Great Danoodle Puppies For Sale

Great Danoodle Puppies For Sale

If you’re searching for breeders with Great Danoodle puppies in the United States for sale, here’s what you need to know. A Great Danoodle is a puppy produced when you breed a Poodle with a Great Dane. This mixed breed dog is not as common as its purebred parents but has become increasingly popular as a companion and family pet due to its friendly temperament.

How much do great Danoodles shed?
How much do great Danoodles shed?

Since the Great Danoodle is not common, you may experience problems finding a reputable breeder from which you can buy a puppy. This is why we have researched and put together this list of top breeders in the United States of Great Danoodle puppies. We also include guidance on what to look for when searching for a breeder, and we give you reasons why you may want to choose a Great Danoodle.

How big do great dandoodles get?
How big do great dandoodles get?

Great Danoodle Breeders In The USA

Great Danoodles make great family pets due to their gentle and friendly nature. However, all puppies need to be raised correctly and socialized to ensure they get along and do well in a new home. Read further to learn which breeders of Great Danoodles we have found that you can use as a starting point for looking for a good breeder.

How much does a Great Danoodle puppy cost?
How much does a Great Danoodle puppy cost?

Oddles of Kisses Great Danoodles

This is a Better Business Bureau accredited breeder who has been in business since 1996. They have a very comprehensive explanation of the genetic crosses they do and why they do them. This is useful information for people interested in a low-shedding dog versus a non-shedding dog.

This breeder does remove the dewclaws of puppies, but you need to ask if you want the tail docked. All new puppies are also given deworming medicine and appropriate vaccines to prevent catching diseases.

When you adopt a puppy from Oodles of Kisses, you will have to sign a contract that promises to sterilize your new puppy. In other words, they do not sell dogs for breeding purposes but only for use as pets and family companions.

Oodles of Kisses Great Danoodles Details

  • Email:
  • Address/Location: Schulenberg, TX 78956.
  • Website: Oodles of Kisses Great Danoodles
  • Phone: (281) 507-7005

TimberHills Great Danoodles

TimberHills is a farm where they breed cattle, goats, and Great Danoodles. Their Danoodles are a cross between a male Poodle and a Great female Dane. Since they are producing first-generation Great Danoodles, the puppies will be fit.

This breeder does have excellent reviews from people who have previously adopted their Great Danoodle puppies. TimberHills is still breeding Great Danoodles, with announcements on upcoming litters of puppies expected sometime in April 2022.

TimberHills Great Danoodles Details

  • Phone: (641) 774-6830
  • Address/Location: 1106 225th St, Leighton, IA 50143.
  • Website: TimberHills Great Danoodles
  • Email:
  • Facebook: TimberHills Farm

Bultema Family Great Danoodles

Bultema Family Great Danoodles is in the business of breeding Great Danoodles. They are located in Michigan and produce beautiful puppies for people to adopt. They have bred various colors, from gray and white to black and white and brown color Danoodle puppies. They also often have tricolor puppies for sale.

You need to contact Sue Bultema, the owner, and breeder at Bultema Family Great Danoodles, to find out more details. You can call or contact this breeder through social media to see what puppies will be available and when to expect additional litters. This breeder does have a FaceBook page and does breed the F1B Great Danoodles. They state that their puppies genetically are a 25% Great Dane and 75% Poodle mix.

Bultema Family Great Danoodles Details

  • Phone Number: (616) 558-5909
  • Address/Location: 1439 146th Ave, Dorr, MI
  • Website: Bultema Family Great Danoodles
  • Instagram: Bultema Family Great Danoodles
  • Facebook: Bultema Family Great Danoodles

Day’s Danoodles

Day’s Danoodles are a family that breeds Great Danoodles. They produce first-generation (F1) puppies and F1B puppies. The F1 babies are from two purebred parents, while the F1B is made when you cross an F1 dog with either a purebred Poodle or purebred Great Dane. This breeder has a one-year warranty against congenital and genetic problems.

