When is a Shiranian Dog Full Grown?

When is a Shiranian Dog Full Grown?

A Shiranian dog is typically considered full-grown when it reaches around 10 to 12 months of age. However, the exact timing can vary from one individual to another, as factors such as genetics, diet, and overall health can influence their growth rate. Some Shiranians may reach their full size and maturity a bit earlier, while others may take a little longer.

When is a Shiranian Dog Full Grown?
When is a Shiranian Dog Full Grown?

It’s important to note that smaller dog breeds like Shiranians tend to mature faster than larger breeds, which often take closer to 1 to 2 years to reach full maturity. As a responsible dog owner, it’s essential to provide proper nutrition, exercise, and regular veterinary care to ensure your Shiranian grows and develops healthily.

What Impacts the Size of a Shiranian Dog?

The size of a Shiranian dog, like any other mixed-breed dog, can be influenced by several factors, including:

Genetics: The primary factor affecting a dog’s size is its genetic makeup. Since Shiranians are a mix of Shih Tzu and Pomeranian breeds, their size will depend on the genes inherited from their parents. Sometimes, one parent’s genes may dominate, resulting in a Shiranian closer in size to one of the parent breeds.

Parental Size: The size of the Shih Tzu and Pomeranian parents will play a significant role in determining the size of their offspring. If both parents are small, the Shiranian puppies are likely to be smaller as well.

Health and Nutrition: Proper nutrition during a dog’s early development is essential for its growth. A well-balanced diet with appropriate nutrients ensures healthy bone and muscle development. Malnutrition or overfeeding can lead to stunted growth or obesity.

Exercise: Regular exercise is essential for a dog’s overall health and can impact its muscle tone and body structure. Adequate physical activity supports healthy growth and development.

Health Conditions: Certain health conditions or genetic disorders can affect a dog’s growth. If a Shiranian puppy has any underlying health issues, it might impact its growth rate and overall size.

Spaying and Neutering: The timing of spaying or neutering can affect a dog’s growth. Early spaying or neutering before full maturity can sometimes result in slightly larger dogs compared to those left intact until they reach full maturity.

Environmental Factors: The environment in which the dog grows up can have some influence on its size. Stress or inadequate living conditions might impact growth.

It’s important to remember that while genetics plays a significant role in determining a dog’s size, there can still be considerable variation among individual Shiranians. Some may closely resemble one parent breed in size and appearance, while others might have a more balanced mix of both breeds.

How Big Do Shiranian Dogs Get?

The size of Shiranian dogs can vary depending on factors such as genetics, parental size, and individual growth rates. On average, Shiranians tend to be small to medium-sized dogs. Here is an approximate range for their size:

  • Height: Shiranian dogs typically stand around 7 to 12 inches (18 to 30 cm) tall at the shoulder.
  • Weight: Their weight usually falls between 4 to 16 pounds (2 to 7 kg).

Keep in mind that these are general estimates, and some Shiranians may fall slightly outside this range. Some individuals might be smaller or larger, depending on the genetic contribution of their parent breeds and other influencing factors.

Because of their small size, Shiranians are well-suited for apartment living or homes with limited space. However, it’s essential to provide them with regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. Always consult with a veterinarian to monitor your Shiranian’s growth and overall health to ensure they are developing appropriately.

When Do Shiranian Dogs Stop Growing?

Shiranian dogs typically stop growing in height and length by around 10 to 12 months of age. By this time, they would have reached their full adult size. However, it’s important to note that while their height and length stop increasing around this age, they may continue to fill out and gain muscle mass for a few more months.

In terms of weight, Shiranian dogs may continue to gain a little weight beyond their first year, especially if they are still maturing and developing muscle tone. By 18 months of age, they should have reached their full adult weight.

It’s essential to monitor your Shiranian’s growth and weight during the first year and provide them with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise to support their healthy development. If you have any concerns about your dog’s growth or overall health, consult with a veterinarian for guidance and advice.

When Do Shiranian Dogs Calm Down?

The calming down process in Shiranian dogs, like in many other breeds, can vary from one individual to another. Generally, small dog breeds tend to mature faster and may show signs of calming down earlier compared to larger breeds.

