Goldendoodle Puppies in Utah

Goldendoodle Puppies in Utah

Finding Goldendoodle puppies in Utah can be challenging simply because there aren’t a ton of reputable breeders in this large state. In addition, since Goldendoodle are in such high demand right now due to the nonshedding and hypoallergenic genetic qualities, it’s difficult to find a breeder without a waitlist. If you’re looking for a Goldendoodle puppy in the Utah area, we recommend you look now and try to get on a waitlist for your future Goldendoodle puppy.

Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Utah
Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Utah

We’ve narrowed down the ranks to share with you some of the best Goldendoodle breeders in Utah. While there isn’t a ton to choose from, we’ve found some really great options, and we think you will be pleased with these selections. Always make sure to do your own independent research to make sure that you don’t purchase a dog from a puppy mill. Not only are you risking the future health of your puppy, but you’ll be supporting unethical breeding practices.

Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Utah

Highland Goldendoodles Utah

Highland Goldendoodles Utah is operated by a woman who was inspired by the dog of her childhood. She saw the joy of families adding these beloved Goldendoodle puppies to their families or even taking them as therapy dogs. Thus, she wanted to make her contribution and started her own breeding practice in Highland, Utah.

Goldendoodle Puppies in Utah
Goldendoodle Puppies in Utah

The dams and sires live in their own home and the puppies are born and raised there until they are adopted to their forever home. Their Goldendoodle puppies spend time with people of all ages and get tons of love and social interaction. You can see past, present, and future litters on her website if you want to get an idea of what your puppy could look like.

All dams and sires are appropriately registered. They come from healthy families and they have all the genetic testing that they can show you. They are F1 and F1B Goldendoodle generation breeders. They also breed their puppies in multiple sizes. Some of their retired dogs come from award-winning bloodlines.

Breeder Details

  • Website: Highland Goldendoodles Utah
  • Phone: 801-310-9833
  • Location: Highland, Utah
  • Social Media: Facebook

Breed Details

  • Sizes: Mini, medium, and standard size Goldendoodle puppies
  • Generation: F1 and F1B, multi-generational Goldendoodle puppies

Goldendoodles Utah

Goldendoodles Utah breeds and raises puppies right out of their home. They work hard to breed happy and healthy puppies using strategic planning, timing, and resources. They have their own family and pack, and they work hard to love and show them respect before breeding them. They strongly believe their dogs are not just tools, but instead part of their family.

Every Goldendoodle puppy in Utah is raised in their personal home and treated with the utmost respect. They get tons of socialization and royal treatment until they are transferred to their adoptive homes. Each puppy and dog is genetic health tested and provided a solid foundation of care, love, and support.

Just like with most Goldendoodle breeders in Utah, you will need to apply and be approved. Once you’re approved, you’re placed on their waitlist and then you simply wait for your puppy! They do allow viewing appointments in person or by technological means as well. This allows you to meet the parent dogs and check out their facilities to make sure you are happy with their breeding practices. In general, their dogs have tons of space to run and play with each other.

Breeder Detail

  • Website: Goldendoodles Utah
  • Phone: 801-982-1960
  • Location: Erda, Utah
  • Facebook: Social Media

Breed Details

  • Sizes: Miniature, medium, and standard size Goldendoodle puppies
  • Generation: F1, F1BB, and F1B, multi-generational Goldendoodle puppies

My Doodle Crush

Taking up the next spot on our list is My Doodle Crush. Located in West Valley City, this breeding facility is dedicated to producing fine quality Goldendoodles of Standard sizes that weigh between 30 to 40 pounds. They breed highly intelligent Goldendoodles that are easily trainable and can double as both family pets and service or work dogs. The puppies they breed are low to no-shedding dogs from the F1 and F1b generation of Goldendoodles

They have been able to establish a breeding line that is filled with numerous AKC-registered Golden Retrievers and Poodles. The breeding dogs all come from impressive breeding lines with equally impressive pedigrees to top it. In addition to that, the Golden Retriever and Poodle parents being considered for their breeding program also undergo DNA testing for genetic health conditions like EIC and HNPK. Their CERF and OFA certifications are also available upon request.

