding time. Ensure the parents are tested, and parents only do breeding with no or fewer symptoms of developing cataracts.
  • If you are adopting an Aussiedoodle Goldendoodle mix, the chances of this information being available may be less. However, you can still inquire whether the dog is less or less likely to develop this condition. There are also fewer rare health conditions such as Willebrand and bloat.

How Much Are Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle Dog Breeds?

The Aussiedoodle is cheaper than the Poodle mix family. The general price of this breed ranges between $700 and $ 1,200 per puppy. There are instances where the breeder may want to charge more if both parents show quality in genes. It is important to look for an experienced breeder to help find the best breeds that suit you with your family. Remember never trust a breeder that isolates a puppy.

Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle Mix Temperament

  • There is only one way to know the temperament of these breeds. It depends on the personality of both parent breeds. Australian Shepherd, one of the parent breeds, is known to be loyal, loving, and intelligent. The dog has a sense of humor and interacts immensely with the owner. The dogs were meant to help in herding cattle because of their intuitive nature and ability to anticipate the herd’s next move, making them an intelligent breed.
  • Poodle is a parent breed that is known to be gracious and cheerful. It’s a delicate dog, and often wealthy individuals can afford to have them. Though the personality traits can be difficult to know and confusing, Aussiedoodle Mix has the best traits from both worlds.
  • As a result of the combination of strong personality traits, you should dedicate time and attention to these breeds. Otherwise, they can develop restlessness and suffer from emotional tantrums. Surprisingly, these breeds of dogs rarely bark, but when they do so is always a loud deafening bark. It couldn’t be all fun and games.

Do Golden Aussiedoodles Shed?

As we have mentioned many times in this article, it depends a lot on the genetics. If our dog takes after the Poodle parent, there is a great chance that we will not have much trouble with dog hair around the house or allergies.

On the other hand, if it takes after the Australian parent, then we will realize how much Australian Shepherds actually shed.

The same applies to the Golden Retriever.

But we have information that can bring us a bit closer to a conclusion. We can find out if Aussiedoodles shed. And here we have some good news! Aussiedoodles are low shedders, which means that there is a high possibility that our golden boy will be too.

Now, the only thing we should check out is how to do those adorable Aussiedoodle haircuts.

There are a few hairstyle recommendations that will make a Golden Aussiedoodle look super cute. First up, you can try the popular teddy bear haircut. It makes the pooch look super adorable and teddy bear-like.

And there is the stylish Goldendoodle Mohawk that will make a dog look trendy and up to date. And there is the classic lion cut and lamb cut if you want him to look very dangerous or very meek.

Enjoy, and let your imagination work for you and your puppy!

Final Thoughts

You want to start your Aussiedoodle journey with the best beginning possible. An experienced breeder can help you find the perfect Aussiedoodle to give you and your family companionship and fun for years to come.

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