White Cockapoo: Facts, Origin & History

White Cockapoo: Facts, Origin & History

Cockapoos are designer dogs that were first bred between the 1950s and 1960s from Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. This magical blend of the two breeds combined the best of both, and the resulting Cockapoo comes in a fabulous rainbow of colors, including dark brown, black, tan, red, and white.

White Cockapoos: Facts, Origin & History
White Cockapoos: Facts, Origin & History

The white Cockapoo is a coveted dog since its beautiful snowy fur and sweet face can melt the heart of anyone, and the beautiful patterns seen on a white-coated Cockapoo can be subtle or starkly contrasting.

White Cockapoo: Facts, Origin & History
White Cockapoo: Facts, Origin & History

The Earliest Records of White Cockapoos in History

The Cockapoo originated in the United States. Since it’s a mix of breeds, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when people first created the species. The first records of Cockapoos (including white Cockapoos) point to the date being between the 1950s and 1960s (however, this is disputed).

Whether or not the Cockapoo was bred intentionally or if it was an accident is again hotly disputed, but whatever the method of its conception, the Cockapoo was a blessing to the dog world. The glowing personality and mental sharpness of the Poodle and the energy and willingness to please of the Cocker Spaniel were combined into a beautifully balanced dog, and word soon spread.

The Cockapoo’s popularity exploded, and the breed traveled to the UK and Australia (where they even gave the breed its name: the spoodle) in the last 15 to 20 years. Cockapoos became so popular that there are now clubs dedicated to the breed that want to bring it into the American Kennel Clubs’ list as a breed in its own right, such as the American Cockapoo Club.

Poodle and Cocker Spaniel History

Poodles are one of the oldest dog breeds around, having been around in Germany since the Middle Ages. They were bred as water dogs and retrieved waterfowl that had been hunted or downed in the water.

These dogs have long been known for their glamorous curly coats, which are reported not to shed hair as much as dogs with other coat types, earning them the (unfortunately incorrect) hypoallergenic label. The Cocker Spaniel is another old breed, hailing from England in the 14th century. Cocker Spaniels are spirited, energetic dogs that use their noses and soft mouths to retrieve game on the hunt.

Cocker Spaniels have two distinct types: the American type and the English type, and each of these types can be bred with Poodles to create Cockapoos. The Cockapoo offspring of each type is slightly different in appearance.

How White Cockapoos Gained Popularity

These designer dogs were an instant hit, and as their presence became known, so did the fact that they seem to take the best parts of both the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel breeds.

The general public soon realized these dogs are wonderful family pets but can still be put to work.

The Poodle was originally bred as a water retriever and the Cocker Spaniel as a gundog. Cockapoos take “working” elements from both breeds, and there are many working Cockapoos serving as support animals or working in rescue. Still, most of the time, they are loving and friendly family pets with great temperaments.

Cockapoos can either be bred from Cocker Spaniels and standard, miniature, or toy Poodles, so the size of a Cockapoo can also be standard, miniature, or toy.

Top 5 Unique Facts About White Cockapoos

White Cockapoos Can Get Sunburned

Like all white pets, white Cockapoos can get sunburn and will do so if they’re not protected with sun cream.

White-furred animals are more prone to sun damage since their hair and skin contain less melanin. Melanin helps to block harmful UV radiation reaching the skin through the fur, and since white hair has less melanin than other colors, more UV rays can reach the skin.

Due to this, white Cockapoos can get sunburn and skin cancer more easily than other coat colors. Using a dog-friendly sun cream can help to protect your dog’s skin and keep them safe in the sun.

White Is One of the Most Popular Colors of Cockapoo

Since white is a popular color for Cockapoos, white Cockapoos are easy to find. Potential cockapoo owners request the white Cockapoo as it looks like a teddy bear, which is cited as the reason breeders will specifically pursue white Cockapoos when breeding.

White Cockapoos Have Coloring Around their Mouths and Ears

Due to the way the breed is colored, white Cockapoos will be white over most of their bodies, but darker coloring can cover their muzzle close to the nose, their ears, and sometimes the sides of their face.

This is due to natural pigment distribution in their coats, which usually results in a cream color or very faint off-white. However, it can be more yellow due to food staining.

Not All White Cockapoos Were Born White

Not all white Cockapoos were born the color. Apricot, blonde, and cream puppies can all fade into a very pale white, and some can retain dark areas. This can produce older dogs that have entirely bright white coats throughout.

White Cockapoos Can Come in Fading Colors

Most Cockapoos will inherit a fading gene from their Poodle parents. That means the color they are born with can fade over time, usually between the ages of 6 months to a year, and this fading to a lighter shade can be rather dramatic. White Cockapoos can fade; however, this is usually more noticeable if they have dark colors with white or off-white colors in their coats.

Does A White Cockapoo Make a Good Pet?

The Cockapoo is a dream to own since it’s touted as a low-shedding, amicable, and happy breed with an even temperament and high intelligence.

This intelligence makes them easier to train than other breeds. Still, because of their minds, they can also be willful. When combined with the energy from their Cocker Spaniel parent, it can result in destructive behavior if they’re not mentally stimulated.

Depending on their size, your Cockapoo will probably need around an hour of exercise daily. Using toys such as puzzle feeders or rotating your toys daily can help stimulate their minds and keep them entertained if you have to go out. They’re well known for being good with kids and are great family dogs.

Final Thoughts

The white Cockapoo is truly a sight to be seen and becoming more popular than ever, but their white coloring can be tricky to produce. Like any other Cockapoo, white Cockapoos are loving, happy-go-lucky dogs that need moderate training and exercise but some mental stimulation every day to help keep them happy and contented. However, they’ll most likely be at their happiest when they’re sitting on the couch with you.

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