Teddy Bear Maltipoo Haircuts

Teddy Bear Maltipoo Haircuts

Maltipoos have been growing in popularity for years and there are no signs of slowing down. This is an adorable designer dog breed that is crossed between a toy Poodle and a Maltese. Both of these dogs are extremely small but have a large amount of hair. Since both dog breeds shed very little hair, this makes grooming necessary and you’ll have to give your Maltipoo regular haircuts.

Maltipoo grooming styles don’t have to be boring and there are so many types of Maltipoo hairstyles that your dog can have. You can virtually do a new haircut on your Maltipoo every time if you know what you’re looking for.

We have put together a list of the best and most popular types of Maltipoo haircuts. These are adorable cuts and help keep daily grooming under control. In addition, cutting your Maltipoo’s hair helps to prevent mats and tangles from pulling at your dog’s coat. We are also going to give you a few tips on how to choose the right haircut for your Maltipoo.

Best Types of Maltipoo Haircuts with Pictures

Maltipoo Puppy Cut

The Maltipoo puppy cut is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple haircut that’s easy to maintain. It works great on all Maltipoo coat types and doesn’t require much experience to achieve at home.

Maltipoo Soft Curls Cut

Enhancing natural curls, the Maltipoo soft curls cut looks fluffy, soft, and layered. The hair is kept medium to longer length all over, just enough for the curls to appear

Maltipoo Miami Cut

Maltipoo Miami Cut
Maltipoo Miami Cut

The Maltipoo Miami cut is traditionally seen on Poodles. So this is a tribute to one side of the Malitpoo’s parentage. However, it does look good on Maltipoos and helps keep the tangles out of their hair. The Miami haircut is also sometimes referred to as a bikini cut so if your groomer hasn’t heard the term “Miami cut” ask them about a bikini cut.

If your groomer still does not understand what you are asking for, don’t worry, we are going to give you the features of a Miami cut. This will help you explain what you want. We also recommend you show them a picture so they don’t accidentally shave your dog.

The name “Bikini cut” comes from how the haircut looks when it is finished. When it is done correctly it looks kind of like your dog is wearing a bikini. It has become known as the Miami cut because you wear a bikini in Miami.

Miami Cut Features

  • Short on the rest of the body
  • Long hair on the back end and tail
  • Long hair on the head
  • Feet cut short as well

Maltipoo Continental Cut

Maltipoo Continental Cut
Maltipoo Continental Cut

When you hear Continental cuts do you think of show Poodles? You should. This haircut is exciting to do on your Maltipoo. This is a cut that you can try in the summer because the back part of your dog is mostly shaved. There are also poms on the tail and ankles of your Maltipoo.

If you want your Maltipoo to look like an adorable tiny lion then this is the cut you have been looking for. The best part is that a groomer can’t be confused about what you want. This is a very recognizable Maltipoo haircut and leaves little room for interpretation.

Basically, the legs of your Maltipoo will be shaved beside the paw pads. In addition, half of the tail will be shaved and there will be hair left at the end of your Maltipoo’s tail. The facial area is also shaved, but the rest of the body hair is left fluffy.

Continental Cut Features

  • Shaved legs beside the paw pads
  • Poms on tail and ankles
  • Long and fluffy head and upper body
  • Shaved back half of body
  • Sheared face

Maltipoo Town and Country Cut

Maltipoo Town and Country Cut
Maltipoo Town and Country Cut

This is a pretty traditional Maltipoo haircut and it is seen often on the Maltese. This cut offers the owner and the groomer some leeway when it comes to the hair length of the body. There is no set length for this haircut to be considered the town and country.

The only thing that really matters is the length of the face, feet, and tail as those are the parts of the dog that are getting trimmed. The body could be trimmed short or kept long. It depends on what you like and what season it is as generally body hair is cut shorter in the summer and left longer in the winter.

This cut is very versatile and can be worn in all seasons. Generally speaking, the shorter that you cut your Maltipoo’s hair, the easier it will be to brush and remove tangles. However, most people like to keep their Maltipoo’s hair longer because the dog tends to look cuter.

Town and Country Features

  • Feet Short
  • Face Short
  • Tail Short
  • The rest of the body is the desired length

Teddy Bear Cut

A super popular look in many Doodles, the Maltipoo teddy bear cut enhances all the right features. The signature fluffy Doodle look comes from the rounded paws and face while the hair is kept at medium length.

Maltipoo Lamb Cut

Maltipoo Lamb Cut
Maltipoo Lamb Cut

We aren’t sure if there is a Maltipoo that looks bad in the lamb haircut. The Maltipoo lamb haircut is a universally adorable cut and common amongst most doodle breeds. This cut literally makes the dog look like a tiny lamb and there is nothing cuter. This is especially true if you have a white Maltipoo that has that fluffy and curly Poodle hair.

This is such a common Maltipoo haircut that it is actually permitted in the show ring on Poodles. But your Maltipoo doesn’t need to go into the show ring to be a winner with this haircut. It is especially good for winter because the hair is kept slightly long.

