Summer toy poodle haircuts

Summer toy poodle haircuts

Historically, poodles have come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Because of their bloodlines, standard working poodles all had purely functional cuts. I’m sure at some point or another we have all seen the traditional haircut for poodles.

When this gun dog was first bred, they used to swim and fetch prey. Their dense, curly coats would get soaked and weigh them down.

Consequently, their owners would shave their whole bodies (apart from on their joints to encourage insulation). These trims slowly worked their way from the working line (i.e. traditional gun dogs) to the fashion ring.

Over time, poodle cuts have become a fashion trend amongst high-society and famous-owners. They have been clipped in ways so that their coats match fashion trends during that era.

Here are twelve of the most popular haircuts for poodles from 1950 to 2020.

Different Poodle cuts

As we state in the introduction, there are different types of Poodles. While the Giant, Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodles all have a slightly different morphology, they also share distinct features. For a start, they are all curly haired dogs. Some of them have longer bodies, while the smaller dogs are a little more compact. This means some of the Poodle cuts here are more suitable for one type of Poodle than another. At the same time, all of them can work one way or another.

Our top Poodle haircuts and styles are:

  • Summer cut
  • Cupcake cut
  • Modern cut
  • Puppy cut
  • Lion cut
  • Teddy bear cut
  • Town and country cut
  • English saddle cut
  • Dutch cut
  • Short cut
  • Tassel Cut
  • German Cut
  • Jacket and Pants Cut
  • Urban Cut

You will also have to bear in mind that some of these cuts will be much shorter. If you live in a cold climate or a hot climate, ensure you have the right protection for your dog. Our article on dressing dogs for winter shows you how to do this in an appropriate way.

English Saddle Cut

  • Very similar to the previously mentioned Lion Cut, the key difference between the two is the longer fur on the back end of the dog, and the extra stylized pompoms in the Continental Cut.
  • This appearance was particularly popular in the 1950s and 1960s, however, due to a large proportion of groomers arguing that it becomes difficult to see the lines of the dog when there is more fur, it became less common.
  • This is the only other acceptable hairstyle for show-line poodles over the age of one.
English Saddle Cut
English Saddle Cut

Lion Cut / Continental Cut

Lion Cut / Continental Cut
Lion Cut / Continental Cut
  • The Lion Cut is what most people think of when they think of this dog! The Poodle is shaved everywhere apart from their face, ears, shoulders, paws, and tail. This is to create “pompoms” of fur.
  • According to the American Kennel Club, this is officially known as the Continental Cut and is one of the two acceptable poodle haircuts for show-lines.
  • Continental clips can also be seen in a variant called the Modified Continental Clip, whereby the circle of fur on the rear end of the dog is removed too.
  • This is the style most often seen in the show ring on standard-sized poodles as opposed to miniature or toy variants.
  • This pattern has started to go out of fashion in show rings due to new regulations that stipulate a dog cannot be shaved to the skin but must have a minimum of 0.5-1.5 inches of hair depending on their size.
  • Many owners now feel that, because of the new regulations, they cannot get the best coat definition, and consequently this trim has become almost redundant.
  • In general, this style takes a lot of time, effort, and experience to get right. If you are a novice, perhaps leave this cut to a professional groomer.

Summer Cut

  • Often known by groomers as the Kennel / Utility cut, the Summer clip is one of the more functional poodle cuts.
  • As you can imagine, the origin of this appearance is to remove their dense, warm coat during the summer months, allowing them to be cooler outdoors.
  • Easily identifiable by the short coat all over (apart from on the head and the tail), this trim is more popular in standard-sized variations but can be seen in all variants.
  • It should be noted that while the summer coat is a popular and effective hairstyle, it is not suitable for all dog breeds. If you would like this appearance on a different breed, talk to a groomer for advice first.
Summer Cut
Summer Cut

Cupcake Cut

  • One of the rarer poodle hairstyles, the clue of the cupcake is in the name. This style aims to sculpt the head and ears of the Poodle into a delicious-looking cupcake.
  • Often confused with the teddy bear cut (which we review below), the cupcake is distinguishable by the rounding of the ears.
  • As with the lion and English saddle clip, this is another one that can be difficult for novices to get right. For that reason, it always best to locate an experienced and well-recommended groomer to do it for you.
  • Generally speaking, the cupcake cut is predominantly seen in miniature and toy poodles.
Cupcake Cut
Cupcake Cut

Lamb Cut

  • This poodle cut is a much more modern style when compared to some of the classics we have discussed above. The distinguishing feature of this haircut is the continual smoothness of the coat with no harsh lines.
  • Previously, this trim was not acceptable in show rings because it was considered to be boring and, therefore, not prizeworthy.
  • Unlike other cuts and hairstyles on this list, the Lamb appearance is very versatile and is consequently not just seen on Poodle but many other breeds too!
  • It is growing rapidly in popularity because it is very low maintenance and simple.
Lamb Cut
Lamb Cut

Dutch / Sporting Cut

  • Another appearance that is relatively easy to spot, they have shorter hair on the body with a pompom on the tail.
  • This poodle hairstyle is noted by groomers for its uniform hair length across the whole of the dog (not just the body). It is uniquely popular with all three classes of Poodle: standard, toy, and miniature.
  • The Dutch is also known as a Sporting Cut by the UK Kennel Club and is the most popular of all the coats for show-line dogs suitable for the Stud-Dog or Brood-Bitch classifications.
  • Although it is strongly recommended that you ask a groomer to clip the Dutch appearance, it is possible to maintain this appearance at home.
Dutch / Sporting Cut
Dutch / Sporting Cut

