Mini red goldendoodle puppies for sale

Mini red goldendoodle puppies for sale

Known as funny red firecrackers, the red Goldendoodle will crack you up with its quirky stunts and the desperate wish to please you. Trust us, you will fall for the adorable face and stay forever in love with this breed.

Do Red Goldendoodles Fade?
Do Red Goldendoodles Fade?

The red Goldendoodle is a Goldendoodle like all the rest. It’s not a separate species. It doesn’t have any unusual traits. But, it’s beautiful with its fiery-red coat, and it makes you snap tons of pics and show them to your family!

Red Goldendoodle: Rare and expensive!
Red Goldendoodle: Rare and expensive!

It’s quite easy to fall for the red Goldendoodle, but what’s not easy is taking care after a dog. While Goldendoodles are pretty easy to maintain, owning a dog brings more and more responsibilities. From only a few weeks old to mature dogs, Goldendoodles are a blessing you’d want to have!

Will My Red Goldendoodle Change Color?
Will My Red Goldendoodle Change Color?

Let’s dig into the fantastic world of the red Goldendoodle and learn everything there is to know about this fun breed.

Red Is Just Another Goldendoodle Color

That’s right, red is just a color variation of the Goldendoodle. It’s not a breed on its own. The Goldendoodles got their charming looks from the two adorable parent breeds. It took a Golden Retriever and a Poodle to fall in love and create this cute pup.

The Golden Retriever parent brought along the colors cream, apricot, and red. The purebred Poodle usually comes in black, chocolate, and parti colors, so she brought those variations along.

However, no matter how many color variations the Goldendoodle has, the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t recognize any of them, not even the F1 Goldendoodle generation or the F2b Goldendoodle! Such a shame.

Either way, the most popular Goldendoodle coat colors are:

  • Merle
  • Brown or chocolate
  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Apricot
  • Tuxedo
  • Cream
  • Parti (a combo of brown or black and white)
  • Phantom

They can be rainbow color for all that matters, but Goldendoodles will always color your life with pretty pastels!

Goldendoodle breeders often carry one or two coat colors, so finding one that has the red Goldie or any other preferable color is going to be quite a quest.

Color Changes Are Gradual

No dog loses its coat color overnight. It takes months for pups to show signs of having their coat turn lighter.

Around five months of age, you can notice some white hair sprinkled over your red Goldendoodle‘s hair. Over time, her coat will become completely covered in light hair, finishing the transition from radiant red to a shade of cinnamon red.

As the dog matures, you may notice additional white hair popping around the eyes.

What’s also interesting about many red Goldendoodles is that they have black toenails. Such nails are challenging to trim because it’s hard to see where the blood and nerve supply is on dark-colored nails.

As their coat color might change through their lifespan, they’ll always stay energetic pups with loving personalities that could knock you off your feet.

The Goldendoodle’s Coat Changes As It Grows

Many puppies have dark coats in puppyhood, which lightens up gradually over time. As the dogs reach adulthood, the coat remains light-colored. This is a typical trait for the vast majority of red Goldendoodles.

The coat color might fade or become lighter even with the deepest shades, so don’t be surprised if your dark red Goldendoodle puppy fades out. It’s just a natural process, nothing serious.

Some pups might even keep the dark color shade on some of its body parts. For example, some Goldendoodles still have deep red ears and tails while the body is lightened.

Red Goldendoodles Are Teddy Bears With Giant Hearts

Nevermind the coat color or the type (wavy fleece, or curly) or the size (teacup, petite, micro, mini Goldendoodle, medium or standard Goldendoodle); one thing is sure: these guys are as soft at heart as any teddy bear. And, they’ve got the teddy-bear appearance, too!

Since Goldendoodles are very smart, friendly, and easily trained, it’s no wonder why many are being used as service dogs or therapy pups.

Their kind heart with mellow looks almost make all the problems go away.

What Kind Of Coat Does The Red Goldendoodle Have?

The coat type depends on which genes the Goldendoodle puppy picked up more of. They could either have straight, wavy, or curly coats. Such a coat means that grooming a Goldendoodle is no option.

The only thing that eases the grooming is when Goldendoodles have smooth, easy-to-maintain coat types. All the other ones require daily brushing, bathing, and even drying.

Red Goldendoodles are just like any other Goldendoodle. Their coat is the same as the black Goldendoodles or the cream Goldendoodles.

How Many Sizes Of Goldendoodles Are There?

If you’re not ready for a big dog right now, or if you simply prefer a smaller version, we have good news for you. The Goldendoodle is a relatively small dog breed. There are miniature Goldendoodles; a result of breeding a Golden Retriever with a Toy Poodle.

The end result is a pint-sized puppy and the cutest thing you’ll see in a while.

Besides many sizes, Goldendoodles come in many generations (F1, F1b, F1bb, F2, F2b, F2bb, F3).

Goldendoodles Are The Best Service Pets

When you combine the Poodle‘s intelligence and the Golden Retriever‘s obedience, you get a dog breed that is ideal to work as a service animal. Whether you need a therapy dog or a guide, the Goldendoodle will do the job.

