Best Toy Poodle Rescue for adoption

Best Toy Poodle Rescue near me

Are you searching for Toy Poodle rescues in the United States? If you’re looking to welcome a dog to your home, there’s no better place to do so than through animal rescue. Not only will adoption save the life of the pet you’re adopting, but it’ll also make room for another to come in.

Best Toy Poodle Rescue near me
Best Toy Poodle Rescue near me

In addition, most pets in animal rescues already have their vaccinations completed. When it comes to figuring out which breed you’d like to get, Toy Poodles are a fantastic option. They are lively, friendly, and affectionate, and they’re also a wonderful companion. They’re hypoallergenic and not overly difficult to maintain if you’ve got allergies.

Toy Poodle Rescue
Toy Poodle Rescue

Find a Toy Poodle Rescue Shelter in the United States

Our team at We Love Doodles compiled this list of the best Toy Poodle rescues in the United States to help you on your journey to introducing a companion into your home.

Toy Poodle Rescue

As the name suggests, Toy Poodle Rescue is a registered not-for-profit that focuses on Toy Poodles. Their adoption fees range from $0 to $600 depending on the age, size, and vetting that the dog requires. It’s important to note, however, that Toy Poodle Rescue only provides adoption within a 75-mile radius of Dover, MA, and home visits are required before adoption.

Unlike shelters, Toy Poodle Rescue has all of its Poodles in private foster homes, with some conditions for adoption. If you’d like to adopt, you’d click on the adoption application button on their website and fill out all the fields accordingly.

Toy Poodle Rescue Details

  • Location: Dover, Massachusetts
  • Website: Toy Poodle Rescue
  • Number: (508) 533-8251

Caroline Poodle Rescue

Located in the northern part of South Carolina, Caroline Poodle Rescue is a registered non-profit. Not only do they have Toy Poodles, but they’ve also got Poodle mixes and other small dogs. The adoption fees vary according to each dog; they are spayed or neutered before being placed in their homes.

If you’re interested in adopting a dog from Caroline Poodle Rescue, you’d need to go ahead and submit an adoption application. Then, someone will get in touch with you and send you an invitation via email to visit the kennel.

Caroline Poodle Rescue Details

  • Location: South Carolina
  • Website: Caroline Poodle Rescue
  • Email:

Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue

What’s unique about Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue (MAPR) is how they consist of individuals not just from Maryland but also in Pennsylvania and Virginia. These individuals are dedicated to finding loving homes for Poodles of all varieties and Poodle mixed breed dogs. There is no facility at MAPR, and dogs are placed in foster homes or other protected placements until they can be adopted.

If you are interested in adopting, you’d go ahead and fill out the application on the website and mention the size of the dog you’re interested. They list the dogs currently available on their website, and they’ve also got a few useful links if you’re looking for more information. If you’re new to Poodles, they also have a handy section on their website talking to Toy, Miniature, and Standard Poodles.

Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue Details

  • Location: Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia
  • Website: Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue
  • You can contact them via the form on their website.

NorCal Poodle Rescue

NorCal Poodle Rescue is one of the largest Poodle rescues in the United States and has been rescuing and rehoming Poodles since 1985. You can choose if you’d like to foster or adopt a Poodle on their website. If you’re interested in one of the Poodles on the website, go ahead and fill out the online adoption application.

If you’re a good fit, someone will get back to you, and adoption prices start from $250. They’ve also got a volunteer rescue form if you’re interested in being a foster. You can also make monetary contributions if you’re not looking to adopt a Poodle. If you’re looking to adopt a Poodle, this is one of the best Poodle rescues to start.

NorCal Poodle Rescue Details

  • Location: Grass Valley, California
  • Website: NorCal Poodle Rescue
  • Phone Number: (925) 322-0223

Picket Fence Poodle Rescue

Picket Fence Poodle Rescue started in 1989, and since then, they’ve been focused on providing forever homes for Poodles and Poodle varieties. They have all of the Poodles on their website, and their adoption fees start at $250 plus Minnesota state sales tax.

All Poodles go to their new home with a bag of quality dog food, treats, a new soft blanket, a special cute toy, the necessary vet checkups, and more. If you’re not looking to get a Poodle at this time, you can always donate items in need or make monetary donations through the website.

Picket Fence Poodle Rescue Details

  • Location: Central Minnesota
  • Website: Picket Fence Poodle Rescue
  • Phone Number: (763) 241-2068

Florida Poodle Rescue

Florida Poodle Rescue has been around since 1994, and since then, they’ve found homes for over 10,000 Poodles – whether it be standards, miniatures, or toy Poodles. They have all their available Poodles on their website, and adoption fees range from $150 to $800. You will fill out the application form online before receiving an email confirmation.

Then, the volunteers who process the applications will conduct the necessary reference checks. Once done, you’ll move on to the matching process and a home visit before meeting the Poodle. To help out Florida Poodle Rescue, you can choose to foster or make a monthly donation. They also hold fundraiser events that they promote on their social media channels and their website.

Florida Poodle Rescue Details

  • Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Website: Florida Poodle Rescue
  • Phone: (727) 265-1766

Poodle Rescue Connecticut

Poodle Rescue Connecticut focuses on rescuing dogs around the Connecticut area. If you’d like to adopt a dog, you must complete the application before volunteers conduct the necessary reviews and ensure that the right dog is placed with the right family. Regarding the fees, Poodle Rescue Connecticut has an adoption fee of $350 to $600.

