Best Sheepadoodle Haircuts

Best Sheepadoodle Haircuts

If you’re searching for the best Sheepadoodle haircuts, then this guide has you covered. From short to long to bangs to mullets, there are many ways to cut our hair. Often, the haircuts we choose say something about our personality and who we want to present ourselves as. As a hybrid breed, the Sheepadoodle has been praised for its friendly personality and beautiful soft coat. As a mix between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle, their coats can come in various colors and styles with an attractive appearance.

Whether you plan out what you ask the pet groomer to do for your dog or you’re ambitious enough to DIY your pet’s haircut, grooming your pet is an essential part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. To help you keep your Sheepadoodle looking and feeling their best, here we share some critical things to know about your Sheepadoodle’s coat and the best ways you can take care of it. Keep in mind that Shepadoodle isn’t Sheepadoodle, so don’t mistake between the two.

Cute Sheepadoodle Haircut Styles

Now, let’s take a look at our favorite Sheepadoodle styling and haircut pictures.

In this list, we’ve included easy, manageable haircuts and higher-end fancy haircuts that are best tackled by a professional groomer. So, whether you fancy a natural-looking shaggy haircut or a simple haircut that the average Doodle owner can do at home, you’re bound to find inspiration here!


The Mohawk is sure to turn heads every time you take a trip to the dog park!

Mohawk Sheepadoodle
Mohawk Sheepadoodle

This haircut involves clipping the Sheepadoodle’s hair to just 1 inch in length all over the dog’s body, while the head hair is left to grow to between 2 and 4 inches in length. For a more dramatic appearance, you can choose to let the hair grow longer right down the dog’s back to the tail.

Summer Cut

The Summer cut is a very simple clip, where the Doodle’s fur is more or less completely shaved off all over the body, leaving just ½ inch of hair or less, including the ear hair. If your Sheepadoodle tends to suffer from mats and severe tangling, this is the perfect haircut for you.

Summer Cut
Summer Cut

Generally, pet parents opt for this super-short hairstyle option at the beginning of the summer months when the temperatures start to rise, leaving the dog more at risk of overheating. This style of haircut is also suitable for Doodles with skin sensitivities and makes it much easier to apply topical medication to a dog with sensitive skin.

Many pet parents choose to take the DIY route and carry out a Summer clip at home, leaving the coat during summer months to grow longer and thicker again. That way, the dog has medium-length hair by the time the weather cools down in the fall.

Teddy Bear/Puppy Cut

The Teddy Bear cut is also known as the Pup cut and is the most basic haircut that a lot of Sheepadoodle parents go for.

Teddy Bear/Puppy Cut
Teddy Bear/Puppy Cut

Basically, the Teddy Bear cut is a ½ inch or ¾ inch clip all over the dog’s body. You can opt for a shorter clip that will last longer, meaning a longer hair trimming frequency that saves you money at the pet groomer. That kind of clip is also a practical solution for active dogs that like to swim or play in the mud. Also, a shorter cut takes less brushing than medium-length hair and is less prone to matting.

The Teddy Bear cut includes a non-feathered tail trim, round feet, and an ear and face trim.

Lamb Cut

The Lamb cut is another highly popular hairstyle for Sheepadoodles.

With the Lamb cut, the dog’s body fur is generally clipped longer than it is in the Puppy cut. The Doodle’s leg hair is left fluffy and long, and the fur is neatly scissor blended into the body hair. The dog’s feet are cut either round or beveled to finish the look.

Lion Cut

The Lion cut makes your Sheepadoodle look just like a lion!

Lion Cut Sheepadoodle
Lion Cut Sheepadoodle

With this cute haircut, the back half of the dog’s body hair is shaved to around ¼ inch in length, with the face being left lightly trimmed, creating a gorgeous lion’s mane effect. The pet groomer also leaves the Doodle’s chest, feet, and tail hair on.

