The Shaved Labradoodle

Can You Shave A Labradoodle?

Since Labradoodles have lots of Poodle genetics, they are generally non-shedding which is a great feature for a dog to have. However, you will need to groom your Labradoodle’s curly hair on a regular basis.  Failure to appropriately groom your Labradoodle’s hair will bring about tangling, and mattes which can cause discomfort for your dog.  This is why a shaved Labradoodle is a great grooming style.  A shaved Labradoodle limits the number of mattes your dog gets as well as keeps your dog cool during the summer months.  We will give you some tips for a shaved Labradoodle and explain how to shave them yourself.

The Shaved Labradoodle
The Shaved Labradoodle

What is a Shaved Labradoodle?

A shaved Labradoodle is a dog that just got groomed and has short hair.  Typically, if your Labradoodle has lots of mattes and tangles you will have to shave it.  This usually involves either taking your dog to the groomers or buying a hair cutter and using blade #10 (this is about 1/16 of an inch).  It’s not too difficult to shave a Labradoodle yourself if you have the right equipment.  You’ll also see many different styles of shaved Labradoodles. You can also watch this video on shaving your doodle!

Should I Shave My Labradoodle?
Should I Shave My Labradoodle?

Why should you Shave your Labradoodle?

  • Great way to keep your Labradoodle cool during the summer months – especially since Labradoodles love to run around.
  • Limits the number of mattes and tangles your dog will get.
  • You won’t have to shave your Labradoodle again for 3+ months!
  • Limits the amount of dirt, leaves, sticks, and debris that would stick to your Labradoodle’s hair.
  • A shaved Labradoodle doesn’t look half bad and shows the true shape of the dog breed.

How to Shave your Labradoodle?

It’s not excessively hard to shave your Labradoodle once you have a system in place.  The hardest part is going to get your Labradoodle to hold still in which you’ll either need a grooming table and/or pet leash.  My recommended items to shave your Labradoodle are below:

  1. Slicker Brush: If you own a doodle, you have to have a slicker brush to remove mats, tangles, and knots. We highly suggest you check out our We Love Doodles slicker brush.
  2. Dog Razor:  The most popular and widely used Labradoodle hair clippers are the Andis Proclip 2.
  3. Shampoo & Conditioner:  It’s highly recommended you give your dog a bath before grooming them to get out the dirt and ease up the mattes. The We Love Doodles shampoo, conditioner, and detangler will make future grooming sessions easier.
  4. Andis Steel Comb: Comb your dog before and after you shave them to get out the mattes and loose hairs.
  5. Grooming Scissors – Ballpoint scissors or blunt-tipped scissors are recommended for safety.  The Moontay Dog Grooming Scissors are our personal favorite.  Use the scissors in places where the hair clippers can’t reach like the armpits, leg pits, and around the face.
  6. Cutting Shears: Shears are great for shaping the areas that the hair cutters can’t get.
  7. Dog Nail Clipper or Dog Nail Grinder:  When you shave around the paws, it opens up an opportunity to cut your dog’s nails.  The nails will be exposed and easy to cut.
  8. Pet Leash or Grooming Table: Most Labradoodles refuse to hold still.  This means you’ll have to get a grooming table or pet leash to keep them standing and holding still.

Using a blade size #10 (approximately 1/16 of an inch) simply start on the body.  This is going to be pretty close to the dog’s skins so be mindful so as not to cut your dog’s skin. In addition, long use of the hair clippers is going to make the metal edge of the razor hot to touch and may hurt your dog.  If your dog hair clippers get too hot, you’re going to need some spray coolant and to wait a few minutes before cutting again.

Can You Shave A Labradoodle?
Can You Shave A Labradoodle?

If your Labradoodle has long hair, you’re most certainly going to have to use the scissors and shears to remove mattes and shorten your dog’s hair.  Removing mattes makes it easy for the razor to go through your Labradoodles’ hair.

