Can You Leave A Poodle With Long Hair?

Can You Leave A Poodle With Long Hair?

Pets require our undivided attention and care most times. As pet owners, people need to be aware of the dos and don’ts that come with owning a pet. There are many instances where pet owners are unaware of what to do and how to do it. Taking care of pets should not be a difficult task. In fact, it’s rather easy to do if you know what you’re doing.

Long Hair Poodle Pictures, Images
Long Hair Poodle Pictures, Images

Dogs such as Poodles have coats that require grooming every now and then. If you’re a first-time owner or you’re just looking after a friend’s pet, and you do not know what to do with a Poodle’s hair, worry not. We’ve got your back! This guide is going to help you understand if you can leave a Poodle’s hair long. You will also learn when to cut your Poodle’s hair.

Long Hair Poodle Premium High Res Photos
Long Hair Poodle Premium High Res Photos

Can You Leave A Poodle With Long Hair

Do you own a Poodle? You might notice that they have a unique coat. Their hair can be curly, and it can grow long if you don’t trim them.

Poodles generally can stay with long hair, but it is not recommended. Since Poodles have naturally curly hair, leaving it long might cause discomfort. This means that their hair might get tangled, and grooming may become a painful task.

Poodles are more or less show dogs. They need proper attention to detail when it comes to keeping them clean and hygienic. This is impossible if you leave them with overgrown hair. When Poodles tend to have long hair, it can cause several unwanted circumstances such as fleas and having tangled hair.

However, if you want your Poodle to have long hair, we can recommend one simple and easy tip. Brush and comb their coat regularly. The secret to getting the perfect coat, curls, and lushness is to brush their hair regularly. Just remember, since they have a curly coat, the hair they shed gets stuck under their coat. Brushing will ensure that there are no stray hairs on your Poodle.

In a nutshell, if you want your Poodle to have a healthy coat, cut and trim their hair. This might be a difficult and long process, but it is completely worth it. Without a haircut, Poodles will look shabby and dirty. Their curly hair needs to undergo a haircut at least once in a while.  A Poodle with long, curly, and grown-out hair can easily nest things like burrs, dirt, mud, etc. It is important for their coat, as well as their skin, that you cut their hair when it starts to get long.

Unshaved Poodle? Here’s What To Do

Dog breeds like Poodles need grooming because of the nature of their coat. When they are unshaven, Poodles do not look appealing. Are you struggling to groom a Poodle? Do you have no clue what to do with a Poodle that’s unshaven? Relax. We’re here to guide you. Our simple steps can help you deal with your unshaved Poodle.

The first thing to know about a Poodle’s coat is that brushing helps a lot. If they have a matted coat, they need grooming regularly. This is because a matted coat can pull on their skin and even burst their blood vessels. This can lead to infections and sores. But thankfully, this is easily avoided. Here’s how.

  • If you have an unshaved Poodle with long, curly, and matted hair, start with a soap or shampoo bath. Be sure to use soap that’s canine-friendly. Do not use harsh soaps or harmful detergents. Once you’ve given them a bath, dry them properly. You can use either a towel, or you can blow dry them.
  • Once bathed, you should start by gently combing their hair. Combing will help untangle all the knots in their curls. Just be careful to be gentle. If you’re rough in your approach, you might hurt their skin. This can be a long task depending on how long your Poodle remained unshaved.
  • With all the tangles out of the way, it’s time to snip and trim parts and portions of their hair. If you’re not confident with scissors, we suggest you take them to a professional groomer. However, if you know your way around trimming equipment, start cutting the overgrown sections of their hair.
  • If you left your Poodle unshaved for a long time, sometimes, you might need to shave them fully. This means you’ll have a bald Poodle. But don’t worry, their coat will grow back.

Just remember to never neglect your Poodle’s coat. It requires a bit of your time daily. Keep checking for tangles and mats. If you find them, comb them and detangle them. Even if you’re not versed in grooming, that’s okay. You don’t need any elaborate techniques or tricks. Just use a combing brush and run it through their hair. In the long run, doing this will save you time, energy, and money.

