Can Poodles Eat Apples?

Can Poodles Eat Apples?

Poodles are amazing dogs. Apples are good healthy snacks. Sometimes pet owners, including poodle owners, wonder if their dog is going to be okay after doing that super fast grab and run that dogs generally do for that piece of apple that you dropped. Should you worry?

Can Poodles Eat Apples? What Every Owner Should Know
Can Poodles Eat Apples? What Every Owner Should Know

Poodles can eat apples. While apples contain beneficial nutrients such as vitamins A and C, carbohydrates, and fiber, a poodle’s diet should consist of no more than ten percent apple to prevent diarrhea. Apple seeds should be avoided as they contain trace amounts of hydrogen cyanide and could be harmful in large quantities.

Can Poodles Eat Apples?
Can Poodles Eat Apples?

Even though apples are safe for poodles, you’ll want to know which parts of an apple your dog can eat, how much, and how often. We’ve got you covered in the sections below.

Can Poodles Eat Apples? Here’s What You Need To Know
Can Poodles Eat Apples? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are Apples Good for Poodles?

Before giving your poodle any human food, you have to know if it is safe and healthy for your dog to eat it. There are many foods that are harmful to dogs- but apples are definitely on the good list.

Apples make a good treat for your poodle because they are: 

  • Full of fiber, which can help aid in proper digestion
  • A good source of vitamin A as well as vitamin C
  • Low in protein and fat

Apples are a good source of vitamins for humans and for our furry friends, as well. When consumed in moderation, apples can be a good healthy snack for poodles.

I feed my dog high-quality apple treats from Pet Plate. Pet Plate is a premium dog food subscription service that provides freshly cooked and pre-portioned meals, and snacks, completely customized for your dog. I really love the fact that Pet Plate delivers the highest quality meals to my door without me ever having to think about it!

How Much Apple to Give Your Poodle

  • A good rule to follow when giving apples to your poodle is to only give ten percent (10%) of your dog’s daily calories.
  • This would be equivalent to about two slices of apples a day or a slice per snack. A good alternative if your pouch is absolutely obsessed with apples would be to buy dog food that either has apples as an ingredient or that may even smell like apples.
  • A good alternative would be Farmina N&D Pumpkin Mini Boar & Apple dry dog food. This is a premium dog food that combines the apple flavor your poodle desires with the digestive benefits of pumpkin.

Can Apples Give Poodles Diarrhea?

  • In most cases, dogs wil eat anything and everything they can find. Of course, this can make most pet owners very anxious to see how their pets are going to react – and whether they’ll need a vet visit – in the days to come. Some dogs, in this case, poodles, can get really sick if fed the wrong thing or given too much.
  • Although Apples are safe for poodles to eat, poodles can develop an upset stomach or diarrhea if apples are given too frequently or in too large a portion.
  • Apples should only be given as a small snack once, maybe twice a day and in small quantities. If a poodle does ingest too much apple in a short time, the poodle can develop diarrhea.

Are Apple Seeds Poisonous to Poodles?

Apple seeds and the apple core are a huge part of the apple. Even though the fleshy part of the apple is completely safe to eat, the seeds are not.

Apple seeds can be dangerous to poodles. Apple seeds contain trace amounts of hydrogen cyanide which can cause sickness or even death when ingested in very large quantities. While death is unlikely, it is best to remove the seeds before feeding apples to your poodle.

Apple seeds have a trace amount of cyanide that can be released when the seeds are chewed, crushed, or even damaged.

Symptoms of acute cyanide poisoning include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Paralysis
  • Convulsions
  • Dilated pupils
  • Bright red gums
  • Shock

Cyanide poisoning, of course, can be dangerous to poodles and it is better to be cautious than to wing it and risk your poodle getting sick.

According to Merck Vet Manual, the lethal dose of hydrogen cyanide for dogs is approximately 2 mg/kg

Apple seeds have the potential to release .6mg of hydrogen cyanide per gram if thoroughly chewed and swallowed.

Because it would require around 20 apple seeds to produce .2mg of hydrogen cyanide, It would take approximately sixty-six apple seeds to likely result in cute cyanide poisoning in your poodle.

Eating the seeds from a few apples will not likely harm your poodle. The average apple contains only 5 seeds, so your poodle would need to eat a very large quantity of apples to do real harm to their health.