They have a 48-hour warranty against particular viral infections, Parvo, Distemper, and Corona. They have a detailed warranty you can find on their website. They also require people who buy puppies to spay or neuter the animals at six months. This means that they do not sell Great Danoodles for breeding purposes.

Day’s Danoodles Details

  • Address/Location: Omaha, IL 62871
  • Website: Day’s Danoodles
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: (618) 384-1488
  • Instagram: Day’s Danoodles
  • Facebook: Day’s Danoodles

Country Boys Great Danes

The last of our Great Danoodles breeders is Country Boys Great Danes. This business has been breeding dogs for over 25 years, and they breed Great Danes, but they also breed Great Danoodles. Country Boys Great Danes is a family affair with the parents and sons involved in breeding and socializing puppies. Puppies are fed nutritious vitamin-enriched food.

Puppies are vaccinated and come with a health warranty. This breeder will microchip puppies if you ask for it. You can also visit this breeder; they ship to some places. Contact Country Boys Great Danes for further information and details on the puppy adoption process.

Country Boys Great Danes Details

  • Phone Number: (334) 488-1366
  • Address/Location: 21407 Babbie Rd Andalusia, AL.
  • Website: Country Boys Great Danes
  • Facebook: Country Boys Great Danes
  • Email:

K.C.’s Great Danoodles

These breeders produce Great Danoodles partly to produce less allergenic dogs. In other words, dogs do not shed as much and are better as pet animals for people due to lower shedding. They have bred different colors and patterns of Great Danoodles, including harlequin and red merle puppies.

They also have a FaceBook page where you can find out information in addition to their original website. There is more than one shipping option available if you order one of their puppies, including collecting the dog. You will need to contact K.C.s Great Danoodles directly to learn more about their puppies and the adoption process.

K.C.s Great Danoodles Details

  • Phone Number: (918) 696-0583
  • Address/Location: Howe, OK.
  • Website: K.C.s Great Danoodles
  • Facebook: K.C.s Great Danoodles
  • Email:
  • Instagram: K.C.s Great Danoodles

Choosing Your Great Danoodle Puppy in the USA

When choosing your puppy, there are some things to consider.

We have listed these below for you:

  • Decide on the gender of your dog.
  • Decide what color puppy you want. Great Danoodles come in many colors like tricolor or harlequin.
  • Decide if you have the time and space for a Great Danoodle. This dog does need a large space and to be able to exercise each day.
  • Decide what pedigree you want. In other words, if the puppy is an F1, an F1B, or F2 generation dog. This influences how much the dog sheds, so it is important to know.
  • Decide if you want a microchipped puppy and if this is a service the breeder offers.

Choosing a Great Danoodle Breeder in the United States

Finding a trustworthy breeder can be hard. There are some signs you should look for when investigating potential breeders. Seeing a picture of an adorable puppy in a seller’s advert does not mean they are trustworthy. This may be a red flag if a breeder has very little information regarding contacting the person.

A reputable breeder should also have an address, phone number, email, and social media account. The list of breeders we have compiled has phone numbers, addresses, and information regarding what they do. The best strategy in picking a breeder to buy from us is to contact them and ask as many questions as you need.

Questions you should ask include the following:

  • Is a deposit required?
  • Are puppies vaccinated and dewormed?
  • Is there any healthy warranty?
  • Can you fetch the puppy yourself?
  • What is the total price?

More Information About Great Danoodle Puppies In The USA

You can also find Great Danoodle breeders by looking at reviews or recommendations online. Accessing social media is another way to find a possible breeder, but do be careful and ask lots of questions to avoid being scammed.

Trustworthy breeders should have a record of breeding and be knowledgeable. They should also demonstrate open and timely communication. If the person does not respond to your questions or seems to be avoiding certain of your questions, this is likely a warning that they are not to be trusted.

Final Thoughts

Great Danoodles are adorable dogs that combine desirable traits of Great Danes and Poodles. However, finding a trustworthy breeder is difficult. This is why we provided you with this list of the top breeders of Great Danoodle puppies in the U.S. Remember also to use the tips and suggestions we have given on finding a breeder and choosing a Great Danoodle puppy.

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