Goldendoodle and cat

Are Goldendoodles Good With Cats?

Potential Goldendoodle owners with other pets often wonder: “Are Goldendoodles good with cats?” A hybrid of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, Goldendoodles are wholesome animals. They are famous for their fun-loving, gentle, and loving nature. In addition, they have an outstanding reputation for getting along with other people and adjusting to situations. These traits make the Goldendoodles ideal family pets. Pet owners are notorious for having more than one four-legged family member.

Do Goldendoodles Get Along With Cats?
Do Goldendoodles Get Along With Cats?

Naturally, their first concern is whether adopting a second animal, such as a cat, is practical. Or you might have a cat at home, and you wish to introduce it to a Goldendoodle. Either way, your first thought might be, “Are Goldendoodles good with cats?” It is crucial to know whether Goldendoodles and cats can establish a friendly rapport. Owing to the low prey drive of Goldendoodles, they usually behave well when exposed to a cat. What about cats? Let’s consider all the factors determining whether your Goldendoodle and cat will be friends or might despise each other.

Goldendoodle’s Prey Drive

Prey drive refers to the instinct of a dog to hunt or chase. It is influenced by various factors like the type of dog breed and the purpose they were bred for. Some dogs, especially those bred for hunting, are more aggressive than others, implying that they have a high prey drive. Their heightened prey drive may make them display greater aggression towards animals that are tinier than them. Therefore, they will not have the best rapport with cats. High prey drive does not imply that your dog will hunt and kill every cat. Instead, they may stalk the cat. While it is relatively convenient to blame the larger animal, one must not forget that even cats exhibit high prey drives as well.

What Kind Of Prey Drive Do Goldendoodles Have?

To understand a Goldendoodle’s prey drive, you have to take a look at its origins. The dog inherits qualities from two breeds, namely the Golden Retriever and a Poodle. In the case of Golden Retrievers, they experience a very minimal prey drive, essentially one of the lowest ones in dogs. Instead, their instinct is to find, chase and retrieve smaller animals. Again, this is because they weren’t bred to hurt or kill. On the other hand, Poodles behave in the exact opposite manner.

Are Goldendoodles Good With Cats?
Are Goldendoodles Good With Cats?

Surprisingly, they have a high prey drive. The animal enjoys chasing and catching smaller creatures like mice, squirrels, or birds. Since a Goldendoodle’s parent breeds stand at opposite ends in the criteria of prey drives, you might be left wondering what instincts reign supreme in the hybrid. Luckily for you, a Mini Goldendoodle inherits qualities from a Golden Retriever when it comes to their prey drive.

In most cases, your furball will display a friendly demeanor and try to play with smaller creatures like cats. It might also indulge in a simple investigation of the cat. While this might help you relax, always be observant of your pets and their behavior. Why? Because aside from genetics, animal behavior is dependent on their personality too. While most Goldendoodles generally accept a cat’s presence, you now need to consider how your cat will react towards your Goldendoodle.

How Do Cats React To Goldendoodles?

There is a famous adage that goes, “For a man to truly understand rejection, he must first be ignored by a cat.” This quote emphasizes a cat’s naturally defensive and unresponsive behavior. They are unbothered by their size and are often sophisticated. Your cat’s dismissive attitude might lead to a situation or conflict with your Goldendoodle. Since this is attributed to the general aloof nature of cats, it has nothing to with their high prey drives.

A cat may be put off by the lively and energetic nature of the Goldendoodle puppy. If a cat shows aggression towards your dog, there is a high chance of instant retaliation. Several factors like age, personality, type, and breed of a cat influence its tolerance levels towards dogs. An owner who wishes to have a peaceful intermingling of the two animals must carefully introduce them and help them bond.

How To Ensure Goldendoodles And Cats Get Along

If you have a cat and wish to adopt a Goldendoodle, you can follow the steps below to introduce the two animals systematically. This also can be followed if you are a dog owner looking to adopt a kitten. The animals need to get along with each other and feel comfortable in their own space. They have to slowly get accustomed to the idea of a new being in their home. Remember, if your initial efforts of helping the two animals bond fails, never push or force. This will only have further negative repercussions. Be patient and try again later.

Adopting A Cat When You Have A Goldendoodle

  • Goldendoodles are friendly and pleasant dogs. However, they require attention and may experience jealousy if the new pet is the center of attraction. This might take a toll on the bonding process between the two animals. Remember to give equal attention to both your pet babies.
  • If you plan to introduce your dog to a new cat friend, it is always better to get a kitten. As the cat grows older, it gets more reserved and sophisticated. Likewise, a kitten will be bolder and less discerning when interacting with your Goldendoodle.

The ideal way to make the two pets bond is by bringing home a puppy and a kitten simultaneously. This method ensures that both pets are introduced to each other in a similar setting at a tender age. However, realistically, this option can get taxing for new pet owners. They feel that it is challenging to train and take care of two baby animals simultaneously.

Adopting A Goldendoodle When You Have A Cat

  • Give your companions equal treatment and attention. Treat both pets equally and reward good behavior. This will reinforce positive values. Usually, there is minimal interaction between the puppy and your cat, as the puppy is preoccupied with discovering the new home.
  • Provide your cat its personal space when your Goldendoodle comes home. Your cat must be given its own space away from the puppy. This will allow your cat to destress when overwhelmed by the newest member of the family. In the initial hours of adopting your puppy, please keep a close check on both your pets and their behaviors. Take them out of a hairy situation if it begins to look like teeth and claws might get involved. Your puppy needs to understand personal space until the cat has become comfortable with the change.
  • You should informally introduce the two animals. Arrange for a meet and greet before bringing the dog home. This establishes a neutral ground. It gives your cat reassurance that their territory is not being encroached. When you make the first introduction, keep both the animals in their kennels/carriers. If the situation is peaceful, you can let them out with their leashes and eventually proceed further.
  • Let them bond slowly and steadily. When you first try to introduce both animals, keep the sessions short. Ensure that they start by meeting at a designated area like the living room until things are smoother. Don’t involve food—your puppy might be tempted to taste your cat’s meal, and that will never end well. If the first few meetings go well, gradually increase their mingling hours.

Once you are confident that both your pet babies are getting along well and there will be no accidents, you have nothing to worry about. The two animals will be inseparable. Of course, the time taken for this bonding will differ in every situation. After all, cats, unlike dogs, are unpredictable. Therefore, it is always advisable to adopt a puppy instead of a grown dog. A Goldendoodle puppy will be easier to train than an adult dog. It will understand its boundaries with the cat after a little consistent encouragement. A grown dog, however, might be too set in its ways to learn or be accepting.

What If Your Cat and Goldendoodle Don’t Get Along?

Despite multiple attempts, there is always a chance that your Goldendoodle and your cat might not bond well. This can result in stressful situations indoors. To handle this, ensure you have enough space for the two to co-exist at home separately. As a pet parent, you have to be prepared for all odds. You can always have a trial session before committing to a new pet for the long term. The good news is that, in most cases, dogs and cats get along well.

Final Thoughts

Cats and Goldendoodles can get along well in the proper setting. Goldendoodles are intelligent dogs that pick up well on the feelings of others. If a cat wants to be left alone, the Goldendoodle picks up on that and will leave it. Goldendoodles don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. They will likely want to play with your cat until they learn their boundaries. When trained, a kitten can do just as well with an adult dog and vice versa. In proper settings and with precautions, nothing is stopping you from owning both a Goldendoodle and a cat.

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