The Ultimate Guide to mini Maltipoo

The Ultimate Guide to mini Maltipoo

The title is ironic because Mini Maltipoos are entirely laid back and gentle. Yet, these furry dogs are also loving and very generous with kisses and other expressions of that love. They are great with kids, too, which is rare for small dogs, some of whom – the Chihuahua, perhaps? – might be a bit aggressive because their size makes them feel vulnerable. But Mini Maltipoos, with white curls and a darling stub of a tail, Mini Maltipoos look almost like a cartoon or treasured stuffed animal they are so beyond cute.

Mini Maltipoos for Sale in the USA
Mini Maltipoos for Sale in the USA

The Maltipoo in miniature is not for someone inspired by Paris Hilton and the small dogs she carried in her Hermès and Birkin bags; Maltipoos are full of energy, and their best day ever does not necessarily include a nap, but instead, a trip to the dog park, plenty of playtimes, and walks as well. Maltipoos don’t like to spend too much time outside. They are house dogs, and playtime would be best inside rather than out.

The Ultimate Guide to mini Maltipoo
The Ultimate Guide to mini Maltipoo

What Is A Mini Maltipoo?

A Mini Maltipoo is a cross between a Miniature Poodle and a Maltese. They are the second largest Maltipoo size. Mini Maltipoos have a gentle and affectionate temperament. Their small size with their fluffy coats that are cream, white, grey or apricot paired with their floppy ears make them super adorable!

Mini Maltipoo Temperament

Mini Maltipoos are an affectionate, gentle, intelligent breed. They love to play in short active bursts but equally enjoy cuddling and chilling out with their owners. The main downside of the Mini Maltipoo is that they really like to bark. This makes them a great watchdog however their small size won’t provide you with any protection!

How Big Does A Mini Maltipoo Get?

Mini Maltipoos get to a height of 10 to 12 inches (25.4cm to 30.5cm) when fully grown and weigh 10 to 20 pounds (4.5kg to 9.1kg). They are the second largest Maltipoo size.

How Much Are Mini Maltipoos?

Mini Maltipoos usually cost between $2500USD and $5500USD, selling for slightly higher prices than Toy Maltipoos as they are a much more popular size. Like all Maltipoo sizes, Mini Maltipoos are very expensive as they are a designer dog breed. Other factors that influence their price includes litter size, coat type and coat color. Mini Maltipoos are the most expensive Maltipoo size.

How Much Do Mini Maltipoos Weigh?

Mini Maltipoos weigh between 10 and 20 pounds (4.5kg to 9.1kg). As it is a cross breed, tehre can be some weight variation depending on the height of the Maltipoo. Some Mini Maltipoos weigh slightly less or slightly more than this range.

Are Mini Maltipoos Good Pets?

Mini Maltipoos make great pets for both the young and old. They are super affectionate and gentle and they will get along with everyone in the family. Their smaller size makes them a very manageable breed in terms of meeting exercise needs and their general care needs. They are a perfect dog for someone who wants a fluffy, cuddly companion that stays puppy size their whole life!

Mini Maltipoo Lifespan

Mini Maltipoos have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They have a similar lifespan to the Standard Maltipoo size as they are a small breed yet not so small that they suffer from size related health issues like Teacup Maltipoos.

Mini Maltipoo Breeders in the United States

Florida Poodles, Maltipoos, and Shipoos

Last on the list of breeders with Mini Maltipoos for sale is “Florida Poodles, Maltipoos, and Shipoos.” Once from Michigan but now settled into Central Florida, the breeders at Florida Poodles & Maltipoos have a lifetime of ethical dog breeding education. While the background was in large dogs, the onset of dander allergies made hypoallergenic dogs like Poodles and Maltipoos much more attractive. And then there were the two breeds’ fun-loving, bright personalities. The combination of things was hard to resist. The Florida Poodles & Maltipoos website is peppered with sweet photos of dogs they’ve raised or are raising now.

They are very adamant about picking up a puppy on a specific day because it is difficult for puppies to watch siblings go with their forever families. The transition is less emotional when all the puppies in a litter go home on the same day, which matters to these small-breed breeders. One notable bit of information: Shi Tzu puppies often change colors – their colors at the time they arrive at their forever home can be completely different on their birthday – and so do the colors of a ShiPoo. Which Florida Poodles & Maltipoos also breed. Genetics determine how drastic a color change might be.

