Yorkie Poo Price: How Much Does a Yorkie Poo Cost?

Yorkie Poo Price: How Much Does a Yorkie Poo Cost?

A Yorkiepoo makes for a lovable family pet. The breed is small, energetic, and loves playtime almost as much as it enjoys the company of human companions. As a poodle hybrid, the Yorkiepoo breed has become increasingly popular.

But, before you put down a deposit on the dog or make your final decision on the breed that’s best for you, there are a few things you might want to know about how much a Yorkie poo costs, including the upfront breeder payment, maintenance, health, and general necessity expenses.

How Much Does a Yorkie Poo Cost?
How Much Does a Yorkie Poo Cost?

Are you thinking of adding a Yorkie Poo to your family? Yorkie Poos are adorable, no doubt about it. But just like any other dog breed, there are some things you should know before bringing one home, such as the Yorkie Poo price.

In this article, we’ll answer the question: how much does a Yorkie Poo cost? But that’s not all. We’ll also be discussing what affects the Yorkie Poo price, and what are the ongoing costs of Yorkie Poo ownership. Keep on reading if you want to learn more.

How Much Does A Yorkiepoo Cost?
How Much Does A Yorkiepoo Cost?

How Much Does a Yorkie Poo Cost?

Like other Doodle breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier Poodle mix has become an absolute hit in recent years. They’re sweet, smart, low-shedding, and overall make just wonderful pets. Thanks to their small size, Yorkie Poos can thrive in both larger houses and smaller apartments.

So how much does a Yorkie Poo cost? In the US, the average Yorkie Poo price ranges between $1,500 and $3,000. However, some reputable breeders charge up to $5,700 for their puppies. Meanwhile, in certain states you’d be able to get a Yorkie Poo puppy for as low as $1,000.

In addition to the initial cost of adopting a puppy, you’ll also have to take into account all the other expenses that come with dog ownership. For instance, all of their daily necessities, food, grooming, vet visits, training, and so forth. We’ll also cover all that later on in this article, so bear with us.

As you can tell, the average Yorkie Poo price varies quite drastically. Let’s now take a look at some of the key factors that influence the Yorkie Poo cost of adoption.

How The Yorkie Poo Price Varies Between Different Types Of Breeders

By now you’ve probably noticed that we often emphasize the importance of choosing an ethical Yorkie Poo breeder. But what separates responsible breeders from the rest and how can you make sure you choose a reputable breeder? We will now take a look at the most common types of breeders, how the price varies between them, and what sets them apart from each other.

Backyard Breeders

Next up we have backyard breeders that are the lower tier of dog breeders. Oftentimes, backyard breeders are just people wanting to share the joy of having a pet dog. Or, to make some extra cash by providing puppies for neighbors and families close by.

Unfortunately, they often also lack the necessary knowledge and expertise on puppy breeding and rearing methods. It’s also safe to say that you won’t be getting any documentation about health testing from them. Nor will they provide any genetic health guarantees for their pups.

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