Are Goldendoodles Hunting Dogs?

Are Goldendoodles Hunting Dogs?

If you’re into hunting and you’re thinking of welcoming a Goldendoodle into your life, you’ll need to know whether Goldendoodles make good hunting dogs. A good hunting dog loves to spend time in the Great Outdoors with his owner. But not all outdoorsy dogs with hunting breeds in their DNA make good hunters.

Are Goldendoodles Good Hunting Dogs
Are Goldendoodles Good Hunting Dogs

So, we did some research to save you the legwork!

Read this article to find out if the friendly, lovable, Teddy bear lookalike Doodle would be your friend or foe in the hunting field!

What Makes A Goldendoodle A Good Hunting Dog?

Factors like intelligence, agility, stamina, good health, tolerance, and loyalty matter the most when choosing a good hunting dog. A Goldendoodle is considered a great hunting dog mainly because they are highly intelligent which makes them easily trainable. In fact, the Poodle is considered the 2nd smartest dog breed in the world and the Golden Retriever isn’t far behind. You should have little issues teaching your Goldendoodle how to hunt.


Goldendoodles are super intelligent. One does not have to worry too much while training them to be good hunting dogs. These dogs are fast learners and can master techniques such as “soft mouth” in no time. They are also extremely food motivated dogs which makes them rather easy to train.

Are Goldendoodles Good Hunting Dogs?
Are Goldendoodles Good Hunting Dogs?

What is the point of having a hunting dog if it does not know when to do what? Or what if your dog does locate the prey but does not know what to do with it? Luckily, this is not something that you have to worry about with Goldendoodles. You can be assured that if you send your Goldendoodle out to retrieve a shot bird, it will bring back the bird to you in one piece.


Golden Retrievers and Poodles have impressive agility, a criterion a good hunting dog has to meet. So it isn’t a surprise that a cross between these two breeds is highly agile. While it isn’t easy for all dogs to get to a place at the exact time it needs to be there, Goldendoodles are fast and can hunt while overcoming extreme conditions. This agility is another factor that makes a Goldendoodle a good hunting dog.


Have you ever encountered a Goldendoodle that’s just lying around the house doing nothing? No, right? Hunting dogs are required to run fast to reach different locations, identify, and fetch their prey. These tasks demand a lot of running and a dog without excellent stamina cannot hunt well. Goldendoodles do not stop until they reach a point where they are unable to move without physical exhaustion. Their high energy levels will surely be of help to you on the day when you decide to go hunting.

Prey Drive

Mere stamina isn’t enough to make Goldendoodles good hunting dogs. It’s equally important for dogs to have the instinct to hunt. Goldendoodles aren’t dogs to give up easily. They possess an innate drive to fetch prey. They will round up their hunt no matter what. This sort of motivation is what makes them excellent for hunting. Let’s just say that Goldendoodles don’t know when to give up. What more can you ask for from a hunting dog?

Ability To Retrieve Prey From Water

Another great thing about a Goldendoodle is its fur coat is as close as it can get to being waterproof since they are hypoallergenic dogs and have hair instead of traditional dog fur. Honestly, what Goldendoodle does not love to play in the water? Their love for water can be used as an advantage while you’re training them to be hunting dogs. With the right training, they can easily fetch prey from the water as though it were a ball. Hunting for waterfowl is their biggest strength.


Goldendoodles are highly adaptable to extreme conditions. They do not have specific needs that their owners have to meet. Their high tolerance makes Goldendoodles an excellent choice for hunting dogs. You may have to teach them to sit still and how to act in certain situations, but Goldendoodles can adapt to many changes in environment.


Loyalty is as crucial in hunting dogs as it is in house dogs. Goldendoodles, like most dogs, are super loyal to their owners. They make excellent hunting companions to those who love to go hunting.

Being a hunting dog is build into a Goldendoodle’s genetic traits. There are, however, a few other things that one should keep in mind when it comes to Goldendoodles and hunting.

Things To Remember When You Choose a Goldendoodle for Hunting

Consider the Parents’ Qualities

One of the reasons why Goldendoodles make great hunting dogs is because of their innate instincts. It is therefore of utmost importance to consider your dog’s parents before creating a hybrid. Without a good gene pool, it is not possible to breed Goldendoodles that can hunt efficiently. There are certain Goldendoodle breeders who can help you choose and specialize in hunting dogs.

Are Goldendoodles Hunting Dogs?
Are Goldendoodles Hunting Dogs?

F1 generation Goldendoodles are best for hunting because they are exactly 50% Retriever and 50% Poodle. One might also consider breeding a Goldendoodle that has a higher Retriever genetic component. Generally, Retrievers are considered the better hunting dog unless you want a Poodle to retrieve animals from the water.

Keep Your Goldendoodle in Good Health

Goldendoodles for hunting should always be in a state of excellent physical health. There’s no point in taking your dog out hunting if it is injured or suffering from an illness.

