Maltipoo Puppies For Sale in Arizona

Maltipoo Puppies For Sale in Arizona

  • What happens when you cross a Maltese with a Poodle? Maltipoos of course are a warm, affectionate, and gentle dog breed. Their pacifist and docile natures make them an ideal companion for all kinds of households, including those with kids or elderly members.
  • Maltipoos don’t need a lot of room to be happy. This makes them well-suited for life in small apartments. They also shed minimally to none at all so they require less grooming and are much easier to care for.
  • If these benefits weren’t enough to seal the deal, these dogs are adorable with their small sizes, soft furry bodies, and black button eyes. Owing to their Poodle mix, Maltipoos are intelligent, easy to train, and sensitive to their owners’ needs.
  • If you’ve been longing for a Maltipoo to call your own and reside in or near Arizona, check out these 10 Maltipoo breeders. A few of them aren’t based in Arizona but you can make arrangements for shipping or pick up.

Maltipoo Puppies For Sale in Arizona

Since Maltipoos are a designer breed, it’s unlikely you’ll find one at your local shelter. Your best course of action is to find a reputable breeder with ethical breeding practices so you can be sure to get the best of the breed. Here are 10 Arizona breeders to consider.

Maltipoo Puppies For Sale In Phoenix AZ
Maltipoo Puppies For Sale In Phoenix AZ

The Paw Palace

Find your Maltipoo puppy for sale in Arizona.
Find your Maltipoo puppy for sale in Arizona.
  • Located in Tucson, Arizona, The Paw Palace has been in the business of breeding healthy and happy puppies for more than ten years. This licensed breeder also offers re-homing for breeders that are licensed and inspected. They have a strong passion for breeding and turned it into a business. All puppies in this breeder are considered family members and are treated as such. Once you request a puppy at The Paw Palace, they will ensure you get the most suitable furry family member.
  • They want you to be comfortable with your new furry pal before bringing them into your home. The breeders will provide information on what to expect from your new buddy. Your new pal will come with current shots, microchips, wormings, a free vet check, pedigree papers depending on breed, a one-year congenital warranty, and a money-back health guarantee for each return policy. This breeder starts all their puppies on potty training, including pad training during the day and crate training at night.
  • They ensure that all their puppies are well-socialized with other animals and children. If you’re looking for the healthiest and happiest puppies in town, The Paw Palace is an excellent place to start. If your newly-adopted puppy falls within 48 hours of purchase, this breeder knows all the illnesses that young puppies could contract. Their knowledge about diseases common in young puppies can save you a lot of money on veterinary bills. The Paw Palace cares deeply about their dogs and will help you years after your purchase to ensure that your puppy is okay. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

The Paw Palace Details

  • Phone: (520) 988-3999
  • Address: 5981 N Antillon Pl, Tucson, Arizona 85741, United States
  • Website: The Paw Palace
  • Email:

China Doll Maltese

  • If you stay in Glendale, Arizona, or its environs, you might want to check out this breeder. China Doll Maltese produces high-quality puppies for sale. Their doors are open to potential puppy owners to come in and see the puppies and adult dogs. This breeder has a lovely environment where they raise adorable puppies and send them to deserving forever homes. You can email or call China Doll Maltese at any time for inquiries.
  • They are excited to entertain your questions as they enjoy chatting about their children. China Doll Maltese ensures that all their dogs are AKC registered and DNA certified. They raise all puppies in their home with lots of love and attention. The puppies are allowed to run around and play every day, many times a day. This breeder enables all puppies to wean when they want to and learn how to drink water from a bottle.
  • At China Doll, puppies do not leave their dam and littermates until they reach twelve weeks. The breeder ensures that each puppy has up-to-date vaccinations before moving to its new home. Puppies from China Doll also come with a pedigree, puppy pack, Eukanuba weight record, and vaccine reminder. So, if you need a Maltipoo breeder and live around Arizona, here is a great place to start.

China Doll Maltese Details

  • Phone: (623) 221-0480
  • Address: 19622 N 78th Ln, Glendale, Arizona 85308, United States
  • Website: China Doll Maltese

PuppySpot Maltipoos Arizona

  • PuppySpot aims to place healthy puppies from trusted breeders in caring homes. They serve people in New York City, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and the United States. But, there’s more to PuppySpot than just a service.
  • It comprises a community of dog lovers who aims to better many lives by providing healthy puppies for deserving homes. This team of dedicated professionals believes that dogs are meant to be celebrated.
  • They always ensure potential owners experience trust, transparency, and confidence when looking for a new companion. PuppySpot takes pride in its work and ensures that all its dogs come from the most reputable breeders. In addition, they ensure that all puppies are of sound health by putting some measures in place.
  • As a result, you can rest assured that your newly-adopted family member will be healthy and happy. PuppySpot offers a health guarantee for their puppies. However, you must take your newly-adopted puppy to a licensed vet within three business days of arrival.

