Black teacup Pomapoo dog: pomeranian and poodle mix

Black teacup Pomapoo dog: pomeranian and poodle mix

The Pomapoo is a hybrid mix of the Pomeranian and the Poodle whose popularity has grown globally due to their indisputable cuteness and temperaments. The demand for little designer dogs also increases due to the growing number of families living in apartments in urban areas.

Pomapoo Mixed Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics
Pomapoo Mixed Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics

Being a mixed breed dog means that there is no set standard for the pup, and these mixes can vary significantly in behavior and appearance. Each Pomapoo is unique, and so no one will have a dog quite like yours. That is a special incentive that might be irresistible for some owners.

Pomapoo Dog Breed Facts & Information
Pomapoo Dog Breed Facts & Information

Pomapoos have an exquisite gait and elegant body, covered in soft, wavy fur of various colors. These dogs love to be close to people, and they form a firm bond with their owners and rarely allow them to leave their homes without following them.

If you socialize them early enough, they can be excellent family pets, provided the kids are respectful and don’t play too rough. These little pups require a gentle touch.

Pomapoos don’t require much exercise, and they are relatively small and adaptable dogs. That makes them perfect for seniors and those living in apartments.

Pomapoo Dog Breed Personality

  • When it comes to personality, Pomapoos have plenty to spare—with their sweet, spunky, and affectionate nature endearing them to all they come in contact with. And you can be sure that the Pomapoo is always the center of attention, much like their Pomeranian parents who also adore the admiration of others.
  • Pomapoos are great with kids because of their friendly and gentle personalities, but little humans will need to take extra care to not injure them by accident, since their small size makes these pups extra-vulnerable. They also get along splendidly with other animals, especially since they prefer companionship to being left alone.
  • When it comes to loyalty, the Pomapoo is very attached to their family—they may even bark at strangers if they haven’t been properly trained (we blame that adorable Pomeranian influence). They’re too tiny to be aggressive, though they may be a bit standoffish around strangers…until they get to know them, of course.

Pomapoo Appearance

  • Aside from the fact that most Pomapoos have short or medium hair, this breed’s appearance tends to be fairly unpredictable – so don’t bank on your pup looking a certain way! Their hair can range from super straight and a little fuzzy (like a Pomeranian’s) to boasting Poodle-like waves or curls. The fur texture and color is also up in the air, with the mixing of these breeds often resulting in some interesting results. Many Pomapoos have thicker coats thanks to the dense, double-coat of Pomeranians, and their coloring can range from shades of brown, black, and white, to a multitude of color combinations.
  • Size is another aspect of the Pomapoo appearance that can vary, and is mostly dependent on the size of the parent breeds. We know that Pomeranians are tiny dogs (generally around 6 to 7 inches tall, and 3 to 7 lbs.), and toy poodles aren’t much larger, maxing out at around 10 inches tall, and weighing about the same as Poms. Basically this means that your pup is going to be very petite, unless the parents are larger than average.

Ideal Human for Pomapoo

  • Pomapoos are a wonderful match for a variety of dog owners – not only are they excellent for families thanks to their affection for kids, but they’re also great companions for seniors. It is important that families with children are careful about rough-housing though, and learn to be gentle with the Pomapoo’s small frame. Since they don’t require a ton of exercise, older folks with mobility issues can enjoy their company without feeling guilty about skipping a rigorous workout. Simple games and exercises like fetching, puzzles, or squeaky toys, should be enough to stimulate their minds, and tire them out.
  • Essentially their ideal human is someone who wants to spend time with them. As mentioned earlier, they despise being left alone and do best with an owner who is willing to take them along on adventures, and truly integrate them into the family.

Ideal Environment for a Pomapoo

Their diminutive size makes this breed perfect for small space living, meaning they can thrive in the city—though they’ll be perfectly happy in a larger house as well. They also don’t need a ton of exercise, but will appreciate a lively walk, or a fenced in yard to frolic around in—though you shouldn’t rely on fences to keep them contained since this pup is tiny enough to squeeze through almost anything.

Also important to note: Pomapoos don’t do well in areas with extreme weather. Their tiny stature means that it’s best to keep them away from extremely hot or extremely cold places. And of course you can always invest in a stylish canine sweater to keep your pup cozy (and cute) as they strut their stuff around town.

