Newfypoo Puppies for Sale

Newfypoo Puppies for Sale

In this article, we have listed Newfypoo puppy breeders that breed, raise, and supply puppies to individuals and families in various states in the United States. Newfypoos are a fantastic dog breed both in terms of looks and temperament. Owning one of these dogs is an awesome experience, as they make wonderful companions and pets.

Is a Newfypoo a good family dog?
Is a Newfypoo a good family dog?

Nevertheless, knowing where to purchase a healthy, happy puppy is important. Thankfully, you do have more options now than in previous years. The increase in the popularity of this breed has placed potential buyers in a better position, as they have a wide variety of breeders from which to choose.

Newfiedoodle and Mini Newfiedoodle Pups for Sale
Newfiedoodle and Mini Newfiedoodle Pups for Sale

The numerous options out there mean there are different types of breeders to deal with. While some breeders are fully committed to providing families and individuals with healthy, well-bred, and happy puppies, some are in the business for profit only (so they cut corners in their breeding process).

How much does a Newfypoo cost?
How much does a Newfypoo cost?

To ensure you work with only legit and committed breeders, we have compiled a list of some reputable Newfypoo puppy breeders in the United States. Contact the breeder closer to you and schedule a meeting or video call to see the puppy before making any financial commitment.

Newfypoo Breeders in the United States

Our team at We Love Doodles created and compiled this list of the best Newfypoo breeders in the United States. Here are our top recommendations.

Safari Doodles

Safari Doodles is among the most reputable doodle breeders in the United States. Located in a private residence in NW Mckinney, Texas, Safari Doodles welcomes Newfypoo lovers from all over the state and beyond. Safari Doodles is a collaboration of two good friends who love dogs.

The parent dogs live with them in their home and guardian homes. All their puppies are raised on their ranch. One of the benefits of buying a puppy from this breeder is that socialization is a core part of their breeding program. The puppies play with people and adult dogs daily. They also play and interact with cats, making them suitable for multi-pet homes.

In addition, all the puppies are crate-trained and doing fabulously well on the potty outside. They also undergo basic training and have nice manners to sit/stand for attention. Thanks to the series of training and socialization they undergo, the puppies from this breeder are fantastic with kids and babies.

All puppies from this breeder are:

  • Microchipped
  • Vet-checked
  • Dewormed
  • On heartworm and flea/tick prevention

In addition, the dogs come with a two-year guarantee against congenital health conditions. The puppies’ parents are fully health-tested and certified with CERF, OFA, and DNA. They conduct a series of health examinations to provide their customers with the very best-bred puppies possible.

In addition, all puppies are raised by the “Super Puppy” method using Early Neurological Stimulation for two weeks. They also conduct the Volhard Temperament test to help place the dogs in the perfect homes. The puppies enjoy premium quality food and NuVet supplement to help give them the best start.

Their adoption process is also simple, as you will not have to undergo any rigorous process. All you have to do is fill out the application form and await their response. However, filling out the application does not guarantee you will go home with one of their puppies.

They would have to interview and screen you to determine if you are a good fit for their puppies and vice versa. Another benefit of buying a puppy from this breeder is that they provide lifetime support. They are always there for their past puppies, providing their new owners with all the guidance, information, and support they need to raise their new babies.

Safari Doodles Details

  • Website: Safari Doodles
  • Address: McKinney, Texas 75071
  • Email Address: Online Form


If you are looking for a genetically-tested, well-bred, and healthy Newfypoo, Newfiedoodles is one of the best places to get one. Newfiedoodles is committed to producing non-shedding gentle giants without any genetically hereditary health issues. Newfiedoodles is a family-run breeding program with a lot of experience in this field.

Their ultimate goal is to provide outstanding Newfypoos (aka Newfiedoodles) of excellent temperament and health. This family-owned breeding program does not ship its puppies, as they believe it provides a terrible start. They have buyers from all over the United States (including Canada) who drive to one of their pick-up homes to get their puppies.

People also fly in to get a puppy from this breeder because of their excellent reputation in this field. All their puppies are bred and raised in their homes. They spend quality time with the dogs to help build their socialization skills and introduce them to everyday family life.

Your new puppy will come home semi-socialized, making it easy to train them. In terms of training, the family ensures the puppies are potty and crate-trained before joining their new families. In addition, they ensure the puppies are vaccinated and dewormed before their release at eight weeks old.

This family cares a lot about their dogs and is careful about who goes home with their puppies. Applicants are thoroughly screened via phone interviews and their application forms. They also partner with top organizations to get the best Newfoundlands and Poodles for the crossing.

All the puppies from this breeder come with a health guarantee, so rest assured you will go home with a healthy puppy. The base price for their puppies is between $1,400 and $2,000. Beautiful wavy or curly coat puppies cost an additional $200 and $100 for females. All their puppies are sold as pets with a spay/neuter contract.

Newfiedoodles Details

  • Website: Newfiedoodles
  • Address: Greenville, South Carolina
  • Email Address:

Crockett Doodles

Crockett Doodles is another reliable Newfypoo breeder in the United States. They are located in South Carolina but sell puppies to neighboring states, including California. Crockett Doodles has extensive experience as a breeder of different Doodle dogs. Newfypoo is one of their specialties; they have been breeding these lovely dogs for years.