All Goldendoodles from My Doodle Crush are raised in the family house where they are loved and catered for throughout their stay at the facility. They get to sleep in temperature-regulated spaces that are regularly cleaned. To help get them socialized they are allowed to interact with people of varying age ranges. In addition to that, they are exposed to a wide variety of textures, sights, and sounds.

Every Goldendoodle from My Doodle Crush comes with a 2-year health guarantee that frees them from genetic health conditions common to the Goldendoodle litter. All their Goldendoodle pups are well vaccinated and dewormed with updated records to show it.

My Doodle Crush Contact Details

Breeder Since Over 7 years
Location West Valley City, Utah
Phone Number (949) 310-5270
Facebook My Doodle Crush

Artisan Doodles Utah

This sweet little Goldnedoodle breeder in Utah strives to make their puppies special through health testing, basic training, and a positive upbringing. Your puppy can be significantly influenced in the few weeks before they come to your home and Artisan Doodles in Utah makes the best of that time frame!

Artisan Doodles get tons of care, training, and socialization in before they send a Goldendoodle puppy to their forever home. They also start the potty training process to try to help with a smooth transition to your home where you can continue the training. Their puppies are also started on clicker training for basic commands which gives you puppies that have a steady foundation to build on if you want to continue training your Goldendoodle with a clicker.

You get the health guarantees as well as all basic wellness care like vaccinations and de-worming. The Artisan Doodle owners remain available to you for questions and help as needed as well. This Goldendoodle breeder in Utah is well-rounded and has a lot of positive testimonials.

Their website also has a chat feature and contact us pop-up if you wish to reach out. They are quite friendly and can help you answer any basic questions you have about their Goldendoodles.

Breeder Details

  • Website: Artisan Doodles Utah
  • Phone: 801-426-5792
  • Location: Springville, Utah
  • Email:

Breed Details

  • Sizes: Mini and toy Goldendoodle puppies
  • Generation: F1 and F1B, multi-generational Goldendoodle puppies

Golden Doodle Express

The 4th breeder on our list is another top breeder that is widely renowned in Utah for its high-quality Goldendoodles and breeding standards. Golden Doodle Express is a breeding facility that is focused on Mini Goldendoodles due to their small size, decent temperament, nonshedding coat, and high intelligence. They breed to improve the Goldendoodle breed and to place many lovable Goldendoodles in many loveable families.

Every Goldendoodle from Doodle Express is raised in the family house. They are raised with the utmost care, tender love, and attention as they are regarded as members of the family. This is not a kennel as the puppies sleep in temperature-regulated areas of the house. Sometimes they get to share a bed with the kids and other members of the family. They are properly socialized as they each get to interact with people of varying age ranges. They are also exposed to various stimulating sounds, sights, and textures to help build their socialization.

They spare no expenses when it comes to their breeding line as they always strive to improve the integrity of the Goldendoodle breed. This involves collaborating with breeders from other parts of the country and the entire world to import AKC-championed dogs into their line.  The dogs are genetically tested to be sure they are free from dangerous health defects that could be transferred to the Goldendoodle litter. They also have the required certifications for decent hips, eyes, hearts, and elbows.

All their Goldendoodles are fully examined by a reputable vet. They have their deworming and vaccination records updated and they each come with a 2-year health guarantee that frees them from genetic health problems.

Golden Doodle Express Contact Details

Breeder Since Over 5 years
Location Provo, Utah
Phone Number (801) 735-4707
Facebook Doodle Express

Timber Creek Doodles Utah

Timber Creek Doodles is a great place to buy Goldendoodle puppies in Utah. They specialize in miniature Goldendoodles and also have Bernedoodles. This little operation prides itself on offering superior service as well as raising healthy and beautiful mini Goldendoodles for their new families around Salt Lake City, Utah.

