Maltipoo Puppies For Sale in North Carolina

Maltipoo Puppies For Sale in North Carolina

Hybrid dog breeds have grown in popularity with their adorable appearances. One of the most common varieties of small hybrids that involve a Poodle includes a Maltipoo. This breed is a mix between a Maltese and a Poodle.

Find your Maltipoo puppy for sale in North Carolina
Find your Maltipoo puppy for sale in North Carolina

As a mixed dog breed, these puppies tend to get the best of both worlds from their parents. Their hypoallergenic coats make a great fit for families with concerns with allergies. It’s no surprise that Maltipoo puppies in North Carolina have grown in popularity.

Maltipoo Puppies For Sale | Charlotte, NC
Maltipoo Puppies For Sale | Charlotte, NC

Maltipoo Puppies For Sale in North Carolina

If you’re ready to start your search for a Maltipoo puppy, we’re here to help. We share with you a list of some of the top Maltipoo breeders in North Carolina. We’ve done our own research to give you some options to choose from. It’s important that you can find a breeder who you can trust before you purchase a puppy so be sure to ask lots of questions about their breeding practices.

Finest Maltipoo Breeders In North Carolina (NC)
Finest Maltipoo Breeders In North Carolina (NC)

You’ll find a brief overview of what the Maltipoo breeder has to offer as well as contact information if you’re interested in learning more about their availability and waiting lists.

Ginger’s Maltese Puppies NC

  • At Ginger’s Maltese, puppies are raised to be perfect family members. For over 10 years, the team has been raising Maltese and Maltipoo puppies, so they’ve got a lot of years of experience with this particular hybrid breed. For what it’s worth, they are one of the oldest Maltipoo breeders in North Carolina that we could find.
  • The owner, Ginger, fell in love with the Maltese and later the Maltipoo at a young age and has grown her experience and knowledge to create one of the best breeding practices.
  • They place a great amount of value on each puppy’s health, happiness, and overall appearance. In the home, they are given lots of love, attention, and interaction with people.
  • Puppies come fully checked by a veterinarian so you can be confident in their health status. All their Maltipoo puppies in Illinois also come with a 1-year health guarantee, first vaccinations, deworming procedures, and a full health record from a veterinarian.
  • As you prepare your home for a puppy, you’ll also get a bag of puppy food and a blanket with a familiar scent on it to help in their transition.
  • If you’re interested in a Maltipoo puppy from Ginger, you can place a deposit once the puppies have been born. This is a $300 non-refundable deposit. You’ll also be required to complete a puppy application so that they can make the best match for a puppy for you and your family.
  • Their Maltipoo puppies don’t go home with you until they are at least 8 weeks old. On their website, you can see upcoming litters of Maltipoos, Malteses, and Malshi puppies so you can be sure to find a dog you like.

Maltipoo Breeder Details

  • Email:
  • Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Website: Ginger’s Maltese Puppies

Hiltons Poodle Plus North Carolina

  • With a love for all things Poodle, the team at Hiltons Poodle Plus raises their Maltipoo puppies to be healthy and happy. They are given a lot of love and attention as they grow and prepare to be welcomed into their new homes.
  • This intentional socialization prepares their temperaments to be family-friendly and perfect for a variety of settings and situations. Families interested in bringing home one of their Maltipoo puppies for sale in North Carolina can submit a deposit to hold their spot on a waitlist. On their website, you can browse upcoming litters and the parents of the puppies so you know what to expect in your new puppy.
  • Keep in mind that some Maltipoo puppies may have a higher price than others. For current information as to when puppies and litters are available and planned, you can view their Facebook page.

Maltipoo Breeder Details

  • Email: hiltonspoodlesplus@gmail
  • Location: Monroe, North Carolina
  • Website: Hiltons Poodle Plus Puppies
  • Phone: 704-624-2958

Palm View Pups NC

  • As a small, family-run kennel, the team at Palm View Pups are dedicated to breeding happy and healthy puppies to share with forever families. They specialize in not only Maltipoo puppies but also Goldendoodles puppies in Illinois.
  • Each puppy lives in their home in Wilmington, North Carolina, and is raised by the family. This means they receive lots of love and attention right from day one.
  • Each of their Maltipoo puppies comes with a two-year health guarantee against genetic diseases. Families interested in adopting a puppy can start with an application and by submitting a deposit. This application helps the owners get to know you more so that they can match you with the right puppy.
  • When you adopt a puppy from Palm View, you’ve got support for the lifetime of your dog. If you ever have any questions or concerns, they’re there to help which is great for first-time dog owners.
  • As you prepare to welcome home your furry friend, they also provide a helpful checklist to ensure that you’ve got everything covered as you transition to having a puppy in the home. This checklist also provides helpful tips in choosing the right collar, dog food, and crate.