Once the dog has gone to their forever home, Poodles Rescue Connecticut will follow up with you regularly to ensure that the adoption is successful for both parties. If you’d like to help, feel free to donate via the Poodle Rescue Connecticut website. They always need money to help with covering medical expenses as well as money, food, and bedding for the Poodles.

Poodle Rescue Connecticut Details

  • Location: Naugatuck, Connecticut
  • Website: Poodle Rescue Connecticut
  • Phone: (203) 729-8846

Arizona Poodle Rescue

Arizona Poodle Rescue is an all-volunteer group with all dogs fostered in private foster homes until they go to their new home. If you’d like to see what dogs they have on their website, you can check out PetFinder, and if you’d like to move forward with the adoption process, you can complete and submit an application.

Like many other rescues, you can consider fostering if you’re not keen on adopting. Arizona Poodle Rescue is always on the lookout for individuals willing to foster their dogs, so feel free to apply via their website if interested. In addition to fostering and sponsoring a dog, you can donate to Arizona Poodle Rescue to help with certain medical expenses. If you have any queries, contact Arizona Poodle Rescue via email.

Arizona Poodle Rescue Details

  • Location: Maricopa, Arizona
  • Website: Arizona Poodle Rescue
  • Email:

For The Love Of Poodles & Pooches

For The Love of Poodles & Pooches was founded in 2013 to provide compassionate care for dogs. If you’d like to adopt a dog, you’d start by looking at the adoptable dogs section to see what they’ve got available before applying. If the application is approved, you will then be contacted to arrange a meet and greet with the dog(s) that you’re interested in.

Once all are good to go, you can proceed to adopt the dog. An adoption fee of $300 is required, including a medical exam, vaccines, HW test, sterilization, dental cleaning, microchipping and more. You can choose to foster a dog if you wish, and volunteer opportunities are available on their website.

For The Love Of Poodles & Pooches Details

  • Location: Richmond, Virginia
  • Website: For The Love Of Poodles & Pooches
  • You can contact them via the form on their website

Poodle Patch Rescue

Poodle Patch Rescue is a ten-year-old not-for-profit focused on volunteering, rescuing, and re-homing unwanted, neglected, or abused animals. The rescue consists of a small group of volunteers, and you’d need to fill out the application on their website before volunteer contact you within 7-10 days of processing it.

They only allow adoption within 350 miles of Texarkana and do not ship or transport pets. An adoption fee is required if you choose to adopt from Poodle Patch Rescue, and they have all of the adoptable Poodles on their website. If you’re interested, they’ve also got a Foster Application on their website, and you’re more than welcome to donate monetary contributions.

Poodle Patch Rescue Details

  • Location: Texarkana, Texas
  • Website: Poodle Patch Rescue
  • Please fill out a form via their website to get in contact with them

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida are all about saving dogs in need, and volunteers completely run it. They list all of the adoptable dogs on their website, and you need to be within the state of Florida to adopt a dog. To begin the process, you would need to go ahead and submit an application before volunteers review it.

Once the application has been approved, it’s important to note that with this particular rescue, they allow the final decision to lie with the foster families. You can also choose to foster a dog, save a dog, or volunteer. There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities on the website, from transport to administrative duties.

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida Details

  • Location: DeLand, Florida
  • Website: Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida
  • Email:

Poodles and Pals

While small, Poodles and Pals are passionate about rehoming Poodles and ensuring they find their forever homes. They have available dogs on their website and require individuals to complete an adoption application. Once that application has been completed, a home visit will be scheduled before progressing with the adoption.

An adoption fee is required for the adoption of the dog, and this can be anywhere between $200 and $500. All dogs that are adopted are spayed/neutered, and they are also vaccinated and microchipped before going to their new home. What’s unique about Poodles and Pals is that they also place the dogs on a two-week trial period to ensure that the best match has been made.

Poodles and Pals Details

  • Location: Nuevo, California
  • Website: Poodles and Pals
  • Email:

Final Thoughts

As seen from the above, there’s a wide variety of Poodle rescues available in the United States – no matter which state you’re in. Before choosing to adopt a Poodle from a Poodle rescue, ensure you’ve read through all of the necessary information, as each Poodle rescue has its requirements.

If you’d like to find out more or make sure you’re the right fit before applying, you’re also more than welcome to reach out to these rescues for their advice. When you’re ready to proceed, remember that the application process is thorough, so you’d need to be patient.

These rescues do their utmost best to ensure that the toy Poodles are matched with a home that meets their needs. If your application doesn’t go through the first time, be patient. If you cannot adopt at this point, you can also choose to foster or volunteer with these dog rescues – they’re always looking for help.

Just know that while dogs are a great addition to any home, they require a lot of care and love. A good amount of responsibility is required in taking care of a toy Poodle, so make sure you’re committed and know what you’re in for before proceeding with the application process.

Edward Hollon is an avid dog lover and writer, knowing all there is to know about our furry friends. Edward has been writing for petdii for three years now, wanting to use her knowledge for good and share everything she can with new dog owners. Edward has two dogs herself - a German shepherd called Banjo and a chocolate labrador called Buttons. Edward knows more than anyone how adjusting to new life with a puppy can turn your life upside down, and she wants to ease some of the burdens through her articles.


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