10 Interesting Facts About Teacup Mini Bernedoodle

10 Interesting Facts About Teacup Mini Bernedoodle

Teacup Mini Bernedoodles are a specific breed that combines many traits from their parents. This dog breed comes from Bernese Mountain Dogs and Miniature Poodles or Toy Poodles. Bernedoodles are designer dogs bred for their strong characteristics and stunning features.

Tiny Bernedoodle Breeder & Puppies for sale
Tiny Bernedoodle Breeder & Puppies for sale

This dog breed borrows the best temperament and physical traits from its parent breeds to make a loyal, loving, and protective dog type. However, Bernedoodles can be stubborn and dislike training sometimes. Regardless, this dog is a perfect addition to a home with other dogs and small children who love to play.

Toy and Mini Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale
Toy and Mini Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale

Families who enjoy vacations and adventures will benefit from introducing a Bernedoodle into their homes. This dog breed is highly-intelligent and enjoys the cold weather. However, this dog can do well in warm weather conditions with an appropriate haircut. Read on to learn about Bernedoodles and the most interesting facts about this Poodle mix.

Interesting Facts About Teacup Mini Bernedoodle
Interesting Facts About Teacup Mini Bernedoodle

Facts About Teacup Mini Bernedoodles

Teacup Mini Bernedoodles are unique dogs that have vibrant and loving personalities. These ten facts will not only have you falling in love with them but may have you searching for the best breeders in your area.

Bernedoodle toy varieties can offer plenty of love and happiness to a family without many health concerns – ideal for your next hiking trip or just snuggling on the couch.

Genetic Traits

  • Bernedoodles come from a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle and are usually mid-size dogs with plenty of fluff.
  • Mini Bernedoodles are Bernese Mountain Dogs paired with a Toy Poodle, which indicates their petite stature. Toy Bernedoodle dogs are 75% Bernese and 25% toy poodles. You can also get a Mini Bernedoodle by breeding 2 Bernedoodles, but most of the time, a toy poodle is involved.
  • Through puppyhood, most Mini Bernedoodles have a light pink nose (inherited from the Mountain Dog) that later turns black. The most common color patterns for Teacup Bernedoodles are wholly black, black and white, black and brown, or tri-colored, which usually includes black, brown, and red. Tri-colored tiny Bernedoodles are the most expensive and rare types.
  • Teacup Bernedoodles usually lean towards one parent concerning personality and energy level. If your Mini Bernedoodle is high-energy and requires plenty of exercise, it probably has the toy Poodle disposition. Relaxed and intelligent Mini Bernies (although the breed is very bright across the board) follow the Bernese Mountain Dog traits.

They Have Separation Anxiety

  • Their loyalty, affection, and clingy tendencies mean that the tiny Bernedoodle suffers from separation anxiety.
  • If you’re home most of the time, separation anxiety should not be an issue. But if you travel for work (or your family takes frequent trips), the Mini Bernedoodle may not be the breed for you. Many owners report their toy Bernedoodles showing anxiety symptoms after several hours – they might howl, whine, throw up, or chew something to comfort themselves.
  • While the howling and barking don’t matter if you live in a large house with plenty of green space, apartment renters may not have the best luck with their tiny Bernedoodle – especially if they leave the dog at home frequently.

Bernedoodles Love Children & Their Families – But Not Strangers

  • Mini Bernedoodles adore children. This dog breed will gladly spend their days playing with young kids who have plenty of energy to spend. Small games like fetch, chase, and tug of war can make a toy Bernedoodle happy and keep them entertained.
  • That said, they can be aloof towards strangers. Bernese Mountain Dogs sometimes avoid new people after meeting them but don’t ordinarily show aggression. Just note that they may not approach everyone on the street or cuddle with your friends without getting to know them.
  • As with any dog, ensure your children know how to respect and handle animals before bringing your Teacup Bernedoodle home. Otherwise, you risk causing accidental injury to your dog or your kids. Once they become acquainted, your tiny Bernedoodle and children will be friends for life.

They Don’t Typically Shed (Much)

  • Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs are breeds that aren’t known to excessively shed, so most Mini Bernedoodles do not have fur that sheds freely either. If allergies are a concern, you may want to adopt a straight-haired Mini Bernedoodle, as they do not shed and are more hypoallergenic. Curly coats have a higher chance of shedding and causing allergy symptoms.
  • That’s not to say these dogs absolutely never shed – they can and will, depending on which fur they inherited. The curly, thick hair of the Poodle indicates some to minimal shedding. But if the coat is fluffy and resembles a Bernese Mountain Dog, you may never see shedding except in the summer months.
  • Also, these adorable fluff balls are borderline hypoallergenic, although it can’t ever be guaranteed that your dog is 100% allergy-free. If your family suffers from severe allergic reactions to fur and pet dander, a Teacup Bernedoodle may be the solution.
  • Grooming your Tiny Bernedoodle is vital for keeping them happy and healthy. Weekly brushings, baths, and trims ensure your dog has a mat-free coat and keeps their fur looking shiny and silky.

