Shih Poo Haircuts Pictures

Shih Poo Haircuts Pictures

The Shih Poo is a mixed breed dog that’s a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Toy or Miniature Poodle.

These little dogs can have several different coat types, depending on which parent dog the individual puppy most takes after. Some Shih Poos have curly coats like their Poodle parent, whereas others have a straighter coat like their Shih Tzu parent or a mixture of both coat types, ending up with wavy fur.

The Shih Poo’s thick fur lends itself perfectly to being clipped and styled, and many owners opt to take that route.

Keep reading to discover 22 cute Shih Poo haircuts and hairstyle ideas!

22 Cute Shih Poo Haircut Ideas

Since the Poodle is a singled-coated, light-shedding breed, most Poodle crossbreeds are considered to be hypoallergenic and are, therefore, popular with allergy sufferers. That said, you still need to brush your dog every day to prevent matting. For that reason, many Shih Poo owners choose to have their dogs clipped regularly.

But what’s the best hairstyle for your pet?

We’ve hunted down 22 different Shih Poo haircut ideas to give you inspiration!

Shih Poo Haircut Length

Of course, there are several different lengths of haircut you could choose from, depending on your dog’s lifestyle and your own personal taste.

Medium Hair

Medium Hair Shih Poo

Medium hair options are good for dogs that live in areas where the cold seasons are especially chilly, and there are unlimited haircut styles for this hair length.

Short Hair

Short Hair Shih Poo

There are lots of short haircuts that look great on a Shih Poo. These cute little dogs lend themselves to a shorter hairstyle, and that can be a good option for dogs that live in warm climates, where there’s a risk of overheating.

Long Hair

Long Hair Shih Poo

Lengthy hair can look just as stunning as shorter hair! Of course, if you decide to go for a longer hairstyle for your pet, you will need to be prepared to spend time brushing your Shih Poo every day to keep those pesky tangles and knots away.

Shih Poo Haircut Types

Now, here’s a selection of the most popular haircut types that we could find for Shih Poos.

Many of these hair options are quite simple and can be attempted at home, provided you have a decent set of hair clippers. We’ve also included a couple of beauty styles that are best tackled by an experienced dog groomer.

Longer Length

Longer Length Shih Poo

This Puppy cut shows how the clip would look if you opt for a slightly longer length. We think that gorgeous plume tail looks absolutely amazing!

Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut Shih Poo

The Puppy cut is just about the most popular clip for Shih Tzus and Doodle crossbreeds. Although this clip is referred to as the Puppy cut, it’s perfect for adult dogs, too.

The hairstyle is ideal for dogs with longer, wavy hair that’s prone to tangling. The body hair is cut to a length of ½ inch or ¾ inch all-over. The dog’s face, including the ears, is trimmed, and the tail is trimmed with scissors to produce a feathered, plumed effect.

Even though the adorable Puppy cut does remove a fairly sizable chunk of hair, you still need to take time out to brush your Shih Poo every day.

Short Cut

Short Cut Shih Poo

If your Shih Poo has curly hair, this photograph shows how the s5horter version of the Puppy cut would look on your dog. Adorable!

Adorable Shih Poo Haircut Samples

Basket Case

Cute Shih Poo Puppy in the basket

This little guy has had the excess hair trimmed from his pretty little face and scissor blended into the body hair.

Too Cute

Little Duke Shih Poo

Although little Duke is not a puppy anymore, he’s certainly rocking the Puppy cut look with his delightful clip.

Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut Shih Poo

If you want a shorter hairstyle for your Shih Poo, the Teddy Bear haircut might be a very good choice of clip for you.

The Teddy Bear cut has the hair clipped to around ½ inch or ¾ inches in length all over. The tail is shaved, the ear and facial furnishings are trimmed, and the feet are carefully clipped into a rounded or beveled shape. The dog’s facial hair is fluffed out to create that rounded cuddly toy look.

This hairstyle gets rid of the bulkiness of hair that can restrict your dog’s movement and is also a very practical style for active dogs that like to romp with their canine companions at the dog park or enjoy a trip to the beach.

Like most short hairstyles, the Teddy Bear cut is a good option for you if your pup is prone to matting, and it can also save you lots of brushing time.