An injured dog cannot possibly run or fetch prey as efficiently as a healthy dog. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that the dogs are well cared for at all times. Although goldendoodles are much healthier than their parent breeds, they too can fall sick once in a while. It is best to identify signs of sickness and take them to your vet as soon as possible.

Invest in Their Training

Training is as crucial as the cross-breeding of Goldendoodles. Although they’re quick learners, one must begin training them while they’re puppies. It also helps if you teach your puppy a few necessary tricks at home to aid the training process. Awarding them with dog treats is one of the keys to good training.

Consider the Size

One should choose an appropriate-sized Goldendoodle. A cross between an average-sized Golden Retriever and a tiny Poodle isn’t likely to be a good hunting dog. Although Poodles are not fragile, they have smaller builds and may not have enough tolerance for hunting. Medium to large-sized Standard Goldendoodles are best for hunting. The size makes a difference when you are out on a hunt.

Take Care of Your Goldendoodle’s Mental Health

Mental health is as important as physical health. We must be sure to raise Goldendoodles for hunting in a loving, safe home. Dogs in general are pets that require lots of love, time, and care.

Dogs are always looking to be acknowledged by their owners. Hunting dogs are no different from house dogs in this regard. Goldendoodles trained for hunting require lots of open space to stretch their legs and therefore cannot live in cramped spaces. It is best to keep them in houses with big yards. They are also known for their restless behavior so toys are a good idea to keep this canine breed occupied.

Maintain Your Goldendoodle’s Coat

Goldendoodles have a thick fur coat that is nonshedding and hypoallergic. If not maintained, it can become matted. Compared to their parent breeds, Goldendoodles are higher maintenance. Owners will have to take them to the groomers regularly. A wet fur coat can get sticky quickly. It should be dried to maintain hygiene.

Owners must find a middle ground when maintaining a Goldendoodle hair length. If the hair is too long, leaves, dirt, and burrs easily stick to it. If the fur is too short, there’s a high probability that your dog will get cold. Matting in sensitive areas can lead to rashes and discomfort for your furry friend so adequate grooming is an integral part of owning Goldendoodles. Their high-maintenance coats are one of the reasons why many people do not choose Goldendoodles as their hunting companions.

How to Groom a Goldendoodle for the Hunt

Grooming a Goldendoodle for hunting required a little thinking. DIY grooming and clipping a Goldendoodle is relatively easy. Grab the right tools, and you can quickly home groom. (Also grab some bulk Goldendoodle friendly and budget-friendly shampoo in advance too).

The tricky part is figuring out how long to leave the Goldendoodle hair.

Leave coat too long? It will attract foliage and burrs like you would not believe. It also increases the chances of matting in sensitive areas where there is rubbing. Think around the forelegs and collar. Particularly on a muggy or wet day, knots can form very quickly in long Goldendoodle hair. It can also be too hot in summer with a longer coat length.

Leave coat too short? We lose the exceptional Poodle coat insulation. This waterproof insulation stops the Goldendoodle from getting too cold. You wouldn’t want someone to take away your wind jacket in the middle of Winter!

Most owners find the middle ground at about one inch. Some prefer longer or shorter – the only real way to test is to get out there and hunt.

  • So a general 1-inch clip works for most hunting Goldendoodle
  • A hygiene clip around the mouth and butt is essential.
  • Clip the paw hair thoroughly and be sure to get the hair from in between the toes
  • Most owners will leave the hair longer around the face to maintain the teddybear look. No reason that your hunting pal can’t be a cutie!

Misconceptions About Goldendoodles and Hunting

I know what you might be thinking: aren’t Goldendoodles too cute to be hunters? Do not let these adorable munchkins fool you. Most people have a misconception that Goldendoodles are only apt for cuddling. However, aside from hunting, many keep them as service dogs or use them in therapy.

For centuries, many hunters have used this breed for hunting birds and many other small animals. These dogs follow the scent of their prey, and, once found, they lead their owners to it. They are as capable of hunting as other hunting dogs. Teach them how to hunt for waterfowl and their skill will surely take you by surprise. When you train Goldendoodles to hunt, they usually become closer to their hunting companion than the rest of the family members.

If you have a family member who has allergies, another advantage you can look forward to with these dogs is they are hypoallergenic. If you’re a fan of hunting but are allergic to dog fur, you should consider owning a Goldendoodle.

Final Thoughts

Goldendoodles were not originally bred for hunting. However, people quickly noticed their hunting instincts and natural skill.  It isn’t a big surprise since Golden Retrievers and Poodles are recognized for being good hunters.

Cuddly, loving, intelligent, and loyal, Goldendoodles have an excellent sense of smell and an appetite for the outdoors. Properly training a Goldendoodle can give you a great family companion with wonderful hunting skills.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a hunting dog and want one that is cute and intelligent, I suggest you go for a Goldendoodle!

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