Cafe Au Lait Standard Poodle Puppy

Cafe Au Lait Standard Poodle Puppy

One of the most widespread breeds in the world is the poodle breed. The poodle ranks second in the smartest dogs’ ranking, ahead of the German Shepherd and second only to the Border Collie. The breed’s popularity is due to its cheerful character, devotion, high intelligence, mobility, and kindness. Modern poodles are stylish, beautiful, and athletic dogs.

Like their ancestors, they can participate in hunting, win sports, and be adorable, affectionate, cheerful decorative dogs. Among the huge variety of poodles’ colors, it is worth highlighting cafe au lait, which combines several shades. It is easy to confuse the cafe au lait coat with a silver beige, but a few differences should be considered when determining the color.

Cafe Au Lait Poodles: Complete Guide With Pictures
Cafe Au Lait Poodles: Complete Guide With Pictures

The Origin Story Of The Cafe Au Lait Poodle

The cafe au lait poodle is distinguished by its refined and aristocratic looks. This is a proud dog who knows his own worth. Representatives of the breed were the pets of famous writers, artists, and even royal family members. Moreover, this is a very ancient type of dog, the origin of which has not yet been precisely established, and even the country where the poodle was born is still known. There are two versions of this:

  • According to the first version, the homeland of the poodle is France. The French used poodles as hunting dogs.
  • According to another version, poodles originated from Germany.

The first images of animals similar to poodles were found in tombs in Rome, as well as on bas-reliefs and old coins. In the XII century, images of poodles adorned cathedrals and castles in France. The sixteenth century brought this breed to great popularity in European countries and then almost throughout the world. In the nineteenth and twentieth century, the first breed standards were established.

The exact translation “poodle” means “splash in the water.” This name was given for a reason because the cafe au lait poodle is very fond of water. Having reached the reservoir, the dog will splash there for several hours. In France, these dogs are considered national pride. There are many varieties of the breed. For example, the standard or large poodle was used primarily for hunting waterfowl. In contrast, the purpose of the miniature poodle is to be a companion dog.

Thanks to their excellent instinct and advanced intelligence, representatives of this breed were in search and rescue services. Another poodle has established itself as a customs dog. Still, at any post, cafe au lait poodle works with full dedication.

What Does A Cafe Au Lait Poodle Look Like?

  • Cafe au lait is a combination of apricot, creamy, and chocolate shades. Puppies are born with dark brown coats, but not beige coats. The color is formed in two years. cafe au Lait is the Poodle breed’s standard color and is included in the AKC breed standards. This is a typical color of the French coffee of the same name, which is characterized by approximately equal shares of coffee and milk. It can be described as a rich, well-saturated light brown color.
  • Also, the phantom poodle has a coat color that may be similar to the cafe au lait, and it may be more suited to your taste.
  • Cafe au lait and silver beige poodles are very easy to confuse, and it is difficult to determine which of these colors the poodle inherited. The main determining factor is that true cafe au lait poodles are born in their true color, and the silver beige poodle has to fade to achieve its true color. In addition, the mature cafe au lait poodle is also slightly darker in the shade than a silver beige poodle.
  • The nose of such dogs is always liver-colored, which is a distinctive feature of cafe au lait poodles. The eyes are dark brown, amber, and sometimes reddish-brown. Borders around eyes, lips, and nails are brown; sometimes, the toenails are black. The skin is light pinkish-gray or tan to match lighter hair. It’s worth noting that these dogs may have darker brown ears and even dark brown stripes all over their body, which is a show slip, but breeders generally don’t care.

Maintenance And Grooming Of Cafe Au Lait Poodle

The cafe au lait poodle is an excellent dog in every way. This is an intelligent and beautiful animal that can become your faithful friend. However, if you decide to have such a pet, be prepared to spend a lot of money and a lot of time caring for it. No wonder that the cafe au lait poodle is called the most expensive dog in terms of grooming, especially if the pet participates in exhibitions and competitions.