Miami Cut

  • Often called the Bikini cut, the Miami clip is a great match for owners who are looking to give their dog a little bit of style whilst still maintaining a simple appearance.
  • Also, a good match for poodles with skin sensitivities, because the shorter coat allows easy-access to their skin for the application of medication and/or medicated baths.
  • The Miami Clip is similar to the Dutch because the dog is shaved short all over, minus a Pompom on the dog’s legs and tail.
Miami Cut
Miami Cut

T Cut / Scandinavian Clip

  • One of the most regal and grand clips, the T-Clip can be spotted from many miles away!
  • Identifiable by a short-trimmed face, feet and base of the tail, and fluffy everything else!
  • Due to its origins, this appearance is often called the Scandinavian Clip and is sometimes referred to as the Scandinavian Puppy cut.
  • Although not as popular in America, this poodle clip is very common in Europe. However, it is becoming ever more popular as groomers start offering this clip more readily.
  • Fans often describe this poodle cut as a “second puppy clip” whereby it is used for dogs in adolescence who are not quite ready for full trims yet.
T Cut / Scandinavian Clip
T Cut / Scandinavian Clip

Modern Cut

  • As the name suggests, this modern hairstyle is designed to accentuate the Poodle’s natural features whilst also giving owners a style that is easy to maintain.
  • The style is not meant to be as voluminous as the Lion or English Saddle, but is still impressive while having easy–maintenance.
  • As with almost all the clips on this list, it is not advised to try to style this cut at home unless you have previous experience with grooming.
Modern Cut
Modern Cut

Corded Poodle Coat

  • It may seem hard to imagine, but if left unkept, the poodle’s coat will grow out and naturally mat into ropes or cords.
  • Although initially popular throughout the 1950s and 60s, this lack of trim has massively fallen out of style. In 2020, it is very rare to see a poodle with a corded coat. Despite this, they are very popular with other breeds, including the Komondor.
  • To achieve this unique style, owners would need to dreadlock their dog’s coat, much like you would dreadlock human hair. It is important that this is done with care, as allowing the coat to mat naturally can cause considerable discomfort.
  • Dogs with this coat become increasingly difficult to bathe, and as a result, owners should be prepared for their dog to be a little smellier than your average canine!
Corded Poodle Coat
Corded Poodle Coat

Colored Leopard

If you like something crazy, you need to invest time in getting this style for your poodle. First, you have to do the trimming and use several colors like black, white, pink, blue, orange, and a neon nuance. Creating this colored leopard pattern will probably take you the whole day.

Two Ponytails

Two ponytails look amazing not only for small kids but also for small dogs. Keep the body hair short, sparing the ears. The coat growing here should be longer than the ears. Tie the hair without the ears.

Town and Country Cut

  • One of the more modern clips, the Town and Country is ever-growing in popularity. Beyond this, not a lot is known about the origin of this appearance.
  • The key identifying feature, regardless of coat length, is the trimming of the legs to look like cylinders! The top of the head and ears and rounded, but beyond this, the coat should appear natural.
  • Occasionally, the Town and Country is referred to as the Pom-Pom cut, but this is incorrect.
Town and Country Cut
Town and Country Cut

Plush toy

It’s easy to make your puppy poodle look like a plush toy since their hair is so soft. You need to keep the hair all about the same length but not longer than 1-  1.5 inches. The plush toy is ready!

Royal tail

A poodle’s tail is something many owners take pride in. However, in order to make your pet’s tail shine, you must grow the hair very long while keeping the hair on the body short for obvious contrast.

The shorter the fluffier

Your curly poodle will look like a plush toy if you do the right job managing its hair. Ask a professional dog groomer for advice on how long such hair should be to look neat.

Outlined Coat

Create an outline for the belly and legs (these should have longer hair than the rest of the body). Next, create height on the half back and top of the head. The ears should also have long hair that is tousled and teased.


If you have a have breed poodle, you might consider experimenting with very short hairstyles. The result will look surprising and benefit your dog.

Hair coat

A hairless poodle face is a wonderful base for funny haircuts that look like a costume. It will seem as if the dog is hiding inside a large hair coat. Play around with the length and the style.

Puppy / Teddy Bear Cut

  • Exactly what it sounds like, this clip is designed to make poodles look like puppies!
  • Almost indistinguishable from the Teddy Bear clip, this a soft appearance where the fur is kept clean, tidy and the same longer-length all over.
  • While it is advised that novices go to the groomer for the first few clips, the braver or more experienced dog owners are able to maintain this coat at home.
  • If you are wishing to show your poodle, providing they are under the age of 1, this is an acceptable style and adheres to the American Kennel Club show rules. Although they stipulate you will need a pompom on the tail, but, this not necessary for a day-to-day puppy clip.
Puppy / Teddy Bear Cut
Puppy / Teddy Bear Cut

Which Is The Best Poodle Cut?

Despite the Poodle being just one breed, there is a lot of variance in how to groom a poodle and its appearance.

These iconic clips are a great way to express both yours and your poodle’s personality:

  • Are you better suited to the unmistakable and high maintenance Lion cut?
  • Or are you a better match to the sleek and low-maintenance summer coat?

Despite their commonality on standard-sized poodles, these cuts are suitable for poodles of all shapes and sizes, including the toy and miniatures.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: 25 haircuts for poodles and how-to guides for some of the easier hairstyles. Remember, though, that your intuition knows what style will look best for your poodle and that it may take a couple of times before you’re truly used to it! Happy grooming!

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