Florida Poodles & Maltipoos Details

  • Website: Florida Poodles & Maltipoos
  • Address: Creekwood Run, Lakeland, FL 33809
  • Email:

Windy Way Hill Puppies

Located in Lebanon, Virginia – a village in the Clinch Mountain region of southwest Virginia – Windy Way Hill is a cattle and sheep farm at its core, so there are acres of grassy land for the puppies raised on the farm to run and play. Each puppy is named and cared for as a family, so they will fit right in when it comes time to move to their forever home. Windy Way has many different adult dogs in different sizes as parents, so there are toy, teacup, and mini sizes available here.

Windy Way Hill Details

  • Address: 689 Green Valley Road, Lebanon, VA 24266, United States
  • Website: Windy Way Puppies
  • Email:

Crockett Doodles

First on the list of breeders with Mini Maltipoos for sale is “Crockett Doodles.” This breeder based in Greenfield, S.C., was founded out of a desire to have puppies grow up in a family environment and be ready for their forever family. Crockett Doodles has a team to match the perfect dog to the ideal family and trainers to make sure dogs are well mannered when they find their forever home.

Dogs grow up with guardian families who raise the puppies until the right forever family is chosen. Adopting families can either pick up their new fur baby at a guardian’s home – there are locations outside of South Carolina – or can have their new puppy delivered to them via airplane. Because guardian families are responsible for raising a litter, Crockett Doodles can produce more than one litter of miniature Maltipoos without putting the health of either mom or puppies in jeopardy.

Crockett Doodles Details

  • Website: Crockett Doodles
  • Address: 2502 B Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC 29609, United States
  • Email:

Emily’s Pups

Emily’s Pups is a small operation, so she and her family can focus on each puppy’s health and wellbeing of puppy in their care. In addition to Maltipoos, they raise Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Yorkies, Pomeranians,  and Toy Poodles. Emily’s puppies are raised on a farm, so there is plenty of space for them to run, play, and perhaps most importantly, socialize with other puppies and kids. They have their vet checks, vaccinations, a one-year health guarantee, and a microchip for an added layer of safety.

Emily’s Pups Details

  • Address: Memphis, Missouri
  • Website: Emily’s Pups
  • Email:

My Doodle Maltipoos

My Doodle Maltipoos is a Salt Lake City-based facility that was born from Marlene Kingston’s desire for a smaller dog breed and her husband’s recommendation of a Maltipoo, of which he said, “they’re not as spazzy and yappy as Chihuahuas or similar small dogs.” Marlene fell in love, especially when it came time for training, and her new little girl quickly learned standard tricks. Then, she decided that becoming a responsible breeder would add stellar puppies to the population, so that’s what they did.

My Doodle Maltipoos are raised with the highest standards to ensure that only the best dogs become new members of a buyer’s family. The health and happiness of the puppies are the main concern for Marlene Kingston, who has a 10-year health guarantee in place, eight years more than the standard two-year guarantee offered by most breeders. In addition, Kingston has many different breeding adults – information on each is available on the My Doodle Maltipoos website – so she can offer several litters per year.

My Doodle Maltipoos Details

  • Address: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
  • Website: My Doodle Maltipoos
  • Email:

Final Thoughts

Maltipoos retain their puppy looks for a long time. It’s too bad we humans don’t have the Fountain of Youth this forever-young uses. Maltipoos are good options for those with allergies. The hypoallergenic puppies may still trigger a reaction, but it is likely to be milder than usual. Interested in knowing why? Maltipoos have hair, not fur.

There are three different types of possible coats for the Maltipoo: Soft and silky, thick and curly, or wiry and wavy. Dogs with wiry, wavy fur may be the products of careless breeding. The Maltipoo is sometimes referred to as a Moodle or a Maltoodle, among other breed names that should never have cut. Maltipoos are intelligent and easy to train, especially since their Poodle parent is considered one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. We hope this list of breeders with Mini Maltipoos for sale will help you bring home a companion soon.

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