Poodle Rescue Connecticut

Poodle Rescue Connecticut

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for Poodle rescues in Connecticut. Poodle rescues are excellent for people who want a Poodle but aren’t interested in purchasing from a breeder. These rescues help lower the homeless population among dogs and reassure people who want to purchase a specific breed.

Best Poodle Rescues in Connecticut
Best Poodle Rescues in Connecticut

There are some Poodle-specific rescues in Connecticut, but other dog rescues sometimes have Poodles because too breed-specific rescues aren’t extremely common. Please continue reading to find the best Poodle rescues in Connecticut and learn everything you need to know about them. In addition, we will discuss what you need to look for in a dog rescue when you’re interested in adopting a Poodle.

Poodle Rescue of New England
Poodle Rescue of New England

Find a Poodle Rescue Near Me in Connecticut

Our team at We Love Doodles hope that this list of Poodle rescues in Connecticut will help you find a compatible companion.

Rescue Dogs for Adoption Poodles near Norwalk, Connecticut
Rescue Dogs for Adoption Poodles near Norwalk, Connecticut

Poodle Rescue Connecticut

One of the best Poodle rescues in Connecticut is Poodle Rescue Connecticut because it has such a direct name, making it easy for Poodle enthusiasts to find. If you want to adopt a Poodle from Poodle Rescue Connecticut, you must fill out an application and allow the rescue organization to contact your veterinarian for information about you.

Poodle Rescue Connecticut
Poodle Rescue Connecticut

This dog rescue wants to ensure that their Poodles go to a safe home which is why they conduct these reference checks. However, an approved application doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be approved to adopt this specific Poodle you want.

Poodle Rescue Connecticut requires potential adopters to meet their family with the Poodle before adoption to ensure it’s a good match. This process is necessary because sometimes a dog enters a new home and doesn’t mesh well with the family. Dogs and families meeting before adoption allows better insight into how well the situation will play out.

Poodle Rescue Connecticut has Poodle mixes, Standard Poodles, miniature Poodles, and toy Poodles available for adoption. Occasionally, they’ll have dogs that aren’t Poodles for adoption, even though they are primarily a Poodle rescue. Also, Poodle Rescue Connecticut is a volunteer organization, so your application might take a while to finalize.

Poodle Rescue Connecticut Details

  • Website: Poodle Rescue Connecticut
  • Address/Location: PO BOX 188 Naugatuck CT 06770
  • Email: poodlerescuect@yahoo.com
  • Phone Number: (203) 729-8846

Our Companions Animal Rescue

Our Companions Animal Rescue is another breed-inclusive rescue that sometimes features Poodles for adoption. They offer rescue dogs in a 47-acre sanctuary to help heal and rehabilitate them from their past. Sometimes rescue dogs go through troublesome events and need rehabilitation services to get back on their feet, and this animal rescue health animals out with that.

Our Companions Animal Rescue seeks to minimize that homelessness by educating adopters, training animals, and preventing potential problems. If you want to adopt a Poodle from this rescue, you’ll need to keep up to date on their social pages to see if there are any Poodles for adoption. This rescue group offers pre-adoption counseling and lifelong support for the animal you adopt.

It is one of the best Poodle rescues in Connecticut. Pre-adoption counseling is excellent to get a baseline for the dog’s needs and determine if you’re at home is an appropriate fit for the Poodle. Some Poodles will have more intense emotional and physical needs than others, and it’s important to weigh these options before you adopt them to provide a wonderful home.

Our Companions Animal Rescue Details

  • Website: Our Companions Animal Rescue
  • Address/Location: 34 Sanrico Drive, Manchester, CT  06042
  • Email: helpline@ourcompanions.org
  • Phone Number: (860) 242-9999

Connecticut Humane Society

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of breed-specific rescues about puddles around the Connecticut area. However, if you keep an eye on your local rescue web pages, you could find a Poodle up for adoption at a different dog rescue. The Connecticut Humane Society is a popular option for people seeking to adopt a dog of any breed, including Poodles.

Connecticut Humane Society also offers many training resources to help guide you through the adoption process so you know what to expect from your Poodle. If your Poodle comes from a troubling situation, it might have some behavior problems you’ll need to remedy with the trainer or dog behavioralist.

Connecticut Humane Society keeps all of its dogs up to date on vaccines and neuters/spays before adoption making it one of the best Poodle rescues in Connecticut. When you’re looking to adopt A Poodle, it can take months to get through a Poodle-specific rescue group because they’re very strict on the rules.