In general, the Maltipoo lamb haircut leaves the leg hair longer and the body hair shorter. The Maltipoo ears are generally brushed out and left long and fluffy. You’ll also notice that the face is trimmed rounded and the tail hair is left longer.

Lamb Cut Features

  • Feet trimming and rounded
  • Ears trimmed but kept long and fluffy
  • Tail hair has a pom
  • Face trimmed and rounded to look like a lamb
  • Body hair is trimmed shorter

Maltipoo Shih Tzu Cut

Maltipoo Shih Tzu Cut
Maltipoo Shih Tzu Cut

Okay so the Shih Tzu is not in the genetic family for a Maltipoo, but their hairstyles are too cute to leave out and they work well for a Maltipoos hair. Shih Tzu’s also have distinct hairstyles that will make your Maltipoo stand out.

In addition, most grooming parlors will know what the Maltipoo Shih Tzu cut is and it’ll be difficult for them to mess this style up. This cut is similar to the Maltese haircut with a few differences. The way the head is styled is probably the most similar feature that you will see on the cut.

The Shih Tzu hairstyle is going to have a pretty short cut all over with longer hair on the head and ears. The face will also be trimmed down. Your Maltipoo will pull this look off so well that people might think you have a Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu Cut Features

  • Closely trimmed face hair
  • Rounded head hair
  • Bobbed ear hair
  • Even body hair, leg hair, and tail hair (your decision how long)

Maltipoo Maltese Cut

Maltipoo Maltese Cut
Maltipoo Maltese Cut

The Maltipoo Maltese cut is a traditional haircut for a Maltese. We are talking about the everyday wear cut and not the show cut. The show cut keeps the fur very long and flowing which could be a mess for mats and tangles. This is a beautiful haircut, but not practical for everyday use.

That is why we are going to be focusing on the everyday Maltipoo Maltese haircut. The body hair will be shorter with the ears and head hair stays a little bit longer. The legs and tail hair will be slightly longer as well.

Maltese Cut Features

  • Chest, stomach, front of the neck, and bottom are shorter at 1/16 inch
  • Body hair (sides and torso) is cut to ¼ inch
  • Ears are bobbed and brushed out
  • Legs are 1 ¼ inch long and are usually feathered
  • Head hair is clipped rounded
  • The tail is left to 2 inches

Other Maltipoo Grooming Tips

Taking care of the Maltipoo coat requires a fair bit of time and effort. There are many steps involved, some more advanced than others, which might make you wonder – can I groom my Maltipoo myself? The good thing is it’s absolutely doable. Of course, getting the hang of some things might take time. But with a little bit of time and patience, you’ll soon groom your Maltipoo like a true professional.

Brushing The Hair

  • As you might know, Maltipoos can be high maintenance when it comes to grooming. Their hair can easily mat while also growing out quickly. By regularly brushing your Maltipoo’s hair, you’ll not only prevent matting, but also keep it clean from dirt between baths. What’s more, brushing distributes your dog’s natural skin oils. As a result, your Maltipoo will sport a nourished and glossy coat.
  • When brushing your Doodle’s hair, it’s best to start from the feet and paws and move your way up to the top of the head and back. Here’s a simple guide to follow:
  • Depending on how much upkeep your Maltipoo’s coat requires, you might also want to learn more about the line brushing technique. It’s certainly more time-consuming than regular brushing, as it’s kind of an “intensive treatment” for scruffy, matted hair. However, it really does get out all the knots and tangles.


  • Whether your Maltipoo is due a haircut or you’ve started to notice some smell, an occasional bath is necessary for any pup. Opt for specially formulated dog shampoos, as they’re pH balanced for dogs’ skin. Additionally, there are tons of dog shampoos that target certain problems like sensitive or dry skin, flea and tick prevention, or odor control.
  • Although washing your Maltipoo isn’t much different to how you would wash your own hair, there are still some points to keep in mind. Before wetting the hair, we recommend you line brush to get it completely tangle-free. And after you’re done rinsing, thoroughly dry the hair and also focus on hard-to-reach areas like the ears, paws, armpits, and belly.

Maltipoo Haircuts

As Maltipoo hair can grow out quickly, you won’t be getting away from scissors and clippers. With the right tools and technique, you can give your Maltipoo haircuts that are practical, cute, and work with your lifestyle. Later in this article, you’ll find a place where we show how to groom your Doodle at home.

Nail Clipping

Another crucial step in your Maltipoo’s grooming routine is nail trimming. Overgrown nails can cause discomfort and pain when walking, and even lead to injury and infections. Our ultimate nail trimming guide is a great place to start.

Eyes & Ears

Any breed with floppy ears is at a higher risk of ear infections, and the Maltipoo is no different. The perfect breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria is a moist environment with restricted airflow. That’s why it’s especially important you thoroughly dry your Maltipoo’s ears after a swim or bath. Another great method to prevent ear infections is by trimming the ear hairs.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, choosing the right look for your pup can be overwhelming, especially when all the Maltipoo haircuts look equally adorable. We hope this article gave you some new inspiration for the upcoming grooming sessions with your pup.

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