Too Cute

Too Cute Shih Poo

This little guy looks so cute in his scarf! The clip illustrates perfectly that adorable Teddy Bear look that people go crazy for.

Honey Puppy Cut

Honey Puppy Cut Shih Poo

This honey-colored Shih Poo has a combo of the Puppy and Teddy Bear cuts. We think that works just fine.

Fluffy Bear

Fluffy Bear Shih Poo

This Teddy Bear cut has a slightly fluffier, longer look, but that still works very well with this style.



Shih Poos and other toy breeds look especially cute with longer facial hair that can be pulled back into a topknot hairdo.

To get the look, simply comb the long hair on the dog’s head back into a ponytail or paintbrush and fasten it in place with a hair clip or a pretty bow.

Short Cut

Shih Poo Short Cut

Here’s another example of a short all-over cut. This kind of style works well with all puppy coat colors.


Bunches Shih Poo

Bunches are a variation on the top knot hairstyle. This is a super-cute look that you can easily achieve at home. All you have to do is thoroughly comb the dog’s head hair and gather it into two pretty bunches. Fasten the hair with pretty bows or hair clips.

Show Cut

Show Cut Shih Poo

The Show cut is a long hairstyle that should only be taken on by Shih Poo owners who have plenty of time on their hands!

This is a high-maintenance hairdo that you need to brush and comb every day. Essentially, the dog’s fur is allowed to grow right out to floor length. The furnishings are left to look natural, and the head hair is drawn back into a smart topknot.

Modern Cut

Modern Cut Shih Poo

The Modern cut is a popular hairstyle with many Poodle owners, but it has been adapted for use on lots of Doodle breeds, too.

This clip is an elegant hairstyle that has the body hair cut very short to show off the dog’s shape. The hair on the ears, tail, and head is left longer, creating a fluffy look.

Lion Cut

Lion Cut Shih Poo

The Lion cut can be used on many different breeds, including Doodles and Poodles.

This cut is generally best done by a professional groomer using a good quality electric hair clippers as it can be disastrous if done by an amateur. The dog’s body is shaved very short, leaving a mane of hair around the Shih Poo’s head, face, chest, and a small area on the shoulders. The tail is shaved, leaving just a tuft of hair on the tip.

Curly Cut

Cute Beige Shih Poo Maltipoo Dog Walking on a Wooden Deck

This simple style makes the most of your Shih Poo’s curly hair.

The hair is trimmed to a medium length, leaving some of that beautiful curly hair intact. This is one of our favorite Shih Poo “dos!”

Summer Cut

Vertical Shot of a Sitting Shih Poo in the House

The Summer cut is a very simple clip that involves shaving the fur to under 1 inch in length all over. The face, head, legs, and tail are also usually shaved.

A Summer cut is a perfect choice for your dog if you live in a sweltering climate or if you have an active dog that likes to roll in the mud and get dirty. This short hairstyle makes it easy to keep your dog clean and doesn’t take long to brush. Also, if your Shih Poo suffers from skin conditions, applying topical treatments is much easier with this short cut.

Face Styles

There are quite a few different face styles to choose from to go with your preferred body clip. Choose a face trim that suits your pup and makes the most of her good looks.

Clean Cut

Clean Cut Shih Poo

As the name suggests, the Clean cut involves shaving the dog’s head and face to remove all the hair. That leaves a clean, uncluttered look that would suit a dog with a very pretty face.

The Clean cut is also a good choice for messy eaters that tend to end up wearing most of their dinner!

Mustache And Beard

Closeup Shot of a Cute Adorable Sad Looking Domestic Shih Poo

This face style leaves the pup’s facial hair or furnishings in place. You can also grow the mustache longer than the rest of the clipped hair to create a cute, cool look that really suits the Shih Poo.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our guide to the different haircuts and styles that you could choose for your Shih Poo. If you loved this listicle, please remember to share it.

Most owners prefer to take their pets to a professional groomer, especially if they choose a complex style that needs regular trimming to keep it looking tidy. However, a trip to the salon can cost you anywhere between $40 to $80, depending on what you want the groomer to do. However, you could take the DIY route and clip your dog yourself at home. We recommend that you take a look at a few YouTube video tutorials before you take the plunge.

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