Poodle Cut

The Poodle cut sees the dog’s body hair shaved very short with some length left on the ears and legs, while a characteristic topknot is left on the dog’s head.

Kennel Cut

The Kennel cut is the shortest and most manageable of the Sheepadoodle haircuts and is perfect for very active dogs that tend to be mucky pups!

Essentially, the Kennel cut sees all but 1 inch of the dog’s body hair being clipped off. This neat style is ideal if you have to give your pet an emergency bath after a particularly dirty walk and means that you can keep daily brushing time to a minimum.

Also, this manageable haircut is ideal for Doodles that live in warm climates.

Shaved Cut

Basically, the Shaved cut is as it sounds! The dog’s body hair is shaved very short all over, and the legs, head, ears, furniture, and feet are also shaved.

Shaved Cut Sheepadoodle
Shaved Cut Sheepadoodle

This kind of haircut is perfect for dogs living in warm climates, for very active pups, and for those that enjoy getting filthy on every walk! Also, if your dog suffers from skin irritations, a shaved cut can often help to relieve the problems caused by matting and tanging.

Sheepadoodle Cute Hairstyle Ideas

Here are a few more super-cute Sheepadoodle hairstyle ideas that you might want to try the next time you take your four-legged friend to the groomer.

Long Haircuts

When your Sheepadoodle gets older, he might enjoy a slower pace of life. So, during your pet’s senior years, you might choose to keep his hair longer, creating a more natural look. For that reason, a shaggy haircut is often the “do” of choice for older Doodles.

Long Haircut Sheepadoodles

Short Cuts

Old English Sheepdogs and Poodles were both originally bred to be working dogs, so it’s no surprise that Sheepadoodles are often very lively, active dogs that thrive when living with an outdoorsy family.

Short Cuts
Short Cuts

Many Sheepadoodles love to swim and most thoroughly enjoy charging along muddy trails or romping in the dog park, getting into all kinds of dirty places. For that reason, many Doodle owners choose a short haircut for their pets that’s quick and easy to clean and makes bath time a breeze.

Short cuts are also useful for dogs that suffer from skin irritations that can be common in hybrid breeds. The less hair the dog is carrying, the easier it is to apply skin medication. A short cut also helps to prevent matting.

Wavy Haircuts

Many Doodle owners like to leave their pet’s coat to grow longer so that they can enjoy the feel of the dog’s fluffy, soft hair and delightful cute looks. As you can see from our list and pictures, there are lots of hairstyles that look great on Sheepadoodles with wavy coats.

Wavy Haircuts Sheepadoodle

Curly Haircuts

Sheepadoodles with curly haircuts are definitely super-cute!

If you have a Sheepadoodle with a gorgeous curly coat, the choice of haircuts you could choose for your pet is a little short of mind-blowing!

Curly Haircuts Sheepadoodles

Many pet parents like to leave their Sheepadoodles coat to grow long so that it creates a stunning display of ringlets extending from the dog’s head to tail.

However, if you decide to go down that route, we advise that you take advice from a professional groomer and understand that you will need plenty of time that you can spend grooming your Sheepadoodle. Unfortunately, the longer the dog’s coat, the more prone it will be to matting, which means more work for you.

Face Styles

As mentioned earlier in our guide, Sheepadoodles can have different shaped faces and heads, and that can have a big influence on the hairstyle that you choose for your pet.

In fact, the right choice of face clip style can go a long way toward showing off your dog’s best features and good looks. For that reason, we suggest that you discuss your dog’s face clip with your pet groomer before you take the plunge.

Clean Face

The Clean Face style is perfect for a Sheepadoodle that has a pretty face and a Poodle-shaped head. You can use this face cut with most Sheepadoodle hairstyles and clips, and this style is great for dogs that tend to end up with their dinner in their beard and mustache!


The TopKnot is a hairstyle that suits Sheepadoodles with a longer coat clip and with wavy or curly coats.

TopKnot Sheepadoodle

The dog’s head hair is left longer on top than on the rest of the pup’s face and is carefully scissor-blended with the rest of the body hair.