Bernedoodles Love Adventures

  • Bernedoodles are the perfect hiking and traveling companion. Teacup Mini Bernedoodles are small enough to pick up and carry around, meaning travel can be simple with this dog breed. Tiny Bernedoodles enjoy spending any amount of time outdoors and will gladly follow you on trails or nature preserves.
  • Petite Bernedoodles don’t have to be carried throughout your journey, though. They’re rugged little dogs and embrace the great outdoors with open arms.
  • Remember that if you plan to take your toy Bernedoodle on hiking excursions, you need to ensure you train them from when they’re a puppy to adulthood. If you don’t prepare them for long treks, they will not be able to walk as far as you may expect. Training ensures your tiny Bernedoodle thrives on hikes and knows how to navigate different terrains.

They Have a High Body Temperature

  • Toy Bernedoodles are notorious for the high body temperature they inherit from the Bernese Mountain Dog. This breed does better in colder climates and prefers to stay in cool rooms. Mini Bernedoodles will lay down anywhere close to an air conditioning unit or vent.
  • You can still own a tiny Bernedoodle if you live in a warm area – just ensure your fluffy pal has plenty of water and access to air conditioning. When it’s time to go outside, try staying in shady areas or walking early in the morning or during evening hours.
  • If your tiny Bernedoodle is on the large side (meaning ~45 lbs) it may avoid its crate due to overheating. Fluffy fur mixed with cramped quarters and a natural disposition to run hot equals an uncomfortable pup.
  • Their high body temperature is also why they aren’t cuddlers. Being in your lap or laying in bed with you easily overheats the tiny Bernedoodle, so don’t be offended if they don’t like to snuggle. They often show affection by leaning on their owners.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs originated in the Swiss Alps, so it’s no wonder they aren’t suited for sweltering temperatures. If you live in a mild to chilly climate year-round, the Mini Bernedoodle will thrive!

They Can be Stubborn

  • Tiny Bernedoodles can be really stubborn and may not enjoy listening to your verbal commands. This dog breed may instead ignore commands or do as they please. Training can be challenging with a stubborn Teacup Bernedoodle.
  • Note that while it might be challenging, it is not impossible! Bernese Mountain Dogs are notoriously stubborn and intelligent and know how to get what they want. This trait likely comes from being a herding dog that works independently. Mini Bernedoodles are no different, and usually require incentives to encourage good behavior.
  • Several tiny Bernedoodle owners report success using food as a training motivator, as the breed loves a good snack! Try implementing treats during training sessions, especially early on – you may want to try incorporating praise and petting, too.

They Enjoy Other Dogs

  • Teacup Mini Bernedoodles love spending time with other dogs. This dog breed prefers a home with other dogs that they can play with and form bonds with. Having a tiny Bernedoodle ensures your other dogs are never lonely and always have a partner in crime.
  • If you rescued your Teacup Bernedoodle, check with the place you adopted the dog from to see if your pup experienced socialization. Dogs that have not been around other dogs (of any species) may not respond well to being in a multi-dog home, even if the other dogs are friendly.
  • Socializing your tiny Bernedoodle is entirely possible, but it takes some extra work to get them acclimated to your home. Most of the time, they adjust well and become best buds with other dogs.

Petite Bernedoodles Will Sleep Anywhere But Prefer a Cold Floor

  • Mini Bernedoodles prefer to sleep on a cold floor, which may seem odd. However, this dog breed has a high core temperature and enjoys cooling off by laying its bellies across a cold floor. Bernese Mountain Dogs and Teacup Bernedoodles may also sleep on their backs to cool off, as dogs only sweat through their paws.
  • If you spend money on an expensive bed and your tiny Bernedoodle doesn’t use it, don’t be offended. They simply prefer chilly tile or wood floors to cozy wool or cotton.

They Aren’t Prone to Many Health Problems

Mini Bernedoodles are only prone to the most common canine ailments. There are no specific health concerns related to tiny Bernedoodles, meaning fewer vet bills. They may only need to see a veterinarian when a health concern arises and for annual shots.

Tiny Bernedoodles sometimes have the following health issues:

  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Skin issues

If you live in a warm climate, your Mini Bernedoodle may be at risk for hot spots, or lesions in the skin caused by high temperatures and scratching. Keep an eye on your tiny Bernedoodle for excessive itching or flaking.

What is a Teacup Mini Bernedoodle?

  • Mini Bernedoodles are small dogs who enjoy spending time outdoors, going on adventures, and spending plenty of time with their owners. This dog breed borrows a lot of traits from its two-parent breeds. To understand Mini Bernedoodles, you must first understand how Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles behave.
  • Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles behave differently, but both can produce a Teacup Mini Bernedoodle. Sometimes, a Teacup Mini Bernedoodle comes from first mixing a Toy Poodle with a Miniature Poodle. Learn more about each breed to see how a Teacup Mini Bernedoodle will behave and what traits they can inherit from each dog breed.