Maltipoo Breeder Details

  • Phone: (855) 999-6623
  • Email:
  • Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Website: Palm View Pups

Maltese Forever

  • Maltese Forever is a breeder that breeds as per the AKC standards. The breeder has also been given the ethical breeder awards that ensure you will get a puppy born out of ethical practices only. Maltese Forever provides a one-year health guarantee on their puppies.
  • Since most puppies are prone to health problems during the first year of their life, a guarantee can make things easier for a new dog parent. It would help if you reached out to them to get a puppy from Maltese Forever. Since the breeder does not ship the puppies, you would need to negotiate the pickup of your forever friend.

Get in touch with Maltese Forever

  • Email:
  • Address: Mooresville, NC 28117
  • Contact: 704.662.0996
  • Website:

Happy Tail Puppies North Carolina

  • If you’re not sure what breed of puppy is right for you, the team at Happy Tail Puppies has you covered. As a group of friends and family breeders on the east coast, this group gets you access to the perfect puppy for you.
  • Their goal is to match you with the breed and breeder that is the best fit for your family’s lifestyle and preferences. Each puppy is raised in a loving environment with a focus on the health and well-being of the puppy and parents.
  • Unlike a typical pet store, Happy Tail Puppies is a group of families who specialize in breeds. Each breeder is licensed and inspected to maintain the utmost quality. One of these breeders has Maltipoo puppies for sale in North Carolina.
  • In addition, they offer both purebred breeds and hybrid breeds. From Aussiedoodles to Labradoodles and Corgis to Poodles, you’ll be sure to find the puppy that’s right for where you are and your lifestyle.
  • Keep in mind that the availability of puppies varies based on litter and timing. If you have a particular breed in mind, you may need to wait a bit to get the breed you’re looking for.
  • In the adoption process, puppies are thoroughly inspected for health and ensure that they are in good standing before being welcomed into their forever home. They also come with a health guarantee so you can be confident in your selection.
  • In addition to offering a wide selection of breeds, Happy Tails offers its own vitamin line that is designed to provide the essential minerals and nutrients to growing puppies.
  • No matter the breed, they are dedicated to providing quality and care to all their Maltipoo puppies. They also offer training packages to help your puppy start off on the right foot as they join your family.

Maltipoo Breeder Details

  • Website: Happy Tail Puppies
  • Email:
  • Location: Oak Ridge, North Carolina
  • Phone: 855-349-9520

More Information About Maltipoo Puppies in North Carolina

  • Since Maltipoos are a hybrid dog breed, it’s hard to predict exactly what they will look like without seeing the parent dogs. Their coats can come in a variety of colors and textures, from tight curls to smooth hairs. With their complex coats, they also require regular brushing and grooming to prevent mats and other skin issues.
  • Given the small size of the Maltese, Poodles used in breeding are either of the Toy or Miniature varieties. Since the breed is a hybrid dog breed, they also have different sizes depending on the parent’s size.
  • Their height can vary from between 8 to 14 inches tall with a weight between 5 and 20 pounds. Their small size also allows for a lifespan between 10-15 years.
  • With parents of a Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle, Maltipoos puppies in Illinois have a temperament that’s friendly, cuddly, and engaging. They can be great with kids but keep an eye when younger children are around. Maltipoos also require regular exercise and activity, whether they’re in city areas or in homes with lots of room to roam.

Final Thoughts

  • Getting a puppy is an emotional moment for many. With so many breeders, selecting a Maltipoo puppy can become difficult.
  • Our list will help you get in touch with the best Maltipoo breeders in North Carolina so you can bring a healthy Maltipoo to your home.
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