Once you’re done with the body, work your way down to the legs, belly, and chest.  These areas generally aren’t too difficult, but shaving a Labradoodle will be quite time-consuming (I would budget at least 2-3 hours if this is your first time).

When you shave your Labradoodle’s face, you can generally leave the hair a little longer.  Most Labradoodles do not like their face and ears groomed so you’re likely either going to give them lots of treats or try to use scissors.  Labradoodles tend to like shears or scissors more since hair clippers emit a vibrating noise close to their ears.   However, the more you use your hair clippers the more that your Labradoodle will get used to it, and shaving will become a lot easier.

How to keep your Labradoodle cool in summer

Dog owners know how important it is to take care of their furry friends, especially during the warmer months. But what do you do when your pup gets overheated? Here are some tips on keeping your dog cool in the heat WITHOUT shaving.

A cooling vest

If you have a dog that tends to get hot, try using a cooling vest. These vests work by circulating air around your dog’s body. They come in various sizes and styles so you can choose one that fits your dog best.

Use Ice Cubes

You can also freeze ice cubes in a plastic bag and place them inside cooling best. You can also put ice cubes in water that might be warmer to provide a cool drink throughout the day

Limit sun exposure 

Less time in the sun, less heat, less issues. Monitor the time your longer haired Labradoodle spends outside

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Shaving my Labradoodle Prevent Shedding?

  • Shaving your Labradoodle will not reduce shedding. The hair that does shed will be shorter which can benefit some people – but the hair and dander will still shed.
  • There are risks associated with the process of shaving (if done poorly) which could increase shedding. These shedding increasing issues include injury to the skin and underlying tissue, infection, bleeding, and allergic reactions.
  • If you want to try shaving, start small. Try just trimming around their ears and muzzle.

Are you supposed to shave Labradoodles?

Yes, shaving a Labradoodle keeps them cool during the summer months and helps prevent their hair from matting. In addition, it will save you money as you can wait to groom them for a longer period of time

How long does it take for a shaved Labradoodles hair to grow back?

Labradoodle hair grows very fast! In as little as 2 to 3 weeks, you dog’s hair will be fully grown out. In approximately 6 to 12 weeks you will have to give your Labradoodle another haircut.

What does a shaved Labradoodle look like?

A Labradoodle with shaved hair looks like… a Labradoodle. Obvious point aside, check out the images throughout this article.

Shaved Labradoodles DO appear more Poodle-like in most cases. Many Labradoodles have a higher percentage of Poodle genetics. F1b and F2 Labradoodles are super low shedding and sometimes smaller. They are the most in-demand generations of Labradoodles.

They have a higher percentage of Poodle genetics (learn about the Labradoodle generations here) and therefore have the body type of a Poodle.

Hiding beneath the glorious and fluffy Labradoodle coat is the lithe body of a dog breed that was specifically bred for water retrieval while hunting. Surprisingly skinny!

Shaving a Labradoodle to the bare skin will often leave them looking naked. Try to leave a little length for some dignity.

Most Labradoodle owners will trim the face and ears of their Labradoodle but leave them a little longer. This helps maintain some of that gorgeous and distinct Oodle look (the teddy bear face) that Labradoodles are so known for.

With Max my apricot miniature Labradoodle – we DO trim the ear hair a little – but try to leave the furnishings around the snout to give a less extreme look.

Final Thoughts

A shaved Labradoodle is a trending hairstyle because it is very easy to maintain and prevents mattes and tangles.  Plus, your Labradoodles’ hair grows quickly, so in 2-3 weeks you won’t even be able to tell that they were shaved.  Shaving your Labradoodle is relatively easy once you have a system in place, but it is quite time-consuming (it usually takes me about 1.5 hours and I consider myself fast).  If it’s summertime and your Labradoodle likes to run around, you’re definitely going to want a shaved Labradoodle so they don’t overheat.

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