Here is a quick table that shows a poodle’s cyanide poisoning threshold by weight, and approximately how many apple seeds would be needed to poison your poodle:

Poodle Weight
Acute Cyanide Poisoning Threshold
(In mg)
Approximate Number of Apple Seeds Needed to Reach The Cyanide Poisoning threshold
3 lbs./ 1.36 Kg 2.72 mg 90 Apple Seeds
5 lbs./ 2.27 kg 4.54 mg 150 Apple Seeds
10 lbs./ 4.536 kg 9.072 mg 300 Apple Seeds
25 lbs./ 11.34 kg 22.68 mg 750 Apple Seeds
50 lbs./ 22.69 kg 45.36 mg 1500 Apple Seeds

Can I Give My Poodle the Apple Core?

Apple cores consist of a hard center, which is why they are not the preferable part of the apple to eat. This consistency makes the apple core dangerous for dogs to consume.

Poodles should not eat apple cores. The hard center of an apple can cause a poodle to choke and the seeds contained within contain trace amounts of cyanide and should not be consumed by your poodle.

Not only are apple cores a choking hazard, but they may also hold traces of cyanide that is present in the apple seeds as well. All good reasons to skip the core when offering your poodle apple as a snack.

Is the Apple Peel Safe for a Poodle?

As long as your poodle is only getting apples in moderation, the apple peel doesn’t pose any issue. In fact, an unpeeled apple boasts more nutrition than a peeled one; just make sure to wash the fruit before serving. 

The apple’s peel fiber and Vitamin C content is:

  • 1 cup of unpeeled apple has 4.6 mg of Vitamin C and 2.4 g of dietary fiber
  • 1 cup of peeled apple has 4.0 mg of Vitamin C and 1.3 g dietary fiber

Washing the apple before giving it to your poodle will remove any pesticides or bacteria that can be harmful to your dog.

So, leaving the peel on is perfectly fine for your poodle.

Should Apples Given to Poodles Be Organic?

Organic produce offers the same benefits to your dog as it does to you. From lower levels of pesticides to more healthful growing conditions, like no synthetic fertilizers or genetic modifications, the good things about organic farming are numerous.

It is not necessary to go organic, especially if doing so is outside of your budget to do so. But it is important to wash your apples (or any other produce) before offering it to your poodle.

You should rinse Apples well under running water, or even use a little dish soap or baking soda to scrub off any waxy residue. Just make sure to rinse well again before serving.

Can Poodles Eat Applesauce?

Since dogs can eat apples, pet owners may assume that applesauce will be safe for their dogs. This assumption is correct – but again, in moderation.

Poodles can eat applesauce in small quantities. The applesauce should be unsweetened, as sugar can cause obesity and isn’t healthy for your dog. Avoid giving applesauce to your poodle puppy as this could cause vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Applesauce can also be beneficial to some older dogs that may have trouble chewing raw apples. However, Applesauce should be no more than 5% of your poodle’s overall diet. Just a teaspoon or two of unsweetened applesauce is plenty. 

Applesauce Isn’t Safe for Puppies

While applesauce is fine to give to adult poodles, puppies should not consume applesauce except in tiny amounts, such as a teaspoon or a small taste until they are able to digest food as an adult does.

Since puppies have an underdeveloped digestive tract, feeding your poodle puppy applesauce could cause vomiting and/or diarrhea until they are able to consume a heartier food.

Note: Feeding your poodle puppy raw apples should be avoided or only done in small quantities until your vet deems it safe for your puppy.

Which Other Fruits Are Safe for Poodles?

Since apples are safe for poodles to eat, you may wonder what other fruits make for a good snack – and which ones should be avoided. Check out the table below:

Fruits That Are Safe for Your Poodle Fruits That Are Unsafe for Your Poodle

Can I Feed Apples To Poodle Pups?

Well, it depends on the age of the pup. The general rule of thumb is not to feed them an apple or any other fruits until they are 2 to 3 months old. By doing so, you can give the poodle pup enough time to accustom themselves to the new food items.

Once they are three months old, start by introducing small pieces of apples. Make sure that you properly clean the apple, remove the peel, and cut them down into small pieces.

Look for any allergic reactions or signs of indigestion. If everything looks okay, you can start giving apples as an occasional treat to your poodles.

Feeding poodle pups apples has an additional advantage because of the high concentration of calcium and Phosphorus in apple. These minerals are vital for the pups for proper bone and cartilage development.

What Poodle Owners Should Know About Apple Snacks

Every dog owner knows that there is a time when dogs just want to have human food and will stop at almost nothing to obtain it. They are quick to grab whatever food is dropped, regardless of what it may be. Now you know that if your dog snags that apple slice you dropped – there is no need to worry!

While apples and applesauce are safe for poodles to eat, too much of a good thing will cause digestive issues. It is important to remember that apple slices, like any other snack for your dog, should be consumed in moderation. When offered as a special treat, apple is a healthy snack you and your dog can enjoy together.

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