Mini red Labradoodle Guide

Mini red Labradoodle Guide

In this red Labradoodle coat guide, we’ll go over the information you need to know about their color. The Labradoodle is a trending dog breed and the red-colored coat colors are quite unique. If you’re looking to adopt a red Labradoodle, there are some things you should know. If you already own a red-colored Labradoodle, you can learn more about your dog inherited this color. Check out our guide on the red Labradoodle!

Mini & Standard Red Labradoodle Puppies For Sale
Mini & Standard Red Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

What is a Red Labradoodle?

The red Labradoodle has a darker color than the Apricot and the Gold colored Labradoodles. With their signature black nose, this dog type looks exactly like a teddy bear. This is one of the main reasons why many people love red-colored Labradoodles. The recessive trait color red is hard to come by for Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not perceive red as an official Labradoodle color. However, since red is the color of a mix of dark-shaded Poodle and a typical cream or tan Labrador, breeders call this dog type a Red Labradoodle.

Best Red Labradoodle Coat Guide
Best Red Labradoodle Coat Guide

When people hear the word “Labradoodle,” what comes to their minds is the Red Labradoodle. Red coat colored Poodles are unusual, which explains why it is rare to find a red Labradoodle. The red Labradoodle’s coat is a replica of that of an Irish Settler dog. You can tell a true red Labradoodle by looking at their nose. If the nose pigment color is black, then you’ve got yourself a true red. Authentic red Labradoodles are pricey when compared to other colors because they are in higher demand and rarer.

Red Australian Labradoodle
Red Australian Labradoodle

Labradoodles that are red are hard to breed and you’ll often get a litter with many different coat colors.  Labradoodles have an extensive range of coats because they are a hybrid dog breed that can carry several dominant and recessive coat colors. If you take a look at the American Kennel Club (AKC), the purebred Poodle has over 10 different standard coat colors.

Red Labradoodle Size, Weight, and Height

You can cross a standard, miniature, or Moyen Poodle with a Labrador Retriever to produce various sizes of Labradoodle puppies. Red Labradoodles come in three main sizes:

  • A typical medium red Labradoodle weighs 30 to 40 pounds and stands 17 to 20 inches tall.
  • A typical miniature red Labradoodle weighs 16 to 25 pounds and stands 14 to 16 inches tall.
  • A typical standard red Labradoodle weighs 50 to 65 pounds and stands 21 to 24 inches tall.

Red Labradoodle Temperament and Personality

There has not been any study to show how the red coat in Labradoodle dogs relates to their temperament. However, according to a study involving Cocker Spaniel dogs, different coat colors show different personalities and temperaments. Golden-coated Spaniels were found to be more dominant than parti or black color dogs. Also, male dogs have a more dominant character than females.

Due to a lack of scientific evidence, we cannot say how the red coat color relates to Labradoodles’ temperament or personality. However, Labradoodles did not become popular because of their non-shedding nature alone. They make great companion dogs, and people love how pleasant and friendly they can be. Since they inherit genes from the Labrador Retriever, you’ll find many Labradoodles that are therapy or service dogs due to their easygoing temperament.

Red Labradoodle Shedding and Grooming

  • Scientifically speaking, there’s no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog. However, if you need a dog that is mostly nonshedding and hypoallergenic, you should consider a red Labradoodles. This is mostly because Labradoodles take after their Poodle parents, who are considered nonshedding and hypoallergenic.
  • However, if you have a nonshedding red Labradoodle, you’ll have to frequently groom and brush them to get rid of debris and trapped shed hairs. If you fail to do so, the results may be mats and tangles that irritate your Labradoodles skin and can lead to infection.

Red Labradoodle Health Issues

Dogs get ill from time to time, and many pedigree dogs are more likely to be sick than other dogs. On the other hand, hybrids are not as susceptible to illnesses as the pure breeds, thanks to hybrid vigor. However, you can check how healthy your Labradoodle pup is by looking at his parents’ health.

Red Labradoodle Socialization and Training

  • Red-colored Labradoodles are quite playful and rambunctious. This is expected of a mix of the Labrador retriever and the Poodle – two dogs with strong people-pleasing personalities. In general, they are considered easy to train, and they make excellent companions pets. You can never overstate the importance of socialization and positive training for your dog.
  • Labradoodle dogs have a good reputation with kids. However, they require proper training and socialization. If you don’t train or socialize your Labradoodle, they can become aggressive in certain situations.

Red Labradoodle Health Testing

As a responsible breeder, you must test all Poodle, Labrador Retriever, and Labradoodle parents for inheritable health issues listed below.

  • Eye issues
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Thyroid function
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Patellar luxation
  • Heart issues
  • Sebaceous adenitis
  • Centronuclear myelopathy
  • Exercise-induced collapse
  • D Locus (Dilute) gene

Red Labradoodle Exercise Needs

The Labrador and the Poodle come from a long lineage of hunting and working dogs. They are both natural athletes. Labradoodles are very happy and healthy when you give them enough room to play, exercise, perform other activities, and get enriched. After all, a tired Labradoodle is a well-behaved one.

Choosing Red Labradoodle Breeder

The right breeder can greatly influence the temperament and health of your Labradoodle puppy. Ensure that you chose a breeder that offers verification of health testing, genetic testing, an initial health guarantee, and required vaccinations. In addition, make sure that any Labradoodle breeder properly socializes their puppies with early neurological stimulation and other techniques.

Red Labradoodle Puppies Cost

  • Red Labradoodle puppies tend to be a bit more expensive than other coat colors. The cost of purchasing a Labradoodle puppy is within the range of $1,500 to $3,000+. We wrote an in-depth article on How Much Does a Labradoodle Cost, which will provide you with the latest pricing.
  • Typically, multi-color Labradoodles are the most expensive (parti or sable colored), followed by red coat color Labradoodles. This is just due to the supply and demand of these puppies.

Final Thoughts

Red is one of the most unique among other Labradoodle colors. While some people prefer red, others would instead go for another color. We can’t say which color is best because it’s a matter of personal preference. Labradoodles are playful, energetic, and great companion dogs. So, if these qualities are what you’re looking for in a pet, you should get a Labradoodle. We hope you enjoyed learning about the red Labradoodle!

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