Privacy Policy

With the desire to help our readers understand, trust, and use the website effectively, Petdii would like to provide you with the content of our Terms of Service. The website specializes in providing the most effective information on pet care and training. When you access the website, you must adhere to our Terms of Service.

Here are our Terms of Service that readers are kindly requested to comply with:

Responsibility for the Services:

  • All information we send to our readers is carefully curated and selected.
  • We commit to providing accurate and useful information.
  • Responsible commenting:
    • All information posted and commented on the website must adhere to the laws of Vietnam.
    • The website strictly avoids discussions related to religious and political matters.
    • Any information violating the terms and policies will be removed from the website’s sitemap.

Updating Missing Information:

  • Readers can contribute information to articles. We will strive to review and edit before publishing on the website.

On behalf of the content editing and website operation team, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our readers for their continuous support and dedication throughout this time. Sincerely, thank you!