Pomapoo Puppies For Sale

Pomapoo Puppies For Sale

A Pomapoo is a cross between a Pomeranian and a toy Poodle, and the designer breed is only several decades old. First deliberately bred in the 1990s, this dog measures only about twelve inches tall and can grow up to around fifteen pounds. Their size and intelligence make the Pomapoo a great option for those who live in smaller homes or apartments.

What does a Pomapoo look like full grown?
What does a Pomapoo look like full grown?

We’ve put together a list of the top Pomapoo breeders in the United States. If you’re considering adopting one of these small puppies, check out the kennels below, as they’re responsible breeders that will care for your dog’s health and socialization.

Is a Pomapoo a good dog?
Is a Pomapoo a good dog?

As always, interview your kennel team to ensure that their values are in line with your own. Avoid the puppy mills that are notorious for producing unhealthy and, sometimes, dangerous pups.

How much do Pomapoos cost?
How much do Pomapoos cost?

The Top Pomapoo Breeders in the United States

Crockett Doodles

Crockett Doodles is next on our list of the top Pomapoo breeders. It’s a South Carolina-based company that utilizes a network of guardian and partner homes to produce dozens of doodle breeds. This Pomapoo breeder delivers puppies nationwide; the cost of delivery is determined by method and zone.

Puppies produced within the Crockett Doodles network of breeders are well-socialized as pups, and most are raised as members of a family home. Your puppy will have been handled by humans, socialized with other dogs, and cared for by a veterinarian. You will receive vet records and proof of vaccinations when you adopt your dog.

To adopt a Pomapoo from Crockett Doodles, you’ll need to fill out an application. Not all applications are immediately approved, as there are typically more would-be adoptive parents than there are puppies. If you are approved, you’ll be invited to place a deposit to hold a dog. The total cost to adopt a Pomapoo will range from $1,000 to $2,900, depending upon its color.

A portion of the price you’ll pay for your Pomapoo is donated to charitable organizations across the United States. The Make A Wish Foundation and Greenville County Youth Orchestras are two examples of these groups.

Pomapoo Puppy Information

  • Pomapoos
  • Various other doodle breeds

Pomapoo Breeder Information

  • Location: Greenville, South Carolina
  • Email: nathan@crockettdoodles.com
  • Contact: https://www.crockettdoodles.com/contact

Premier Pups

Premier Pups is first on our list of the top Pomapoo breeders in the United States. This company is a marketplace that allows breeders from across the country to list available puppies for sale. They specialize in small dog breeds, and you’ll find both designer and purebreds available. Pomapoos are frequently available for adoption on Premier Pups.

You can search available puppies on Premier Pups by “all breeds,” or you can narrow down your search to include only the Pomapoos you’re looking for. Once you find a puppy whose face you adore, click the image and you’ll be given more information about the dog. For an additional fee, you can request a FaceTime “meeting” with the puppy.

Dogs from Premier Pups come with a ten-year health guarantee against congenital and genetic defects. Breeding rights are standard, but Premier Pups doesn’t guarantee that dogs will produce healthy litters. Do so at your own risk. Your dog will be vaccinated and dewormed when you receive him or her and will be microchipped as well.

Delivery options are available to adoptive families, or you can choose to pick your puppy up from the Johnstown, Ohio location. All dogs listed on the website as “available now” are currently in Johnstown; there is no need to travel to an individual breeder.

Pomapoo Puppy Information

  • Pomapoos
  • Various other small dog breeds

Pomapoo Breeder Information

  • Website: Premier Pups
  • Location: Johnstown, Ohio

Northwest Doodle Dogs

Adoptive families who live on the west coast may be interested in checking out Northwest Doodle Dogs. This kennel is located in the Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington. They’re a family-run hobby breeder that specializes in Cavapoos and Pomapoos, and they breed one to two litters each year.

To adopt a dog from this kennel, you’ll need to fill out an application for adoption. The breeders want to know about your personality, what you’re looking for in a puppy, and your experience with dogs. There’s no reservation fee or deposit, but instead, you’ll be asked to pay a $50 application fee to put your name on the waiting list.

