Best Types of mini Aussiedoodle Haircuts

Best Types of mini Aussiedoodle Haircuts

  • If you’re new to grooming, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top cutest Aussiedoodle haircuts and Aussiedoodle grooming tips!
  • All Doodles require a good grooming routine. Indeed, they are high maintenance, but the effort is so worth it! Understandably, Aussiedoodle grooming can be a bit overwhelming at first. But once you get the hang of it, it will become a normal routine for you and your Doodle. Not only is it a great time for bonding, regular grooming is necessary to avoid all sorts of health problems.

Popular Aussiedoodle Haircuts With Pictures

There are so many popular Aussiedoodle hair cuts that it can be hard to pick one. But we’re here to help guide you through the most popular Aussiedoodle cuts.

Your Aussiedoodle’s haircuts before and after transformation will be more rewarding if you consider your dog’s coat type.

Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

Aussiedoodle teddy bear cut

  • The mini or “teddy bear” Aussiedoodle is one of the most popular breeds because they just look so fluffy and soft and you could snuggle them up just like a teddy bear! The teddy bear cut is most common with mini Aussiedoodles, but it can be used on any size Aussiedoodle and have a flattering effect.
  • For the Aussiedoodle teddy bear cut, their hair is medium in length at approximately 1.5 to 3 inches but also long enough to be able to see their gorgeous wavy hair without cutting off the curls and waves that are unique to their coats. It is trimmed short enough for management and kept long enough to really appreciate those curls.
  • The difference with this particular haircut versus the Aussiedoodle puppy cut is the area around the face is cut in a rounded manner. This is to make them look like a teddy bear. You will take one look at your Aussiedoodle puppy and just gush with the need to squeeze and hug them.

Aussiedoodle Terrier Cut

Aussiedoodle Terrier Cut

  • Another popular haircut style for the Aussiedoodle is a terrier cut. Yes, you read that right. While your dog really has no relation to a Terrier breed, the inspiration for this cut comes from some terriers and looks great on an Aussiedoodle.
  • The majority of the dog’s coat is cut evenly from neck to tail. It can be kept long, short, or somewhere in between but just cut it slightly short with a consistent length all over. To finish up the Aussiedoodle Terrier haircut, a groomer would trim around the face, eyebrows, and muzzle to give your dog a distinct terrier style that looks quite sharp.

Aussiedoodle Puppy Cut

Aussiedoodle Puppy Cut

The Aussiedoodle puppy cut is very similar to the teddy bear cut. Both hair cuts are short, only about three inches in length at their longest style.

Your dog may need more frequent clippings to keep the Aussiedoodle puppy cut length, but it’s beneficial overall because you’ll need to brush and comb your Aussiedoodle less often.

The difference between this and the teddy bear cut is that the face isn’t rounded. Instead, your dog is given a chunky hairstyle around the face. It gives them a youthful and fresh appearance!

Aussiedoodle Poodle Cut

Aussiedoodle Poodle Cut

  • It’s only fair to take a look at the breed from which an Aussiedoodle is produced, the Poodle! When the hair is cut short, it will be more consistent with Poodle hair and also less maintenance in terms of brushing. Your Aussiedoodle will also have fewer mats and tangles in its fur.
  • You can turn your Aussiedoodle into a Poodle-style dog with this haircut. The fur on the coat of the body is cut fairly short so those Poodle ringlets will be prominent. Then, to finish up the haircut, you will keep the ankles, head, and tail slightly longer, just like what you might expect to see on a Poodle that has been groomed.
  • Not all Aussiedoodles wear this haircut as well because their coats can be so different. Some are too thick but really, most Aussiedoodles will be able to pull off the Poodle cut in some way or another. We typically think this looks best on Aussiedoodles that have a curlier coat.

Aussiedoodle Summer Cut / Shaved

Aussiedoodle Summer Cut

  • Some Aussiedoodle owners find it’s much easier to just shave their dog’s coat, especially during the summer. This isn’t laziness but perhaps their Aussiedoodle’s coat is prone to matting or tangles. Keep in mind that their coats can vary quite a bit and you’re going to want a shorter coat if your Aussiedoodle gets mats in their fur.
  • An Aussiedoodle summer cut or full shave might help keep a dog cool and relaxed, particularly during hot summer months. An Aussiedoodle’s coat is thick, regardless of what their hairstyle is and a full shave lightens the hair which makes them more comfortable overall. Shaving an Aussiedoodle might also buy you some extra time in between trips to the groomer. This saves you lots of money overall.
  • A shave will not only get rid of matted areas and tangles but also help keep Aussiedoodle grooming to a minimum so you won’t have to brush them as much. It can be an inexpensive option because it’s a quick fix and there are no fancy details that have to be completed and can sometimes be hard to get just right. The downside of shaving your Aussiedoodle is that they typically don’t look as cute as if they had longer coats.

How to Groom an Aussiedoodle from Home

If you’re even the least bit uncertain, it’s perfectly acceptable to find a local groomer that can help bring your Aussiedoodle’s haircut to life. Even if you utilize a groomer for major haircuts, there are some maintenance steps you can take in between cuts to keep your Aussiedoodle looking fresh.

When it comes time to groom your Aussiedoodle, here is a simple process you could follow.

