Teddy Bear vs Shih Poo Comparison

Teddy Bear vs Shih Poo Comparison

At Premier Pups, two of our most sought-after breeds are the Teddy Bear and the Shih Poo breeds. Choosing the best dog breed that is just right for you can often feel like a challenge as there are so many pawrfect breeds in the world today that you can choose from.

A puppy”s love is a pure thing and, here at Premier Pups, we aim to give our loving puppies the forever homes they deserve. Our specialized team of Puppy Agents is here to help you with the choosing process to make sure your new pup fits right in with your family.

If your choice comes between the Teddy Bear and the Shih Poo, here are a few things to consider that might help you with the decision.

Teddy Bear vs Shih Poo Overview

Shih Poo Overview

The Shih Poo: A Guide to The Teddy Bear Dog
The Shih Poo: A Guide to The Teddy Bear Dog

The Shih Poo, also referred to as Shoodle or Shih Doodle, is a cross between a purebred Shih Tzu and a purebred Miniature or Toy Poodle. The Shih Poo is a highly sought-after designer Doodle Breed. Shih Poo dogs attribute their popularity to their gentle loving personality, agile mindset, and fabulous looks.

Teddy Bear Overview

The Teddy Bear, also referred to as Malshi or Shichon, is a cross between a purebred Shih Tzu and a purebred Maltese or Bichon Frise The Teddy Bear is one of the most popular toy-sized designer breeds in the world. Teddy Bear dogs attribute their worldwide popularity to their sweet cuddly nature and fluffy teddy bear like looks.

Teddy Bear vs Shih Poo Temperament

Shih Poo Temperament

Shih Poos are joyful, friendly, and adventurous dogs. They love to entertain, thrive on attention and enjoy being pampered and spoiled. Shih Poos are famously known to thrive as therapy dogs as they are affectionate and highly receptive to human emotion. Shih Poo puppies are playful, cuddly, and energetic little pups. They love to play and cuddle in equal measure and they have an infectious good mood. Although very intelligent, Shih Poo puppies may require some patience, praise, and yummy rewards when training as they tend to be very enthusiastic pups. Shih Poos are sweet cuddle buddies, fun travel companions, and devoted family dogs.

Teddy Bear Temperament

Teddy Bears are highly affectionate, family-oriented dogs. They have a calm temperament, are incredibly friendly, and love to be pampered and cuddled. Teddy Bear dogs are entertaining, outgoing, and cheerful; they are happy little fluffs who love to spread joy and exchange tricks for giggles. Teddy Bear puppies are very clever, energetic, and playful, they are easy to potty train, love to learn tricks, and have eager-to-please personalities. The Teddy Bear (Malshi or Shichon) is a fun-loving bundle of joy and the best cuddle buddy one could ask for.

Teddy Bear vs Shih Poo Temperament Comparison

Between the Teddy Bear and Shih Poo’s temperament, the two are quite similar and equally delightful dog breeds. They are easy-going, gentle, and non-aggressive dogs who get along great with children and other pets. Teddy Bears and Shih Poos are fun-loving dogs who share in their need for human interaction and enjoy playtime just as much as snuggle time. Highly affectionate, friendly, playful, and devoted, the Teddy Bear and Shih Poo are quite remarkable companion pets.

There are a few things that set these two dog breeds apart. Energy levels – when it comes to exercise requirements and energy levels the Shih Poo is more energetic and enjoys a more active lifestyle, and the Teddy Bear is more laid-back with a little less exercise requirements. Between the two, the Shih Poo is a tad more vocal and a more efficient watchdog. The Teddy Bear (Malshi or Shichon) is considered to be generally quiet dogs. When they are left alone at home, the Shih Poos are known to keep themselves entertained as they are of a more independent nature. The Teddy Bears are more prone to separation anxiety as they crave human affection. When it comes to training, the Teddy Bear puppies are more obedient and easier to potty train, whereas the Shih Poo puppies are a bit more enthusiastic and may require some motivation.

Teddy Bear vs Shih Poo Appearance

Shih Poo Appearance

The Shih Poo is small in stature with an average height between 8 to 17 inches and an average weight between 8 to 18 pounds. The Shih Poo sports a rich coat that can come in a variety of gorgeous colors such as white, black, gray, apricot, brown, brindle, or color combinations with various patterns and markings. The Shih Poo has a sweet, elegant, and confident appearance.

Teddy Bear Appearance

The Teddy Bear is small in stature with an average height between 9 to 12 inches and an average weight between 6 to 14 pounds. The Teddy Bear sports a soft and fluffy coat that can come in a variety of colors and color combinations that include white, black, gray, brown, and yellow. The Teddy Bear is fluffy, cute, and cuddly and resembles a small Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear vs Shih Poo Appearance Comparison

When comparing the Teddy Bear and Shih Poo appearance you will find that the two breeds share a similar coat color palette and are equally stunning. Their coats are fluffy, low shedding, and have hypoallergenic qualities.

As for their differences, the Teddy Bear is quite close in size, whereas the Shih Poo is slightly bigger. The Teddy Bear and Shih Poo can vary quite a bit in size and appearance depending on which parent breed they take after. When it comes to grooming requirements, the Shih Poo require weekly brushing (twice a week is recommended), whereas the Teddy Bear requires only one brushing every two to three weeks.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between two amazing breeds like the Teddy Bear and the Shih Poo can’t be an easy choice as they are all excellent companion pets with delightful personalities. That being said, we recommend the gentle and affectionate Teddy Bear to families looking for a puppy to cuddle away any negative emotion and the fabulous Shih Poo to families looking for an adventure-loving pup.

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