Café Au Lait Poodle – Everything You Need to Know
Café Au Lait Poodle – Everything You Need to Know

The very first thing, letting the cafe au lait poodle into the house, show him a place with a couch and teach him the command “place.” If the puppy is allowed on the owner’s bed or sofa, it won’t be easy to wean him from this privilege. To keep your pet from getting bored, buy long-lasting bone toys. Otherwise, when left alone, the dog will gnaw on shoes, furniture, and everything that gets on the tooth. It is important to walk your dog daily. The cafe au lait poodle loves to frolic, so he needs to be given the opportunity to spend the accumulated energy.

In order for the dog to grow up healthy and beautiful, he will need regular hygiene procedures, to which he is taught from puppyhood:

  • Once every 13-15 days, you need to clean the auricles, removing dirt and wax. Ears are cafe au lait poodle’s weak point because he is prone to ear diseases. So, if you notice an excessive accumulation of secretions or inflammation, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. It is recommended to use a special powder during the procedure.
  • Train your dog to brush its teeth once a week. It is recommended to buy a soft toothbrush and toothpaste for this procedure.
  • The nails are cut approximately every 20-30 days. This is not an easy task; therefore, it is recommended to use the services of a specialist.
  • Wipe eyes and nose for signs of inflammation if necessary.

It would be best if you carried out all these procedures in a relaxed atmosphere. Do not yell at your pet if he is not assiduous, and reward if the dog obediently accepts cleaning and inspection.

  • Combing: When a cafe au lait poodle changes the puppy’s coat to an adult coat, it should be brushed out daily with a slicker brush. Then you can brush your dog four times a week. However, do not forget to brush every day during shedding. In addition to your slicker brush, you will need a wide-toothed comb and massage brush. What’s more, the owner of the poodle should have sprays and conditioners to care for the dog’s coat.
  • Bathing: The show dogs should be bathed every 14 days. Otherwise, bathing can be done every 20 days. With this care, the pet’s coat will be in perfect condition. It is not recommended to use shampoos during frequent bathing. You can wash your poodle hair with detergent only 3-4 times a year.

Moreover, you can be calm, because there will be no problems with water procedures. After all, the cafe au lait poodle loves water. He bathes with pleasure in the bathroom, in the shower, and the natural reservoir. After bathing, the dog should be dried with a towel, then dried with a hairdryer, and at the same time combed through the coat.

  • Haircuts: A cafe au lait poodle needs regular haircuts and trimming, especially if the pet has a show career. There are many options for stylish and trendy poodle hairstyles. Modern, unusual, and fantastic types of haircuts are especially popular. Besides, there are classic, stricter, and familiar ones. Most often, you can find representatives of the breed with the following haircuts: “Scandinavian lion,” “English lion,” and “Continental.”

The cafe au lait poodle should eat balanced and quality food. The ration was made considering that the liver of such a dog is very sensitive. Many foods, such as raw fish, smoked meats, rolls, tubular bones, and sweets, are contraindicated. Fatty meat and dairy products with a high percentage of fat content are also prohibited. Fruit, rye bread, and cheese are allowed as a treat. It should be noted that vitamin and mineral supplements and constant access to clean, cool water are needed.

Cafe au lait Standard Poodle Puppies
Cafe au lait Standard Poodle Puppies

Final Thoughts

Buying a puppy is a very serious and responsible decision. The owner must be prepared for all the difficulties and costs of caring for and maintaining a pet. However, having bought a cafe au lait poodle, you will immediately understand that all your expenses and efforts are not in vain. Such a dog has outstanding physical characteristics and will be an ideal companion. If your family has children, then the cafe au lait poodle will become your children’s best friend and will always be happy to keep the company in the games. Due to their high intelligence, cafe au lait poodles are very sensitive to children and the elderly. They learn commands quickly and are always loyal to their owners, not to mention the unimaginable beauty inherent in cafe au lait poodles.

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