Standard Poodle Without Haircut What You Should Know

Owning a dog, especially breeds such as the Poodle, comes with many responsibilities. Poodles are a breed that requires proper attention when it comes to their coat. After all, it’s their coat that makes them instantly recognizable. If you’re a proud owner of a Standard Poodle, here’s all that you need to know about their coat and what will happen to it if it’s left unshaved. If you’re unaware of the basics of their hair, it’s a great idea for you to learn it.

To begin, it is okay for you to leave your Standard Poodle without a haircut, but not for too long. Once a certain amount of time passes, it becomes a health risk if you leave them without getting a haircut. If you notice that your Poodle’s hair is overgrowing and covering parts of its face, it’s time to go get a haircut.

Poodles have curly hair. When it becomes long and you don’t give proper attention, it can become a painful experience for them. Without a haircut at the proper time, your Poodle will start forming tangles and mats. If this happens, you should immediately see to it that they get groomed either by a professional or at home if you have the knowledge and experience.

Another thing to note is, if you own a Poodle with the hopes of competing in shows, haircuts are a must. Poodles compete in various kinds of dog shows. When you display your Poodle to the world, and most importantly, the panel of judges, you want them to be in their best presentable state. To achieve this, you need to take proper grooming measures and give them haircuts and styles that suit them.

What Does A Poodle Look Like Without A Haircut?

It is no secret that Poodles are appealing to look at. This is why you’ll find many Poodles in entertainment and show business. Most of them also compete in shows and competitions. Poodles have a reputation for being elegant, classy, and attractive. And all of this has to do with their coat.

We’re all used to seeing Poodles in their best presentable form. Groomers try their best to give Poodles haircuts that will suit them and amplify their features. But what happens when you leave their coat unattended for too long? How will they look once their curly hair starts overgrowing? Have you ever wondered what an unshaved Poodle looks like? Let’s find out.

One of the first sights you’ll witness when you look at an unshaved Poodle is their long and curly hair. Sometimes the hair will even start to cover their eyes, nose, and mouth. This can be troublesome for your furry friend. Piles and layers of hair will start to collect all over their body, making them look unkempt, shabby, lumpy, and unclean.

The best way to explain a Poodle that’s unshaven is that it resembles, to an extent, a wooly sheep. With hair growing from everywhere, your Poodle might be in pain too. When their hair overgrows, it’s easy for it to get tangled and tied up. If they’re unshaven for too long, mats will form as well. This will be a painful experience for your canine buddy. It will pull their skin and even cause sores to form, causing infections.

When Does Poodle Hair Get Curly?

We’re all used to seeing Poodles with a dense and curly coat. Some might have a wavy coat, but most Poodles fashion a coat that is curly. But they’re not curly from the moment they’re born. Have you ever stopped to wonder when a Poodle’s coat starts to get curly? We have the answer you’re looking for.

When your Poodle is still a puppy, its coat will be wavy rather than curly. But the waves will start turning into tight curls as time passes. One thing to note is that it takes different durations for every puppy to get its curls. The coat will change over time, but the time it takes for the change will vary. It all depends on what your Poodle’s size is!

When it comes to breeds like the Miniature Poodle or even the Toy Poodle, it will take roughly around nine months. When your Poodle hits the ninth-month mark, their wavy and soft coat will transition and become curly. It will then take another nine months or so for this transition to be complete. So, when your Poodle is over a year old, it will have its adult curls ready.

Standard Poodles, on the other hand, need more time for their waves to turn into curls. The transition from wavy to curly in Standard Poodles takes about anywhere from nine to sixteen months. However, their transitional process does not take long. In just three months, they get their full set of curly hair.

Some of the common haircut styles for Poodles

Have you ever seen a Poodle that’s completely shaven everywhere except some few areas? Have you seen a Poodle with an amazing haircut? Poodles are capable of getting all sorts of hairstyles. Mostly these hairstyles are the works of professional groomers and stylists. But if you have the experience, there’s no reason why you should not try it.

If you’ve ever seen a Poodle with a unique haircut, you must be wondering what exactly it is. Well, we’re here to clear that confusion. Let’s have a look at some of the most common hairstyles Poodles can get.