They have built a stellar reputation over the decade regarding breeding and raising awesome dogs. The puppies from this breeder come with wonderful temperaments and various health checks. You can contact them if you are uncertain about this breed or have questions. They offer consultancy services to prospective, new, and old Newfypoo owners.

They encourage all their customers to visit them in person before the purchase. By visiting, you will spend quality time with the puppies to ensure they are the right fit for your family. However, the breeder understands that a visit is not always possible, so a visit is not mandatory for purchasing a puppy from them.

They work with those who cannot visit to ensure they see their puppy in advance. In addition, they have different Newfypoo sizes, including standard, medium, and mini. You can also buy Newfiedoodle puppies of various colors, including chocolate & white, black & white, and chocolate and black.

All puppies go home with a three-year health warranty, which many breeders do not offer. The puppies are raised by a family and socialized with kids, adults, and other pets. Crockett Doodles has pick-up locations in multiple states so that you can pick up your new puppy at the home of a partner family closer to you.

Crockett Doodles Details

  • Website: Crockett Doodles
  • Address: South Carolina
  • Email Address:

Windy Hill Dogs

Are you looking for a place to buy multigenerational Newfypoo? Search no further, as Windy Hill Dogs has got you covered. Windy Hill Dogs produces and raises Mini and Standard F1 and F1B Newfypoos. Based in Ohio, Windy Hill specializes in breeding and raising only Newfypoos.

Despite its base in Ohio, Windy Hill Dogs works with individuals in surrounding states to ensure they can safely have their puppies in their homes. In addition, your new puppy is in safe hands, as WHD is highly knowledgeable about this breed and has been in this field for many years.

They have a high breeding standard to ensure all the dogs are healthy, happy, and genetically sound. All the sires and dams are thoroughly health-tested before being added to the breeding program. Temperament evaluation is another vital thing they do before adding a breeding dog to the program.

After breeding, each puppy undergoes a series of health checks before being released to its new family. One of the core tests they undergo is genetic testing, which allows pet owners to see that their puppy is clear of different health issues that could plague them.

Windy Hill Dogs Details

  • Email Address:
  • Website: Windy Hill Dogs
  • Address: Marshallville, OH, United States, Ohio
  • Phone Number: (330) 466-0130

Country View Newfydoodles

Country View Newfydoodles is a family breeder that loves dogs and occasionally breeds Newfydoodles. The family breeds F1 and F1b Newfypoo puppies from health-tested parents. Being small family breeders, they breed one to two litters annually. This family is located in Ohio, but they have various means to get their puppies to their new owners.

You can visit their home to pick up your puppy when it’s time or have it shipped to you wherever you are in the United States (if the weather permits). They can also hire a ground transport puppy nanny to bring your new family member to you anywhere in the United States.

To provide you with the healthiest puppies possible, this family thoroughly and carefully health tests/screens all its sires and dams. Country View guarantees your puppy against certain genetic health issues common in Poodles and Newfoundlands. As a small in-home breeder, the puppies get used to being around and handled by people and children daily.

Despite conducting many health tests, their adoption fees are less than many other Newfypoo breeders who do not conduct genetic testing. All the health and genetic test results of the sires and dams are available on their website. The puppies also go home dewormed, up-to-date on vaccines, and with a one-year genetic health guarantee.

Country View Newfydoodles Details

  • Website: Country View Newfydoodles
  • Address: Ohio
  • Email Address:

Rocky Mountain Newfypoos

If you reside in or around Colorado, Rocky Mountain Newfypoo is one of the best breeders to buy this dog breed from. Rocky Mountain Newfypoos services entire Colorado and other neighboring states. Sandra Lynn McLaughlin, a certified dog trainer, is at the forefront of this breeding program. She specializes in puppy breeding and training.

Sandra is passionate about breeding, training, and showcasing humane, science-based dog training practices. She has a lot of experience with dogs and has been breeding/raising Newfypoos for the past few years. Sandra has vast experience caring for these dogs and produces some of the healthiest Newfypoos in the United States. The breeding program is viewed as a family business, as she runs it with her family.

Everyone in the family plays a key role in the breeding process, growth, and development of the puppies. They take the dogs’ health seriously and ensure every puppy is perfectly healthy and sound before going home. All the puppies are raised and cared for by the family, leading to well-socialized puppies that settle seamlessly into their new home.

Socialization is essential for the puppies’ future, and this family puts it at the center of everything they do. Each dog is health-examined and temperament-evaluated, and they can provide the results when you contact them. Thorough genetic tests are conducted to ensure the dogs are free of congenital diseases that could significantly affect their health in the long run.

Rocky Mountain Newfypoos Details

  • Email Address:
  • Website: Rocky Mountain Newfypoos
  • Address: Montrose, Colorado 81403
  • Phone Number: (970) 249-8705

Final Thoughts

Newfypoos (Newfiedoodles) are one of the most loved breeds of the Poodle/Doodle crosses. If you are looking for a large breed doodle as a family pet or companion, Newfiedoodles are one of the best options to consider. They are the number one option for someone looking for a moderate to low-energy, non-shedding gentle giant.

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