Connecticut Humane Society also seeks to pair their dogs with the perfect owners, but they might not have as strict rules as breed-specific rescues. If you want to adopt a Poodle from the Connecticut Humane Society, you’ll need to keep an eye on their social pages to know when Poodles are available for adoption.

Connecticut Humane Society Details

  • Website: Connecticut Humane Society
  • Address/Location: 701 Russell Road Newington, CT 06111
  • Email: info@cthumane.org
  • Phone Number: (800) 452-0114

Good Dog Rescue

Good Dog Rescue is a volunteer-based all-breed rescue that works to reduce the number of homeless dogs in Connecticut. this is one of the best Poodle rescues in Connecticut because They take excellent care of their dogs and try to rehabilitate them so they can adapt to a normal life.

Before you adopt a dog from this rescue, they will monitor the dog’s temperate, so they can figure out what homes would suit that dog. There are a limited number of Pacific Poodles in the Connecticut area, so keeping an eye on good rescues like Good Dog Rescue is an excellent way to get your next Poodle companion.

However, just because a rescue group isn’t specific towards breed doesn’t mean that you won’t find that breed there if you’re patient. When you adopt A Poodle from a rescue, you’ll need to exercise patience because Poodle-specific rescue groups also take time to approve and usually have a waiting list.

Good Dog Rescue will treat all dogs in their care for worms, vaccines, spay/neuter, and general medical examination before sending the dog home with you. Adopting from Good Dog Rescue would be an excellent option if you want to save abandoned Poodles and give them a safe home.

Good Dog Rescue Details

  • Website:  Good Dog Rescue
  • Address/Location: The mailing address is 2809 Kirby Parkway, Suite 116, Memphis, Tennessee 38119

Poodle Rescue of New England

Poodle Rescue of New England is one of the best Poodle rescues in Connecticut. Just rest your group focuses on pairing a Poodle with the perfect home for them and helping rehabilitate the dogs. You can adopt toy, miniature, standard, and Poodle mix from this rescue group if available while you’re looking.

To adopt A Poodle from this rescue, you’ll need to fill out an application form so that they know you’re a good fit. This is not a first come, first serve situation, so even if you’re the first applicant for a Poodle, you might not be selected as the adopter.

Before applying for this rescue, remember that they do not accept applications from households with children under ten years old. If your application is approved, but you don’t get selected for the dog you want, they can put you on a waiting list for a Poodle. Many applicants are on a waiting list because this rescue seeks to place their dogs in the perfect home.

Poodle Rescue of New England Details

  • Website: Poodle Rescue of New England
  • Address/Location: P.O. Box 441447 Somerville, MA, 02144-0012
  • Email: poodlerescue@poodlerescuene.org
  • Phone Number: (617) 628-1425

Learning More About Poodles From Rescue Shelters in Connecticut

Poodles generally seem shy and standoffish, but they warm up quickly to the right owner. Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and are easy to train with the right guidance. However, Poodles have specific grooming and exercise requirements that some people might be unable to keep up with.

Before you adopt a Poodle, you need to consider how much time you have to groom and exercise your dog to ensure you give it a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of adopting a Poodle without having enough time to take proper care of it, and then they have to return it to the rescue.

Choosing a Poodle Rescue Shelter in Connecticut

To choose the right Poodle rescue in Connecticut, you must consider everything you seek. For example, your options will be limited if you seek a Poodle breed-specific rescue. However, if you’re willing to spend the time looking through other dog rescues waiting for a Poodle to become available, then your option is to expand.

The main thing you need to look out for to ensure you’re going through a reputable rescue is that the rescue vets their animals before adopting. Only nonlegitimate rescues would adopt how an animal without giving it shots, spaying/neutering, and a general checkup.

Final Thoughts

There are only a few Poodle-specific rescues in Connecticut, so your options are limited. Poodles are a highly sought-after breed of dog, so the need for breed-specific rescues isn’t as great when it comes to this dog. However, you can still adopt Poodles from rescues that aren’t specific for that breed if you’re willing to take the time to monitor local rescue social pages.

Our list shows you the best Poodle rescues in Connecticut and a few alternative options due to limited supply. Poodle rescues are great because you know that the volunteers are used to working with the breed of dog, so they’ve had the best care while they lived without a home.

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