Pomapoo Dog Training

  • Pomapoos respond well to positive training, meaning they perform and thrive best when they’re offered treats and praise for a job well done, as opposed to a scolding for getting things wrong. It is best to start that training early because their Pomeranian side can make them a bit stubborn and willful if they aren given proper instruction from a young age.
  • It’s also very important to socialize this breed early on by introducing them to a variety of situations, people, animals, and locations. By showing them the world around them, and making them feel comfortable and safe with you as they explore it, they’ll gain the confidence to be the well-adjusted, well-behaved pup you know that they can be. Above all this breed really just wants to please their loved ones, and their smarts and charm mean that any effort you put into training them will be well worth it.

Pomapoo Dog Grooming

  • It is hard to predict what kind of coat your Pomapoo is going to have. They might inherit a sizeable double coat like Pomeranian or inherit the Poodle coat or any mixture of the two. However, no matter the kind of coat your pups carry, you need to keep your dog’s hair highly maintained.
  • Because both breeds feature dense fur prone to matting, the best way to keep them clean is to brush their hair daily. You will need a high-quality brush to ensure you do a thorough job and prevent trouble-making tangles.
  • If you have trouble keeping your Pomapoo hair mat-free, you may take it to a reputable groomer for a shorter haircut. Just ensure you take them back every four to six weeks to keep them in ideal shape.
  • Besides regular grooming, you will need to brush your Pomapoo’s teeth with a vet-approved toothpaste since miniature dogs are typically susceptible to gum and tooth problems. In addition, like most Poodle mixes, your Pomapoo will be prone to develop tear stains. These are not dangerous, but to prevent them, you need to wash your dog’s face regularly and focus on the area under their eyes.
  • Dogs with floppy ears should have regular ear cleaning to prevent wax build-up. A thorough groom every three to six months will keep your Pomapoo looking great.
  • Finally, ensure that your Pomapoo gets used to regular grooming at an early age. Like most dogs with big personalities, getting them familiar with grooming practices will make them much more tolerant of it as they age.

Pomapoo Dog Breed Health

Being aware of the possible health issues your Pomapoo may face help ensure that you are well prepared for them. Furthermore, you will be able to pick up on them quickly, providing a better diagnosis and quality of life for your dog. Here are some conditions that Pomapoos are most prone to:

Minor Conditions
  • Eye Infections
  • Cataract
Serious Conditions
  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Epilepsy
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Legg-Calve Perthes Disease

Collapsing Trachea

Miniature dogs are particularly prone to tracheal collapse, which may result in a dry cough and reduce the ability to exercise and keep up with other dogs.

Addison’s Disease

A pretty rare condition, Addison’s disease is a hormonal disorder caused by an insufficient level of aldosterone and cortisol. Symptoms may vary, but they mainly include episodes of stomach upset, shaking, and lethargy.

Patellar Luxation

This is an orthopedic condition that often affects the knee. Patellar luxation causes the dog’s knee to burst out of its normal position, resulting in an abnormal gait and some level of discomfort.

Pomapoo History

It’s really just over the last 20 years or so that the Pomapoo has become so popular (like many Doodle mixes), though the Pomeranian and Toy poodle breeds both have long and rich histories. That’s what makes this mix so special, the elegance and wit of the Poodle combined with the royal roots of the European Pom create a breed that is truly one of a kind.

Getting a Pomapoo

Adopting a Pomapoo

Pomapoos may find their way to rescue centers for a variety of reasons, including dogs being rescued from puppy mills, but often it’s the simple fact that their previous owners simply felt unable to care for them any longer, perhaps due to a change in lifestyle or health.

A surrendered dog will often already be well trained and simply in need of a new, loving home. You can find rescue centers local to you with a quick internet search.

A Pomapoo can make for a wonderful friend and they’re sure to be a source of joy, with plenty of laughs and perhaps a little bit of mischief along the way. So whether you’re planning on adopting or finding a breeder to find a puppy, prepare yourself, your home and your heart to welcome a dog with plenty of personality and energy.

Pomapoo Breeders

It’s always a good idea to meet the parents of your puppy, and to see how the litter interacts with each other, and this is especially important when choosing a crossbred dog, since you can see just what size the parents are. A good, trustworthy breeder should have records of the parents’ lineage, too and should be able to tell you more about the specific mix of the litter.

Since Pomapoo aren’t officially recognized by the AKC, you’d need to start your search for a reputable breeder elsewhere, and luckily, due to the popularity of these dogs, they shouldn’t be too tricky to track down. Make sure you wise up on puppy mills and internet scams – following some simple steps can help avoid further funding of this terrible practice, and help you end up with a pet whose breeding and early-life experience will more reliably result in a well-adjusted dog.

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