Hospital patients and people from nursing homes all agree that seeing a Goldendoodle makes their day a whole lot better.

Goldendoodles Are Athletic

This dog breed is energetic and playful. They love to exercise, but they also enjoy time spent on the sofa lounging. Still, exercise and agility is what makes them tick. Every active family would be lucky to own a Goldendoodle.

The Goldendoodle enjoys long walks on the beach, occasional strolls down the street, and peaceful hikes with his owner. All jokes aside, the Goldendoodle really does love these activities.

Goldendoodles MakeThe Best Playmates

Want to play frisbee in the park? You got it! Have a new tennis ball and need a set of teeth to test it out? Sure thing! Need someone to play tug-o-war with you? Stop the search. Your Goldendoodle is the man for you. Ooops, we meant dog!

Socializing with their owner is something that all Goldendoodles love. Hardly any other dog breed is as friendly as this one.

Goldendoodles Love Water Sports

Most dogs love the water, but Goldendoodles simply adore spending time in water, swimming or just chilling out. Whether it’s the local lake or the river or your neighbor’s pool while he’s out of town, the Goldendoodle will use the opportunity to wet its paws.

The only bad thing about their love for the water is when they decide it’s time to shake off their coat. Got your umbrella ready?

Goldendoodles Are Extremely Friendly

Of course, not all of them are super friendly, but most Goldendoodles are. These dogs are friends with everybody, even with the postman! Cats, children, other dog breeds, new people – you name it… there’s no such thing as a better family dog than a Goldendoodle!

Their friendliness means they’re not that loud. Goldendoodles almost never bark, not even when someone knocks on the door. Yes, this does mean they’re not the best watch dogs, but having them as best buds makes up for it.

Goldendoodles Require Constant Exercise

Red Goldendoodles, like all the other Goldendoodles and Labradoodles (standard Poodle and Labrador mix) need daily exercise and lots of brain games and mental stimulation. Once again, their activity is one of their strongest traits. Just pick the thing that you love doing and your dog will follow you.

Goldendoodles Bring Light To Your Life

Adopting a Goldendoodle means that you’re getting a whole new set of responsibilities. The biggest one of them all is making the new dog feel welcome. Don’t hesitate to show love and care, and work on its socialization skills.

The more joy you put into making your dog’s life good, the more love the dog will give in return.

Doodles are “golden.”

Typically, Goldendoodles are fast learners capable of mastering every puppy training including potty lessons. Being so adaptable, they fit into any family. These are the dogs that will make you fall madly in love with their goofy attitude, intelligence, and adorable face. You might own a red Goldendoodle, but there’s one thing you need to know: all doodles are golden!

Being Hypoallergenic Is Golden, Too

Some Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic, meaning they’re non-shedding dogs. This makes them perfect for people who are prone to allergies or those who don’t want to vacuum their home all the time. Allergic reactions may be triggered by things other than their coat. Dander, saliva, and urine also cause allergies.

While there’s no guarantee as to whether a Goldendoodle will be hypoallergenic or not, there’s always a huge chance that it will be at least low-shedding.

Shaving your Goldendoodle to prevent allergies is never justified.

Red Goldendoodles Puppies For Sale

Sunshine Acres Goldendoodles

Sunshine Acres Goldendoodles has been breeding Goldendoodles in Indiana and shipping their dogs all over the country since 2002. They specialize in red Goldendoodles and Irish Goldendoodles and breed different configurations of hybrid mixes in a quest to improve their bloodlines. They offer both red Goldendoodles and differing shades of gold and cream as well

Sunshine Acres Goldendoodles raises smart, healthy, and family-friendly dogs. Puppies go home with a 3-year health guarantee and all the age-appropriate vaccinations. Sunshine Acres wants you to fill out an application to start the process of reserving a red Goldendoodle puppy. Once the application is approved, you can make a deposit to hold your puppy.

Sunshine Acres offers a unique rebate program for the owners of their Sunshine Acres bred puppies. If the owner can train their dog to a level to be certified in obedience and to get a Good Canine Citizen certification, the breeder will rebate $200 back to the owner. This policy promotes responsible dog ownership with a monetary incentive to get the puppies fully trained and certified.

Red Goldendoodle Breeder Information:

  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Website:

Red Goldendoodle Puppy Information:

  • Multi-generation Goldendoodles and Poodles on site
  • Reserve a current puppy or one from a future litter

Goldendoodle Reds

Goldendoodle Reds specializes in multiple generations of red Goldendoodle pups near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They raise shades of red Goldendoodles. Goldendoodle Reds raises their puppies with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and works to socialize and begin foundational training before your dog ever goes home. They have an application on their website. A nominal (non-refundable) deposit gets you in line to choose a puppy. Puppies go home at 8 weeks with a puppy pack and veterinary records.