Genetic health testing is done on all dams and sires. In addition, all puppies get a 2-year health guarantee to prevent against genetic and hereditary issues. The Goldendoodle puppies are well socialized and worked with before they make it to their forever homes. Timber Creek Doodles raises their puppies in their home with the love of a family, much like they should be when they transition to your home.

Puppies do get some training on basic commands, crate training, and potty training. They recommend that you use a crate as a safe space for your new puppy instead of letting them sleep in your bed. They will send your puppy home with you prepared with a blanket that smells like their mom and siblings. Moreover, you’ll get a health clearance from their own veterinarian.

Breeder Detail

  • Website: Timber Creek Goldendoodles Utah
  • Phone: 801-309-7047 (call or text)
  • Location: Near Salt Lake City, Utah (West Ogden, Utah)
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Social Media

Breed Details

  • Sizes: Miniature and standard medium size Goldendoodle puppies
  • Generation: F1 and F1B, multi-generational Goldendoodle puppies

Natural Goldendoodle UT

This is advertised as a large breeding company, which you should always be slight wary of. They offer to breed to multiple different states and can ship their Goldendoodles accordingly. However, they are a reputable breeder with a lot of positive information and testimonials that you can read online. What you find is their Goldendoodle puppies are raised in a loving home with a family.

They breed both Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles. The puppies from this breeder are healthy, sweet, and come with beautiful coat colors. In addition, they use natural foods and natural immune boosters for all of their Goldendoodle puppies in Utah. They stay away from chemicals or any harmful substances that could hurt their puppies.

The puppies are raised in natural, loving environment to give them the growth and stability they need for the real world. They are taught with Puppy Culture, Avidog, and receive neurological stimulation. Despite being a large breeding company, this is a reputable Goldendoodle breeder in Utah.

Breeder Details

  • Website: Natural Goldendoodle Utah
  • Phone: 607-288-3364
  • Location: Near Maple Canyon, Hobble Creek Canyon, and Spanish Fork Canyon in Utah
  • Facebook: Social Media

Breed Details

  • Sizes: Small, Miniature, medium, and standard Goldendoodle puppies
  • Generation: F1 and F1B, multi-generational Goldendoodle puppies

Choosing a Breeder for Goldendoodle Puppies in Utah

There is a pretty good selection of Goldendoodle puppies in Utah, although not quite as many as some states and locations. The nice thing is you’ll get an array of options of different Goldendoodle breeders in Utah. Utah also has a lot of open country so many of these breeders have space for the puppies to play, run, and interact.

When you are looking for a place to choose a Goldendoodle puppy, there are a few caveats to keep in mind:

  • Waitlist – Once you find the appropriate Goldendoodle breeder, just know you may have to join a waitlist. The common consensus is that it is always worth the wait and typically at least a few months. Be prepared for the wait but also don’t piddle around making a decision or you may find yourself out of luck until the next time around.
  • What are you looking for? – Know what you are looking for in terms of Goldendoodle generation, size, and even coat colors. Find a breeder that has what you are looking for to enhance your chances of getting what you want! Not all breeders will be breeding the same generation or coat colors.
  • Health Information – You will want to know that your future puppy comes from healthy and thriving parents. Most breeders will provide the parent genetic information to you and even display it on their sites. In addition, if many breeders believe in the health of their dog, they will typically offer some sort of health guarantee for the first couple years.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Hopefully our list of the best ethical Goldendoodle breeders in Utah has proven to be a useful resource. And who knows, maybe your Goldendoodle puppy is ready to come home sooner than you thought!

Above all, you’ll want to make sure that your new puppy comes from rigorously health tested parent dogs and from a safe and loving facility, where all breeding dogs and puppies are well taken care of.

All of the breeders we’ve listed in this article are committed to responsible breeding and many of them are also affiliated with established organizations, such as the GANA. Regardless of the breeder you choose, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get the most adorable four-legged companion that you can love and nurture for many years to come.

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