Miniature Poodle

Miniature Poodles are intelligent dogs who hold themselves in high regard. Miniature Poodles have high confidence levels and enjoy spending time with family members who respect their boundaries. Miniature Poodles do well with young children and adore affection from their owners. Miniature Poodles do well with other dogs after plenty of acclimating.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernedoodles come from a Bernese Mountain Dog parent. Bernese Mountain Dogs are gentle giants who are calm and strong but rarely use their strength. This dog does best in cold climates and adores affection. Although this dog enjoys spending time with small children, it enjoys quiet time at the end of the day.

Toy Poodle

  • Toy Poodles are highly intelligent and confident in their abilities. This dog breed is very vocal and has no problem barking to capture the attention it needs from other people. This dog breed is loving and enjoys spending time running around with small children.
  • Toy Poodles are much more lively than Miniature Poodles, but neither breed sheds. These dogs need plenty of grooming and space to expel their large energy reserves.

What Are Teacup Mini Bernedoodles Like?

  • Teacup Mini Bernedoodles have their personality based on the traits they get from their parents. However, they may not be as relaxed as their Bernese Mountain Dog parent or as playful as their Poodle parent.
  • This dog breed has unique traits, and each Bernedoodle puppy is different than the next. However, there are plenty of characteristics that this dog breed shows consistently due to the mixing of the other dog breeds. Read on to learn about how Bernedoodles behave and how they conduct themselves.


A teacup Mini Bernedoodle can live up to 17 years. This dog breed may live longer depending on its care and treatment. Poor oral hygiene can cause heart conditions, but a proper dental care routine can help prevent gum disease and keep a Teacup Mini Bernedoodle healthy and happy.


  • Teacup Mini Bernedoodles are small dogs. These petite Bernedoodles usually stay small, at around 10 inches tall and anywhere from four to 20 pounds. The weight this dog breed gains depends on how much of their genetic makeup comes from their parents.
  • Teacup Mini Bernedoodles that get more of their genetic makeup from their Bernese Moutain Dog parent will be larger and weigh more. However, those with more of their DNA from their Poodle parent will be much smaller – sometimes weighing no more than 10 pounds.


  • Toy Bernedoodles will need a haircut within the first two months of their lives. Haircuts will then need to become a common part of their grooming routine. Grooming a Bernedoodle can be simple when they are familiar with the tools and equipment.
  • These dogs are well-behaved at professional groomers, but you can groom this dog breed at home. Always be gentle with their nails while you trim them, and be mindful as you snip the hair around the eyes.


Bernedoodles are loyal dogs who are committed to their families. Miniature Bernedoodles are intelligent and love to engage with their loved ones through affectionate cuddling or playtime. This dog breed also takes time to observe the home and ensure the area is safe. Bernedoodles will protect their families from any perceived threats and alert them to anything suspicious.


  • Teacup Bernedoodles can have sable, merle, and phantom colorations. These colorations are patterns that are common with Bernese Mountain Dogs and can give a Bernedoodle a unique and stunning appearance.
  • However, this dog breed usually has a white underbelly and chest with a gray, brown, or black color on the rest of its body. Some Teacup Mini Bernedoodles can be bi-color or tri-color.


  • Teacup Mini Bernedoodles do not enjoy being alone. These dogs can be left alone for several hours but need plenty of daily socialization. This socialization can be a walk after work, playdates with other dogs, or playing in the backyard with small children after school.
  • Bernedoodles are very friendly and love making new friends and meeting new people. Socialization can be something simple like seeing people on their daily walk.


  • Bernedoodles are notoriously stubborn, but training is vital to their care. Use training treats and affection as incentives to ensure that your Teacup Mini Bernedoodle follows your verbal commands and stays excited about training.
  • See a professional dog trainer if your training methods don’t mesh well with a Bernedoodle’s temperament. Each Bernedoodle is different than the next, and your Bernedoodle may be too stubborn for you to train.


A Bernedoodle, toy or miniature, can suffer from common canine health problems. The most common health issue in Bernedoodles is hip dysplasia. Old age symptoms are also common, like cataracts, graying hair, and difficulty moving. Allergies are also common and can present with redness on the skin, itchiness, and leakage from the eyes

Final Thoughts

  • Teacup Mini Bernedoodles are loving and loyal dogs who adore children and other animals. This dog breed is a designer dog that will offer any family home a fun-loving companion on their adventures. Teacup Mini Bernedoodles are unique because they are loyal and affectionate but may not want to spend much time cuddling.
  • Your Bernedoodle may crawl into your lap only to leave shortly after since their core temperature is so high. Instead, expect a Bernedoodle to express affection by leaning against you and vocalizing to grab your attention. This dog breed can be stubborn and may have trouble training if they aren’t up to the task.
  • Consider professional training if your Bernedoodle is too stubborn to follow commands. Additionally, this sometimes stubborn dog breed doesn’t shed much but will need plenty of grooming time. Weekly bathing and brushing can help keep a tiny Bernedoodle tangle-free and happy.
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