Shiranians may start to show signs of becoming calmer around 1 to 2 years of age, as they reach adulthood. By this time, they have usually passed through their puppy and adolescent phases and have settled into a more predictable and stable temperament.

Factors such as training, socialization, and the dog’s environment can also influence their behavior and how quickly they calm down. Providing consistent training, positive reinforcement, and ample opportunities for socialization from a young age can help shape a well-behaved and balanced adult Shiranian.

It’s important to remember that all dogs, regardless of breed, will have individual personalities and energy levels. Some Shiranians may naturally be more energetic and playful throughout their lives, while others may be more laid-back and calm. Understanding and meeting their needs, both physically and mentally, is essential to fostering a content and well-adjusted companion.

Do Males and Females Grow the Same Size?

In general, male and female Shiranian dogs, like most dog breeds, tend to have slight differences in size and weight, but these differences are often not significant. However, it’s important to note that individual variation exists, and there can be exceptions to the general trend.

In some cases, male Shiranians might be slightly larger and heavier than females, while in other instances, females might be the larger ones. The difference in size between males and females is typically more noticeable in purebred dogs with established breed standards. Since Shiranians are a mixed breed, their size can be influenced by a combination of genes from their Shih Tzu and Pomeranian parents, resulting in less predictable size differences between genders.

As with any dog, the growth and size of a Shiranian will depend on factors like genetics, parental size, nutrition, exercise, and overall health. Both male and female Shiranians can make wonderful pets, and any size difference between them is usually minimal. The most important thing is to focus on providing them with proper care, love, and attention, regardless of their size or gender.

How To Measure the size of a Shiranian Dog?

Measuring the size of a Shiranian dog can be done easily using a measuring tape or ruler. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to measure different aspects of your Shiranian:

Height at the Shoulder: To measure your Shiranian’s height at the shoulder (also known as the withers), have your dog stand on all fours on a flat surface. Place the measuring tape or ruler at the highest point of the shoulder blades, which is where the neck and back meet. Gently stretch the tape or ruler along the side of the dog’s body to the ground. The measurement you get in inches or centimeters is the height at the shoulder.

Length from Nose to Tail Base: For measuring the length of your Shiranian, have your dog stand or lie down straight on its side. Start measuring from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail (where the tail meets the body). Make sure the measuring tape is following the contours of your dog’s body. The measurement you get in inches or centimeters is the length of your Shiranian.

Weight: Weighing your Shiranian can be done using a pet scale or a human scale if it allows for accurate measurement of smaller weights. For accuracy, weigh your dog when it is not wearing any accessories or clothing. Gently lift your dog and place it on the scale, and note the weight in pounds or kilograms.

Remember to be gentle and patient when measuring your dog, and offer treats or rewards to create a positive experience. Regularly measuring your Shiranian’s height and weight can help you monitor its growth and overall health. If you have any concerns about your dog’s size or growth, consult with a veterinarian for professional advice.

Shiranian Dog Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of a Shiranian dog, like most small dog breeds, typically ranges from 12 to 15 years. However, individual factors such as genetics, diet, exercise, overall health, and access to regular veterinary care can influence how long a Shiranian lives.

Providing your Shiranian with proper nutrition, regular exercise, mental stimulation, and routine veterinary check-ups are essential to promote a long and healthy life. Regular dental care is also important, as dental health can impact overall well-being.

As your Shiranian ages, it’s crucial to be observant of any changes in behavior, appetite, or mobility. Regular vet visits can help catch and address health issues early, potentially improving your dog’s quality of life and extending its lifespan.

While 12 to 15 years is the average life expectancy, some Shiranians may live longer, while others might face health challenges that shorten their lifespan. Every dog is unique, and providing a loving and caring environment can contribute to your Shiranian’s overall happiness and longevity.

Fun Facts About Shiranian Dogs

Sure! Here are some fun facts about Shiranian dogs:

Designer Dog: The Shiranian is a designer dog breed, resulting from crossing a Shih Tzu and a Pomeranian. They are also known as Pom Shih or Pom Tzu.

Toy-Sized: Shiranians are classified as small toy-sized dogs, making them perfect for people who prefer small dog breeds.

Fluffy and Adorable: They have a soft, fluffy double coat, often resembling a tiny teddy bear. Their adorable appearance makes them popular as companion pets.