Tail Styles

A perfectly trimmed and shaped tail provides the ultimate finishing touch for every Sheepadoodle hairstyle. Here are the three most popular tail styles that your pro groomer can use.

Flag Tail Sheepadoodles

Flag Tail

The Flag tail trim works very well with Sheepadoodles that have long or wavy haircuts.

The dog’s tail is clipped or scissor cut so that the result resembles a pennant waving in the breeze! The hair is left long at the base of the tail and cut short at the tip so that the pup’s tail doesn’t touch the ground as he walks.

Pom-Pom Tail

Pom-Pom tail clips are typically used as a finishing touch for Poodle crossbreeds that have curly coats.

Pom-Pom Tail Sheepadoodle

Basically, the Pom-Pom cut features a ball of fluffy fur that’s left on the tip of the dog’s tail. A Pom-Pom tail is clipped short at the tail’s base, leaving a full shape is left at the tip.

Before And After Pictures

To give you an idea of how your dog’s new hairstyle will look, here are a couple of before and after clip comparison pictures.

Different Colors

Sheepadoodles are generally bi-colored, taking after the Old English Sheepdog parent.

Gray and White

Although you can get gray and white puppies, this coloration generally develops as the dog gets older and a black and white coat fades to gray.

Brown and White

If the Poodle parent is brown, you can sometimes find brown and white Sheepadoodle puppies, again with a patchwork pattern.

Black and White

The most common coloration for a Sheepadoodle is a beautiful black and white patchwork pattern.

Unusual Sheepadoodle Colors

Red and white colored Sheepadoodles are a rare find!

You can also find all-black dogs, but that’s unusual, and they usually have a few white hairs or very small white patches somewhere on their body, face, or feet.

Tri-colored versions of the Sheepadoodle are also sometimes seen, but they are extremely unusual.

Usually, the more unusual colors command a higher price, with the standard black and white coloration being considerably less expensive.

Different Coat Types

Sheepadoodles can be divided into two main categories of coat types, with each individual puppy’s coat type depending on the combination of genes inherited from each parent dog.

Sheepadoodle coat care generally entails daily brushing or more extensive grooming, depending on the coat type and hairstyle you choose. for your pet. However, a regular grooming routine can entail taking your dog to a professional groomer every month or so for a tidy-up.

However, if you have the time, you can save on grooming costs by learning the grooming basics and doing the job yourself at home. You can find plenty of advice and grooming tutorials on the many pet grooming resource sites that exist.

Straight “Hair” Coats

The hair-coated Sheepadoodle generally sheds the most and is considered to be the least hypoallergenic of the coat types. Although this type of coat is termed flat or straight, the fur is often slightly wavy with the hair lengths being dependent on the length of the parent’s coat.

Hair-coated Sheepadoodles with a completely straight coat is pretty rare, and you’ll generally find them with slightly wavy hair. A straight coat needs regular upkeep in the form of daily brushing to remove dead hair and visits to your local canine hairstylist every few weeks.

Wavy “Fleece” Coat

The wavy, fleece coat is the most commonly seen of Sheepadoodle coat types.

This flowy hair is usually wavy or kinky in appearance and can also be curly like a Poodle coat. If the entire coat is very curly, you can leave it to grow out into a corded coat of dense hair that resembles dreadlocks. However, a dog with a gorgeous coat like that needs professional grooming regularly to prevent the fur from becoming matted.

Wavy fur needs brushing thoroughly every day to prevent the coat from matting.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our guide and cute Sheepadoodle haircut ideas.

There are certainly plenty of haircuts to choose from, but if you’re still not sure which Sheepadoodle hairstyle to go for, ask your pet groomer for their advice. Of course, you might have your own idea of a brand-new hairstyle for your Doodle that’s never been done before!

Tell us about your Doodle’s “do” in the comments below, and don’t forget to share the article if you enjoyed it.

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