If you’re interested in adopting a puppy at a deeply discounted price (or free), consider the Northwest Doodle Dogs guardian program. If you live in the Seattle area, you can apply to “host” a female dog. If you choose to take the traditional route, you can view upcoming litters on the Northwest Doodle Dogs website, which is frequently updated.

You can expect to pay a total of $3,500 for your Pomapoo. Pups go home at eight weeks old. You’ll have an hour on Gotcha Day to play with the puppies and select the one you’d like to bring home. Your total balance is due at that time.

Pomapoo Puppy Information

  • Pomapoos
  • Cavapoos

Pomapoo Breeder Information

  • Location: Arlington, Washington
  • Telephone: 360-631-1232
  • Email: northwestdoodledogs@gmail.com

T/A Kennels

T/A Kennels is located in Willow Springs, North Carolina. They specialize in Pomeranians and pomeranian mixes, and Pomapoos are occasionally produced by this breeder. The kennel team does not generally ship or deliver puppies, so this facility is ideal for those who are in North Carolina or surrounding areas.

Before you’re permitted to place a deposit on a puppy, you must first call the kennel. They will want to know about your experience with dogs, your household, and other basic information about your home. Once you’re approved, you may put down a deposit. The total cost for your dog will be determined once puppies are born; this will be disclosed to you during your phone meeting.

In addition to providing quality puppies, T/A Kennels also offers a boarding service. If you’re local to the facility, the team invites you to establish a lifelong relationship.

Breeding rights for your puppy are available in most cases. Contact the kennel for specifics on the cost for this and for information about suitable puppies.

Pomapoo Puppy Information

  • Pomapoos
  • Pomeranians
  • Designer breeds

Pomapoo Breeder Information

  • Location: Willow Springs, North Carolina
  • Telephone: 919-795-9122
  • Email: annettesellew@gmail.com

TLC Kennel

There are quite a few breeds available at TLC Kennel at any given time, but you can view all available puppies on the website. As you browse through the list, you’ll see information about the deposit and full price of puppies. Both can vary with litter and due to the characteristics of your dog.

Your Pomapoo puppies comes with a six-month health guarantee, but you must agree to feed and care for your dog per the kennel’s instructions. Your dog will be current on his or her wormer and vaccines. You won’t be required to spay or neuter your pet, but the kennel does prefer that you do.

Pomapoo Puppy Information

  • Pomapoos
  • Various designer breeds

Pomapoo Breeder Information

  • Location: Kit Carson, Colorado
  • Telephone: 719-349-0894
  • Contact: https://tlckennel.com/contact/

Posh Puppies Indiana

Posh Puppies Indiana specializes in several designer breeds, and the kennel has Pomapoos available for adoption several times each year. The husband and wife team has over twenty years of experience raising puppies. They’re a family-run business, but your puppy will be raised in a comfortable, beautiful facility featuring an air exchange system and even a grooming salon for puppies.

You can view a list of available puppies, and the prices of dogs are listed below their names. Clicking under your puppy’s photo will bring you to a page with more information about his or her personality, pedigree, and more. You may add a puppy from that page to your “shopping cart.” Financing is available through PayPal, or you can purchase your puppy outright.

You can pick up your puppy from the Indiana location or make arrangements for Posh Puppies Indiana’s private nannies to hand-deliver him or her to you. Contact the kennel for a quote prior to placing your nanny deposit.

Their Pomapoo puppies for sale are vet-checked, dewormed, and vaccinated as is appropriate for their age, and your puppy will be microchipped, too. Posh Puppies Indiana dogs come with a one-year health guarantee.

Pomapoo Puppy Information

  • Pomapoos
  • Various other breeds

Pomapoo Breeder Information

  • Location: Warsaw, Indiana
  • Telephone: 574-377-6362
  • Contact: https://www.poshpuppiesindiana.com/contact-us

Final Thoughts

Pomapoos are small, fluffy bundles of energy and affection. Intelligent by nature, the dogs are highly trainable and make an excellent choice for families, singles and seniors. Additionally, their size makes them the ideal pup for apartment-dwellers.

If you’re considering adopting a Pomapoo puppy, use this list as a starting point in your search. Choosing from a responsible breeder can mean the difference between a less-than-healthy dog and one that will be a member of your family for years to come.

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