  1. Wash and dry the dog. Start with a good wash, using quality shampoo (oatmeal is great for this breed!)
  2. Complete any trimming or cutting as needed to their coat, including sanitary areas that need to be trimmed.
  3. Gently clean your dog’s ears and treat them as needed
  4. Trim nails – be sure to do this safely and carefully. Follow all proper nail-trimming tips to avoid hurting your dog’s paws.

Whether you take your Aussiedoodle to a professional groomer or groom them yourselves, these steps are all important and will all need to be completed on a routine basis. In addition to these primary steps, you could also add things like teeth brushing into the mix if you’d like.

One thing we do want to mention is that if you decide to groom your Aussiedoodle from home, there are several different items you will need. You may determine it’s well worth the cost but you should be aware so you can be prepared. Here are a few things you should plan to buy.

  • Dog Clippers
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Comb (for matting)
  • Shampoo
  • Dog tub (optional)
  • Dog Shears
  • Detangle spray (trust us on this one)
  • Dog clippers
  • Ear treatment or cleaning tools

These are just a few of the basics but something to consider as you get started.

Understanding an Aussiedoodle’s Coat

Let’s consider a brief overview of an Aussiedoodle’s coat. You might look at your doodle and think you know what you’re working with but can we just say that they are not all the same. It’s really hard to predict just what type of coat or fur your Aussiedoodle will have and highly depends on the generation of Aussiedoodle you have. In addition, your Aussiedoodle may look one way as a puppy and then change coats as they grow.

Here is a quick rundown of the hair types you might be dealing with.

All the Poodle Curls

You probably already know the curly and nonshedding hair of a Poodle. Remember that your Aussiedoodle is part Poodle and they very well could inherit some of that tight Poodle curls that often make the Poodles stand out in a crowd.

The Poodle curly coat is the coat that is least likely to shed and the most hypoallergenic. Since it’s a tight curl, it won’t tangle quite as easily, although it can get matted a bit. Aussiedoodle owners typically like to have more Poodle genetics because their coats tend to be curly or wavy. However, if your Aussiedoodles coat is wavy or curly then you will have to give them more haircuts.

Wavvy Teddy Bear Fleece

  • This type of coat is wavy and shaggy. You just can’t help but run your fingers through their hair and cuddle them tight like a big teddy bear! This is probably one of the most sought-after coats on an Aussiedoodle. It’s definitely a fan favorite.
  • The fleece coat is thick and plush and has a crimp-like wave to it. The hair is quite long but you won’t notice as much shedding and you also won’t notice as much of it sticking to your cute black pants either!

Wool Coat

The wool coat is what breeders refer to as the curly coat. It’s the most desired of all the Aussiedoodle coats as it gives them a cute teddy bear appearance. This fur is soft and fluffy, coming together in hollow spirals with a playful bounce.

Australian Shepherd Straight Coat

The other coat style is most similar to that of the Australian Shepherd. The coat is soft and gorgeous all around, but it does shed pretty heavily as well. People love this coat for the look and feel, but the shedding can get out of control quickly! If your Aussiedoodle has a shedding coat, you won’t have to give them as many haircuts. You can check out this article on Australian Shepherd Grooming Tools for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Does Aussiedoodle Hair Grow?

Doodles are blessed with hair that grows fast. That’s why it’s usually recommended to trim the hair every 4-10 weeks. However, if you shave your Doodle, it will probably take several months for it to fully grow back. (Watch these time lapse videos of a Goldendoodle growing her hair out over 90 days and 5 months)

How Much Does It Cost To Groom An Aussiedoodle?

The cost depends if you groom your Aussiedoodle yourself or have it done by a professional groomer. Of course, you need to purchase all the necessary grooming tools to do it yourself. However, if you choose high-quality tools then these will last you a very long time and are probably a one-time investment.

Getting your Aussiedoodle professionally groomed might cost you anywhere between $50 and $100. This will also depend on your location and chosen groomer.

Do Aussiedoodles Need Haircuts?

Just like all other Doodles, Aussiedoodles need haircuts as well. This does not mean you have to opt for fancy and super difficult haircuts. Choose a haircut based on your Doodle’s comfort and your own convenience. For instance, if you live in a very warm climate, your pup might feel more comfortable with a shaved or a very short cut.

When Should An Aussiedoodle First Go To The Groomer?

Since regular grooming is a necessity for all Doodles, we recommend you introduce this into your pup’s routine early on. Firstly, this will help your puppy get used to the grooming, so they won’t have any issues with it once they’re adults. Secondly, you want to keep your puppy healthy, as well. But you should only take your puppy to a professional groomer once they’ve had all their vaccinations – usually at around 16 weeks of age.

Final Thoughts

  • There’s no denying that the Aussidedoodle is a fantastic breed. With all the curiosity, personality, and joy of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle, what’s not to love? Their shaggy, curly coats are what draw dog enthusiasts to them.
  • The care for these coats can be complex, making choosing a haircut style a challenge!
  • From the shaved Aussiedoodle to the ever-so-popular teddy bear cut, there are plenty of ways to give your Aussiedoodle the adorable grooming style that you’re looking for with these popular Aussiedoodle haircuts.
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