  • Puppy Clip: Do you have a Poodle that is still under twelve months? Do you want to enter a conformation dog show? If yes, you should get the Puppy Clip hairstyle for your Poodle. The base of the tail, their feet, and the muzzle have a short coat. The rest of the fur on the remaining body is trimmed and scissored to give a proper shape and definition. This makes them appear neat and tidy.
  • English Saddle Clip: This hairstyle is somewhat similar to the continental clip. One of the key differences is visible in the hindlegs. The fur in the hindlegs is left long, but it gets divided into three sections. A clipper or a scissor gets this job done. The front legs and the muzzle have short hair.
  • Improper Coat: Unfortunately, due to a lack of careful selection during breeding, many poodles that are kept as companion animals rather than show dogs exhibit an improper coat, at least with regard to the breed standard. Improper coats are not curly throughout and will often exhibit soft waves in patches or across the entire dog. Improper coats are easier to brush, but a fault in the show
  • Continental Clip: This is a common hairstyle for your Poodle. The fur on the muzzle, all four of its legs, and even the rump are a short length. The coats in the other parts get trimmed, but they’re not short. They are still long. The tail also gets shaved to a short length, except the base and the tip.
  • Kennel Clip: Looking for a hairstyle to make the summers more bearable for your Poodle? The Kennel Clip is a perfect choice. It is comfortable and practical. This hairstyle is not difficult as the fur all over the body is short. The shortness will depend on the owner’s preference. The shorter a coat is, the easier it is to groom and maintain them.

Related Questions

Does Poodle Hair Stop Growing?

  • The answer is no, a poodle’s hair never stops growing. This is why if a poodle’s hair isn’t maintained properly, it will begin to tangle and form mats. In most cases, this is a very undesirable outcome.
  • However, in the case of poodles with corded coats, their coats are actually encouraged to mat (up to a point) before the mats are gently and carefully broken up until thin ropes until the poodle’s coat is corded evenly all over its body. This coat type can be seen in other water dogs, too, such as the Portuguese water dog.
  • A poodle’s coat will mat naturally without grooming intervention, and in some cases will cord naturally as well. But to make sure that the cords are presentable for exhibition, groomers will train them for a uniform appearance.

Do Poodles Have a Double or Single Coat?

  • The source of the poodle’s hypoallergenic nature is due to the coat type that poodles have. While many dogs such as golden retrievers have a double coat, which is comprised of a soft undercoat that is protected by an outer layer of guard hairs, poodles only have a single coat.
  • The biggest difference between the two coat types is that single-coated dogs do not shed and are considered hypoallergenic. Double-coated dogs tend to shed throughout the season and are a bane for those with allergies since their shedding also results in a lot of lost dander that tends to cause allergies to act up.

How Long Should I Keep My Poodle’s Coat?

The majority of dog owners don’t desire to put in the work to grow a Poodle’s coat into 20-inch cords – and that’s more than OK.

How Long Does Poodle Hair Grow?

  • Poodle hair grows constantly and quickly. This might lead you to wonder how long Poodle hair would grow if you never ever gave your Poodle a trim.
  • According to one popular Poodle owner forum, it will keep growing until you cut it. This means that – in theory at least – there is no set limit to how long your Poodle’s coat may grow if you don’t cut it.

How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow?

  • Poodle hair can grow up to one inch per month. The average growth per month is between one-half and one inch.
  • Compare that with how fast the average human hair grows – about one-half inch per month, according to Healthline.
  • So your Poodle’s hair will grow up to twice as fast as your own. Imagine if you never cut your hair – this will give you a pretty good visual for how fast your Poodle’s coat could get very long indeed!

Final Thoughts

Poodles are among the most elegant and attractive dog breeds. Although they’re smart, playful, loyal, and active, it’s their coating and their fur that makes them unique from the rest. Taking care of a Poodle means you need to put in some time and effort to maintain their coating.

Whether you own a Poodle, know someone who owns a Poodle, or you’re going to own one in the future, you need to be aware of their grooming needs. This article explains everything related to a Poodle’s hair and why grooming is important. Avoid making any dire mistakes when it comes to your Poodle. This guide will help you figure out what you should do with your Poodle’s hair.

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