Social and Affectionate: Shiranians are known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They tend to get along well with family members and other pets, making them great family dogs.

Intelligent and Trainable: Despite their small size, Shiranians are intelligent and can be trained effectively with positive reinforcement methods.

Alert Watchdogs: Despite their friendly nature, Shiranians have a good sense of alertness and can make good watchdogs, alerting their owners to any potential threats or visitors.

Energetic Playmates: Shiranians have moderate energy levels and enjoy playtime and interactive activities with their owners.

Gentle with Kids: Due to their gentle and loving nature, Shiranians can be excellent companions for children when properly socialized and trained.

Low-Shedding: While no dog is completely hypoallergenic, Shiranians are known for being relatively low-shedding compared to some other breeds.

Variety of Coat Colors: Shiranians can come in various coat colors, including black, white, brown, cream, sable, and combinations of these colors.

Portable Pets: Their small size and friendly temperament make Shiranians easy to carry and take along for outings or travel.

Remember that each individual Shiranian will have its own unique personality and characteristics. If you’re considering bringing a Shiranian into your home, ensure you’re ready to commit to their care, love, and attention, as they thrive in a nurturing and loving environment.

Shiranian Dog Full Grown: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When is a Shiranian dog considered full grown?

A: Shiranian dogs are typically considered full-grown when they reach around 10 to 12 months of age. However, the exact timing can vary based on individual factors like genetics, diet, and overall health.

Q2: How big do Shiranian dogs get?

A: Shiranian dogs are small to medium-sized, with an average height of 7 to 12 inches (18 to 30 cm) at the shoulder and a weight ranging from 4 to 16 pounds (2 to 7 kg).

Q3: Do male and female Shiranian dogs grow the same size?

A: Generally, there can be slight differences in size between male and female Shiranians, but the variations are usually not significant. Both genders usually fall within the small to medium-sized range.

Q4: When do Shiranian dogs stop growing?

A: Shiranian dogs typically stop growing in height and length by around 10 to 12 months of age. However, they may continue to fill out and gain muscle mass for a few more months.

Q5: How long do Shiranian dogs live?

A: The life expectancy of a Shiranian dog is typically between 12 to 15 years, but individual factors like genetics and health care can influence their lifespan.

Q6: Are Shiranians good with children and other pets?

A: Yes, Shiranians are known for being social and friendly, making them good companions for children and other pets when properly socialized and trained.

Q7: Are Shiranians easy to train?

A: Yes, Shiranians are intelligent and trainable dogs. Positive reinforcement methods work well with them, and consistent training from an early age can lead to well-behaved pets.

Q8: Do Shiranians shed a lot?

A: Shiranians are known to be relatively low-shedding dogs, but they do require regular grooming to maintain their fluffy coat and prevent matting.

Q9: How much exercise do Shiranian dogs need?

A: Shiranians have moderate energy levels and require regular exercise and playtime to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Short walks and interactive play sessions should be sufficient to meet their needs.

Q10: Can Shiranians live in apartments?

A: Yes, Shiranians can adapt well to apartment living due to their small size and moderate exercise needs. However, regular walks and mental stimulation are still important for their well-being.


In conclusion, the Shiranian dog is a delightful and charming mixed breed resulting from the cross between a Shih Tzu and a Pomeranian. Full-grown Shiranian dogs are typically small to medium-sized, reaching a height of around 7 to 12 inches at the shoulder and weighing between 4 to 16 pounds. Their fluffy and teddy bear-like appearance makes them adorable and popular as companion pets.

Shiranians are known for their friendly, social, and affectionate nature, making them great family dogs that get along well with children and other pets. They are intelligent and trainable, responding well to positive reinforcement methods during training.

Their moderate energy levels make them suitable for apartment living, although they do need regular exercise and mental stimulation to thrive. Proper grooming is essential to maintain their fluffy coat, and while they are relatively low-shedding, regular care is necessary.

With a life expectancy of around 12 to 15 years, Shiranian dogs can provide many years of joy and companionship to their owners. Remember that each individual Shiranian is unique, and providing them with love, attention, and proper care will contribute to their overall happiness and well-being throughout their lives.

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