Red Goldendoodle Breeder Information:

  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Website: Goldendoodle Reds

Red Goldendoodle Puppy Information:

  • Pups are raised with early neurological stimulation
  • Puppies go home at 8 weeks

Tangled Up In Red Farms

Tangled Up In Red Farms is a small family doodle breeder in Minnesota. They breed F1 Standard Goldendoodles and Irishdoodles. They not only breed red Goldendoodles, but they also teach them to hunt. It turns out that Goldendoodles, aside from their sweet nature, friendly and affectionate personalities, can also make great hunting dogs if you develop that instinct within them. After all, they are part Golden Retriever, which makes perfect sense, if you think about it.

All puppies come vaccinated, micro-chipped, and have already been exposed to people, cats, and other dogs before going home with their new owners.  They also sell with a health guarantee and receive deworming at the appropriate age.

If you’re interested in a farm-raised red Goldendoodle from Tangled Up In Red, you can contact them via email on the website, or message them on Facebook to start the process of reserving a puppy. There is no mention of price or the process to adopt one of these adorable red Goldendoodles, so you will need to contact them to find out how to proceed.

Red Goldendoodle Breeder Information:

  • Social Media : Facebook
  • Website: Tangled Up In red

Red Goldendoodle Puppy Information:

  • Get your puppy reserved, these go quickly
  • Puppies are featured on the breeder’s Facebook

My Red Goldendoodles

My Red Goldendoodles are located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and specialize in several generations of red Goldendoodles. They find homes for these sought-after pups all over the country. Puppies from My Red Goldendoodles go home at 9 weeks of age with a health guarantee and a contract. They do require a deposit to pick your dog and that goes to the final purchase price and puts you on the waitlist for reserving a puppy. There is an application on the website that you can complete and get the process started. You, too, could be the proud new owner of an adorable red Goldendoodle!

Red Goldendoodle Breeder Information:

  • Social Media: Instagram
  • Website: My red Goldendoodles

Red Goldendoodle Puppy Information:

  • Fill out the website application to get on the waiting list
  • Puppies go home at 9 weeks

Doodle Squad

Doodle Squad Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles is located in Delaware, OH, and in Hillsborough, NC.  They are a small home breeder of loyal, affectionate, low to non-shedding Goldendoodle puppies. They raise all the dogs as their personal pets and your puppies come pre-loved and pre-spoiled when you do take them home. The breeder has all sizes of Goldendoodles and they do have red Goldendoodles for sale. This breeder has multiple generations and different level crosses of Goldendoodle puppies. Customers give them a 5-star rating for the service and quality of the dogs they produce.

Red Goldendoodle Breeder Information:

  • Social Media: Instagram
  • Website: Doodle Squad

Red Goldendoodle Puppy Information:

  • The breeder has a waitlist
  • Call, text, or message on social media

More Information About Red Goldendoodle Breeders

Breeders of red Goldendoodle puppies are also breeding Irish Goldendoodles. The Irish Goldendoodle is an offshoot of the Goldendoodle that is a Poodle/Irish Setter, or, down the line, a Golden Retriever/Irish Setter and Poodle cross. These are also called red Goldendoodles. So, when you are searching for your red Goldendoodle puppy, make sure you find out from the breeder if they are breeding Irish Goldendoodles or a true (first generation) Goldendoodle hybrid.

Goldendoodles come in small standard, large standard, and miniature sizes so there’s a Goldendoodle for everyone. They are energetic and playful dogs, so purchasing a Goldendoodle requires a commitment to walking, playtime, obedience training, and, since Goldendoodles are so loving, they also require a lot of snuggle time as well.

In terms of health, Goldendoodles tend to be healthier than many purebred dogs due to “hybrid vigor”, meaning that hybrid or mixed breed dogs are heartier and carry less of the health problems that purebred dogs are known for. This is due to breeders bringing in new bloodlines, versus the inbreeding that has taken place to refine the characteristics of the purebred bloodlines throughout the generations.

By all accounts, red Goldendoodles make excellent companions and family dogs. They are sweet-tempered and good with children. Large enough to handle rambunctious little kids and tend towards low or non-shedding coats, which breeders select for. This means that red Goldendoodles are a wonderful choice for families that have children prone to allergies. Their naturally curly coat is quite pretty and easy to maintain with regular bathing and brushing. Some owners opt for a “poodle cut” and regular grooming/clipping, but red Goldendoodles can be left with a natural coat if so desired.

Since Goldendoodles are not AKC recognized, nor are they purebred dogs, it’s important that you look back at the parents and grandparents of the breeder’s parent dogs. There is no breed standard for Goldendoodles, so you will want to see that the purebred parents of the puppies are good specimens of their respective breed and meet the AKC standard for that breed, or be registered by the AKC.  Goldendoodle offspring cannot be registered.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found our guide to the Red Goldendoodle interesting and informative. If you enjoyed it, please remember to share!

You can see that Red Goldendoodles are much the same as every other color of Goldendoodle in that they have the same basic friendly, outgoing temperament, have the same constant exercise requirements, and share the same dietary needs. Also, Red Doodles come in the same range of sizes as other types of Goldendoodles. However, since they are so popular and desirable, Red Goldendoodles, especially smaller sizes, can be more expensive than other colors.

What’s your favorite Goldendoodle color? Tell us in the comments box below!

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