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What is an F3 Goldendoodle?

What is an F3 Goldendoodle?

The F3 Goldendoodle is also called the Multi-generation Goldendoodle.  This is the 3rd generation or greater of Goldendoodle.

Typically, F3 Goldendoodles are bred with an F1B Goldendoodle and another F1B Doodle. Alternatively, you could breed an F3 Goldendoodle with an F2 Goldendoodle and another F2 Goldendoodle. F3 Goldendoodles contain a significant portion of Poodle genetics so it is great for people with pet allergies.  The F3 Goldendoodle generation coat can vary from a heavy wave to very curly which makes them very allergy-friendly.

Multi-generation Goldendoodles are used to describe any Goldendoodle beyond the 2nd generation.  This includes some of the Goldendoodle generations listed above like F1BB, F2B, and F2BB.  Many breeds will simply list Multi-generation Goldendoodle instead of listing the exact generation of Goldendoodle.  You will have to ask your breeder to specify which generation your Goldendoodle is.

F3 Goldendoodle Temperament

The temperament of F3 Goldendoodles resembles retrievers instead of Poodles. This makes them different from other generations of Goldendoodles. People who like personality more than looks would prefer F3 Goldendoodles. They like to lay back and watch around people. They are not excited or strung like poodles. They are easy-going dogs with no sharp behavior. F3 Goldendoodles are low to moderate shedders and also they are hypoallergenic. The only drawback associated with this generation is the lack of hybrid vigor. They may develop some health problems like Golden retrievers. This makes them less valuable in the market.

What is a F3 Goldendoodle?
What is a F3 Goldendoodle?

F3 Goldendoodle Size

The size of F3 Goldendoodle may vary according to the size of their parents. They are available in different sizes i.e. small, medium and standard size. If any of the parents are small or mini, then a small-sized F3 Goldendoodle can be obtained. The average weight of a small-sized F3 Goldendoodle is about 15 to 30 pounds. Medium-sized F3 Goldendoodle may weigh around 35 to 50 pounds and in the case of standard-sized F3 Goldendoodle, they may weigh around 55 pounds or above. Their sizes are comfortable to keep at home but their personality traits do not allow them to be with kids.

F3 Goldendoodle LifeSpan

The lifespan of hybrid dogs is usually longer than the purebred ones. The average lifespan of F3 Goldendoodle is about 10 to 15 years. Large or standard-sized dogs may live up to max 12 years. Because small sized dogs live longer than the large-sized dogs.

F3 Goldendoodle Adoption

Adoption is not a problem in the current century. People usually adopt dogs rather than buying them because adoption is cheaper than the purchase. Goldendoodles are available at multiple rescue centers and the shelter homes. They are trained and disciplined enough to behave well with humans. There are several dogs out there seeking homes. But F3 Goldendoodles are not popular and are not commonly available at rescue centers or shelter homes. They are rare and most are bred on demand. So there are multiple websites and Facebook pages where breeders are asking for people’s demand. Facebook is in fashion now for adoption.

Will an F3 Goldendoodle shed?
Will an F3 Goldendoodle shed?

F3 Goldendoodle Grooming

Apart from not leaving the petunattended for a long period of time or not keeping themoutdoors for kernel living and maintaining a healthy, regular feeding program, hewill require a regular brushing of thecoat, some swimming and walking exercises but irregular bathing so as not to make the petlose the moisture of the skin. A professional groomer can be employed as well to do this.

F3 Goldendoodle Price

Prices vary widely and depend on a number of factors including location, breeder reputation, size, and color.  In general, Goldendoodles can range from $1,000 up to $5,000.

Final Thoughts

We have seen how a third generation Goldendoodle (F3) can be the best of its kind when it comes to hypoallergenic Goldendoodles. Wealso lookedat how they are generated and how careful breeding can bring out the best in them rather than the worst which is also likely since this is a generation of multi-crossing.

Just like in humans where we can’t have kids with our own kin due to fact that thismay likely result in genetic issues and possible brain damage of the offspring(s), multiple breeding or crossbreeding of dogs should be handled with utmost care so as to avoid serious health hazards for the pups.

After realizing how rare and expensive the average Goldendoodle is, it is apparent that breeders of the F3 Goldendoodles will be even more difficult to find and even when one is located, dutiful observations should be carried out to determine the breeding process and in knowing the parents of a third generation Goldendoodle (F3).

Hence, ordering one may take a couple of months to process and might even cost a fortune to acquire. Yet, if one is allergic, it should be kept in mind that it is still possible forthe dog toshed, though this might reduce as it grows older and begins to retain a more permanent coat.

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