Puppy Spot Details

  • Phone: (855) 370-3078
  • Website: PuppySpot’s Maltipoos

Puppys N Love

Best Maltipoo Breeders In Arizona
Best Maltipoo Breeders In Arizona
  • Puppys N Love takes pride in being more than just a breeder of beautiful dogs. They develop relationships with all puppy adopters and are always available for them throughout their puppies’ lives. Their love for their puppies is profound, and they want you and your new furry family member to have the best time together.
  • Puppys N Love guarantees that any puppy you purchase from them will not suffer from any health issues. They also do their best to ensure that by being available to all adopters after taking their puppy home. Puppys N Love does not support or tolerate substandard breeding practices. They will provide information about your puppy’s birthplace and where he grew up.
  • This breeder raises all puppies with respect, love, and personal care and attention. Their puppies come with a 1-year Congenital Health warranty. Puppys N Love puppies are well-socialized around other animals and children. They receive basic training before moving to their forever homes. All puppies learn the basics of behavioral training and potty kennel training.

Puppys N Love Details

  • Website: Puppys N Love
  • Phone: (602) 321-5568

It’s A Puppies World

  • Based out of Tucson, It’s A Puppies World has an in-house team of licensed breeders specializing in toy and hypoallergenic teacup dogs, including Maltipoos. The Business Bureau has given them an A+ rating due to their customer service and puppies’ superior quality.
  • The pups are socialized with humans and other dogs to get them more accustomed to household domesticity and ease their transition to new families. They’re given up-to-date vaccines and deworming medication, are microchipped, and come with a 1-year congenital warranty.
  • Over the years, the breeders at It’s A Puppies World have donated generously to the American Humane Society. If you’re looking for a breeder with a reputation for quality, It’s A Puppies World is worth looking into.

It’s A Puppies World Details

  • Contact: (520) 481-7334
  • Website: It’s A Puppies World
  • Address: It’s A Puppies World, Northwest Tucson, Arizona 85704
  • Email:


  • USDoodles comprises a team of guardian families and trained staff who help manage dogs’ breeding. They ensure that all puppies and adult dogs get the best care possible. This breeder has an excellent support system. The breeders work hand in hand to ensure that all dogs are healthy and sound.
  • Before you take a puppy home from USDoodles, they will make sure that you are ready for the responsibility of owning their new puppy. They have an excellent breeding program involving puppy training, socialization, boot camp, etc.
  • USDoodles love to see their puppies thrive in their new forever homes. They have been delivering puppies around the country safely, affordable, and stress-free for many years. Distance is not a barrier for this breeder as they can travel with their puppies to get them to you safely.

USDoodles Details

  • Website: USDoodles
  • Address: 3217 E Flower St, Phoenix, Arizona 85018, United States

SawStars Maltese Puppys

  • SawStars Maltese Puppys have been in the business of producing Maltese for many years. However, they breed their dogs on a small scale to ensure they all get the attention and care they need. In addition, all their puppies are well-socialized and up-to-date with their vaccinations before going to their new homes. At SawStars, there are no shy puppies.
  • All the dogs are happy and outgoing. You will end up with a puppy with no health issues if you purchase from this breeder. That’s because they do not practice inbreeding. The breeders at SawStars Maltese Puppys always ready to welcome you into their home. They focus on health and genetics when breeding. So you will not only get a good-looking furry pal but a healthy one as well.

SawStars Maltese Puppys Details

  • Website: SawStars Maltese
  • Phone: (480) 294-2625

Scottsdale Urban Puppies

Scottsdale Urban Puppies is an Arizona-based breeder in Scottsdale that specializes in Morkies, Yorkies, and Maltipoo puppies. They breed Maltipoos in a range of sizes from 3 to 10 pounds and in different colors such as tan, apricot, cream and white, tricolored, and sable. All puppies are raised at home and are given complete sets of shots. Puppies and shipping charges are reasonably priced.

Scottsdale Urban Puppies Details

  • Contact: (602) 524-7297
  • Website: Scottsdale Urban Puppies
  • Address: North Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
  • Email:

Waggintails Ranch

  • Last on the list of the best Maltipoo breeders in Arizona is “Waggintails Ranch.” The goal of the breeders at Waggintails Ranch is to provide affordable puppies for the most deserving homes. With over 45 years of experience, they can beat their chest for being one of the best breeders in the business. This breeder strives to coat types simple and easy to maintain.
  • Waggintails Ranch can provide veterinary services such as tail docking, shots, and worming by themselves. That’s why they can offer their beautiful puppies at very affordable prices. So if you need an affordable place to adopt a puppy, here is an excellent site. They believe people should be able to purchase their dream puppy at an affordable price.

Waggintails Ranch Details

  • Phone: (928) 241-3327
  • Website: Waggintails Ranch
  • Email:

Final Thoughts

People looking to adopt new puppies can easily fall into the hands of unethical breeders. That’s why it’s advisable to be careful during puppy adoption, no matter how excited you are. The best practice is researching and finding the best breeders in your location. If you live in Arizona, you are in luck today. We’ve done all the work for you. The above breeders are some of the best in the state of Arizona. Feel free to pick the one closest to you.

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